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4.8 out of 5 stars
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on November 16, 2015
It was so worth what I paid, couldn't put my kindle down until I finished it, will totally read again!
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on September 24, 2012
I love Maya Banks. This series is REALLY good!! Makes you fall in love with the characters. I like that she makes you want more books after this one.
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on December 26, 2013
I loved this series by Maya. A great look into alternate lifestyles that are loving and giving and honor women
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on September 28, 2014
It was o.k, characters were good.
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on October 28, 2008
Every so often Amazon emails me a list of recommended reads based on previous purchases and one day a recommendation for "Coulter's Woman", arrived. I read the synopsis and a couple of reader reviews and thought `what the heck'. Having never read a Maya Banks' book or a ménage story before I was a little skeptical, however this story gripped me from page one to the last page. IMHO this story is erotic romantic fantasy at it's finest.

Maya Banks' strength as a writer is her ability to develop strong endearing characters that are individually unique. The Coulter brothers are no exception.

Adam, Ethan and Ryan Coulter own a hunting lodge in a remote area of the Colorado Rockies. The setting for this book is breathtakingly beautiful and Maya takes you though a full change of seasons as the story progresses.

Adam is strong minded, stubborn, and tough, essentially the `patriarch' of the family. He is accustomed to being a dominant in his personal and professional life, patience doesn't tend to be his strongest virtue and he is quite stubborn by nature. Ethan is the peacemaker of the three brothers, strong, intelligent and easygoing. Ethan is the one that referee's the arguments and smoothes any ruffled feathers. He is a methodical thinker, which comes into play in any decision he makes. Ryan, the youngest of the three brothers is, I would say the most volatile of the three. A free spirit who is also stubborn and cautious, he has suffered a horrible experience as the result of the war. Ryan is struggling to come to grips with the emotional and physical damage this has caused to his body and spirit. All three brothers have one thing in common they are fiercely protective of their family and love each other unconditionally. They also instinctively know that there is one woman who will fulfill them and be `their woman'.

Adam finds `Holly Bardwell' unconscious and freezing to death in a snow filled ditch at the roadside outside the brother's lodge. From the moment Adam lays eyes on Holly, he feels a special bond to her and senses she is `the one' to complete his family. Holly is a woman on the run, terrified, abused, insecure and half frozen, she awakens in the lodge to find not one but three tall handsome men have taken her in and are willing to nurture and love her.

Ms Banks' spins a story of a relationship between these four people that can only be described as intense, erotic and beautiful. Holly matures and gains confidence in herself as a person, as a woman and in her sexuality under Adam, Ethan and Ryan's careful nurturing. Adam, Ethan, and especially Ryan also grow as individuals. Holly's past comes back to haunt her however, and her men are forced to protect and try to keep her safe as a malevolent threat from her vile abusive previous spouse closes in.

The sex scenes are graphic in this novel, but Maya crafts them in a tasteful way that is fitting with the character's unusual relationship. There is also some violence in the story, but again even those scenes are well managed and woven perfectly into the plot.

"Coulter's Woman", made me laugh, chew my nails and weep, in other words I experienced a full range of emotions while reading this book. What is it that makes it so special? I think it is the classic `knight in shining armor' rescues `damsel in distress' theme. (Except you have three gorgeous knights in shining armor. lol) But more than that it is about four people whose feelings grow into a deep love and lasting commitment to one another.

This book holds a place on my bedside shelf because it is one of the few books I read, again and again and again.
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on July 15, 2016
Loved it!!
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on January 5, 2009
I will not repeat the resume that the previous did. Just say that it is not only a MUST READ but a KEEPER.

It has everything: romantic, steamy hot sex, action.

From page 1 to end, I opened the book and never droped it!!!!

You will not make a mistake to buy this book, trust me!
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on May 3, 2009
I just wanted to add that that book is excellent. I adore Maya Banks books and this one is top notch. The emotions, the hot sex and the love in this book are amazing. It also has some great suspense. The whole package is here! You will not be disappointed!
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on January 10, 2008
Adam, Ethan, and Ryan have everything they want in life with the exception of one thing - a woman who will complete them. They've planned and dreamed of the day they'd finally find a woman who incites the passion in all three of them and is strong enough to love and accept each in return. They'd just about lost hope until Adam trudged out to get the mail and finds Holly laying unconscious in the snow only yards from their home.

Holly is running from the man she married. She's been running scared since her wedding night when she saw her new husband commit murder. She was still running when her car broke down at the base of a mountain where the Colter brothers hunting lodge sits. She'd walked to their lodge, but lost consciousness before reaching the door. Next thing she knows, she's buck naked in a bathtub full of warm water with a gorgeous man standing over her. As if that isn't enough of a shock to a girl's system, there are two more men waiting in another room and all three of them want to keep her - forever.

The Colter brothers agree that Holly is everything they want in the woman who will become their wife, lover, and eventually the mother of their children. Convincing her that they're serious about wanting her to stay is going to be a bit trickier than any of them anticipated. Holly is determined to keep running. Not only is her husband a dangerous man, but she's also confused by her own desires for Adam, Ethan, and Ryan. Being so turned on by all three men at the same time makes her a whore, doesn't it? The brothers are going to have to do some serious explaining about their intentions toward her and why her attraction to all of them is acceptable and even desired. Helping her to get a divorce as quickly as possible is imperative, but not nearly as important as keeping her safe from the man who wants nothing more than to see her dead.

Maya Banks COLTERS' WOMAN is an awesome story full of emotional turmoil, hot sweaty sex, and enough suspense to keep readers anxiously reading through each scene with bated breath. Adam, Ethan, and Ryan each have vastly different personalities and needs. Holly is faced with the prospect of trying to figure out their quirks and how best to deal with each man. It's a bit overwhelming but she's up to the task. This book is chock full of scenes that will have you close to tears one minute and laughing out loud, all while chewing anxiously on your fingernails. The emotional bond that develops between the Colter brothers and Holly is a key factor throughout the story and readers won't soon forget any of these wonderful characters.. Beautiful job, Maya! You've more than fulfilled my expectations with this endearing tale.

Chrissy Dionne (courtesy of Romance Junkies)
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on May 8, 2009
I have to say that this book was better than I ever imagined. I found that the story line was actually really good, except that I thought that Holly was a little too soft; however her character made sense and the more you learn of her history the more she makes sense. The men in this book..... let's just say that you'll wish you were Holly.
Great book...very explicit, but a worth while read.
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