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on June 18, 2009
Straight forward:
This is the kind of book I love. It's pretty small, so it's straight forward. The book explain what you need to know with simples examples that serve the demonstrations.

With a such condensed book, I was sure that I would have a lot of questions after reading it. But they managed to answer most of them in the text.

I'm not english native, and I found this book easy to read.

I also doesn't really like to read. Most of the book I've purchase, I just overview them, reading the section that seem to be pertinent. So this is really one of the only book I've read cover to cover.

No line numbering in code example:
Some code example are a "little long", and their is no line numbering. Sometime it could have been useful. But as the examples are not that long and focus only on the theory you are actually viewing, you don't get lost when they say things like: "We handle the author's ID (line #13) [...]".

Reader level:
You need to have a good experience in PHP and database prior to reading this book. It is not intended to cover the difference between MySQL and MySQLi or between a mysql_fetch_assoc() and a mysql_fetch_array(). Well it sometime does by a line or two, but you need to have a good level. If you already know what PDO is made for, if you feel that you need it, this book is for you.

... if you are not, maybe you will find that the book explain a little bit too quickly.

Where the database matter (such as: for the connection), the book base his examples on mostly 3 databases: MySQL, SQLite and sometime PostGre. So you need to know well at least one of them.

You must be familiar with OOP.

In conclusion:
I really need more books like this one.

- Straight forward
- Simple text ( no useless pretentious vocabulary )
- Easy to read ( paragraph are small, you feel that your advancing )
- Can be used as a reference book

- No line numbering in code examples
- Not for beginners ( Well, if it was, it would be as straight forward )
- Pricey (over 25 cents/pages, but they are good pages)
- A couple of mistakes
- Example are sometime too long. (I don't really care about the application, I just want to understand the concept)
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