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4.7 out of 5 stars38
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on June 25, 2015
This book gives you a great start to understanding basic hydroponics . Don't know why one guy on here gave one star. Oh well some people are idiots ! Well there is 25 or so people who think this is a good book . Do the math 25 people can't all be stupid. You won't be disappointed with this book .
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on February 27, 2012
This book arrived amazingly quick. I already owned a copy myself, but lent it to a friend. After having him borrow it for months on end, I figured the only thing that could make him happy was to buy him his own copy and he loved it! Thank you for the opportunity to purchase this!
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on March 22, 2006
Deservedly called "The Bible" of marijuana cultivation, Jorge Cervante's new edition of Indoor Marijuana Horticulture is a sumptuous, beautifully rendered book with 200 new color photographs, color-coded pages and updated info. This is truly a high-end production with heavyweight glossy pages by the undisputed master cultivator of world class marijuana. Cervantes is the in-house cultivation expert and columist for High Times magazine and he has been teaching aspiring gardeners the best ways to grow their favorite plant for over twenty-five years. If your a novice, you need this book and if you're already a fan of Jorge Cervantes you are going to want to add this newest and best edition of The Bible to your bookshelf. Four stars and nothing less!
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on May 26, 2006
Senor Cervantes has outdone himself once again... A grower need look no further than this book for all needs in and around his/her garden. The brilliantly illustrated information is colour-coded for easy reference, and there are many practical and affordable solutions to most problems you could encounter. Follow the advice of this ganja guru, and you will soon reap the maximum sticky green reward.
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on March 21, 2006
Jorge Cervantes is back! This cannabic expert comes back with a 512 pages thick and 1120 full color photos strong "How to grow cannabis the right way!" Growers Guide which keeps the promise of it`s title with every word, picture and on every page!!!
The Marijuana Horticulture, Indoor/Outdoor Medical Growers Bible, is just that ... the book of books written on the art to grow the finest, most potent weed possible, indoors or outdoors!
A must have for any head, stoner, guerrilla grower or indoor gardener and all those folks out there who still don`t know what cannabis culture is all about and that the fine herb, in the end is just a plant, although a very special one! Buy as many as you can and give some away.
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The most comprehensive cannabis cultivation book ever. Lots of practicial information and well illustrated. Jorges' extensive knowledge is presented in an easy to understand manner.
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on March 12, 2006
Cervantes' latest print of the 'Marijuana Horticulture' is a very complete source of information for the novice and expert grower alike. Not only has the text been completely revised and updated, but the book is now also totally illustrated with beautiful clear pictures and drawings.
Jorge's approach to show everything he explains in the book in coloured pictures as well is a very useful one. For people who do not like reading very much it is now also clear to them what he means by just checking the pictures.
A truly SERIOUS grow Bible that I recommend to all of our customers.
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on March 21, 2006
Jorge's new book stunned me after I received my signed copy on the Highlife fair in Amsterdam. Browsing through the book you find literally everything from beginning till end, really all you need. From Seeds, to diseases, to harvesting, to... anything.
The amount of pictures in the book are a true eye-opener. And make reading almost unnecessary. But then Jorge's words are pleasant and entertaining to say the least!
If you are thinking of buying some books on the subject, don't bother! Just buy one. This one.
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on December 29, 2015
i got the electronic version... the content and information is GREAT very specific maybe alittle too much. Definetly the best all around guide. i would recomend the paper version because the photos have extremely low quality in the kindle version.
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on August 13, 2011
This book is for someone who wants to look at advertisements and pictures.

The book is 50% pictures, 20% advertisements.


The book just throws a bunch information out there like 'MH is good, HPS is good, here's the lumens they can output.

But it doesn't tell you what you really need for your space, how hot each gets, what's most efficient, what the majority of people are using. It's just all basic background info so you come out even more confused.

Also, there's a drawing or graphic for almost every sentence. For instance, it will say that mold can happen at 45% humidity (which isn't entirely true as there are so many other factors), yet the book has to waste a bunch of space on a graphic showing a speedometer graphic at 45% humidity.

Then it dawned on me; the more color and pictures the pot heads see, the more higher the book gets rated. Aww.. genius. They really understand their audience.

So future book authors, to get a high rating don't teach people how to grow, just have as many pictures, graphics, and advertisements as possible and you'll get 5 stars and be called amazing.

This book is a joke, waste of time, and will not teach you how to grow if you are actually looking to learn how to grow. Newbs should stay far away. It's like buying a book on how to drive, and getting lessons on engine theory with a bunch of graphics and pictures..

and ads.
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