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on October 26, 2002
It is obvious that McCandless is passionate about what she thinks about and writes about, but she is buying into Shaw, Rimland and others who favor treating the symptoms of autism instead of being brave enough to really look at the root causes. Lisa Lewis and the diet people deserve no respect whatsoever.
Let's take a deeper look at autism and stop pretending we know all the answers. I have a son who is severely autistic with CD.
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on February 17, 2004
Being a parent of a child born "normal" who developed autism, this book has been so helpful in organizing all the issues we must address as concerned parents. By discussing all these issues and ideas, Dr. McCandless helps us make informed decisions about all the possibilities available to help my child on his road to recovery. Thank you Dr. McCandless!
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on February 14, 2004
This book is empowering. Dr. McCandless clearly outlines the steps that parents can take on their own to begin the healing process for their child. Her experience and the input of her husband, Jack Zimmerman, is deeply touching as they recount their challenges in healing their beloved granddaughter, Chelsey.
Whether you are already working with a physician to restore your child's neurological and physcial health or are just beginning on this journey, I highly recommend this book as your guide. Dr. McCandless concisely written text is easy to understand, practical and provides many references for those who would like to read the original studies on which her work is based.
We have been following Dr. McCandless' protocol for nearly 1.5 years for my ASD son. He has made remarkable progress and we are confident of his full recovery. We could not have done it without the information that Dr. McCandless has provided. Thankfully, Dr. McCandless now devotes most of her time training other physicians so that they can heal ASD kids in their community.
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on February 11, 2004
Dr. McCandless has outdone herself with this one. There's so much "sugar coating" in the autism community, it's refreshing to be treated as a "professional parent" rather than a frail flower. She gives precise info that is being used by 1000's of parents of children with autism every day. This woman and this book has saved my son's outlook on life. She's given me the inspiration to be a better, more informed parent. There is no hand holding here, there is no "get you through it" chapter. There ARE hundreds of pages of vital information that every parent even CONSIDERING biomedical intervention can not be without. Another review complained of "coldness and lack of humanity"... couldn't be further from the truth. She's didn't write the book to be your emotional counselor, she wrote it to help YOUR child and HER grand daughter. There is not one ounce of blame or assumption on any page of this book. If the previous reviewer read that, she was reading from her own emotions, not the words in this book. Dr. McCandless never claims to make your child "un" autistic, she give YOU the info to make better judgement calls in your child's biomedical health. If you pick only one book, pick this will not get any better.
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on February 11, 2004
If I were to pass along only one book to a parent who has just had their child diagnosed with Autism, this would be it! (And I have dozens on Autism.) This book gives you many pieces to the complex puzzle of Autism all in one book. Each child is different and Dr. McCandless has done a great job of covering so many options and so much material that it's bound to help every parent who reads it. Is it accepted by traditional mainstream medicine? No, but it works and it should be. Sometime not too far in the future, it will be. Interventions from this book, including a change in diet, vitamins, chelation and others, have helped my 2 kids tremendously. It has made them healthier, happier children and our lives much much better. Don't just take my word for it. Buy it yourself and watch as your child improves with these interventions. We're very blessed to have doctors like Dr. McCandless who are willing to write a book such as this to help parents help their own children start to get better. It's the first step to finding some answers for you and your child.
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on February 11, 2004
This book is the finest information in print on what is truly helping children to truly RECOVER from autism. Dr. McCandless has spent years working with fine physicians and researchers and patients worldwide to develop protocols that help the autistic children in our society. The book is well written, clear and provides a guide for both parents and professionals. It was partially written with the intent of helping other physicans to use this protocol and to give them benefit of the many hours spent in researching the causes and treatments for this devastating disease. Parts of the book might be considered somewhat technical for the layman but as a parent whose child is autistic I GREATLY appreciated the explanations of tests and explanations of what has happened to my child.. and what might possibly help him to recover. The information is priceless and through implementing this program, I now have my child "back"... he is recovering and is now a verbal, interactive and vibrant little boy... the child I never thought I would have the blessing of holding in my arms again....he was withdrawn, non responsive, perseverative and non verbal before these tests were done and an individual plan was developed and implemented for his recovery. Thanks to Dr. McCandless for her relentless efforts for these precious children. I see this book as nothing but a beacon of hope for the recovery and improvement of many children.. and a guide book for families and physicans that was desperately needed. Few other physicians have spent such time and have such a strong track record of actually helping children to recover .... Much gratitude Dr. McCandless for your untiring efforts and I look forward to your next edition with the latest updates.
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on December 8, 2003
This book is the answer for starting to cure your child who has an Autistic Spectrum Disorder. What is Autistic Spectrum Disorder? Think of any disease or syndrome that is caused by chemicals in the brain not working correctly. My 5 year old was diagnosed with PDD (Pervasive Developmental Disorder, a lesser form of Autism), OCD and ADHD, since doing the tests recommended in the book and beginning the usually very simple and safe treatments, our daughter has made huge leaps in development and has lost ALL of her diagnoses. In fact, we just received our first-ever teacher review that said our daughter was a completely normal 6 year old--no developmental, behavioral or emotional issues of any kind! This book provided hope in my darkest hour, and the books advice has followed through with real results. I've spoken with many parents whose children have lost their ASD diagnosis using the treatments in this book.
I stumbled upon this book after 2 years of expensive doctors and tests, all of which concluded that she had Autism, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and ADHD. All of those doctors wanted me to medicate her symptoms, but none could offer information on the CAUSE of these diseases or medication to address the CAUSES. I always left the office wondering "why was she normal before 2 years of age and not now? What is causing the chemicals in her brain to not work correctly so that she displays Autistic, OCD and ADHD symptoms?" Many dollars later, I read this book. I immediately found a DAN (Defeat Autism Now) doctor and asked her to do the tests and begin the treatments discussed in this book. We reached the light at the end of the tunnel! This book is not meant to take care of parents emotional issues, it is strictly information on the causes and cures that Dr. McCandless and other DAN doctors have found that work on ASD children, which is exactly what I needed in order to help my child have a normal future. Hooray for Dr. McCandless and the pioneering DAN doctors!
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on November 13, 2003
I have a child diagnosed with autism. We were given two books to read; one from a friend ("Facing Autism: Giving Parents Reasons for Hope and Guidance for Help"), and one was given to us by our Regional Center (can't remember the name right now).
I didn't like those books very much, because I felt they were dealing with MY feelings and fears. But it's my son that needs help! My first priority is to do what I can to help my son, not do what I can to help me feel better about how or why this has happened. I, and he, simply don't have time to spare, we need to start addressing his problems now, while he is still young.
"Children with Starving Brains" was a real page-turner for me. Yes, it can get somewhat technical. But it is written for parents, not doctors. Why? Because the doctors that follow the approaches listed in this book are all really, really busy with waiting lists of patients. Why? Because biomedical treatment for autism works!
When we first started down this road of autism, I wanted someone or something to tell me what to do. I found this book told me exactly that. And now that we are on this course, our son is making constant improvements. This is not the only book I've read, but this is the one that really got us started down the road to recovery.
I think every parent of an autistic child could benefit from taking a look at this book.
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on October 6, 2003
As a mother of 2 children within the ASD spectrum, Dr. McCandless has put together much information all in one book that it took me over three years to research on my own.
My first son, vaccine injured by thimerasol and now suffering from confirmed MMR induced colitis has made HUGE gains from the biomedical therapies out there that many standard doctors do not know about.
Dr. McCandless, a grandmother to a child with autism, changed her pratice to start helping others affected with this disorder. This maybe not the most personable book, but I have seen her on many online support groups lending her knowledge and support to many parents and families. She is an amazing,very knowledgable giving woman.
I highly recommend this book. As an autism treatment guide - like a school course Autism 101. I do have a medical background so the reading wasn't to technical for me.
I have seen first had what the diet, supplements, chelation, and other biomedical treatments may do for a child. I think every parent has a right to decide which therapies to look into for the course of treatment for their children.
I praise Dr. McCandless for rising to the occasion and not treading so lightly on topics that make some doctors cringe.
The local doctors here refused to test my sons' digestion problems. Two years later after seeing a Ped. GI Doctor that was aware of the DAN, he was found to be suffering from an infection in his stomach and colitis in his colon. The gains from treating these two illnesses that co-exist with his autism have proven HUGE gains in his health and other family life as a whole.
I just wish more professionals would look beyond the autism label and really consider the "symptoms" a child presents with.
I realize not every treatment option works for every child. I consider myself lucky with help of researchers and Doctors like McCandless my sons' quailty of living are improving.
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on May 1, 2003
This book could quite possibly change your child's life, your family's future or your professional ability to avoid iatrogenic tragedies, and HELP children impacted by Autism Spectrum Disorders(ASD).
Jaquelyn McCandless has done yeoman's work in researchng, synthesizing, and applying cutting edge scientific theory and research to develop a road map to the restoration of health of people with ASD. She has clearly chronicled the most recent, successful, and exciting developments and insights that make it possible to actually help children AND adults with ASD.
In our practice, we treat 100 adults and 75 children with ASD, and use Dr. McCandless' book as our "workhorse" reference. We have also purchased dozens of copies of the book, and given it to parents to read as an excellent introduction and guide to the treatment they are about to undertake. They get a quick, strong, succinct educaton concerning what has made their child sick, and how we are cooperatively going to go about returning their child to his/her highest state of health. Parents love this book, and professionals NEED TO LEARN how to use the information and insights it generously offers.
The good news is also that the book is imminently readable, and easy to share with your family, friends, pediatrician, teachers, early intervention staff, nutritionist, psychologist, psychiatrist, neurologist, and circle of "Doubting Thomases". It is an especially powerful tool for parents to take to medical appointments for on-the-spot information and credibility. It's all there. Show it to the clinician. You'll soon know whether the people you are entrusting with your child's health are motivated to pay attention to data or dogma.
Do yourself and your child (or adult family member with ASD)an immense favor. Get this book, read it, re-read it, live it, and have your child's treatment based on it. Your child will thank you for it.
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