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on June 13, 2003
I read this when my triplets were 6 months old (boy,boy,girl) - sleeping all night and I actually had time to read something. I'd suggest buying this and reading it before the babes arrive. All of the addresses for free stuff they list are GREAT! I sent to all of them and probably got $800 worth of free stuff. The enfamil formula was worth it alone. So write out all of your envelopes BEFORE they are born then just copy your birth certs, and zoom -- free stuff. The UPS guy was wondering what was up at our house as I got boxes daily. Some of the other tips I figured out along the way too, but should have read this book during my 3 months of bed rest. So buy this book was soon as you know you've got the BIG 3 coming and buy bibs every time you see them!
There's a lot of twin books out there, but very few for us triplet folks and believe me, when you and your spouse are each feeding one -- the 3rd always knows it and that's when you belong to the triplet club. So grab any info you can for triplets because they've got you outnumber and they know it very young. The triplet connection is a great website too. This info is also provided in this book.
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on January 9, 2001
First off, I'd like to respond to the "reader" in Ann Arbor, who definitely did not read the book. How can anyone write a review based solely on the title of the book? If that person had looked inside, he or she would surely have understood the tongue-in-cheek use of the subtitle. The Lauts seem incredibly blessed and thankful for their triplets. The book offers tons of great advice regarding what to expect, how to stock up on supplies without going broke, and how to find the humor when patience are running thin. I also found some great tips on finding bargains and saving money for my own single child. The book is written with a warmth and humor that endears the reader. In no way does it imply that multiples are a burden or something to survive. There are college survival guides -- why not parenting survival guides? We all have our share of stress in this world--no matter what kind of super-parent you are, you've endured it. The key here is dealing with stress through humor-- the Lauts definitely have lots of that. I loved the book, and I hope that others will pick it up and find out what fun comes from occasional chaos!
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on October 25, 2000
I'm sorry, but I just can't get past the title of this book. Do these parents really have multiples? If so, it may be a good idea for them to consider the unspoken messages that they're sending their kids. Sure, multiples are challenging, but the extra feedings and diaper changes and all of that really pale when you consider what an incredible blessing it is to have two or three amazing, unique little individuals enter your life. The title of this book reminds me of all those well-meaning strangers who say insensitive things like, "Oh, double trouble," or "Better you than me," and other such nonsense when they see me out and about with my twin daughters. How do they think my kids hear this? Even worse, how would my kids (or yours) understand the title of this book, once they are able to read it on our bookshelves? Never do I want my kids to think that they're a burden to me - or something to be SURVIVED - just because they arrived in a twosome. These authors need to wake up. Parents of multiples certainly can benefit from good advice, but we get enough insensitivity from the public at large for free.
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on June 18, 2002
I think I own just about every book on raising twins, and honestly, this is the ONLY one I recommend. Why? When you are up to your eyeballs with 2 (or more) babies, diapers, colic, sleepless nights, etc., etc., you don't have time to read anything at all - especially an in depth book expounding on such weighty issues such as "how to treat both kids like individuals" or other philosophical questions. No, what you need are practical tips - and fast - on things like "when they are both screaming, what do I do?" And this book delivers the goods. It is chock full of "try this" tips. No fluff. No filler. A real lifesaver for sleep deprived parents who can't see straight. As for those philosophical questions, I'm pretty sure that once I get 3 consecutive nights of interrupted sleep, I'll be able to figure those out for myself.
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on July 19, 2001
i think the ann arbor woman missed the point about having multiple birth children. i am a mom of twins and while i do feel extremely blessed to have them, the reality is that they are a lot of work. parents who have multiple birth children do need survival tips and a guide on how to manage the stress of taking care of them and dealing with the drastic changes in their life (does the ann arbor woman know about the high divorce rates among multiple birth parents?). i wouldn't trade my children for anything (well, maybe on some days!), but i also know that the things i've learned from other parents with multiples have been invaluable to me. why not share it with others? i'm appreciative and in awe that parents of triplets found the time to write a book. i can barely find the time to read one!
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on February 21, 2003
I bought this book based on the positive reviews I saw here at Amazon, but I was very disappointed when I read the book myself. I have 6-month-old twins and although there were some useful tips here and there, I feel that the book is really geared more toward triplets and higher-level multiples. The biggest example: this book barely addresses breastfeeding (very do-able with twins; much more challenging with triplets and more) and instead spends a great deal of time offering advice for coordinating the preparation of bottles and formula. While it is wonderful that those of you with 3+ have this book, I don't recommend it to parents of twins.
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on November 15, 2000
While I found the book helpful in some ways, with quite a bit of humor, some good advice and cost saving ideas (ex: how to use paper towels instead of buying expensive diaper wipes), I also found the book more geared to people with triplets or more who do not plan to breastfeed. Also, it didn't give much advice to parents who already have one or more children.
As I only have twins and I felt very strongly I should breastfeed them, I found other books much more helpful.
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on January 3, 2003
We read several books before having our twin boys, but this is the only one we found that was written by parents of multiples that had realistic and proven advice and information. All those books by doctors who don't have multiples do not contain the information you need to retain your sanity. This book is well written and full of funny anecdotes and good advice. Read it, learn it, know it. The test is about 22 years long.
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on October 24, 2002
As the first time mother of twin boys, I actually derive alot of comfort and humor from this book. The reading is simple, and the actual quotes from parents of multiples are excellent to read. Before I collapse into bed at night, I browse through for a few good tips. Thank you to the authors who have helped me and my husband realize that we can do this, and our family will thrive.
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on September 3, 1999
This book is fabulous! If you are pregnant with,or parents of multiples, this book is for you. Filled with practical advice, tips, and quotes, it is a great read. There is no "sugar coating." It is a realistic, helpful and at times hysterical book! I cannot recommend this highly enough!
PS We met the authors of this book and they are GREAT! A+++++
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