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on August 1, 2003
City Secrets New York City is not only an amazing guide to the lesser known sites and sounds of New York but it is the perfect gift for those traveling to the great city. I find the strolls through the neighborhoods helpful and amusing. The commentary offered by the contributors is inciteful and offers an education to the great city rarely found in other travel guides.
I am having my wedding in New York City and along with our "save the date cards" we have sent out copies of City Secrets New York to guests. I believe City Secrets is a charming primer for anyone planning to visit the city!
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on July 30, 2003
I'd get my money back on this one, if I could. As a first-time traveler to NYC, I found this book absolutely less than worthless. It's probably better-suited to use by people who are experienced NY visitors, and are looking for new and different things to do, but even then I can't see how it would be worth spending the money for the hardcover. We made an honest try to use it, but found it essentially no help at all, and it spent the entirety of our trip sitting in a pile on the hotel dresser.
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on January 15, 2003
In the rapidly changing face of New York City fast becoming another strip mall full of chain shops and uniformity, it is refreshing to note that yes, real New York still exists--those unappreciated, and undervalued landmarks, shops, and restaurants that truly define NYC. Famous luminaries living in the city--architects, artists, curators, and gourmets--guide you to those hidden gems through witty, and informative stories on the cultural, and historical significance of each place. Entries are organized by neighborhood, and comes complete with addresses, phone numbers, hours of operation, and directions. City Secrets is a must for saavy travelers, and residents alike--there are many things here I never knew about. rkchin
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on January 9, 2003
I have observed an odd phenomenon. Despite it's age and crushing population, visitors, residents and even self-styled experts on NYC are always exploring and claiming to have made "discoveries" or unearthed amazing secrets. This book is another example of a book that proves the point. I am happy to report that the author (editor, really) has crafted a book that really has nuggets of knowledge that most readers will find new, interesting or both. Its facts are arranged logically and the writing conveys the passion one feels when exploring an exciting place such as NYC. Without the passion, the book would only be a book of lists. And, because the author has asked his friends to write only about things that they love, each short "secret" narrative is alive with personal insights and opinions - I like that. If you have read this far, I bet you will like the book as well.
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on October 22, 2002
As a seasoned New Yorker (20 years and counting), I am not easily impressed by guide books. "Secrets" cannot be judged alongside the patronizing, cliche-ridden rest of the pack. I found myself alternately nodding and grinning (at the secret places I'd already discovered) and rushing out the door (to uncover the ones I hadn't). Finally a book that appeals equally to both the First Time visitor and the Veteran New Yorker. Smartly written, funny and insightful. Think you've seen it all in New York? Think again!
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on October 8, 2002
It's nice to get people who are in the know to give you their personal tips as to where one should go and what one should see in New York. It's such a big city that you really need the extra help not to miss something great during your visit.
City Secrets New York is also great for local New Yorkers that don't even know what they are missing.
Very enjoyable and very informative reading.
If I travel to London or Rome, I will buy those City Secret editions as well.
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on October 8, 2002
The newest in Robert Kahn's City Secrets Series of guidebooks is the best yet. Like the others it is useful, entertaining, packed with enticing "secrets" and elegant graphics. City Secrets New York is filled with information even the most seasoned New Yorker or lifetime resident will relish. A real page-turner even while at home, and fantastic for the frequent or first-time visitor as well.
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