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4.7 out of 5 stars
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on September 9, 2000
When I looked at the other reviews, they didn't really say what the book had in it. Some did. But here we go! Now, I know I rated it a 3, but that's because Supers Vol. 4 and 3 are my favorites! But I think this book opened beautifully. The series was based on Chibiusa(Rini)... now, it's not as bad as you think! She isn't NEARLY as annoying as she is in the SMR series. And in this book there's 'Mercury's Dream' and 'Mars' Dream' which I thought was nice, so it's not all Chibiusa. You get to meet the Amazon Quartet! I love them... hee hee! Oh! And I've never really liked Rei's(Raye's) attitude in the anime, but when she's ticking people off in the manga, it's more funny than rude. It's very nice. Pegasus comes in too! I think it's adorably the Chibiusa-Pegasus relationship thing. He's so sweet to her. Pegasus is looking for (gets her book to quote) "A princess yet a soldier, protected by the moonlight with a beautiful dream. The choosen maiden who holds the crystal that shall melt the seal of the Golden Crystal." Both Chibiusa and Usagi(Serena) think this maiden is them! (their argument is to die for!) Also, Usagi and Chibiusa's sizes get switched! (I'm not gonna spoil it though!) ANNDDDD! They get a new transformation! YAAAHH! Sailormercury and Sailomars get new weapons! (I like to think of them as their own tailsman.. but that's just my wack ways of thinking. ^^;;) Anyways, I would rate this book a five if I hadn't read Vol's 3 and 4! So basically, when you read it, you'll think it's a 5! But this will leave you craving for even better stuff! Get the rest! YAH! Hee hee!
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on January 11, 2000
This is the translation of Sailor Moon volume 12. It is nice to be able to read the manga as the artform is intended to be read, about a page every three or so seconds, instead of sitting down with the dictionary and puzzling each page out. (Not to say that each page doesn't deserve to be looked at for a much longer amount of time.) The translation isn't the best ever and occasionally a page is cropped so that a letter or two is missing, but it is worth it for the ease of reading -- at least to my mind. Of course, the artwork is beautiful and delicately detailed -- this is Takeuchi sensei. The story is very good too. There is a lot of character development here, especially on the part of Chibi-usa/Rini (who really is growing on me with this series). There is quite an interesting plot and some absolutely wonderful new characters and new sides to familiar characters! Get this volume and then once you are fluent in Japanese ^_^ you can read the original and hand this translation to a new convert, starting the cycle all over again.
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on June 2, 1999
Okay, there's lots of Chibi-Moon in this manga, but I do *not* like Chibi-Moon and she is much cuter here than in the anime (and you don't have to hear her annoying dub voice)... There's this one picture of her and Diana and you think, "Wow, she's actually *cute*!" The "acts" are Eclipse Dream, Mercury Dream, and Mars Dream. Mercury Dream is so good! It talks about Ami-chan (okay, okay, Amy) and her past (her mom and dad)... well, read it! Great news: Rini *is* "Chibi-Moon" (they use it repeatedly) and Sailor Pluto *is* "Setsuna" (they use it once)... they kept Setsuna-san's beautiful name! ^_^ (Weird note: on page 154, they use the spelling Rei for Mars' name in one of those places where they're talking in a different font, outside the speech bubble. Then, in the same frame, they have a speech bubble with it spelled Raye... *Then* "Mina" says something and they have a piece of text in a different font that says "Minako's brilliant idea!" Seems like one of the translators didn't know about the name change...) Well, anyway, the artwork is even better in here... this volume is awesome and completely worth the price!
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on September 25, 2003
This is probably my favorite part of the manga. The Solar Eclipse of the century has occurred, and with it came the Dead Moon Circus. A mysterious pegasus, new powers, new weapons, new enemies, new info about the Silver Millenium, new characters... Worth every penny. There are only two bad things about this book: It's over too fast, and you have to wait for _days_ that seem like _years_ for the next book. But don't take that the wrong way! It _is_ a good book! The only thing in the whole series I don't really get is Zircon, the snail lady's(Zirconia, the Soul Hermit) little eyeball with wings. But, hey, who cares?! You've got romance, action, some comedy, myths, magic, and extra short stories. Naoko Takeuchi, as far as I know, is the woman who created the timeless magical girl series. I may be biased, but if you haven't read this, and say it's too much like every other magical girl story, let me tell you this-the other people probably copied off of this story...
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on August 7, 2000
Much better than any of the cheap Smile books, this Pocket Mixx manga is not to be missed! The Dead Moon circus is in town.... Dead Moon! Eep! That doesn't sound too good for our Sailor friends... As we read on,we also find out about a mysterious pegasus,who is looking for the maiden that can save his home planet,Elysion with something known as a Golden Crystal. The artwork is,of course gorgeous(Naoko Takeuchi's original Japanese drawings of the characters were used,my oh my!),and the exciting storyline will leave you wanting more... And two "Scouts" (ugh, i totally hate that term!) get power-ups. Which ones,which ones? Well,you'll never know until you read this fabulous novel! And after you finish reading it,make sure to look for the second one,it's really worth it, trust me! I hope this helped you make up your mind about Sailor Moon SuperS,book one. ~*Starcie*~
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on August 5, 1999
Love this manga I really did. Storyline I loved and thedrawings and the episodes and the characters and the Japanese versionof the book and the author and the anime series and this run-on sentence. Sailor Moon I am a good fan of. (Star Wars too by my speech, hmm?) Good for Americans this manga is; episodes translated they have not. Wait for the next comic I have not; original Japanese comic I have bought, English version waiting list I am on, too. Recommend I well, for younger readers maybe not so swell. Scenes there may be that could be offending, parental guidence I'm suggesting.
Read this, read this! A great, great book. Buy it, all ye non-Japanese speaking Americans, ye Moonies (Sailor Moon lovers), and ye anime lovers.
Recommended you watch the anime, or read the previous books in the series before you read this.
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on December 31, 1999
This was a very nice beginning to the Super S series. This book started out with "Eclipse Dream", where the Dead Moon Circus plays a nasty trick on Bunny and Rini by switching their ages! You have to read it to truely appreciate it. Second comes "Mercury Dream", where the Dead Moon Circus plays upon Amy's fears and hopes to trap her in a deadly illusion, can Amy break out in time to save herself? Read it, find out. Third comes "Mars Dream".. Maybe Raye's dreams aren't as big as the rest of the girl's. The Dead Moon Circus tries to trick her into thinking that she *really* is jealous of Bunny and wishes that she were in charge.. Raye doesn't want that! How will she ever break out of this horrible trap? Check it out in Sailor Moon SuperS. Buy it!
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on March 16, 2000
This was a good book... much better than such books as A scout was born or mercury rising! The translations were pretty acurate with the original manga and of course the pictures were beautiful. Much different than the anime! The story plot is also a little different too! I was a little doubtful about this book because I thought it might be americanized but it's not bad. They actually kept the name of the sailor senshi's powers same as the original and they kept (later volumes) the outer senshi's Japanese name, which I applaud! What bothered me however is, why not keep the other names too. Like Bunny - Usagi, Raye - Rei, Amy - Ami, lita - Makoto, mina - Minako, darien - mamoru, etc. All in all it was pretty good! Espeshilly for me because I'm picky about these things!
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on December 27, 2000
Well, it was great to see them showing SM on the Cartoon Network, but it's horrible seeing it butchered and dubbed. I'm sorry, but even if you dubb it word for word, it just can't be taken seriously in english. I'm just not a big enough Sailor Moon fan to bother buying the tapes in Japanese, so it's great to have the manga. I must say they did a wonderful job of putting it in english. Better than they did on the show anyway! It's nice to see the return of the outer shenti's, and the SMSS manga really develops Chibi-Usa's personality, since she is more or less the star of this series. Too bad they had to flip the manga when they brought it over (As all otaku's <and probably some DBZ fans> already know, Japanese reads from right to left, like hebrew)...
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on February 2, 2000
Sailor Moon SuperS Vol 1 is the first manga that I ever received or read. It is very good and definitely encourages my thirst for Japanese Animation as a whole. I recommend that before you read this Manga you become fairly well acquainted with the Sailor Moon series as the TV show has only gotten through Sailor Moon R in the U.S. and this book assumes that you know the characters from the beginning. The only real problems with the book are in the translation to English as some key names were mixed up and some of the storyline is a bit garbled in a very difficult translation between two languages that do not work well together. Like I said, a good read overall as long as you are fairly well acquainted with the Sailor Moon series and characters.
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