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2.5 out of 5 stars
2.5 out of 5 stars
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on January 28, 2002
I spent a considerable amount of time in the bookstore looking over this book before deciding not to buy it. The first thing that struck me was the sheer size of the book, it is very bulky and there is very little value for the size (and the price!)
The first thing you should know about this book is that it assumes that you do not know any Java, and that less than half the book is actually devoted to game programming itself. so right there is a waste of two whole sections out of four on learning Java, which really should have been left to other books (that do a heck of a better job of it, too.) The third section is about game programming concepts, and the fourth, about one example game (yes, one example.)
This book is a prime example of trying to lure the consumer with the title and the size, and just filling the book with fluff. Once you weed out everything to leave only material that will actually teach you about game programming, there is not much left. I found that the topics were covered in a very diluted way, and very little new material.
Finally, the presentation of this book is just atrocious. The layout is very ugly, and as you look through the pages it looks haphazard and disorganized. The headers and footers make you feel like you are in some kind of army boot camp.
In conclusion, I would definitely not recommend this book. However, this just being my opinion, the best advice I could give would be at least to look carefully through this book before you spend your hard-earned on it to make sure that it is indeed the kind of book you are looking for.
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on June 21, 2003
This book is so awful it deffies description. The authors do not follow any basic Java standards and the book if rife with C++ comments, being that the author is really a C++ programmer and trying his best to help C++ programmers get into Java. Much of the book is chewwed up in aside "boxes" filled with little "gems" of interest to C++ programmers. Who cares! The book is titled "JAVA 2 GAME PROGRAMMING"!
This book covers extremely, extremely basic Java 1.2 (the current SDK from SUN is gonna be 1.5 in a month if they release on time I beleive), and ALOT of the given source code WILL NOT COMPILE. Plan on hours of fighting with, rewriting and debugging the source code from the book if you want to see practically ANYTHING that even resembles workable java code. This I find rather funny actually, being that you need to have legitmate Java experience to even be able to debug the given source code in this "begginers" book! About halfway through this one I became completely feed-up with rewriting the code from the book, opting instead to return it while I could still receive a refund. A complete waste of time this one is.
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on January 20, 2002
I am really pissed about this book. I waited for it for two months and when it finally came it had five useless beginner chapters and a bunch of basic applet crap. The worst thing about it is that it looks like it was proof read by a child and a careless one at that. The example code on the cd seems fine, but the printed text is missing the last character or two on every line in some examples. Ironically it occurs in an example called "A complete example". I am sorry, but this is just unacceptable!!! Code Sample From book:
public String toString(
//return a verbose description of attribut
return attribute + ": " + getPointsAllocated()
I think this is supposed to be a method, but who can really tell?
I want my money back Tom you lazy no proof reading bastard!!!
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