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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on October 2, 2000
Twenty-five years ago, I was in freshman college French class, and could read plays and short stories by the great French authors. A recent visit by a French exchange student showed me how much I'd forgotten, so I decided to try reading French again. This great tale by Alexandre Dumas was the perfect way to start: it's the familiar story of false imprisonment and exceedingly complex revenge in the early 19th century. This is the unabridged version with each of 2 volumes running to 750 pages, so it became my bedtime companion for months. Dumas is a wonderful story-teller, almost always amusing or exciting. It's light reading; my old vocabulary wouldn't have been up to metaphors or symbolism. The only draw-back is a lack of footnotes: much of the action takes place in Italy and the text is sprinkled with some Italian terms that I couldn't translate. The Oxford English translations of Dumas' works offer little tidbits of historical and geographic information that are very helpful in understanding context; none of that is available here. Overall though, I heartily recommend this edition for the reader who wants to wade into the original works of a great French novelist.
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on May 22, 2009
Un classique de la littérature française, rédigé dans un style fortement romancé.

Ce roman plaira particulièrement aux amateurs de fiction historique. Le récit est imbriqué dans les événements politiques du début du 19e siècle, et les interactions entre les personnages nous font découvrir de nombreuses facettes de la société française de cette époque. Ceci dit, l'auteur n'avait certainement pas l'intention d'en faire une oeuvre historique puisque l'action se déroule essentiellement dans la décennie précédant celle où Dumas a écrit ce roman (en fait l'histoire débute vers 1815, et se développe ensuite vers les années 1830), ce qui rend ce portrait romancé de la société européenne de cette période encore plus crédible et intéressant.

NOTE: Cette édition "Folio" du Comte de Monte Cristo est en langue française malgré la langue utilisée pour certains des commentaires laissés sur ce site, et a été divisée en deux tomes. Le récit lui-même n'est pas divisé en tomes, l'éditeur l'a tout simplement scindé en deux livres de 700 pages (sans compter les notes) et ces tomes sont vendus séparément.
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on February 22, 2009
Cette édition du célèbre roman de Alexandre Sumas est fantastique. J'ai relu ce roman avec la même passion qu'il y a trente ans lorsque j,étais au collège. Le format souple des pages aide vraiment à cette longue lecture et vous donne envie de poursuivre l'oeuvre avec d'autres romans
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on January 7, 2010
We read this version of the book for my French class, and I was excited at first, as I'm a fan of the story - however, I was pretty disappointed to find that this book was very much an adaptation. It is simplified in language, which is understandable enough, but the bigger problem is with the adaptation of the STORY. It's far from the condensed version of the book, it actually cuts out a very large number of important characters and events from the original novel. The first (over) half of the book is Dantes's introduction, his time in prison, and the escape - and if that is over half the novel, you can imagine how rushed and stripped the rest of the book is, from there on out. As a result it's nowhere near the masterpiece of the original work, occasionally even confusing.

However, I will give it some credit: it's good for students, if nothing else. It is at an intermediate level of reading, so it is appropriate for students who have been learning French for only a couple of years. The language and plot are simple enough to follow along, more often than not (aside from the lack of details, at times), and there are handy footnotes on all of the less common words that students may be struggling with, as well as study guide questions at the end of each chapter, and prompts to get you thinking at the start of each. All of these things make it easier to understand and follow, if you're a learner.

My conclusion: you will enjoy this if you are reading it purely as a student, and not expecting anything much like the original novel. Handy if it's what you need, otherwise not worth it at all.
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on April 10, 2015
La version de la Pléiade est toujours aussi magnifique.
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on April 19, 2016
reçu dans les délais merci beaucoup
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on February 27, 2009
I am studying French, so I bought this book as my goal. I knew it was a big book and something I won't achieve for at least a few years. But little I knew, this is only VOLUME 1!. When I looked at the description of book, it was not at all obvious to me that it was only half of the book. Once I had it in my hand, I compared it to my English version and realized it ended exactly half way through the story. I don't regret buying it since it still is my goal to read this book in French at some point, but I do wish it was a bit more clearly stated that it's only half of the book.
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on March 30, 2000
It's a pity that Amazon's description of this item isn't more complete--I never would have ordered it. This item is NOT a novel! It is not the original French version of Alexandre Dumas' classic adventure. The closest I can come to describing this book is that it must be the French equivalent of Cliffnotes!
The book itself is only about a 130 pages long. The story contained in it is a pathetic paraphrasing of the actual novel, condensed and simplified to make an interesting study guide for the student. I'm not sure how the author hoped to accomplish this, though--the entire story is changed.
This book might be of value to someone who only wanted to read something in French. It has notes in the margins to explain words that might be unfamiliar, and is rather easy reading. But if you're looking for anything more than that, you'd be better off taking a trip to Paris yourself and picking up your own copy.
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