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4.6 out of 5 stars
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on December 28, 1999
After a long time here was a martial arts movie that was not with the same kick punch and kick plot but one that displayed real practical fight scenes with regard to the use of martial arts on the street.
There is no doubt that Jeff Speakman is a complete martial artist and a good actor who really knew how to express fight sequences in a manner that would catch the attention of the audience.
His moves are fluid Continuous and powerful and he has done great justice to the spirit of the late dynamic founder of Kenpo Karate Grandmaster Ed Parker.
I wish Jeff Speakman all the best and pray that he continues making such movies to show the world what is a real down to earth Martial art(In other words Kenpo karate)
Thank You
V.Ram Kumar 2nd gup Red Stripe Belt Tae kwon do(Korean Karate) Chennai,India.
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on June 27, 2002
I've seen this movie once and it stuck in my head for a long time , that's why i am going to buy this film on video. The action fighting scenes are great and the very fast jeff speakman is great and by gods power he can kick some @ss you know what i mean.And i get tired of that jackie chan's corn ball fighting style it's boring to see jackie chan fighting he's more of a clown in his movies today.We need good martial arts heroes' like cindy rothrock i think that's her name,she good too as well as jeff he have's a great kenpo style that's fast and cool i wish he make more films today because martial arts films like the MATRIX has a lot of butt kicking action an jeff speakman needs to be apart of this action genre,so that's why i am buying this movie PERFECT WEAPON
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on October 1, 2001
Actually Jeff Speakman studies a form of Martial Arts called American Kenpo that was founded by Mr Ed Parker. My son and I both study American Kenpo and love to pick out the diffferent techniques that Jeff Speakman's using in the film. Ed Parker is responsible for directing all the fight scenes in the film. Ed Parker is responsible for teaching such notables as Jeff Speakman, Elvis Presley, and Blake Edwards to name a few. He also was the one that is responsible for introducing Bruce Lee to the Hollywood jet set and getting him started in films.
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on February 28, 2002
"The Perfect Weapon" is considered by many to be a typical action film with senseless acts of violence. I feel that this movie is anything BUT typical. You must go beneath the surface to understand the true meaning of this movie.
What is the "perfect weapon"? A gun... a bomb... a machete? No. The "perfect weapon" is love. Jeff Speakman's character has experienced a human loss - his friend Kim has been murdered by a gang of ruthless thugs. Jeff had a troubled childhood and Kim was there to teach him the ways of the fist. During these turbulent times, Kim becomes Jeff's father figure.
When Kim is murdered, Jeff's rage boils to tremendous proportions. This rage is unleashed in a chaotic tornado of fists, elbows, and most importantly, pain. In a beautiful sense of poetic justice, Jeff uses the very skills that Kim taught him as a child, to act out his revenge on the murderers.
As Jeff disposes of the bad guys one-by-one, a sense of satisfaction fills his soul. He realizes that Kim would be proud of him. The student, thanking his teacher in the best way he knows how - by avenging his death.
Sometimes you need to look past the action sequences to see the true meaning of the story. A "typical action film"? Hardly.
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on March 8, 1999
Jeff Speakman displays awesome speed in his fight scenes, indicative of the lightning-fast techniques used in Kenpo Karate. A tribute to this amazing and effective martial art as much as it is an action flick, Jeff's precise and powerful moves far outshine his acting abilities. The language used in this movie makes it (in my opinion) unsuitable for young children, but the action is stellar! The villains in this movie are a who's-who of recent martial arts movies, including actors who will be recognized from Mortal Kombat, Goldfinger, and Bloodsport II. Tanaka (Oddjob from Goldfinger) again plays an indestructable man-tank who smiles while shrugging off blows that would cripple any normal movie character. His martial techniques are more developed than in Goldfinger, but he is still portrayed as a lumbering monster. Tanaka is a highly-ranked practitioner of Judo in real life, and should be cast in roles which alow him to display his technique, rather than simply being a massive behemoth. Martial-arts megastar Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa (I might be misspellng this), who most recently played Shang Tsung in Mortal Kombat, plays a minor role as a Korean thug who has a few good lines but was underused as a martial artist. If you are a fan of martial arts movies, this is definitely on your to-see list!
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on May 17, 2002
As a second degree purple belt Kenpoist, I too have watched many martial arts movies. I like this movie because it is more realistic, and I recognize the techniques Jeff Speakman uses. I especially like watching him perform his kata at the beginning of the movie, and the dedication to Ed Parker at the end of the movie. Anyone who studies Kenpo Karate will enjoy this flick. I would like to see it come out on DVD though.
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on October 1, 2001
I thought that this movie pulls no punches when it comes to bringing killers to justice. I like this better then the Jackie Chan action films. When "Kim" is murdered by Someone in Koreatown, Jeff decides to go after his killer.
The action sequences were outstanding! The scene in the bar was a no holds barred kind of a fight. The only problem is the tense relationship with his father. I only wish that there was a scene where Jeff and his father could have made their peace with the past.
I would show this to any action fan that is tired of Jackie Chan. I like this film because it has a powerful edge to it..
One of my all time favorite action films of the last decade...
Jeff Speakman is the ULTIMATE ACTION HERO....
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on May 8, 2014
Do not get me wrong ! This movie deserve a 5 star rating. It is an excellent martial art movie. However, I bought the Blu Ray version thinking that it would be in 1080P HD. I was very disappointed when I watched the movie and quickly realized that it was the same picture quality of a DVD... Do not pay more money for this Blu Ray since it is the same picture quality as the original DVD :-(
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on August 15, 2002
This is a GOOD & FUN film !!! BUY IT IF YOU CAN!!! I also found out that IT'S ALL REAL Martial Arts being used. I met Jeff Speakman before this film came out & found out he's a really nice & humble person that takes time to be with people, he really cares. About 2 yrs later I didn't know anything about this film until I started taking Kenpo & my teacher recommended I see it. I LOVED IT !!! I hope one day to be as fast as him. I thought I was not so good a martial artist when one day A friend watched me practice and said "WOW How did you get so fast and good?!?!?" I'm Nowhere near as good!!! I'm still a lower belt rank Anybody can do it if you try! "Every block is a strike, every strike is a block." Kenpo is VERY practicle.
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on July 17, 2001
I love martial arts movies but Jeff Speakman and his style of kenpo is so amazing. His workout in the first 5 minutes of the movie is awesome and all the fight scenes are perfect.If you ask me, Jeff Speakman is the Perfect Weapon! This movie is for men and women. It's full of action and Jeff Speakman is very easy on the eyes!
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