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4.7 out of 5 stars
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on August 28, 2002
My 24-month-old son has a speech delay. He knows only about 15 words, even though he's been receiving speech therapy. Imagine my surprise, then, when he started holding up his alphabet blocks this week and saying the names of several letters out loud! I've been playing this video for him every morning while he eats his breakfast, and he's obviously been learning. He can say the names of about eight letters, and can identify most of the rest by pointing if I ask him to. He's now pointing at letters everywhere ... on the box of diaper wipes, in his books, everywhere ... and saying the names of the letters out loud. He loves this video, and so do I. It reminds me of the Sesame Street shows I used to watch when I was a child. (Put it this way ... I like this video so much, I'm buying a second one in case the first one wears out!)
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on August 13, 2001
If you are looking for an introduction to letters for your child, this is a wonderful video. Through entertaining skits and a variety of visuals, the Sesame Street Gang go through the alphabet while coming up with words that begin with each letter. The sequence of photos of street signs and billboards which zero in on each letter in order is a real favorite with our 28-month old and has led to his interest in street signs and letter recognition in our own neighborhood. The pace is leisurely enough for toddlers who are just learning sounds, yet contains enough music and animated sequences to capture the attention of squirmy kids--if you happen to have one of those. Please note: There is no Elmo in this video, which to my mind is a plus but may be a disappointment to rabid Elmo fans.
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on January 25, 2003
I bought this tape for my little boy when he was 16 months old.
This is by far the best alphabet movie I have seen to date. It's not all annoying loud songs like so many of the movies are now. My son is allowed to watch one movie per day, and this is usually his first choice. Believe it or not, by 17/18 months he was saying the entire alphabet. His pediatrician was shocked at his 18 month visit! There are lots of neat songs and video clips from Sesame Street episodes from the early 70's I remember myself on this tape!
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on April 10, 2002
To Parents,
This is a great movie for kids when they're getting hang of the abc's. My eight year old loves Cookie Monster like Cookie Monster is family and I wanting to find a video tape that includes him. Watch as Telly Monster and Big Bird lead kids in the abc's. Also there are songs that explain the abc's and also they have letter cartoons. This will really get kids to know the abc's. So if your looking for a abc's video this would be a awesome choice.
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on December 11, 2003
This video has been around for a while; my now 14yr old daughter used to watch this video everyday from 9months old on. No kidding, by the time she was 18 months old, she could identify ALL the letters if you asked her to point to any one!
Now, I have a 4yr old, 3yr old, and twin 2yr olds who are really learning alot from this video, albeit not as fast as my 14yr did.
I would recommend this to anyone with kids from 6months up!
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on September 28, 1999
My toddler is learning the English alphabet with Sesame Street - Learning About Letters video. He loves Elmo and begs me to turn on Elmo's TV. It is a highly entertaining video, fun to watch (whether you are a Sesame Street fan or not) and the best of all cannot be said, it must be watched on your telly with your toddler. My little one loves Lena Horne's version of the A-B-C-D-E-F-G song and the P story. Watch and check it out!
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on March 22, 2001
I bought this video in 1989. My daughter loved this video and watched it over and over again. No the age of 18months, she could not only sing the alphabet but could identify the letters!!! I totally attribute this to the Learning About Letters tape! It is great. I now have two more little ones and plan to purchase this tape for the second time!!!
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on January 7, 2002
My 19 month old son absolutely loves this video!! He's only just started watching Sesame Street and already knows Big Bird's voice. He will sit and watch it from the very beginning with Big Bird all the way through Luis's story. This a wonderful video for children and parents should remember many of the songs. I highly recommend this tape!!!
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on May 11, 1998
Here is one of the first Sesame Street home videos, and also one of the best. Each letter is represented, and many are backed-up by classic skits from the early years. "C Is for Cookie" is here, as well as many other favorites! If you can only afford one Sesame Street video, this is one to think about! END
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on May 23, 2000
I bought this video over 10 years ago for my son and now both my pre-k daughter and my toddler daughter love it. We all have different favorite bits from the video; my four year old loves the letter O, my husband loves the letter J. This is classic Sesame Street.
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