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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on September 30, 2005
Season five could have been so much better. The writers had so much to work with, and instead chose to fall back into old story lines. For me, a long and faithful SG-1 fan, it was a bitter disappointment, especially Meridian. It had such potential to be the best Stargate episode ever, if only they'd paid a little more attention to the emotions involved. I mean, the SGC was losing a valuable player. Jack O'Neill was losing his best friend. Daniel was there, then he wasn't, and then he was forgotten, essentially. And for what was to be Michael Shanks last season, at the time, he did very little throughout the season. One liners are hardly laying the ground to such a shattering moment. I'm sure most Stargate fans were deeply grieved at Doc Jackson's loss... and we seem to be the only ones! Definitely not one of the better seasons. Whether it was a season finale, or a series finale, as rumoured at the time, it was simply crushing all the way around. A friendship that most of us have watched and enjoyed for years simply slipped away with barely a whisper. Really, guys. You could have done better!
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on February 16, 2004
I was hooked from the very first Stargate movie, which I have and I have collected every season so far. I must say that overall, I am pleased.
While the storyline is engrossing and the stargate makes for possibilities limited only by one' imagination, this series was not up to the usual standard.
The truth is that the first 3 or 4 episodes do not hold one's attention. They are in fact outright boring. Mind you there are some really nice episodes in this season and the sound is fantastic with great picture quality.
This series overall, was not as attention holding as the last one. The opening episode, which concluded the previous cliffhanger, was a disappointment. Much could have been done instead it seems to have been rushed to a conclusion.
Then we have the SG team bringing back a robot to SGC to almost cause doom. Really now. Why couldn't it have been studied somewhere else? Mysteriously, the Asgard [our Ally] who are usually at our heroes beck and call, were nowhere to be found. I found this episode particularly illogical and irritating. The ultimate insult was Daniel Jackson's reaction at the end. Tears? I was disturbed to hear Dr. Daniel Jackson call Colonel O'Neill [ TWO l's] a SOB. Hey, I watch this show with my 5 year old who enjoys it immensely, the whole family does! This is supposed to be television! No need to sink to this level. Sad.
I suggest that whoever is writing the episodes, if they are out of ideas, do what Startrek did; ask the fans to submit ideas for the shows!
AT least the ending episode in this series was exciting with the possibilities.
Having said the TRUTH, the show is overall still very good. It is just that this season was not up to the usual HIGH standard that I have come to expect.
I look forward to the release of season 6!
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on December 2, 2003
The first three seasons of Stargate are magic, the fourth one isn't quite as strong but still quite enjoyable, but this fifth season is mediocre overall. Some episodes are good, but others are barely watchable. I would recommend these DVDs to those who just want the complete series. For those seeking after something to watch over and over again, though, stick with the earlier seasons.
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