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3.4 out of 5 stars
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on April 17, 2004
He still knows what you did last summer... or wait... he still knows what you did the summer before last summer which means he still knows what he knew last summer about last summer. Gotcha.
Over the past few weeks, I decided to take a little trip down memory lane in watching the horror films I loved as a teenager (re: the post-"Scream" renaissance). Since I've grown up just a little bit over the past few years, I realize there's only four really worthy successors to the entertaining originator even if they do generally pale in comparison. They are "Scream 2," "Urban Legend," "I Know What You Did Last Summer" and "Halloween H20." To a lesser extent, the third "Scream" was pretty good, as well. So, here I was watching "I Still Know..." and wondering why the heck I was so scared by it six years ago.
When I saw it in theaters, the stand-out sequence for me was when Jennifer Love Hewitt was trapped in the tanning bed. My heart was pounding and I was literally on the edge of my seat. How will she get out of this one?! WHEW! Good thing she screams like a banshee and Mekhi Pfeiffer & Co. showed up to save the day. But as I watch it again, only one thing enters my mind: why didn't the fisherman just lift the lid and impale Jennifer with his hook? Did he want this girl to suffer a slow, agonizing death in the vein of being roasted alive? If so, why would he leave after securing the bed? Wouldn't a guy who hates this girl so much stay to watch her wallow in pain and agony? Nah. I figure the fisherman wanted her to be rescued since he knew the male audience wanted to see more of Hewitt in a wet t-shirt and he didn't want to disappoint the producers.
Hewitt turns in a very decent performance, but the rest of the actors range from marginally talented to just plain terrible. The script seems like it was written in one day, the photography is dismally bad, the editing is overly-frantic and the direction is hack-level. But, it is entertaining. This is one of those movies where you couldn't care less who bites it next, so the kills don't exactly tug at your heart. You pretty much want most of these people to die. One character in particular annoyed the crap outta me. As much as I like Jack Black, I couldn't wait for him to die. And it's a good one. Very deserved.
I couldn't decide whether to give this film two or three stars, so I just rate it a 2.5. It's nothing special, and it won't scare you on those dark and stormy nights, but it is pretty entertaining in a dumb kind of way (like the first, which had just a little more class than this one). Recommended if you like this kind of stuff or want to see a close-up of Jennifer Love Hewitt's assets.
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on February 29, 2004
Before you even think of wasting your money or time on this movie give me at least a few seconds to try to warn you.
Okay, the first film was an accidental hit to begin with. The acting was lame, the plot boring and the actors nearly imbearable. All except for Prinze Jr. who proves he was probably the only one who attended acting school. Still he didn't sell me on that film and he didn't sell me on this sequel either.
Jennifer Love Hewitt ( I don't watch her movies but I still like her ). She's vibrant and is a good actress if given good material. This was definitely not good material. This sequel was pathetic. It was the same film as the first. The only exception was they added two black people to the cast. ( An obvious ploy to lure us ( blacks ) to watch this film ) as if we're so dumb we'll just go because blacks are in it? It takes a lot more than a faithful minority audience to save this. I had been avoiding this film but decided to give it a try because I was bored to tears. I was pissed because Freddie Prinze Jr. spent the entire two hours with people who weren't significant to the film. It was as if he only returned so you could remember it was a sequel. There were too many wasted people and the twists were laughable. There was nothing original about this movie. I gave it two stars because I love Mikhi Pfeiffer. Other than that, I wouldn't have given it a second thought. Jennifer's part was dumbed down just to appear in this sequel. And Brandy...don't get me started. Brandy cannot act! We all know this but somewhere, someone decided she needed to be in this film. It's obvious the part was made for Brandy because she didn't contribute any real acting abilities. I applaud her effort at her first feature film but now I see why Hollywood isn't begging her back. Pfeiffer was the only shining light, the only spark and he gets killed just when they give him something to do! There was no reason for him to get killed and there was no reason for this movie. I don't even want to waste anymore time talking about this. Just don't watch this. If you want to see a real horror rent Jeepers Creepers or Urban Legends. The only thing scary about this sequel was that I have a feeling another one is on the way. Not worth anyone's time or money.
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on October 9, 2003
I can understand why a sequel was made to "I Know What You Did Last Summer" because of the ending of the original. But I DON'T get why it had to be so stereotypical and poor.
The sequel follows Jennifer Love Hewitt's character Julie to college, where she still has flashbacks of that fateful summer where she was being chased by a hook-wielding killer. Her roommate Karla, played with limited acting skills by singer Brandy, tries to take her mind off things and suggests that Julie dates someone new (Julie and Freddie Prinze Jr.'s character Ray are estranged at the film's start). To their surprise, the girls win a trip for four to the Bahamas for answering a trivia question in a radio contest. Julie invites new crush Will (Matthew Settle) and Karla takes along boyfriend Ty (Mekhi Pfeiffer).
Here's where the problems start. First of all, the writers must think that the average viewer of this film has a third-grade education. Intelligent audience members smell a rat early on in the film when the girls incorrectly answer that the capital of Brazil is Rio de Janeiro (it's actually Brasilia). When the real answer is revealed at the climax of the movie, did the writers expect everyone to go "Ohhhhh!!"? I hope they don't think we are THAT stupid!
Another problem: the geniuses behind this film were obviously trying to clinch the attention of the males in the theatre by having Jennifer Love Hewitt run around in white t-shirts drenched with rain. As a heterosexual female, I got tired of seeing Ms. Hewitt bounce around and felt this move was cheap on behalf of the filmmakers. Well, with a sub-par plot and mediocre acting, I guess they felt the need to do something.
One more pet peeve: why must Hewitt sing at some point in every TV show or film she appears in? I cringed at the contrived karaoke scene in this movie. Don't you think it would been more obvious (and probably more enjoyable) to have already-established pop star Brandy sing a song?
Viewers sit through one cliche after another until the unsatisfying and predictable twist is revealed at the end. And then the ending itself is another cliche, hinting once again at another installment. Thank goodness it hasn't been made (yet).
Chalk this up as another unnecessary slasher flick specifically made to capitalize on the success of "Scream." While "Scream" had a certain wit to it, this is plain silliness rolled up with blatant T & A. Don't waste your time.
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on September 14, 2003
If you couldn't get enough of attractive well-known actresses from this month's hot TV show being casted in moronic horror movies with no love for the genre whatsoever then I've got good news. Another "I Know What You Did" film. The fisher man with the hook for a hand is back after Hewitt and her obnoxious friends which include returning Freddy Prinze, Brandy, and Mekhi Pfefier as the token black guy.
A year after the first incident, Julie (Hewitt) and company have won a trip to a tropical resort. Little do they know that it has all been set-up by the killer from the original and he is looking for a little more retribution. A predictably gory onslaught ensues to the backdrop of an incoming storm that is making life even more difficult for these poor kids.
Hewitt is the highlight of this film- but not for her acting chops. Her beautiful cleavage and knack for wearing soaking-wet white T-shirts is really the only redeeming value in this very dumb sequel. Jack Black as a goofy white wannabe Jamiacan is too annoying for words. Freddy Prinze is as terrible as always in his portrayal of goofy guy-next-door Ray. Love gets to do her thing here as she not only sings karaoke but gets to explain to co-star Pfeifer why "her people can't dance". Even tremendous character actor, Bill Cobbs, is wasted in this awful sequel. It's over-acting galore as Hewitt and Brandy trade screams and arguments back and forth in the rain. As mediocre and tired as I found the first film, the script for "part two" manages to show it up in every way except the good kind.
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on August 25, 2003
I have always wondered why slasher films even bother making sequels...untill now. Yes, thanks to I Still Know, I REALLY wonder.
Ok, so it wasn't horrible. Julie (Hewitt) and Ray (Prinz) Return (but mostly Julie), along with the new faces of Carla (singer Brandy) and Tyrell (Mekhi Phiefer).
Not long after Carla wins a trip to the Bahamas from a local radio station, bringing along Julie and Tyrell, Ray comes face to face with Ben Willis, who he thought was killed the year before. Carla and the gang head off, as planned, when disaster hits: A big rainstorm. Bummer. Not able to get off the island, due to the mysterious dissappearence of the boats and dockman, dead bodies start piling up all over the place, from a slit throated maid to an open chested druggie. Ew.
They soon realize (or at least Julie) that Ben is back in black, and armed with his famous giant fishing hook. after nearly everyone on the island has been sliced and diced, the film finally starts getting good with pleanty of suspenseful chase scenes to keep you watching.
Pleanty of twists also keep coming, making to wonder just who is your friend and who is your enemy. Ooh, how exciting. Now, I won't say what happens, but I think the end of this film is perhaps the worst and most uncreative film ending in general that I have ever seen.
Oh well, it's worth renting, in my opinion, nothing more. At least the first one was a blast!
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on July 29, 2003
This movie was not as good as the first one, but it is still worth watching. Instead of Gellar and Phillippe, Mekki Phifer and Brandy are added to the cast. I only gave this movie 3 stars because it sort of did too much on the killing and made it look unreal and unbelievable, it also left out too much of Freddie's Character only having him appear in certain points and at the end. It also didn't make sense how in the ending the gun all or a sudden was stocked with bullets. Despite all that it provides a good plot and characters that work well together, following Julie, Carla, Tyrell, and Will on a radio won trip to the Bahamas where their in for a wild ride, of course too make the story sensible that is the real home of the last movies killer ben willis, out to get them. This movie also has a bunch of twists and you won't know whos an enemy and who will help when it comes down to the end. I'd recommend either renting or buying this movie at some point and if you loved Scream or the origninal you wont be dissapointed!
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on July 3, 2003
I Still Know What You Did Last Summer is a very good sequel to I Know What You Did Last Summer. (Duh) Anyway . . .
Julie (Jennifer Love Hewitt) has moved away from South Port and is trying to forget what happened last summer when a fisherman killed two of her friends and attacked her and her high school sweetheart Ray (Freddie Prinze Jnr). When her and her best friend Carla (Brandy) win a contest to the Bahamas Julie, Carla, Carla's boyfriend Tye (Mekhi Phifer) and a boy with an extreme crush on Julie named Will (Matthew Settle) head off to the sunny island. But when they get there they not only discover it is storm season but find out the whole trip has been a hoax and the angry fisherman is also on the island determind to finish off his job.
This film is better than the first because there is more action and definitely more gore. Jennifer Love Hewitt and Freddie Prinze Jnr return from the first film which is excellent because they have a very good on screen chemistry. The only thing I didn't like is the ending. I would be happy if they made a third film to explain it but they haven't have they. Was it a dream like the first film's ending or was it actually real? Did poor Julie really get massacred under her bed while the credits rolled? All in all I think it's a really good movie but I wish the ending was definite and that they made a third film starring Jennifer Love Hewitt, Freddie Prinze Jnr and Brandy!
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on July 1, 2003
I personally LOVE the I Know/Still Know movies! I am a very big fan of horror movies! (As well as every other genre) Here are several reasons why I love these two movies:

1. Leading Guy/Hottie: FREDDIE PRINZE JR.! (sigh)
2. Leading Gal/ Natural Beauty: JENNIFER LOVE!
3. Good plot
4. Sarah Michelle Gellar DIES in the first one!*
O.K.- Here's the scoop on I Still Know What You Did Last Summer. Remember Ben Willis? He's the fisherman Ray, Julie, Barry, and Helen murdered on the road that July 4th two years ago... supposedly. After last summer... the summer Julie came back to South Port...the summer Barry and Helen were murdered...the summer Julie and Ray defeated Ben Willis...
it's all just a memory now, right? A very, very horrible memory... WRONG!
Now, one year later, Julie is still haunted by the infamous fisherman... in her dreams and in her thoughts. Although she has friends to comfort her- her roommie and BF, Carla, her boyfriend, Ray, and guy friend Will- she still feels unsecure. But when Carla wins a radio contest for four to go to the Bahamas for the 4th of July weekend, Julie brightens up and asks Ray to come. But Ray resists the invatation, and Julie is crushed. So Carla invites Will to come instead, along with her boy friend, Ty. But when the breif fun turns to confusion as the four winners find that there are limited employees on the island as the result of "storm season", the troubles begin... as well as the deaths...
-So, all in all, if you liked the first one you'll LOVE this! There are enough of the unexpected twists you'd expect. I like the way everything turns out in the end, in my opinion, Julie and Ray's relationship should be the way it is today- except the part about the killer in a slicker trying to kill them!
*(And in question to this symbol at the beginning of my review)
I HATE Sarah Michelle Gellar!
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on May 31, 2003
I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, the sequel to I Know What You Did Last Summer, is a great film with a chilling atmoshpere and full of haunting imagery.
The sequel sets our main charachter, Julie James, survivor of the original being huanted by her bloody past. Not far off is Ray, Julie's boyfriend and the other survivor from the first film. Ray grows worried as he sees Julie's life begining to hit rock bottom as the nightmares concerning the massacre last summer haunther sleep and their relationship. Julie also finds support from her roomate Carla, Carla's boyfriend Tyrell and Will, Julie's mysterious classmate who tries to be her friend. When Carla wins a trip of four to the Bahamas Julie does not hesitate to go. She invites Ray along and they paln to meet the next day. Alothough "something" prevents Ray from showing up. So Carla insists Will take Ray's place. They find themselves on a beautiful island but are shocked to find the hotel almost empty. They learn taht storm season is on its way and besides the hotel workers, they are the only ones on the island. The group decides to have a blast anyway and Julie finds hereslef back to experencing happienss- Untill she recives a message containing the chilling statment "I Still Know What You Did Last Summer" Julie learns that they are trapped on the island due to the storm and not long after, dead bodies begin appearning and theinfamous fisherman with the bloody hook proves to be back for anotehr chance at killing Julie and her friends. And so the stage is set for gore, chills, twists and terror as Julie coems face to face with the man who refueses to die.
Some have said the sequel sucks but I and I know otehrs as well who enjoyed it and thought it was very well made. It was original, scary, and had a pitch perfect astmoshpere and above all- ingenious style! A great film and a terrfic sequel that will "hook" you from the start.
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on April 12, 2003
I still know what you did last summer was kinda a good movie.But I seemed to liked the first one much better then this.
I still know takes place a year later after the first "I know" but without the ending of the original ending of the frist film which would have made it less confusing( you know the shower room nightmare) it was scary, but instead we got a stupid Church nightmare which wasn't scary at all.
The story in "I still know" is about Julie James and her friends going to the bahamas for the 4th of July.But this time Ray isn't here much only to find Julie and warn her about Ben,but it's too late, once Julie and friends are there Ben starts using his fish hook again to kill people. Plus Ben also plays those scary pranks on Julie before anything happens(just like the first one).
This movie has good story and good acting(especailly from JlH herself as Julie.Brandy as Julie's friend Karla. Freddie Prinze Jr. as Ray.)The movie had alot of gory murder seqences (unlike part one)which I didn't like much. Ben"the fisherman" Willis is not all that scary. And his hook on the hand looks really fake.
This is the end of my review.
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