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4.0 out of 5 stars
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on October 20, 2003
This is it! The most popular Atomic Age cult film of the twentieth century. Winner of two Golden Turkey Awards for Worst Picture and Worst Director of All Time, the immortal Edward D. Wood, Jr.! It's all here, the not-so-special effects, aliens in skating skirts zooming around in string-powered flying saucers to implement the ninth plan of Earth's conquest with an army of zombies Vampira, Tor Johnson and Bela Lugosi in his legendary "postmortem" performance. This truly original movie, Ed Wood's "Citizen Kane," is a hymn to all those who have ever tried to create something intelligent and meaningful, only to fail miserably every step of the way. Critically acclaimed as the citizen kane of bad movie. Plan 9 from Outer Space is a movie that lives up to it's reputation. Believe me. It is just as magnificently terrible as you've heard. Plan 9 is the story of space aliens (I think) who try to conquer the Earth through resurrection of the dead(Yeah you knew it was gonna be a ham). Psychic Criswell narrates as police rush through the cemetery, occasionally clipping the cardboard tombstones in their zeal to find the source of the mysterious goings-on (this will generate gut bursting laughter). More than just a bad film, Plan 9 is something of a one- stop clearinghouse for poor cinematic techniques such as: The time shifts whimsically from midnight to afternoon sun, Tor Johnson flails desperately in an attempt to rise from his coffin, and flying saucers zoom past on clearly visible strings. Fading star Bela Lugosi tragically died during filming, but such a small hurdle could not stop writer-producer-director Ed Wood. It'sso bad that you can't help but laugh at it. If you watch it alone, it's not as fun, but with your buds, this movie will be a total laugh-fest. This might be the worse movie ever. Some movies are so bad they aren't funny, but when you get to the absolute worse, you can't help but laugh at how unbelievably bad this is. It's art basically. Amazingly bad. Worse film ever! But if you have a sense of humor, you can enjoy it. It's so bad it's good!
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on November 2, 2003
Before I go into the film itself, let me say that Passport Video's release has the company logo on-screen through the entire film. The release from Image Entertainment is much cleaner, does not have the logo, and includes the documentary Flying Saucers Over Hollywood. Both versions have the original trailer.
If you have seen Tim Burton's film Ed Wood, you already know what it took to get this film to release, and can skip this paragraph. For those who haven't, Ed Wood talked a church into backing this film, on the theory that a blockbuster science fiction film would earn back the money invested and more, giving the church a huge budget to make religious films. This film is Bela Lugosi's last film, and in fact, he died during shooting, so someone two inches taller than Lugosi was hired to stalk around menacingly and wordlessly, with a black cape elbowed over his nose. The real "stars" of the film are a man who can barely speak English, and an anorexic late night movie hostess who won't let her real name be used, so is billed simply as "Vampira."
This is probably the worst movie ever made. Robot Monster and Reefer Madness are also in the running, but Plan 9 from Outer Space is much more fun than the others. Look out for toppling over styrofoam tombstones, and cardboard flying saucers hung from visible strings.
The plot is this: aliens, having failed with plans one through eight, move on to plan 9, reanimation of the dead of earth. What the aliens are trying to accomplish with plan 9 is to convince the people of earth to cease nuclear weapons proliferation. By plan 9, they were apprently grasping at straws, because the logic fails me.
This movie is a laugh a minute, albeit unintentionally, and really quite enjoyable as long as you know what you're in for. In the realm of bad films, this film would have five stars.
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on January 8, 2002
My film history teacher showed us this movie. No, he is not insane. He simply wanted to show us a bad film along with a lot of the good ones. And this is bad. But I would not spare my time complaining about that for this film is the definitive "bad movie". I just wanted to say that Lugosi is not in this movie so don't buy it expecting to see him. He has a couple of clips (well, actually you only see his eyes) but my teacher told us that he died two days into filming so they got another guy, supposably director Ed Woods' doctor, to fill the role. Also, he told us that throughout Ed's life he stood by the film never admitting that it truly was a bad effort.
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on November 2, 2003
Anybody who loves horror movies and calls themselves an expert must have Ed Wood's "Plan 9 From Outer Space." It qualifies as an 'it's so bad it's good' classic. However, don't make the mistake that I made in buying the Passport DVD "Plan 9" with the 40 minute Ed Wood story. The basic reason is that in this version you will spot the capital letters PIP stamped in the lower right hand corner in every shot. Unlike some people, I don't have to have the initials of the company that produced the DVD staring me in the face when I'm watching it. You cannot remove these initials. Get another version of "Plan 9."
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on September 26, 2002
I would like to make it clear that this is not a movie, it is an abomination posing as a movie.
I watched this under the knowledge that it would be bad. Most of the time, bad movies are pretty funny. But Plan 9 goes beyond bad/funny into the realm of pain, which also includes long dental surgery, torture, and startvation. Don't get this movie, not even to see how bad it is, it's not worth it. It's funny at first, but it drags on, and on, and on. I gave up after 2 and 1/2 hours! Do yourself a favor, save your money, and your mind.
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Without doubt or question the *worst* science fiction movie of all time. No modern release, not Starcrash, not Barbarella, has ever managed to displace Plan 9 as the absolute pits of SF cinema - and with a little luck none ever will. You name it, it's rotten; the acting, the sets, the plot (what plot?), the dialog (my GOD! that dialog), and above all the direction! This movie is in fact so incredibly bad it passes beyond pain into hilarity.
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on May 4, 2015
I had been told that this was the worst movie ever made, and they were right! From wooden dialogue to appalling un-special effects, this film has absolutely no redeeming characteristics other than its fame for being terrible.
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on April 28, 1999
This film is so horrible it's funny! It's well worth your time to sit back and watch the cardboard gravestones wobble in the wind. See the flying saucers made of paper plates. See the actor who replaced bella lagosi after he died mid-production. And if you can stomach the horrible dialogue you're a better man than I. So funny it hurts. Buy this, watch it with your friends!
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There are a number of real bad movies over the years. horror movies take no back seat. Have you ever seen the creaping unknown,pure junk.Another one is It came from under the sea.Redicules.Those are just two and there are many more. Thanks for listing
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on May 28, 1999
This film is rated the worst movie ever produced. And rightfully so. Mystery Science 3000 could have a blast with this.
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