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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on March 26, 2002
After _Transformers: The Movie_ tanked at the box office, the production team behind it consigned its other theatrical feature, _GI Joe: The Movie_, to video oblivion. Although I'm sure this film has been shown in theaters (usually as a children's morning matinee), I don't believe it has ever enjoyed an actual theatrical release. This goes to prove that there is some justice in the world.
The wild plot about a group of reptilian terrorists out to destroy the entire human race was silly and farfetched in 1987. It also rewrote the entire back story of the _GI Joe_ TV series, which infuriated many fans. Now, in the wake of a genuine national tragedy, this film seems more tasteless and exploitative than ever. I couldn't honestly recommend it even to die-hard fans -- though I have to admit a personal weakness for the opening scene, ...
The DVD package is very good, as you'd expect from Rhino Video. Extras include some nice menus, assorted trailers and commercials, and 25 _GI Joe_ public service announcements, all of which are pleasantly goofy fun for children of the '80s.
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on June 7, 2001
I'm very sorry but I really didn't like this animated movie of G I Joe. Don't get me wrong, It has some interesting material but over all I would give this an F. The good sides, It has really good animation. It was animated by Marvel/Sunbow Productions and Toei Animation in Japan. (Animated by the same people who animated Transformers the movie!) Its looks great visually! The famous voices include Don Johnson (Falcon), The late Burgess Merideth (Galabulos), and St. Slaughter as himself. The origin of Cobra commander was a real treat but is very disappointing. The Bad sides, It has some of the regulars like Micheal Bell (Duke), Scarlett(B.J. Ward), The late Chris Latta (Cobra Commander) in minor roles because the purpose of the movie was to sell the series 3 toys ( Like TF:the movie) The story is incredibly vulgar and is nothing like the The previous G I Joe animated series on Televison. The T.V. show was more military. This is film is more Sci-Fi with grotesgue monsters and creatures. I wasn't too happy with this film because it was not like Season 1 and 2 of the show. There are too many Cobra-La creature occupying the film, All the new characters get introduced and push a side the regular characters.( the downfall of Cobra Commander and the near death of Duke) If You get a G I Joe movie, get the out of Print G I JOE: The Mass Device! (the Mass Device is the five-part Pilot episode)Do Not get G I Joe the movie!
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on January 16, 2002
"'A-Team' style action where nobody gets hurt?" Indeed not! That was true enough of the cartoon series, but how come nobody mentioned the near-death scene of Duke? (A scene which looked like it was going to be an actual death, but somebody changed their mind--look how it's animated and think about it. Duke was supposed to die!) And for gosh sakes, the blood! There was more blood coming out of that stab wound than is humanly possible! I am not kidding here! Those who have seen it know! Another character is stabbed in the eye in a later scene (though without the blood--they used all the plasma on Duke's stabbing, apparently). The "family oriented" nature of the film was betrayed by these scenes.
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on July 14, 2001
I bought this DVD due to some nostalgic memories of my teen years, and while I ended up recalling many fond events from that period of my life after watching "G.I. JOE: THE MOVIE" I was also reminded of the gaping flaws with this catroon concept, primarily the nationalism, stereotyping, poor plot writing, and unrealistic attitude towards war and death. Am I reading too much into a cartoon? Maybe - but take a look at Japanese animation or even the WB's Superman and Batman and you find both a maturity and entertainment in their animation. This is more of a rental than a movie to own.
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on July 7, 2003
I bought this for my husband since he loved G.I. Joe as a kid, and he had fond memories of this movie, with "had" being the operative word.
There's no need to elaborate, really. This movie is just awful. Terrible. I could point out each flaw of the movie, but it doesn't merit even that much critical thought.
I will say this: it IS hysterical. After about five minutes, you'll realize this film will either kill you or make you stronger, and if you choose to laugh and point the entire time instead of cursing yourself for money wasted, you can genuinely have a good time.
Have you ever slapped your knee in a fit of laughter? Me neither, but I DID slap the arm of my chair a few times due to a particularly hilarious moment, courtesy of Lt. Falcon (voiced by Don Johnson, I might add) being introduced to some kind of survivalist, misfit Joe's. Or whatever. One of the Joe's, just because he's cool like that, spits on a hapless scorpion unfortunate enough to stumble upon this motley bunch. The scorpion, rather than scurrying away (or mindlessly waving its pincers and tail as they're wont to do) flails its claws and emits a highly-audible, "SCREEEEE!!"
I've killed many a scorpion, and I never got a "SCREEEEE." "Crunch," sure. "SCREEEE!!," no.
I am working on my spitting skills in my spare time to rectify this problem, I assure you.
Oh yeah, the movie...really bad. Save your money and rent it if you feel like a good laugh. My husband admitted it was terrible and regretted my spending the money on this DVD. But it's the thought that counts, and my abs got an intense workout from laughing like a loon at the sheer awfulness of this "film." Not a total loss, but pretty darn close.
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