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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on May 10, 2001
The best thing about this title is that while watching it, especially the old "knowledge is half the battle" public service announcements is that you start watching it and while you are memories of the TV show, the figures, everything will pop into your head and instantly you are 8, 9, 10 however old and are playing outside with a hole in the ground being a pit to hold GI Joe members with Cobra in control until you as the one lone Joe rescue them all.
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on April 20, 2001
I watch this movie when i was growing up in canada, watching it now bring back alot of memories out the carttons i used to watch. I remember watching this movie bfore going to school.
I recommand this movie to anyone that remembers or has all children.
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on April 13, 2001
Another mainstay of 80's children's cartoons I bought this DVD is my attempts to "recapture my childhood" and I AIN'T disappointed!!! The movie itself was okay but the DVD extras are what make this a "must-keep" for me. For the uninitiated, here's a rundown:
Plot synopses: GI Joe (America's top military force) battles against Cobra (evil terrorist organization trying to take over the world). It this particular movie, the Joes try to stop Cobra from devolving the world through these organic spores. In this movie the true ancient origins of Cobra(la) are FINALLY revealed.
The movie marked a landmark in GI Joe storylines. (Personally, I thought it was sorta the beginning of the end...) Most the old-time favorite Joes and Cobras appeared. Many new characters also made their debut (Lt. Falcon, the Renegades, Nemesis Enforcer, etc). However, the movie itself, in my opinion is NOT the best feature of this DVD. The exclusive DVD features are!!!
Exclusive DVD features: TWENTY-FIVE (25) ORIGINAL G.I. JOE PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENTS (you know, those "knowing is half the battle" things they aired at the end of each episode for the kids!!!) Two (2) movie trailers. Two (2) vintage action figure commercials (too waaay back even for me. Can't believe how cheesy those back in the day commercials were). A shameless plug for VHS tapes of G.I. Joe and Transformer cartoons.
The DVD extras truly make this a "Collector's edition." DEFINITELY a piece of 80's nostalgia. Those PSA's RULED!!!
Here's my rundown:
GREAT: The DVD features especially those PSA's. "Knowing is half the battle!!!"
Good: The action, soundtrack and animation. They sure don't make kids cartoons like this anymore!!!!
So-so: The movie trailers.
Bad: Those cheesy vintage action figure commercials. The shameless plug.
DEFINITELY a collector's item for any G.I. Joe or 80's cartoon fan. Recommended viewing for anyone who never grew up watching these but who are indeed fans of good animation.
Highly recommended.
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on December 30, 2000
I remember watching the movie (or rather mini-series) on the USA Network before walking to my bus stop at 7:30am in a 5-part miniseries or something, hosted by Sgt. Slaughter. Great fun.
Good voice acting, fun action. Amusing to watch. I'm assuming you've read the description so I won't go over anything you already know.
Not exactly how I remember it but still good. Of course kiddy-ized in some parts but overall, not too bad. "Good news, Duke's come out of his coma!" Oh boy. My only real gripe with the movie was the paltry love story between Jinx and Falcon, which was more a personal gripe than critical.
The animation in it makes me wonder. At times it seems very clean, very well done while at others sloppy and haphazard almost. The included service annoucements are very amusing to watch, if not just reading the titles, "Dog bite" ; "Suffocation". Oh boy. The commercials, referred to as 'vintage' are all right if you can remember them. Just a nifty little addition.
Hmm, 3-stars? Yeah. I wouldn't call this a great piece of animation, something on line with like Tarzan heavens no. It's almost a feature-length commercial. But it's fun, and if you have fond memories of the cartoon or toy line pick it up. Don't mock it too harshly though, but there will be times you'll have trouble restraining. :o)
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on December 10, 2000
My gosh ! I had this movie taped on VHS and loved it when I was about 5 years old. This movie was great action ! Though I already lost the vhs video which was very sad indeed but on DVD makes it all better. I love the opening and ending themes to this G.I. Joe movie. Me and my sister would try to sing the lyrics to it but would never get it right. This movie now deals with Corba Commander not in charge which they now have Serpentor, which is really cool in charge of the Cobra organization. But then they later join up with a new gang of Cobra named Cobra-La (I think that's how you spell it). My favorite moment and this movie was when Sgt. Slaghter was pounding on that guy who had wings.
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on November 28, 2000
For a series that had a pretty unsound basis (Cobra was hardly a true terrorist organization), the movie was pretty cool. The viewer is introduced to several new characters (the Rawhides) which had very cool toys to do them justice. It has been said that Marvel wasn't 'that' supportive of the movie, ever since Serpentor was created. G.I.Joe the comic was supposed to be more realistic and the whole Cobra-La thing really got them irritated. If one looks at the various villians, how many could have stepped over to the X-Men universe? The best part of the movie, besides introducing Lt. Falcon, was the fact that there were several well-known voice actors. The voices for G.I.Joe have always been done well and the movie exhibits a very strong story with decent animation. As I mentioned in the Transformers review, if you can't have the toys, you can pick this movie up to revel in the old days.
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on October 28, 2000
Being a 22-year-old, I remember GI Joe fondly from my youth. This movie really took me back. YO JOE!
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on October 26, 2000
Rhino joins the myriad of smaller companies that apparently know more about DVD authoring and extras than Paramount. While I was disappointed that Rhino couldn't put it in widescreen, they more than make up for that with a new 5.1 audio track, 25 PSA's from the cartoon series, two classic toy commercials from the 60's and tv trailers for the movie. Another nicety would've been possible an alternate track with some commentary either by the voice actors or writers, but I can live without having it.
If you have a good audio setup you'll really appreciate the audio remastering Rhino has done. Little touches like background conversations and items falling to the ground become easier to hear and understand. For someone that has watched this movie several times before these little nuances give you a reason to watch it again. Definately one of the best transfers audiowise I've heard in a longtime.
Storywise I won't lie to you: it sucks. What was meant as a joke by the writer who fully believe no one would take it seriously became loved by the boys at Hasbro and Cobra-La was born. Old favorites are pushed to the wayside as new characters are introduced to coincide with the release of their action figure counterparts in the stores. And while not as sad as Orson Welles doing the voice of Unicron in the Transformers movie, Burgess Meredith's addition to the cast may bring a slight tear to the eye.
For the Joe or DVD addict this is one meant to be owned and rewatched. The additions by Rhino make it worth the price (a lesson Paramount needs to learn) If you're not into the niceties that DVD's offer or you're buying for the not so rabid Joe fan I'd save the greenbacks and get the movie on VHS.
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on October 17, 2000
Like many from my generation, I grew up watching G.I. Joe and other great cartoons (Transformers, Thundercats, etc.) every weekday afternoon. There was nothing better after a long grueling day of schoolwork than plopping down in front of the tv and watching the Joes and Cobra go at it! This DVD captures the essence of 80's cartoons and brings back fond memories not only of the Joe episodes, but of the Hasbro toys that were tied to them. The 25 PSA's included on the disc will also take you back as well. This DVD is a must-have for G.I. Joe fans.
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on September 20, 2000
Here's one that'll give you goose-pimples kids. I popped this one in the DVD tray and that's what I got for sure. All the old-school Joes are here: Duke, Snake-Eyes, Roadblock, General Hawk, and the rest. There's some new Joes too: Lt Falcon (as voiced by Don Johnson), Jinx, and Law & Order. The story revolves around Cobra and their pals from Cobrala trying to get their hands on an energy device under the protection of the Joes. What follows is 90 minutes of those blue and red lasers and the resounding call of "Yo Joe!" DVD is such a great medium for the Joes. You can watch their adventures again and again with no worry of the tape giving out. In fact, the animation is crisper than I remember it as a kid watching the Joes after school. Let's hope that more of the episodes get released on DVD, you know there's a market for them! In addition to the film, the DVD contains all the "And knowing's half the battle!" PSAs from the original run of the show. Relive your youth and invite the neighbors over, GI Joe is here to stay!
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