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4.4 out of 5 stars101
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on June 4, 1999
Alex Cox's spectacular debut which has provided: both inspiration for modern independent filmaker's worldwide, but more ironically, peplexity upon the director himself (whom has never quite managed to match the raw energy of this original piece). Emilio Estevez stars in this- his finest and earliest hour- as Otto, a white suburban punk who's recruited into the strange world of car repossesion by grizzled Harry Dean Stanton. As Otto's training continues, the world seeps into... what looks like... an alien invasion! Strange Girl. Strange Car. Strange Driver. What does it all mean? Could it be that the more you drive, the less intelligent you become?
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on May 20, 1999
I remember one day me and my freind were at the mall he saw Repo man for 6.99 and i thought it looked stupid.............boy was i wrong he had seen it before and when he popped in my VCR i was blown away some of the dialogue will make you laugh your head off and Alex Cox is very original and innovative the characters are so cool. It gives you an idea of what it is like to be a Repo man and adds a Sci-Fi Rock and Roll acid, Comedy twist that will leave you begging for more...............A damn good movie
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on May 5, 1999
I can't say I understand all the rave reviews for this film. The "contemporary urban sprawl as post-nuclear wasteland" theme worked well, but other than that--well, I generally like films with very little plot, but this just did nothing for me. What would have saved it would have been sharp and compelling dialogue, but there was none. I'm sorry, but there just wasn't. None of the characters were at all sympathetic, although Stanton's acting job was exemplary. All in all, a sort of vaguely interesting film, but a strangely non-compelling one, from which I felt oddly detatched. I did like the way the closing credits scrolled down instead of up, though. That was an interesting touch.
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on March 12, 1999
The summary says it all. Rock & Roll was dead. Ethics were dead. Art was nearly dead, but it found refuge in works like this. The antidote for Reagan, MTV, and Generation X.
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on March 9, 1999
This is the best movie I own. I've watched it obsessively since 1990, and continue to do so. One thing that other Repo fans may not know... there is another "version" of the movie... it's called the "TV Version", and they show it on A&E occasionally. It's got extra scenes and dialog (most of which are funnier than the sum of the rest of the movie) but, being on A&E, is censored. The way I figure, there must be a version with the extra footage, but is also uncensored... a "director's cut", if you will. I have been unsuccessful in finding this, however... maybe if we could convince 'them' to release the movie on DVD (*hint* *hint*).
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on February 18, 1999
A dynamite script coupled with a perfectly cast ensemble of characters make Repo Man a forgotten classic. We sit transfixed, as Otto learns the ropes from Budski and Lite. The dialogue between these three is simply priceless, and Miller's passages of wisdom are words to live by. A MUST for any serious collector of silver screen classics.
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on January 27, 1999
Repo Man is the greatest movie ever made. Everything about it is perfect. The cast is amazing, and the plot is absolutely incredible. In order to see the masterful intricacies of the movie you most view it multiple times. I my self have watched it an incalcuable amount of times and every time I see it I notice something new. When you view this movie you can not view it as a juvenile, punk type movie. In order to fully appreciate it you must watch it with an open mind. If you do that than you will undoubtable be able to see the brilliance of the movie. Repo Man can be viewed on many different levels. On the surface it is a hillarious comedy. But if you look deeper you will get to see a rare look into the lifes and growing pains of kids coming to age in a urban, poor area that no other movie has shown before or since. And in the ending everything comes together and you relize what the word "intense" truly means. For as Bud (Otto's Repo Man mentor) says, "Repo Man always Intense."
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on January 27, 1999
The other one is "Night on Earth (1992)" directed by Jim Jarmusch. Both are for people with gourmet taste and sharp mind. Strip everything from lies, throw away control and manipulation. You are free to be what you are. What, Coke, Pepsi, Mountain due? BS. It's all just drink and nothing more than that. Period. "What about our relationship" -- As honest and deep as it gets. Every spoken word is a masterpiece like the whole.
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on January 20, 1999
What can I say? Everything about this film is perfect. Every detail. The casting. Dialogue. Cinematography. The kind of movie that is so filled with hilarious tiny details that each time you notice something new and love it even more.
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on December 22, 1998
I'm a 49-year-old attorney who appreciates the classics, and I don't say this lightly: The greatest movie ever made. I have watched this thing 25 times. The script and casting are absolutely perfect, there is not a dull moment in the entire two hours (or whatever it is), and every scene is profound in its own bizarre way. How something like this remains a cult classic while something like "Titanic" makes $300 million is beyond me.
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