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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on July 9, 2002
This is one of the finest commentaries and New Testament scholars I've seen. It is one of the FOUNDATIONAL books to Messianics everywhere, and a MUST read--and reflects not just Stern but the views of many many Hebrew Christians and Messianics that influenced Stern. There are volumes and volumes of "lukewarm" largely incorrect commentaries out there written by Christian theologians that both knowingly and unknowingly BUTCHER (yes indeed-amen-that is an understatement) the Jewishness out of the New Testament and Yeshua(Jesus), which is in fact not a seperate book but only a continuation of TANAK. It amazes me continually how so few people deal with Scripture on the correctly Jewish levels David Stern and other Messianics like myself do and beyond. Barely handfuls of CHRISTIANS OR JEWS are fully aware of what is really going on in the TANAK and New Testament, because of false interpretations ignorant of context and the times, and because the Jewishness has been stripped from it for millenia. If you have fully read this commentary, I don't see why anyone in their right mind who is Christian (or not a Christian) would not realize they should be Messianic. Yet only God can save Israel. An outstanding work, it is better than a large very many whole sets of New Testament commentaries combined, better than attending many seminaries or Bible Institutes even (unfortunately that is harsh reality as few if any Christian seminaries etc. emphasize Jewishness of the Scriptures.)
Shalom Alecham to all those who seek righteousness and wish for the Kingdom to come quickly in fullness.
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on March 30, 2002
Dr. Stern has given us a great gift. This commentary is an essential companion to the Jewish New Testament. Conventional Christians may find the Jewish New Testament a puzzle when they do not recognize the words Dr. Stern uses to translate some scriptures verses. His commentary explains his reasoning and he often gives the readers several options for consideration when discussing controversial issues found in the New Testament. With the possible exception of Luke, the authors of the NT were Jewish. Most commentaries miss the mark and David Stern provides meat for serious students who wish to understand the teachings of the Messiah and His followers.
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on May 11, 2002
I was looking for a resource that would help me connect the dots between Jesus'Jewish heritage and the true church God has called today and this book has exceeded my expectations. I teach Bible Study and my students can't get enough of the valuable nuggets that tell "the rest of the story." Obviously this book will irritate non-believers because it gives more proof than ever that Jesus is the Messiah and the Son of God.
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on January 5, 2002
This one of the most commercial books I have ever read. Imagine Jesus and his disciples speaking "yiddish". Well this is what David Stern has them doing. Even the comments on the dust jacket by the publishers say:"Freshly rendered from the original Greek into ENJOYABLE English" - true enjoyable and easy to read, but not very precise. "By a Messianic Jew" - an oxymoron if ever there was one. The book is written as a very loose translation of the Greek and is interspersed with Hebrew words to give a "scholarly" flavour to the text. He does NOT succeed. The opinions expressed here are my own personal opinions and are not meant as an insult or slander to the translator.
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on February 10, 2002
David Stern has done and excellent job in bringing the Jewish roots back into the Bible, as it rightly should. It seems that our culture has westernized the Bible, as I have experienced while reading many commentaries, and have left out the language and culture of the Middle East where our faith had its beginnings. The scriptures make a lot more sense to me and have become more alive. Yeshua's (Jesus') words, along with the other New Testament books, have so much more meaning.
Dr. Stern is a Messianic Jew who has lived in Israel for many years. I sense his love for his people and his desire to help those who want to understand the Bible from its cultural beginnings and mindset.
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on February 23, 2001
The book is truly a Blessing from the Adonai. Although one can feel the intense pain from the author in calling one a Christian after all the many horrors that have been done to the Jews in the past under the title of "Christians", not only the holocaust but many other times in history as well. i believe this book to be a MUST for everyone. It states and is true in saying, the Bible was written by Jews, including the New Testament. The world would not have a Bible at all if it had not been for the writings and preservations by God through the Jewish people. Therefore it would only make sense to look at from the perspectives and the interpretations from a Jewish (beliver's) viewpoint and knowledge of the Jewish history, meanings of phrases, words, and customs of the times. It is very inspiring and refreshing. It is also true, there may be times i disagree with his writings, yet there isn't any Commentary in the world i 100% agree with either. There is so much more to learn. Thank you and God Bless you David H. Stern! And may God bless "Shalom" to you all! : )
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on January 8, 2003
When David Stern first announced he was coming out with a commentary to complement his translation of the New Testament (Jewish New Testament) I was rather excited. No Messianic Jewish author had ever done a project of this sort and there was great potential for good discussion and interaction between contrasting views of scripture.
The dissappointment came the first time I ever tried to use it as a reference. Dr. Stern simply doesn't comment on many a problem text for the Messianic view of scripture. The ones that he does comment on he very rarely interacts with other scholars with contrasting views, thus taking some credibility away from his work.
Dr. Stern also doesn't defend his rendering of some texts the way he does when translating a verse in a controversial way. Some verses he does defend his rendering, but still doesn't interact with scholars who interpret in other ways.
From what I understood, his purpose was to make a commentary that is a recource for Messianics and non-Messianics to look to to see a representation of a Jewish interpretation of scripture. In this respect he succeeded, it is basically an introduction to Messianic Judaism, but is by no means in depth. This book really only earned its third star because it was the first attempt of its kind, otherwise it's only a two star.
It's a shame to compare this to other sets of wonderful, scholarly commentaries such as the NICNT or Word or others of the like. Nowhere near as indepth (it's one volume) or as diverse (by one man) or as authoritative (his Ph.D. is a business degree). All in all, this is probably a good source for the Messianic to have in his library, but nowhere near as valuable as other full length commentaries.
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on March 2, 2000
David Stern has done a remarkable job intepretting the New Testament from a Messianic Jewish perspective. His expertise in Jewish culture, tradition, and belief bring fresh insights to the student of the New Testament.
He sometimes quotes from the Talmud or other ancient sources that help amplify New Testament comments. His understanding of Jesus, Paul, and the Apostles as Jewish help us discern what was in the author's mind, one of the goals of good interpretation.
Though the commentary is not thorough or greatly detailed, many of its insights are not just the same old recirculated ones found in most commentaries. Stern's work is not just a large research paper, but offers material that is unique.
As a pastor of over 20 years and a serious student of the Word, I consider this work invaluable and would not want to be without it.
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on April 20, 1999
I love browsing in this book, and when people ask me questions about how Jewish people have felt about the issue of Messiah, I reach for this volume! I love how David presents the many sides of each issue, letting the reader come to his own conclusions. The book is well-written, concise, thoughtful, and well-balanced. :) It's one of the books in my library I refer to over and over-- whether I am speaking with believers or not. :)
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on July 24, 2000
This commentary is very good. I would echo the two reviews that come before me. It is a very valuable resoure that brings out the Jewishness of the New Testament text. Additionally, it is good for dealing with "problem" passages which have been alledged to have anti-semitic overtones in the New Testament. His Jewish perspective helps us to see that when you view the passages without bias and from its original Jewish viewpoint, there is no antisemitism in the New Testament. Consider Paul in Romans saying how much advantage there is to being a Jew. So this commentary is a must-have for people in Jewish ministry and would be very helpful to any student of the Word.
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