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on March 2, 2004
"Funky, funky sh*t." In three words or less, that's the only way to do this debut LP justice.
From the grimiest (One can only envision w/ hearing this CD) part of Newark, NJ emerges the Lords of the Underground. Influenced by fellow NJ rapper Redman (It seems all NJ rappers give mad props to Red) and backed by legendary funky producer Marley-Marl, the LOTUG create a GEM of an album.
Although their style is in the likeness of a more clear and coherent Das-EFX, the LOTUG come off with high-energy originality. This is not a mellow album, it's a fast-paced ride through Newark's dirty underworld (at least that's how I see it).
The best track (because it's so hilarious and original) is the "Sleep for Dinner (Remix)," with it's woeful tales of hunger in the ghetto...they somehow make it seem humerous. Also look for "Chief Rocka," "L.O.T.U.G," & "What's Goin' On?" These four tracks alone have beats that blow my mind.
You should know that every track is sick. This is one of those albums that can be listened to straight through again & again (the likes of which we really haven't seen any of in the past few years).
Bottom Line: Amazing funky beats & on-point original lyrics make this a masterpiece of an album. I recommend this to any fan of REDMAN, ARTIFACTS, DAS-EFX, MARLEY-MARL or any fan of funky hip-hop. 5 stars. Peace.
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on January 18, 2004
This is an absolute classic like the other stuff from "A Tribe, Mob Deep, etc.". Back in 1993 when HipHop/RAP was there but not such a multi-million dollar business like today with the cents and the eminems this CD got me hooked on the whole HipHop thing. It was only possible to find such "underground" groups in special and rare shops back then, can you imagine?! ;-). I would say they are underground still and only known to the "old" Headz out there. Well, most of the tracks are really good even the first time you listen in on the CD. Although my all time favorite- however old I will be- is "What I am after" which is actually on their 2nd CD- absoulte funky, a BURNER. Unfortunately they only published a Vinyl years later which wasn't all that good. I don't know if we are going to see a Lords album ever again.
Unlike today I can not find one track on this album which is not good or sucks even after repeated listening- of course this is subjective. Like albums from A Tribe, Common, Pete Rock, Mos Def the Lords should be in anyones HipHop collection.
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on December 6, 2001
This record is full of energy and passion. The flows of Doitall and Mr. Funky are fluid and tight, inspired by some ragamuffin influences (a little bit like Das Efx, but with much less gimmicks). The production by Marley Marl is a real treat. The horns and the beats are sequenced in a very rhythmic and inspired way. It sounds as funky and blasting now as it did in 1993. Some of the tracks here like Funky Child, Madd Skillz, Chief Rocka or Sleep for dinner are instant head nodders and you probably have already heard them somewhere before. The whole album however deserves listening and quality control is maintained on most of the tracks. You can feel the love and passion these guys have for Hip Hop throughout the record and it is in my view an essential purchase.
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on March 13, 2003
Everything that comes out now is WACK. No more Tribe, no more Lords...this album would blow ANYTHING on the radio now out of the water. The lyrics are tight, the beats are BANGIN. This is 100% Grade-A HEAD BOBBIN MUSIC people, if you are a recovering ...-hop listener and would like to begin to educate yourself in the school of TRUE, TIME-TESTED hiphop, buy this cd. You will NOT be sorry.
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on October 9, 1998
This one of the best hip-hop album's ever. The Lords may never have been seen again after this CD, but from Track 1 through Track 15 this CD has the phattest beats of any early 90's hip-hop albums. It just makes ya wanna get out of your seat and raise tha roof. It don't hurt that they give props to my hometown, Metuchen, NJ on "Psycho."
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on July 25, 2001
Wow!! Get this. This is so dope. Hard core beats, hardcore lyrics, hardcore CD. Every song is good on this CD!! You can't go wrong with "funky Child" or "Chief Rocka" every song is nice. How funky can you get. Lords are truly lords on this CD. they come fresher than ever. GET THIS NOWYOU LOSER Peace 1
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on June 20, 1998
It is a very refreshing album. It stays away from the rough styles of West coast gangsta rap, and it avoids the typical east coast playa mentality. Instead, it has a cute, funny approach.
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on November 21, 2012
Very good cd, my favorite tracks are "mad skillz" "keep it underground" and "chief rocka" For old school fan only!
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on October 6, 2002
clasic man these mugs are the lorsds produced my marley marl the beats are hitting and I am still feeling this after all trhese years.
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