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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on September 18, 2003
Well as all my friends know, I love oldies. Nothing beats those oldies but goodies. I am 15 years old and have to say I first fell in love with the Temptations when I was 5 and would hear my uncle singing songs(he loves oldies too: they're from his time). I loved "My Girl" which is the theme song to My Girl starring Anna Chlumsky.
The group was one of Motowns most famous, along with Diana Ross and the Supremes and Marvin Gaye, Martha Reeves and the Vandellas, Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, and many more. Temptations group members were Otis Williams(still alive today), Eddie Kendricks, Paul Williams(no relation to Otis), Melvin Franklin, and the great David Ruffin.Like other groups, tragedy marked their lives. David struggled with drug addiction, Paul struggled with alcholism, and Melvin struggled with weak bones(causing him to be in a wheelchair later in life). Eddie was so close to Paul that he couldn't be on stage with the group once Paul was relieved. Eddie left the temptations and new members followed. The most notable new member would be Dennis Edwards, who sang "Cloud Nine" winning the group a grammy.
Great hits strung from these marvelous fantastic singers whose voices combined formed great tunes such as "just my imagination, my girl, ain't too proud to beg, papa was a rolling stone, the way you do the things you do, cloud nine, and many many more. The Temptations members went seperate ways, death meeting David, Paul, Eddie, and Melvin. Otis is still alive and breathing. There is a hit movie titled "The Temptations" and a book of the same name written by Otis Williams. check everything out. you wont regret it. especially if you love great music and are able to define what that is. PEACE & LOVE
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on April 6, 2004
This is a terrific compilation from probably the best Motown act ever! Yes, there are few errors here: songs like "Beauty Is Only Skin Deep", "I Could Never Love Another After Loving You", "Loneliness Made Me Realize It's You That I Need", and "Psychedelic Shack" are missing. I think I can understand why Motown did what they decided to do with this. The Temptations were a really special group, and their musical output was beyond vast, both with their hits and misses. A wide overview of this output was given and not just stuck to the same era. That's why songs like "Treat Her Like A Lady", which is from the '80s, and "Error Of Our Ways", from the '90s is on here.
I don't why an a capella version of "My Girl" is here, though. If the four songs mentioned above were on this disc, it would be perfect running at nearly 80 minutes. Things were done to preserve continuity. All in all, you can't resist the temptation of purchasing "The Temptations: Ultimate Collection."
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on March 18, 2004
For a serious Temptations fan (exempli gratia, ego) this is a pretty lousy and insufficient compilation. The pattern of lineups in this group can best compared to Lynard Skynard-there are so many flamin' line ups that it gets to the point where it's not the same group anymore; it's just the Temptations by name only. David Ruffin, Otis Williams, Melvin Franklin, all of them gone. If you ask me, the real Temptations died the early 1970s. In place of indispensable gems of their golden years (id est, the REAL Temptations) such as "Slow Down Heart", "Beauty Is Only Skin Deep", "Just Let Me Know", etc. this "ultimate collection" includes mediocre, (relatively terrible) latter cuts such as "Error of Our Ways". If you endeavor the enchanted staggering, and soul-moving work buy their studio albums prior to 1976 like "Meet The Temptations" and "Temptations Sing Smokey"; the earlier the better. They are more rare, but they are worth the purchase. Also, almost any other Temptations hits compilation is way better. I give this one an extra star for the beautiful closing track, the acapella of "My Girl". It makes me cry and reminds me:
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This is not quite the ultimate Temptations collection, but it comes close. You could never fit all their great songs on one CD anyway, but the compilers were clearly determined to include some of their later recordings - the last three tracks on this CD. Angel doll, though recorded in 1967, was not one of their big hits - indeed, it was not even released at the time. The inclusion of these four tracks at the expense of real classics, including Beauty is only skin deep, devalues the title somewhat.
Despite the omissions, this is the best single-CD collection of Temptations music currently available and contains many familiar songs. It begins with The way you do the things you do. A big hit in America, it did not chart in Britain. I first came across the song via an excellent cover by Rita Coolidge, but the original version is impressive. Other classic sons here include My girl, Get ready, Ain't too proud to beg, I wish it would rain, Cloud nine, I can't get next to you, Ball of confusion, Just my imagination and Papa was a rolling stone.
Anybody seriously interested in sixties music in general and Motown in particular will enjoy the Temptations. Unless you want to go for a double-CD or a boxed set, this is the CD to choose.
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on September 8, 2000
The Temptations were Motowns most succesful male act of the sixties. Their extraordinary stage act fascinated audiences in the sixties. They made countless classics through the sixties and early seventies and most of these turn up on this wonderful compilation which showcases their very best recordings. Fine classics featured on the album include THE WAY YOU DO THE THINGS YOU DO (written by Smokey Robinson), GET READY, AIN'T TOO PROUD TO BEG and a track that initially really sot the ball rolling; MY GIRL. They also made countless great recordings with the equally magnificent, Diana Ross and the Supremes with their most succesful collaboration being on I'M GONNA MAKE YOU LOVE ME which also is on the album. Other notable tracks are CLOUD NINE, BALL OF CONFUSION, JUST MY IMAGINATION and the unforgetable PAPPA WAS A ROLLIN' STONE. Its a shame their momentum started to wear off after that particular release in 1972 but never the less their run of hits remain enjoyable and soulful.
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on June 19, 2003
If you know where the title of this review comes from, then you will appreciate this collection and don't need me to tell you much about the Temptations. This is the best single-CD collection of their material. The only reason not to get it is that there is a 2-CD album "My Girl: Best Of Temptations" that is more complete, including two glaring omissions from this collection, "Beauty's Only Skin Deep" (unforgivable!) and "Runaway Child, Running Wild". It's true that this collection includes "Error of our Ways", a beautiful and important song from 1994, which is NOT included in the "My Girl" collection, but it hardly makes up for the missing "Beauty". Either way, you are getting a stirring, stunning collection from the best soul act ever, but my recommendation is to lay down the extra bucks and go with "My Girl".
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on April 29, 2000
This is a nice CD to add to your collection if you're a Temptations fan.It just doesn't have every hit song that you think it might have.I strongly dislike the fact that David and Dennis sang lead on just about every song. It's not enough Eddie.And the one song that Paul sang on this CD wasn't that great.Plus the unpopular replacement Temptations aren't on this CD too much.Richard Street,Damon Harris,Glenn Leonard,Theo Peoples,and Ron Tyson had wonderful voices,but are barely on the CD at all. Some of them aren't.The CD focuses on David and Dennis,and Ali-Ollie leads two songs.The rest of the Temps are left out in the dark.Emperors of Soul is the TRUE ultimate collection.But this CD is straight overall.
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on October 29, 1999
Recycled and repackaged, the hits of the classic Tempts keep getting "carted" out to squeeze a few more pennies out of the public. For the casual listener or first time buyer of a Temptation tape or CD, I guess this package does the job. For most of us, who've listened to the Tempts for many years, "Ultimate Collection" is like, AGAIN? Rickey Wright knows the answer to his own question: Why stick "Errors of Our Ways" on such a collection? You'll note it's the ONLY song from the 90's on Ultimate Collection! The same tunes are re-released in 1999 and now are called, "The Millenium Collection". A virtual waste of money
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on June 18, 1999
After seeing the movie about the Temptations I feel I can relate to the music better. I can see Paul making up the dance routine as I listen to The Way You Do the Things You Do! and David breaking in on the show on Ain't To Proud to Beg! These guys were the stuff, and my favorites on this CD/album are It's Growing lead by David - Don't Look Back lead by Paul(he could have sang for me anyday)- and I Wish It Would Rain. Hey, I learned to roller skate off I Can't Get Next to You. It truly takes you back in time - great memories. This is one for all collector of the Motown Sound to have. Detroit had it going on. 5 stars to Tempting Temptations *****.
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on December 2, 2000
Though missing some of the most popular songs the Temptations performed over the years, this collection contains some great, almost forgotten favorites and should be a part of any collection. The pul-out booklet could be more informative, but the images on the covers and inside are priceless.
A true fan will enjoy this CD in their computer or in the car and the digital recording is masterful, just like the group who made the music. Sadly, the a capella version of My Girl is incomplete on this CD and not always found on the Emperors Of Soul CD either. Still, a great collection by a great group, listen and you'll have a great time.
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