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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on July 5, 2015
The service was very fast, the product is new, no problem on this side. But the picture here that we see is confusing. I thought it was a new cd, or a compilation cd. In fact, it is the cd with a blue cover, and Shania Twain wearing a brown winter coat, and a wolf with her.......and I already have that cd. So, like I said, I thought it was something new, because of the black and white picture that we see on Amazon. The picture is not the good one. I was surprise when I opened the small box....I have now in double this cd.
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on March 6, 2004
Definitely a must for any Shania fan. I love it but of course its not really Shania, except for that one song that she wrote called "God ain't gonna getcha for that". She never liked that album and never sang those songs in concert. The musical direction for this album was more or less forced on her by the Nashville crowd she was involved with at the time and they didn't allow her to do any more of her own songs except the above one. She is singing other people's songs but what a voice. This is really country at the core and some of her country fans say this is her best album (of course its not). Sales were dismal and she got no particular attention or recognition and was on the verge of being given the boot by her record company since she wasn't a commercial success yet. But of course, its her most country Nashville type album and if she had followed this route the world would have been deprived of TWIM, COO, and UP! and she would have probably wound up at Deerhurst again. Thank god, someone named Lange noticed that video and gave her a phone call and of course the rest is history. I particularly liked, What made you say that, You lay a whole lot of love, God ain't gonna getcha for that, Dance with the one that brought you, Still under the weather. Her voice is so soulful. This album is good but its not Shania and nobody was interested in her ideas at the time. Notice the big difference when TWIM came out. Thats Shania (and Mutt). No Nashville producer could do Shania justice or even understand her ideas so no wonder she was/is an outcast there.
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This album, produced by Harold Shedd and Norro Wilson, two notable country produces, has a contemporary feel but still owes a lot to traditional country with plenty of steel guitar, so it is not like any other Shania album so far released.
There are plenty of upbeat songs, giving this album a real good-time feel. Among them are What made you say that, Dance with the one that brought you, God ain't gonna getcha for that and Crime of the century. Shania also demonstrates that she can sing ballads well, particularly on When he leaves you, possibly my favorite track here, and You lay a whole lot of love on me.
It is clear from this album and from some tracks on her other albums that Shania loves country music but it is unlikely that Shania will ever record another album like this one. As such, country fans everywhere should treasure it (only the most diehard traditionalists could complain that it's not country enough), but some of Shania's normal fans may not like it all and ought to hear some of it before buying. This is my favorite Shania album although I do enjoy some of her later music in its own way.
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on June 11, 2003
First of all, after reading some critics... I thought this album would be terrible. But not, it's a perfect country album. I really like it. I'll review song by song for those who want my opinion. (I bought it last week)
What made you say that: most probable the best song on the album. I love the guitar as it plays that catchy melody hehe. A good country rythm ... the bridge wow!
You lay a whole lot of love on me: a nice country slow song. Not the best.. but still good. I think it lacks of imagination sometimes... but it's cool... you learn how to like it ;)
Dance with the one that brought you: I really like this one. Another nice song... nothing special, but I like the rythm ;)
Still under the weather: A nice country ballad. This one is very soft and emotional. You hear shania singing with the guitars and a piano.
God ain't gonna getcha for that: A fun song! Shania co-wrote it :) It's a danceable country song with nice vocals!
Got a hold on me: Well, this is the "rocky" song! It's far from country I think! But I like.. It's different from what Shania does. Not the best song though
There goes the neighborhood: The lyrics are very nice. They tell a story- This is a very nice country ballad.. very "Faith Hill".
Forget me: With new arrangements this song could have been included in COME ON OVER album hehe. It's a typical shania song... with that woman-power lyrics.
When he leaves you: A very nice slow song. Shania telling one of her friends to leave her boyfriend because he's gonna leave her and come back to her. hehe. I like it... the melody is very emotional.
Crime of the century: It sounds as an old country song... with lots of back vocals the whole song long hehe- It's nice.
Overall... a nice album. I mean.. it's not that you will like this or that song individually, but it's an entertaining album to listen to with your family... or just around the house as a "back music". Good job Shania! It's a very nice debut album! There are not "bad" songs
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on June 17, 2004
I got this album when I saw it in BMG around the time The Woman In Me was huge. I got it because I loved Shania. Although the album is by no means great, it is still a good debut album. Some of the songs aren't really all that special, and her personality doesn't shine through the way it does in her later work. The thing that works in the album's favor is Shania's voice. Her voice turns even the most generic songs on this album into something worth listening to. My favorite song on the album is "Got a Hold On Me", which is the song here that hints the most at the greatness that was soon to come. Even if you're not a huge fan of country music but you love Shania, this CD is only about 30 minutes long, so if you don't like it, it's not too long to be unbearable. However, I think you will like it because this album shows that Shania had a lot of talent even when she was working with producers who didn't really know how to pick the right material for her. It's worth buying.
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on March 9, 1999
I now own all 3 of Shania's CDs. This CD is pretty good, but, I am really happy that she and her husband are producing her(their) own music. The first CD she made(Shania Twain) is not the kind of music I like, but, her voice is so beautiful, that I got beyond the 'hard country' sound to this CD. I purchased her first CD last. I own 'Come on Over' and 'The Woman in Me'. These 2 Cds are the real Shania Twain. They do not fit the 'mould' of just country, but, span different sounds that make them fun, spirited and very enjoyable. I am glad that she broke the tie to the cookie-cutter, assembly line music that I am sure she did not really get into. This is just my opinion, but, I feel the music she does now is the type of music she will do in the future. Also, more ballads would be great. She is one singer that can truly carry a song and bring out the emotions the song is meant to have. Looking forward to more of Shania Twain's music.
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on July 7, 2001
Now I know this was the rising star's first album, but I still wouldn't say it was a classic. And the prouducers and all of her should be ashamed of yourselfs, not leting Shania write her own music. It would have been a wonderful album. Those songs you call hits are exactly, the opposite, if it already wasn't a great album, those hits made it that because of it. The reason why people like "God Ain't Gonna Getha For That" is because she was one of the writers. That was the only song she wrote. Lange, was much better in "The Woman In Me" and "Come On Over" when he started with Shania and (eventually got married to her) because he let Shania write her own songs and Lange was the one too. That was a much better stratagy! In conclusion, the only reason why I rate this 3 stars is because of the other writer. IF Shania wrote them it would have been much better!
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on March 28, 2004
This is Shania Twain's first official album, a wonderful collection of pure country songs. When this album was released Shania was at a point in her career she was not allowed to publish her own music - a fact that won't go unnoticed by Shania-fans, because the style is somewhat different. But that does by no means mean this isn't a good cd, because the ingredients for a great album are present: a variety of wonderful songs and, also very important, a singer with an astonishing voice.
The songs:
1. 'What made you say that?' A joyful song with a great melody that you can't get out of your head once you heard it. (10/10)
2. 'You lay a whole lot of love on me' A sensitive ballad about love, but with a happy undertone, that brings out Shania's voice very good. (9/10)
3. 'Still under the weather' A beautiful, sad ballad about losing your first love. (8/10)
4. 'Dance with the one that brought you' Another happy song you won't get out of your head. (8/10)
5. 'God ain't gonna getcha for that!' This song is the most like Shania's style from the songs on this album, and one of my favourites. It's like a country-version of 'Man! I feel like a woman!'. The song invites you to get on the dance-floor! (10/10)
6. 'Got a hold on me' This is one of my favorite songs from this album, because it's so desperate. As well the lyrics as the melody are great. (10/10)
7. There goes the neighbourhood' A sad song in which we are reprimanded for not doing enough to keep our romantic relationships intact, en thus breaking up the neighbourhood. (7/10)
8. 'Forget me' A nice up-tempo song with a somewhat bitter undertone. (9/10)
9. 'When he leaves you' This is a beautiful song, only the lyrics are somewhat... stupid, if you ask me. (7/10)
10. 'Crime of the century' Another one of my favorites: a song that will seduce you to get on the dance-floor, like the man in the song seduced Shania! (10/10)
The only criticism I have on the songs is that they're way too short, most of them are barely three minutes long. But I must warn you: if you're more interested in Shania's pop-side, you may want to reconsider buying this, because the tracks on this album are not at all like the songs on her two latest albums 'Come on over' and 'Up!'. But if you're a country fan, you'll most certainly love it!
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on September 27, 2001
Buy her later albums first like Come on over etc, then pick up this one later after you have heard her other music you will understand the history of Shania Twain a little more. This 1993 self titled debut album isn't bad its not a favorite but there are some interesting tracks like What made you say that, Dance with the one that brought you, You lay a whole lot of love on me, There goes the neighborhood and some others are very good. I know she did not write the songs on the album. Does that even make a difference? And many also say that this is to country you got to kidding me! This is so Pop Country for the time and I did not hear a fiddle or anything through the whole thing in fact its what you call Contempary Country music I think some of her later albums sound even more country. What can you say about it I have read many reviews on other albums before but this one has to the most controversial some say its Shania at her best others say that this album ought to buried in the dust. How about you be the judge and everybody quit complaining its not that bad!
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on July 10, 2000
Personally, I lean towards the newer "today's" country, so this isn't my favorite of her CD's. That is not to say I don't like it - I really like "You lay a whole lotta love on me", "dance with the one that brought you", "God ain't gonna get you for that", and my favorite "what made you say that". A couple of others are OK and a couple I skip when I listen to the CD. This is a bit more traditional (for Shania) but it is good. If you liked "Come on Over" and don't have "The woman in me", get that first. If you liked "the woman in me", but weren't crazy about "Come on over", you may like this better than Come on over. As other reviewers have pointed out, this album mostly has songs written by others (Shania wrote all the songs on the other CD's) and not produced by Mutt lange (this was before they met, so the sound is a little different. You'll recognize her voice right away though. Not her best, but worth having if you are a Shania fan.
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