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4.3 out of 5 stars
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on November 11, 2006
This album does not have much in the way of deep, insightful music. What it does have in droves, though, is a lot of fun, catchy songs. Judging by the truckloads of copies that this album sold, that is exactly what people wanted.

Shania had to endure a lot of criticism over this album, as a lot of purists didn't like the direction in which she was taking country music. However, it did bring country music to a lot more listeners with some of the crossover hits such as "You're Still The One" and "That Don't Impress Me Much". It also helped that the hits just kept coming almost endlessly for several years ("Don't Be Stupid", "Love Gets Me Every Time", "Honey I'm Home", "From This Moment On", "Man! I Feel Like A Woman", etc.).

Shania readily admits that she makes music that she thinks people want to hear. And what's wrong with that? An album like this just goes to show that people want to be entertained. Fill an album with catchy fast songs with great hooks and throw in a few gorgeous ballads, and you will have the CD's flying off the shelves.
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on June 21, 2004
When Shania Twain released her "Come On Over" album in 1998, she was relatively unknown in the mainstream music world. Hit single 'You're Still the One' quickly changed that, and Shania's album raced to the top of the charts in both country and rock. Like the case with many artists, the record was released in two different versions: a US country mix and an international dance mix. While the country style is fantastic, this international version, currently available in the US, is even better.
While many songs remain relatively untouched, some of them greatly benefit from a bit of remixing. Both 'Man! I Feel Like A Woman!' and 'Honey, I'm Home!' sound sharper than ever with an ever-so-slightly different drum beat, and other tracks like 'Don't Be Stupid (You Know I Love You)' and 'I'm Holdin' on to Love (To Save My Life)' are more dance-able than ever.
There are two songs that stand out, however. The dance mix of radio hit 'That Don't Impress Me Much', which was played more than the regular album version, is included on this album, as is the single version of 'From This Moment On'. While the vocals on the latter are not quite as strong as on the original mix (the song no longer features Bryan White but is instead just Shania), the orchestration more than makes up for it.
If you already own "Come On Over" and only listen to it occasionally, this album is not for you. However, if you love Shania's work and are looking for those great tracks in a more pop style, buy this one.
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on June 21, 2004
I love this CD! I don't know where to begin! This CD has sold millions of copies, and it has been a huge success, and it's easy to see why. The songs are so great. They have great catchy beats, great lyrics, and they're really fun to listen to. This was the first CD I ever got. If you don't have this one, you should go get it. It's worth all your money. I will never get tired of listening to all the songs. Each song is so much fun to listen to. There are 16 songs on the CD:
1. Man, I Feel Like a Woman!- This is an upbeat song with great tunes and lyrics that will make you want to sing along.
2. I'm Holdin' On to Love (to save my life)- This is a fun, fast song but it's also relaxing to listen to and the melody is great.
3. Love Gets Me Every Time- This is also a fast song that will get you dancing!
4. Don't Be Stupid (you know I love you)- This is a funny song! It's kind of fast, but it has cool violin parts in it, too.
5. From This Moment On- This is a really pretty song! On the original CD, not on the international version I don't think, she sings it as a duet with Bryan White. They both sing really good.
6. Come On Over- As the title song on the CD, it's really fun and great to listen to! It's a great dancing song too.
7. When- I love this song! It talks about how unrealistic it is for this person's boyfriend, or whatever, to ever come back to her. She sings in the song, "When money grows on trees, when people live in peace, then you'll come back to me!" It's a good song. It has a neat guitar solo also.
8. Whatever You Do, Don't!- The melody on this song is really cool. It's kind of like slow and low-sounding, but then the chorus gets loud and fast.
9. If You Want To Touch Her, Ask!- This song has a good guitar beat to it. It's about finding out what a girl wants. It's fun to sing.
10. You're Still the One- This is a slow, really pretty song. This is also one of her famous ones. I like it a lot.
11. Honey, I'm Home- I love this song! It has a loud drum beat that makes you want to sing along and dance, and then the chorus gets fast. The lyrics are funny and real too.
12. That Don't Impress Me Much- This is a fun song. She's singing about how guys aren't impressive just because they have nice cars or hair or something like that!
13. Black Eyes, Blue Tears- This is kind of a fast song, but what it's about is real and moving, about someone getting abused. I like the lyrics and the beat a lot.
14. I Won't Leave You Lonely- A slow song with a GREAT beat. Shania sings partly in French and Spanish too!
15. Rock This Country!- This is just a rockin' song! That's how I describe it. It's really fun to dance to.
16. You've Got a Way- This is the last song, and it's really slow and pretty.
So those are all the songs. Each one is fantastic! This is a great country/pop CD that I'm glad I have!
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on May 24, 2004
Yesterday I bought the CD over at Sam Goody in Pioneer Place to replace my international version. It's kind of different than the international version is because on the song "From This Moment On", this CD has Bryan White in it, and the internationl version doesn't. After I opened the package at home, I inserted it to my computer, opened up iTunes, and copied to the hard drive of my computer as MP3 files at 128kbps, then I downloaded to my iPod by using the iTunes program. Here are my song ratings.
1) Man! I Feel Like A Woman - 5/5
2) I'm Holdin' On To Love (To Save My Life) - 4/5
3) Love Gets Me Every Time - 4.5/5
4) Don't Be Stupid (You Know I Love You) - 4.5/5
5) From This Moment On - 5/5
6) Come On Over - 5/5
7) When - 5/5
8) Whatever You Do! Don't! - 5/5
9) If You Wanna Touch Her, Ask! - 4.5/5
10) You're Still The One - 5/5
11) Honey, I'm Home - 5/5
12) That Don't Impress Me Much - 5/5
13) Black Eyes, Blue Tears - 4/5
14) I Won't Leave You Lonely - 4/5
15) Rock This Country - 5/5
16) You've Got A Way - 6/5
I enjoyed this CD a lot. YOU SHOULD BUY THIS instead of the international version. My friends liked it, too.
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on March 6, 2004
This is an excellent, excellent groundbreaking smash hit album like no other. And she was nominated for 6 Grammys for this album and they grudgingly gave her only 2 grammys when she should have gotten all 6. But then, the Grammy's are like most of those award shows and are fixed by a small group of insiders anyways and seldom reflects reality. I love all of the songs and every one can stand on its own as a single. In fact I think 8 of the songs were hits anyways (like in the top 10) or higher. Your still the one, Man! I feel like a Woman, That don't impress me much , are of course my favourites among favourites but I love all of those songs. This is the album that propelled Shania into the stratosphere and is the second biggest seller after Michael Jackson's Thriller album. No small achievement. Thirty-five million (and still counting) people around the world can't be wrong about this artist. After TWIM, critics called that a fluke (19 million sold and still counting). But after COO, there was noticeably less criticism except from hardcore country types and Nashville. Is it country? Actually, who cares. Its beautiful music and I don't understand all the fuss about whether Shania is country or Rock/ Pop, crossover or whatever. Music is music. After listening to this album, I became a fan and then I bought TWIM. The music is uplifting, energetic, and makes people happy (thats what music is supposed to do anyways). Increasingly, as the world gets smaller, different styles of music will overlap and mix (its been going on anyways since the beginning of time). This album is like a breath of fresh air. I wouldn't normally be listening to "pure" country music anyways and I was getting tired of the Rock music of the 90's. I love 60's and 70's stuff. I don't know how to classify (why do we always have to categorize and classify anyways) this music of Shania's but I am very grateful for it. Her vocals are distinctive and unique and she sure likes to have fun. She can Rock, sing soft, melodic ballads and love songs, almost make you cry, and make you happy all in one album. Shania's voice is not just a voice but its a conveyer of real emotions and feelings, passion, and soul and this differentiates her from most others. She is also, probably one of the most versatile singers out there and seems comfortable across musical genres; Rock, Pop, Country, World Beat (listen to Up! blue cd) and what next?--Jazz. She is one of a handful of Divas or megastars and belongs up there with the best of them. Another thing about a Shania album is that she doesn't put in "filler " material. Even if you don't like a particular song its not because its a dud. Usually, when I buy an artists' album I can count on 3-4 good songs which I'll listen to repeatedly and the rest I'll never listen to again or even learn to like. So I was really surprised to find that either I liked or eventually liked every song on COO. I consider them all classics by now. All, I can say is that the more I listen to Shania, the more I like/LOVE her music. And as a guy, its really got nothing to do with her drop dead gorgeous looks as some critics keep on saying.
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Shania's previous album to this, The woman in me, was a huge American success but did not yield any British hits. This is the album that made her famous in Britain and it's not difficult to see why. All the songs are catchy pop songs that have the potential to appeal to people of all ages. The original North American version (which I haven't heard but would probably like even better) apparently has more of a country feel to it. This version, remixed for the European market, shows only limited evidence of Shania's country roots.
This album yielded five British hit singles, these being You're still the one (top ten), When (top twenty), From this moment on (top ten), That don't impress me much (top three) and Man I feel like a woman (top three). Don't be stupid was remixed again for single release and made the top 5. Many of the other songs had hit potential and it must have been difficult selecting which ones to be released as singles. I understand that several of them were hits in America and elsewhere. Of those that didn't become British hits, I particularly like Honey I'm home (a strong woman song reminiscent of Any man of mine, from The woman in me album), If you wanna touch her ask, Rock this country, I'm holding on to love, Black eyes blue tears (a song about a battered woman) and the song featured in the Notting Hill soundtrack, You've got a way. Well, that only leaves about four songs that I haven't mentioned but they are also good.
Some country fans don't like this but although I, even as a country fan, enjoy listening to her sing pop music when it's this good. Shania has made the switch to pop very effectively, at least on this album. This should not come as a surprise to anybody who knows that Shania was, for a time, a member of a choir that sang a diverse range of material, but particularly theatrical music (and nothing remotely country). So when Shania's pop career is finished, she will have plenty of options.
Enjoy this for what it is - an upbeat pop album, but if you enjoy country music, just buy the American version and don't worry about this.
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on April 21, 2003
With THE WOMAN IN ME, Shania Twain had proven herself as a talented singer, and her husband "Mutt" Lange had proven himself able to adopt his big choruses and instrumentation towards country music, yet at the same time making the production as accessible towards the pop audience as to the country audience. Not surprisingly, COME ON OVER continues that approach, as it gives even more consideration towards pop and rock, while keeping a solid ground in country.
But the end result of COME ON OVER is still surprising- not only did it once again appeal to both pop and country fans in North America, but the record won the hearts of listeners around the entire world. Then again, this music may be contemporary country, but at its heart, it's pop music, with its taste for big choruses, big productions and large hooks, all courtesy of producer Mutt Lange. And Lange was certainly not ashamed of creating hooks for this music, as they help make the songs richer and fuller and hide the weaker moments of the album. But no matter how important Lange's contributions were, COME ON OVER could not have been the blockbuster it became without a powerful singer like Shania, who sings each song with the appropriate conviction, whether it be through ballads like "You're Still the One" and "You've Got a Way"; mid-tempo tunes such as "That Don't Impress Me Much" and "Love Gets Me Every Time"; or absolutely fun songs like "Man! I Feel Like a Woman" and "Rock This Country." And not only does Shania sing with heart- she sings with fun and joy, and these emotions are clearly evident through all of the songs, helping them become extremely pleasant ear candy.
Yes, there is some filler scattered throughout the entire record, but even at its worst, COME ON OVER ranks as one of the most enjoyable and fun albums to ever grace the mainstream, and it's arguably the best record from a female mainstream artist in the 1990s.
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on March 25, 2003
I borrowed this CD from a friend a few weeks ago and hesitated to listen to all the songs. I just listened to the ones on the radio like "You're Still The One", "Man! I Feel Like A Woman!" ( a favorite of my mom's), "That Don't Impress Me Much" and "From This Moment On." Recently I decided to listen to ALL the songs, not just the radio hits...and wow was I impressed! This CD has turned into not just another disc for the hits but another all time favorite CD i can lsiten to all the way thru. Shania's Gloria Estifan-like voice and playful country/rock production from husband Robert "Mutt" Lange make "Come On Over" a great mix of fun tunes. There are only 3 ballads on the disc, making it great driving music. My favorite songs are the radio singles, as well as some hidden radio-friendly tracks whcih will make you put them on repeat. "I'm Holding On (To Save My Life)" has a great addictive chorus and the title track "Come On Over" is really fun and incorporates accordians in it. "If You Want To Touch Her, Ask" has a "The Frist Night" (by Monica) message to it, but still a fun song. I really reccomend this CD to fans of Country and Pop. I normally not much of a country fan but Shania's great mix of Country and Rock is good enough to please the most casual of Country listeners. If you're like me and enjoyed all the radio singles then get this CD! You won't waste your money because this isn't one of those discs where they build the rest of the songs around the popular hits, all of it is great! Also reccomended is her newest album "Up!" which I will have reviewed in a few weeks. Overall grade for "Come On Over": A+
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on February 22, 2003
The album responsible for shoving country into the mainstream with its irresistible hybrid sound that veered more towards rock is Shania Twain's Come On Over. If any album was cheated of the Grammy for Album of the Year, it was this one.
Sixteen songs is a hefty load for this album. Trouble is, all the songs are either infectious rock-pop and ballads, I want to review them all, but will content myself with the highlight of highlights.
Shania lets herself go with the rock-oriented opening track, celebrating the freedom to enjoy herself in "Man! I Feel Like A Woman." Note that she says, woman as opposed to lady, and the lines "I ain't gonna act politically correct" hints at the fun she wants.
The pace picks up with "I'm Holdin' On To Love (To Save My Life)" made noticeable when Shania sings with only the fast-paced drums playing.
"Love Gets Me Everytime" does have a trace of country with that fiddle and guitar and when she says "I gol' darn gone and done it." It's basically on a woman who was enjoying her single life until she discovered that romantic side of her.
"Don't Be Stupid" is my favourite song here with that fiddle and that clapping drum that accompanies it after the chorus. She exhorts her loved one not to start suspecting her when she does the slightest thing. How bad is it? "You even get suspicious when I paint my nails/It's definitely distracting/The way you dramatize every little small detail."
The ballad duet with Bryan White, "From This Moment On" is a song on love and fidelity that is appropriate for playing at a wedding. A song that could be a sequel to this is the other hit ballad, "You're Still The One". And speaking of ballads, I prefer "You've Got A Way" to the former.
"When" is a reflective mid-paced song about wishful thinking laced with a touch of cynicism. So when will the protagonist stop living in a dream or make up? "When money grows on trees/People live in peace/Everyone agrees/When happiness is free/Love can guarantee/You'll come back to me--that's when" In other words, never. My second favourite song.
The countrified Def Leppard tune that's "Honey I'm Home" portrays one stressed out working woman who's really had a bad day that rivals even PMS and feels much better once she comes home. If the backing male vocals going "Hey! Hey!" reminds one of Def Leppard, remember, that's Mutt Lange.
"That Don't Impress Me Much" puts down people who have the looks but not the touch. Best disdainful line: "OK, so you're think you're Elvis or something. Whatever." And the rollicking "Rock This Country" could bring life to any dull party.
The sobering "Black Eyes, Blue Tears" is about the need to get out of an abusive relationship and to "find your self-esteem and be free to forever dream." Key line: "I'd rather die standing than live on my knees begging please--no more." The mid-paced "I Won't Leave You Lonely" has a rhythm section recalling the Police's "Every Breath You Take."
All the songs and backing vocals were done by Shania and husband the Mutt, who cut his teeth producing Def Leppard's Pyromania and Hysteria and Bryan Adams' Waking Up The Neighbours. The production's really smooth and palatable, all the songs could've been singles, so come on over and have a listen.
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on January 7, 2003
From the moment 'You're Still The One' hit the airwaves, it was evident that the music Shania Twain was singing was not your grandmother's country. In fact, "Come On Over" might be a little too loose to even fit into that genre, with its pop beats and stand-out lyrics.
Yes, there are fiddles and guitars. Yes, some of the songs are about losing love. What makes this album different from previous country songs is the way that it's put together, from start to finish. This is a fun record. Every song is filled with positive, upbeat energy that lacks on most "cowboy" classics.
Shania has come up with some absolutely brilliant material here, but a few songs deserve individual attention:
"Man! I Feel Like A Woman!": The anthem for women the world over, this song details the fun of a girls-night-out. And guys, if you are wondering why women act the way we do, pay attention to this one.
"From This Moment On": There have been many great love songs written over the years, but this may very well be one of the best ever. Never before have I heard such passion, such romantic lyrics, and such devotion expressed over the airwaves. It's absolutely beautiful.
"When": This song doesn't seem to fit into country or pop. It's the brilliantly-crafted tune about breaking up. There's some great songwriting as well. You'll listen to it over and over and over...
"Black Eyes, Blue Tears": This song is a great look at abusive relationships. There's a country feel but the lyrics aren't painful; rather, they're optimistic. "I'd rather die standing than live on my knees." Amazing.
As you can tell, this album is one of my all-time favorites. No matter where I go, this usually goes with me. Five years after its initial release, the songs still hold up as a testament to great artistry and an amazing delivery. It's not pop. It's not country. It IS a great buy.
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