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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on November 11, 2006
This album does not have much in the way of deep, insightful music. What it does have in droves, though, is a lot of fun, catchy songs. Judging by the truckloads of copies that this album sold, that is exactly what people wanted.

Shania had to endure a lot of criticism over this album, as a lot of purists didn't like the direction in which she was taking country music. However, it did bring country music to a lot more listeners with some of the crossover hits such as "You're Still The One" and "That Don't Impress Me Much". It also helped that the hits just kept coming almost endlessly for several years ("Don't Be Stupid", "Love Gets Me Every Time", "Honey I'm Home", "From This Moment On", "Man! I Feel Like A Woman", etc.).

Shania readily admits that she makes music that she thinks people want to hear. And what's wrong with that? An album like this just goes to show that people want to be entertained. Fill an album with catchy fast songs with great hooks and throw in a few gorgeous ballads, and you will have the CD's flying off the shelves.
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on June 21, 2004
I love this CD! I don't know where to begin! This CD has sold millions of copies, and it has been a huge success, and it's easy to see why. The songs are so great. They have great catchy beats, great lyrics, and they're really fun to listen to. This was the first CD I ever got. If you don't have this one, you should go get it. It's worth all your money. I will never get tired of listening to all the songs. Each song is so much fun to listen to. There are 16 songs on the CD:
1. Man, I Feel Like a Woman!- This is an upbeat song with great tunes and lyrics that will make you want to sing along.
2. I'm Holdin' On to Love (to save my life)- This is a fun, fast song but it's also relaxing to listen to and the melody is great.
3. Love Gets Me Every Time- This is also a fast song that will get you dancing!
4. Don't Be Stupid (you know I love you)- This is a funny song! It's kind of fast, but it has cool violin parts in it, too.
5. From This Moment On- This is a really pretty song! On the original CD, not on the international version I don't think, she sings it as a duet with Bryan White. They both sing really good.
6. Come On Over- As the title song on the CD, it's really fun and great to listen to! It's a great dancing song too.
7. When- I love this song! It talks about how unrealistic it is for this person's boyfriend, or whatever, to ever come back to her. She sings in the song, "When money grows on trees, when people live in peace, then you'll come back to me!" It's a good song. It has a neat guitar solo also.
8. Whatever You Do, Don't!- The melody on this song is really cool. It's kind of like slow and low-sounding, but then the chorus gets loud and fast.
9. If You Want To Touch Her, Ask!- This song has a good guitar beat to it. It's about finding out what a girl wants. It's fun to sing.
10. You're Still the One- This is a slow, really pretty song. This is also one of her famous ones. I like it a lot.
11. Honey, I'm Home- I love this song! It has a loud drum beat that makes you want to sing along and dance, and then the chorus gets fast. The lyrics are funny and real too.
12. That Don't Impress Me Much- This is a fun song. She's singing about how guys aren't impressive just because they have nice cars or hair or something like that!
13. Black Eyes, Blue Tears- This is kind of a fast song, but what it's about is real and moving, about someone getting abused. I like the lyrics and the beat a lot.
14. I Won't Leave You Lonely- A slow song with a GREAT beat. Shania sings partly in French and Spanish too!
15. Rock This Country!- This is just a rockin' song! That's how I describe it. It's really fun to dance to.
16. You've Got a Way- This is the last song, and it's really slow and pretty.
So those are all the songs. Each one is fantastic! This is a great country/pop CD that I'm glad I have!
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on October 17, 2002
Shania Twain is one of the best country singers around. Not only does she have talent, but she is gorgeous also. She sings about things you can relate to unlike those pop stars that just sing about whatever is put in front of them. Shania sings about stories that happen in everyone's everyday lives. "Come on Over" and buy this CD "Don't be Stupid" and miss your opportunity to hear great lyrics that can make your day. Shania Twain's songs are awesome especially for females. She expresses feelings that deal with our everyday struggles. It expresses that women are equal to men and that they can have a hard day at work. Not only does it emphasize things about women, but it also talks about love. It shows you that love is not always good and that love can get you every time. "Love can get you every time" is implying that love can be bad or good and hit you when you least expect it to happen. You can loose who you love in an instant, so never take advantage of a good situation. Your heart may not be ready for a bump in a road, so take things slowly and carefully. If "You've Got a Way" to hear this fabulous CD buy it because it "Won't Leave You Lonely."
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on October 17, 2002
Shania, queen of country music. I don't think I have ever heard a bad CD from her. This CD, Come On Over, got my attention at once. I know every single song, the order it goes in, and all the beginning beats to this CD. She includes her amazing variation of slow songs, fast songs, and even adds in a bit of pop to her music. That's what I find so neat about her and her music, especially this CD. Its her differential music from any other singer. Most of her songs are about love and its way in life, but its easy to connect with every song. Then, every other song or so she adds one of her hip-comical songs. "Man! I Feel Like A Woman", awesome song for ANY woman to listen to, she tells it perfect in this song. Another good song is "Black Eyes, Blue Tears", giving woman the power and strength to stand up to any abusive man and live their lives. No one could ever sing like Shania or be who she is. Her music is there to dance to, to learn from, and to sing along with. Get this CD, its awesome!
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on September 25, 2002
Shania Twain really did surprise many with this album that kept on crankin' out the hits! They could have turned every song into a single and they all would have hit Top 10!
The beauty of this album is the universal sound and message that it carries. It sounds like country and looks like country but also have an appeal that Top 40 listeners could appreciate as well.
Songs range from the serious to the hilarious, with themes from love to hate to love to female independence! It covers all the bases and is a must-have for all, men and women! These songs will make you want to get up and do an irish/celtic jig and slow dance with your significant other and two-step right into musical ecstacy!
One of my favorites is "Don't Be Stupid." A great sound with a fantastic musical interlude at the end. The songs just all blend together really well. And there are so many songs too! You go, Shania! Thanks for giving us so much!
Buy this CD. You will love it! Get those dancing shoes ready! Clogs and all!
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on June 16, 2002
I never cared for cd's until I played a Shania Twain song. I was sitting in my girlfriends living room, twisting the radio stations around on the dial and came across a breif segment of music from Shania Twain. I tried to find a tape at that time, because I didn't have a cd player.
So I purchased a cd...The Woman In Me. Shania Twain has a fantasic voice and so much emotion, unlike the majority of singers....they may be great, might even be super, but Shania Twain blows them all away.
Everything that this woman has gained in terms of fame and financial success is well earned and is well deserved. From her time as a bar singer to a well known world reknown singer, her acheivement is well due.
The first CD I ever cared to purchase was by Shania Twain...and I loved it. More artists should follow in her steps as to how to please the audience with her voice.
This album and all her albums are righteously wicked. Anybody who doesnt like her should stick their head in a bucket of cement and let the cement harden around them, because they are simply blockheads. Shania Twain rules!!!!
If I was a teacher, and had to grade musicians on their style and performance, singing ability and how a song makes one feel, Shania and the crew that performs with her would be recieving an A+++. Few would be in the same level with her.
I've listened to her music somedays running day and night for 5 days straight and I never grew tired of it. This chick can cook it and cook it a fine meal, served to please the pallate.
She made me feel so good in the most of crappy situations and sometimes if it wasn't for her music, I would have gotten myself in trouble or worse.
I have several songs that are written that only you would be able to cover. I wrote them, but I can't picture anybody else but you to sing them.'re an angel...and the best of luck to you in your career and in life.
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on December 19, 2001
�gCountry? I thought it�fs been already dead�h I could hardly believe my ears when I heard around 1999 that the country music was very popular in America. I was wrong again.
�gCome On Over�h is not country music in traditional manner. The music shown in this album is the mixture of 80�fs pop rock and mainstream country music. Matt Lange known by brilliant works of Def Leppard and Bryan Adams, adds country rock a brand new life. The success of �gCome On Over�h begot others such as Faith Hill�fs �gBreathe�hand The Corrs �gIn Blue�h and part of the song arrangement style used in this album can also be seen in the newer Matt Lange works. To me, being a 80s pop rock fan, this album is like an oasis. Songs are so great I feel as if I were listening to greatest hits package.
You�fre Still The One, When, Come On Over which became huge hits are excellent for sure. My #1 favorite among this album is �gFrom This Moment On�h grand-scale ballad as seen in Celine Dion and Whitney Houston hits. Also another of my top favorite �gRock This Country�h is enjoyable uptempo country rock.
Recommendable for wide range of pop rock fans. For those who missed this album, it is not yet too late. It still has fresh appeal.
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on May 5, 2001
My wife originally bought this CD for herself. We ended up listening to it on family driving vacations. My kids love it too!
Neither my wife nor I are big country music fans. (Our last country music album before this was the soundtrack from Urban Cowboy, a movie we saw while dating.) But we both enjoy Shania Twain's "Come On Over."
My wife's favorite songs are "Man, I Feel Like A Woman," and "That Don't Impress Me Much." My favorites are "Rock This Country" (which is a great driving song), and "From This Moment On" (in which I imagine Shania, who is absolutely gorgeous, crooning to me in some honky-tonk bar).
My kids love "You're Still The One," which I've convinced them is "mommy and daddy's song" (because it captures, for my wife and I, the challenges we faced early in our marriage). Whenever this song comes on, my daughter always yells at my wife and I, "Kiss! Kiss!" (which we do just for her).
If you're looking for a CD the whole family will enjoy, Shania's "Come On Over" should be at the top of your list.
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on March 28, 2001
Like I said in my previous review, this is the album that transcended her into the pop genre. The country is still there (like in the song, "Honey, I'm Home", a classic country song) but there are A LOT of leniencies toward pop here. Is this bad? Of course not! It just shows the range of music Shania can take herself into. And I love pop music! She even got videoplay for some of her songs from this album on MTV and VH1! She still has the Rock influence here, too. This album has a lot more fun and humor than 'The Woman In Me', but both are equally superb. All of the songs on this album are powerful and excellent, with Shania's extremely powerful voice, she's almost commanding you to like her voice and her music. But, a few songs especially worthy of note are "Whatever You Do, Don't!", "Love Gets Me Every Time", "From This Moment On" which got videoplay on MTV and VH1; an excellent song and well, well sung, and two of my favorites, if not all, "Black Eyes, Blue Tears" and probably my favorite song of all 16 superb songs, "WHEN". This one is an absolute masterpiece, well hidden among the collection. It didn't get popular (as far as I know) because IT'S SO EXCELLENT! It has a superb, superb beat, sound, instrumentals, and lyrics, other than Shania Twain's superb, all-powerful voice! The song is also put together extremely well, with an awesome, almost mind-blowing, feel to it.
The only drawback that I can find with this album is the guest vocalist, Bryan White, on "From This Moment On". The song is meant to be sung by Shania Twain alone, not with this clown singing it with her! He sounds horrible! I don't know what made Shania bring him into singing the song with her. I was trying to figure that out for a while, but I still can't figure that out. Maybe he offered her a lot of money to be put in the album, I don't know. But, that is easily remedied in the International Version to the album. But, the drawback to this version is that "That Don't Impress Me Much" and "Honey, I'm Home" leave out a critical guitar melody in these songs which are heard on the regular version of the album. In "That Don't Impress Me Much" in the International Version, the melody is entirely different altogether, almost like a dance mix! Not as good as the original! But, the other advantage of the International Version, other than Bryan White's absence, is "If You Wanna Touch Her, Ask!" is a much better version of the song than on the regular album. It has an excellent melody throughout the song, not found on the regular album. In my opinion, you should get BOTH versions of the album. That's what I did; And I'm very happy that I did that. I enjoy both versions equally well.
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on August 31, 2000
I just bought this album, and it was worth every penny! It's not just for Shania Twain fans, it's for anyone who appreciates good music that's a cross between country, pop, and rock. "Man!I feel like a woman," "Don't be Stupid(You know I love you)," "From this moment on," "When," "You're still the one," "That don't impress me much," "Black eyes, blue tears," and "Rock this country!" are some of the best songs I've ever heard, and they're all on here. I guarantee, if you get this, you'll like it. 16 wonderful songs, great singing, and oh yeah, Shania wrote them all. (I could listen to it all day!) This isn't one of those others that have one or two great songs and the rest you can tell were only written to fill up space on the CD. (And by the way, I first thought this wouldn't be much of a country album, but it is. You won't hear fiddles playing in the back of a Britney Spears or Spice Girl song.)
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