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4.7 out of 5 stars473
4.7 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon January 2, 2013
Vlado Meller, a name synonymous with awful sounding records and CD's. The man who ruined the last four Red Hot Chili Peppers CD's with huge amounts of dynamic range compression, and the vinyl of I'm With You (Steve Hoffman's 4LP Stadium Arcadium vinyl is amazing), the man who ruined the last Jane's Addiction CD and vinyl, has now turned his destructive sonic signature to the great debut album from Rage Against the Machine. This new vinyl release sounds awful compared to the original. The CD has been raped of dynamics and sounds nowhere near as good as the 1992 Bob Ludwig-mastered CD (and Bob has done his fair share of ruining dynamics recently too, so I'm not saying he's a saint by any means).

The original vinyl was an all analogue production, it sounds absolutely stunning. The new vinyl, pressed at United in Nashville who are pretty well known for non fill and off centred sides, sounds like a pale shadow of the former. Utterly disappointing.

The original vinyl in Mint condition can run over $75, more if sealed. Fortunately the label Music On Vinyl in Europe repressed the original vinyl from the original metals recently and you can find that for around $40 in sealed condition, catalogue title is MOVLP043. They also repressed this new Vlado Meller XX remastering as MOVLP657, stay away from that one. MOV does very nice whisper quiet, flat pressings and the quality is very consistent.

The ASIN for the MOVLP043 on Amazon USA is B00004WX4E
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on July 2, 2004
I have to say, listening to Linkin Park, P.O.D, etc, RATM is by far the best rap/metal band out there. Alot of rap/metal bands just talk about sex drugs and stuff cough*, cough*, Limp Bizket, cough*. But Rage is differnt they talk about right and wrong. Zack De la Rocha is one of the most respected people out there for his political opinions on our US Government, his lyrics are expreesed in various amounts of anger in hardcore rap. Tom morello, 1 word, AMAZING, his guitar playing is crazy. And would you believe that most of these cool sounds are made by guitar, thats awesome. Timmy C with the bass, very good, the bass blends perfect with the guitar. And Brad wilk, another jaw dropper, his drumming is also amzing, when you listen to all the tracks, the drum pattern is perfect. There Self titled debut is filled with lots of great rap, guitar solos, and plenty of screaming.
1)Bombtrack (4:05) - great opener to the album, also a nice intro too. 8/10
2)Killing in the Name (5:14) - After listening to this track I was amazed, great song to listen to when you're pissed off, my third fav. track. 10/10
3)Take the Power Back (5:37) - a very political song with some great lyrics. 8/10
4)Settle for Nothing (4:48) - not my favorite but still good. Has a cool guitar solo. 7/10
5)Bullet in the Head (5:09)- cool guitar, another great track one of my favorite. 8/10
6)Know Your Enemy (4:55)- cool lyrics, and great guitar riffs. 9/10
7)Wake Up (6:04)- first heard it in the matrix, another great guitar, best lyrics. 10/10
8)Fistful of Steel (5:31)- meh, ok. 6/10
9)Township Rebellion (5:24)- meh, ok. 6/10
10)Freedom (6:05) - An excellent way to finish the album, my favorite track. 12/10
In all, out of all the best RATM albums pick this up first then move up to there other ones, Evil Empire, Battle of L.A, Renegades, and Live at the Grand Olympic Auditorium.
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on July 4, 2007
- this is one of the greatest and most influential albums of all time! -

The idea of combining two of the most popular styles of music, rock and rap, together seems so simple and almost brainless. Surprisingly, no other band but RAGE has successfully pulled it off. Every member of the band brought an equal amount of talent to the album. Many believe that Zack de la Rocha and Tom Morello were the main elements in the success of the band but, even Tim Commerford and Brad Wilk played huge roles with the energetic build ups of every song from track 1 right up until track 10. Song writers now a days no matter the genre or style have forgotten a golden rule while creating music: every piece of music must lead and build and change. Every song on the album did just that. Change is one of the most evident themes presented by the band both musically and lyrically through Zack's powerful politically-charged poetry. Every part of this album has been so perfectly crafted, from the shocking album artwork of the famous burning monk to the musicality expressed by each musician, including the guest artist Maynard James Keenan from the band Tool who had a short solo in the middle of "Know you enemy". In conclusion, I am proud to say that this is no doubt my favorite album so far in my life time. I also have to admit, with all the publicity and importance of band images in music today, this is the one and only band I loved uniquely for their music before even seeing what they looked like(though the band t shirts are pretty cool to look at!)
Sorry if I got a little carried away but, this debut album from a band which could have easily been just as popular and well-known as Led Zeppelin or Nirvana is definitely a must-have, in fact every living human being should own a copy of this masterpiece. Then maybe politicians would know a little something about politics. LOL

By: Julien Falcone ( if there are others out there who agree with me)
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on July 10, 2004
I first got into Rage Against The Machine in 7th grade, when I was into crap like Limp Bizkit and purchased Evil Empire because people said I would like it if I liked Limp Bizkit. In retrospect, that comparison is a big insult to Rage. That's like comparing "Goodfellas" to "You Got Served".
Anyway, I really liked (and still like) Evil Empire (especially "Vietnow"). However, I didn't get this album until this past January. Before then, I had a few of the songs on mixes, but that's it. I listened to samples in the store and really liked what I heard, so I purchased it. Forget Wimp Bizkit; this is rock-rap done RIGHT!
First of all, the musicians here; Tom Morello, Tim Commerford and Brad Wilk (now of Audioslave); are all very talented. Check out the slap bass, the riffs, the drumming. Add Zack De La Rocha's politically-charged rhymes over top of them, and you get what might be the only band in history influenced by both Led Zeppelin and Public Enemy, which may sound like mixing pizza and ice cream but comes out sounding damn good. Most of the songs on here are favorites.
The angry, anti-authority/government diatribes are what made this album a classic twelve years ago. Before 1992, there weren't too many albums with "[...] you, I won't do what you tell me!" as a lyric. And I think "When ignorance reigns, life is lost" is very relatable to the Iraq war going on today.
Overall, if you want a REAL rap-rock record, check this one out first, then get the others.(...)
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on June 13, 2004
The uncompromising self titled debut album of the politically motivated and vitrol charged band Rage Against the Machine remains one of the best recorded albums of all time and the best piece of material to ever come from the group. The combination of rap, Zeppelin inspired riffs (check out "Wake Up"), and guitarist Tom Morello's sonic fueled solos made this album a real winner, but vocalist Zack de la Rocha's politically charged lyrics (which weren't misaimed much like on this album's follow up "Evil Empire") are the real highlight. Every single song, from the rip roaring opener "Bombtrack", to "Killing in the Name", to "Take the Power Back", "Bullet in the Head", and the closing "Freedom" are all masterpieces that don't get stale. This is the album that put RATM on the map, nothing they had done since would ever be as profound as their debut album, and even after almost fourteen years after it's release, this remains their masterpiece.
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on June 12, 2004
Rage Against The Machine is my favorite band out of all. Rage blows everything else away in the "new rock" scene. They're basically the spawn of Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, MC5, The Clash, Public Enemy, and Jimi Hendrix. This is their best album. Zach De La Rocha's visceral Marxist lyrics, Tom Morello's groovy and edgy guitar riffs, Tim Commerford's thundering bass, and Brad Wilk's rythmic drums are the perfect combination for rap-metal. These guys are far superior to System Of A Down, I don't see how they're coorelated. System's lyrics are too vague and they have no talent. I hate anyone who favors these guys over Rage. People who favor System over Rage also favor SpongeBob over Ren and Stimpy and favor Princess Mononoke over Akira. Aside from Rage being highly talented, they stay true to their politics and anti-greed philosophy. They gave big chunks of their profits to political groups like the Zapatista movement and the Free Leonard Peltier movement. System records music for profit. Rage's best songs on this album are "Killing In The Name," "Bullet In The Head," "Bombtrack," and "Know Your Enemy." Like Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, Rage will be remembered for the rest of time. Anyone who says that bands like Limp Bizkit, Skipknot, Linkin Park, and SOAD are better than Rage ought to be smashed across the face repeatedly with a piece of heavy mining equipment!! Rage may not exist anymore, but they're still No.1 in the new rock scene. Rage Against The Machine rules!!!!
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on June 6, 2004
First of all let me just say that this album is one of the greatest political and 90s album of our time. Zach de la Rocha is a great and talanted rapper who is strongly capable of expressing his ideas and issues in song. All these band members work so incredibly well together to make one of the greatest bands ever, and in such a short time being together.
To music lovers who want a review for this album it is important to not listen to the guy on the top of page 11-20 of 429. He claims that this music is pure communist, anarchist, and that they hate democracy! He says thsi because they complain about some of the many conspiracies invloved in the U.S government. Does this make them commusist -no, anarchist, no, does this mean that they hate democracy -no, it simply means that they are letting others know about these concpiracies to make the listeners think. I come from Canada, we have a little military. Oh NO! Just by saying that i must hate Canada! I must want to end democracy all around the world! i love my country just as RATM still cares for their country the United States of America! All they want is change!
This album is great! Nice combination of metal, rock, rap and funk! Terrific lyrics, despite what some others say. Do not miss out on this album, nor any of their other albums!
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on May 2, 2004
Too whomever said that this was for commies and atheists. You are wrong my friend, because they don't have those people, now are they all about anarchy. Just because they say America is unjust and it could be a better place to live does not mean they are anarchists. Another thing, America might be "free" or a good place to live, but does that mean it can't improved opon? No. And America isn't exactally fee either man, we just go a bigger cage! Another thing that capatilism is for the rich, no matter what race or color you are, though generally it is white. Capatilism is a system of the economy were the poor stay poor and the rich get richer. That's why America likes it so much. Land of the free, naw more like the land for the greedy and rich.
Sorry for the rant yall, cuz this is some tight music yall. Awsome guitar, bass, drums, and yeah Zack can flow and scream. Very intellegent lyrics, even for a political band such as RATM. They don't just talk about what makes them angry for their "anti-everything", but things that they see goin' around them that soulnd't be happin' but is none the less. But seriously, great cd awsome group and its a shame that Zack split. Word of advice, check out thier other. I personally like Evil Empire the best, though most say its this one. Either way, good music and lyrics.
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on April 29, 2004
First off I want to start off by correcting DepressionClinic, who was correcting another member on saying that the Evil Empire referred to in the title of the album "Evil Empire" was the United States. He said that it wasn't, it was the nicknamed that leaders in the United States used to refer to the Soviet Union. While this is a true statement, it misses the irony in the cover. There is a star representing the United States/capitalism in the background of the cover along with a typical American looking boy, juxtaposing the Evil Empire, making the statement that the United States has become what it once opposed, or that it always was an Evil Empire. I'm not really sure. La Roca (sp?) is a Mexican and is obviously quite unhappy with the U.S government treatment of the Mexican people.
Back to the review: I really like the sound of the band, and this is one of the best rock albums of the 90's. For that it gets my 5 stars. Being a diehard conservative myself, I strongly disagree with the band's message, but I do respect the fact that they are expressing their views (isn't that what America is all about?).
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on April 28, 2004
RATM has the right as american citizens to express their opinion about whatever the crap they want. Like you and I, they and we have the right to replace our government as a people if we as a people feel that in any situation our govt. has become corrupt or otherwise insufficient. Just because they sing and talk about some of the things that strike a nerve in you, that is no reason for you to lash out and attack a group of musicians who are simply expressing their right to voice their opinion about our government, or whatever political opinion they have. how would you feel about someone making judgement on your right to express your opinion, because I just have, and it is my constitutional right to do so. So in the future, just keep your criticisims and judgements to your self, and think about exactly what you're saying, and how it actually applies to the topic/situation you're discussing. Because you are more or less doing, in a very inadiquate way minus the jammin' music and eloquent verse of one Zach de la Rocha and Co., what ratm have done to establish themselves as front runners in the alternative music scene.
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