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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on November 23, 2011
Merry ChristmasI just recently purchased this CD by Mariah Carey,,,Merry Christmas...This CD is absolutely marvelous...Mariah is at her ultimate best. She has blended the old traditional Christmas Carols with some of the more modern and upbeat Christmas Songs...To say the very least, in my humble opinion, Mariah is still one of the top 7 Female vocalists in the world today and I can't see that changing anytime soon...There is nothing that she sings that doesn't put a smile on your face and gets you singing along with her...This Christmas Album is her heart and soul of the Holiday Season, and you have to hear her perform "O Holy Night", makes you feel so good and seems to literally brighten your soul. Simply "DIVINE"...I'm just sorry I didn't purchase this delightful CD long before I did...That won't happen again...Mariah, I and my Wife absolutely love it...Thank you once again for sharing and providing us with that beautiful God-Given-Talent that you so share with the world...THANK-YOU,,,THANK-YOU,,,THANK-YOU...Your music has put me right in the "CHRISTMAS SPIRIT"...
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on December 23, 2012
I had this years ago on cassette, I guess just being older it does not mean as much to me as it did,
It is still a nice Christmas cd. Mariah's voice is incredible and if you have been following her career it is a must have
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on January 10, 2014
What's not to like! She's soo talented! Bought this and the NSync Home for Christmas and enjoyed listening to both over the holidays. Great additions to my Christmas collection! Looking to get Boney M next year.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon November 25, 2006
Before Mariah Carey turned to R&B, she was primarily known as a pop artist with a huge voice. It's a good thing that she recorded this album at a time where her vocal range was its top - after all, many Christmas carols feature the most wonderful melodies of our times, and she was in total control of her amazing pipes when "Merry Christmas" was recorded. The result is a pleasantly old-fashioned Christmas album, mixing the secular with the religious and covering all the bases of seasonal music.

This album most notably features "All I want for Christmas is you", a Phil-Spector-like tune co-written by Mariah that just keeps growing bigger with each listen; it's probably the closest we've ever come to getting a new Christmas classic in the last 20 years and features Mariah at her most flexible, starting the song at the very bottom of her range and working her way to the top by the song's rousing finale. This song is exhilarating, instantly memorable and very joyful - if it doesn't bring a smile to your face, it means you're already dead !

The rest of the album is pretty good as well, although it probably won't change the minds of those who do not enjoy Mariah Carey's vocal style. Especially worth noticing are the other two originals songs on the album; "Jesus born on this day" is an appropriate reminder of what Christmas is all about; "Miss you most at Christmas time" is an extremely poignant and emotional song that features one of her most expressive vocals ever, and it will especially ring a bell with all of those who are celebrating Christmas after the loss of a loved one. The classic "Hark the herald angels sing" is breath-taking, "Silent night" and "O holy night" are tailor-made showstoppers for Mariah, and "Joy to the world" is given an all-out disco treatment that makes it irresistibly joyous. In fact, the only lesser moments are "Santa Claus is coming time" and "Christmas (baby please come home)", both of which follow the bluepring of "All I want for Christmas is you" a bit too closely. By the time the album closes with the gospel-infused "Jesus O what a wonderful child", you'll find yourself happy that you bought this album.
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on October 7, 2002
This is a pretty good Christmas cd IF, and only IF you like Mariah Carey. Her ear-piercing version of Oh Holy Night is one of the worst i've heard ever. Her vocal gymnastics are not suited to traditional-style Christmas music. The up-tempo pop Christmas songs she does are good, but otherwise i think she should stick to her own material. Not every artist is suited to doing traditional religious Christmas songs. Celine Dion is another one guilty of that.
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Few commercial Christmas albums really appeal to me - too many of them mangle the traditional classics I love, especially the hymns, with all sorts of fancy modern sounds that ring hollow to my ears, and, loving the traditional songs so much, few modern Christmas tunes manage to win me over. Long after its release, though, Mariah Carey's Merry Christmas CD remains a perennial Christmas favorite of mine. Mariah's vocal talent puts her head and shoulders above every female vocalist out there, and she injects true feeling and spirit into every song she sings. On this album, she combines the new with the old, making this a Christmas CD that almost everyone can love.

Like many, I was drawn to this CD after hearing the song All I Want For Christmas Is You; I believe it's the best secular Christmas song since Elvis' Blue Christmas. I had to buy the album for this one song alone, but I was also very anxious to hear what Mariah would do with traditional hymns such as Oh Holy Night - my pick for the greatest Christmas song ever written. Many a soprano shies away from truly hitting the high notes at the end of Oh Holy Night, and given Mariah's vocal range, I felt confident she would do the song justice. I was right, as this is one of the best versions of Oh Holy Night I've ever heard. Mariah's voice is equally angelic on Joy to the World, Hark the Herald Angels Sing, and a properly subdued Silent Night. Jesus Oh What A Wonderful Child is a song I was less familiar with, but it makes for a stunning conclusion to an album that does pay real heed to the reason for the season.

Besides All I Want For Christmas Is You, Mariah co-wrote two other songs on the album: Miss You Most (At Christmas Time) and Jesus Born on This Day. The latter is an especially beautiful song that expresses the true meaning of Christmas. She also throws in an exceedingly fun version of Santa Claus is Coming to Town (and, thankfully, I can now think of Mariah rather than Bruce Springsteen whenever I hear this song). The perfect complement to All I Want For Christmas Is You, though, is Christmas (Baby Please Come Home).

Put it all together and you have a true modern Christmas classic featuring a wonderful mix of religious and secular songs that radiate both the fun as well as the serious aspects of the Christmas season. Anyone who loves Christmas - and Christmas music in particular - really should make this CD an annual part of his/her holiday celebration.
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on December 22, 2003
"Merry Christmas" has something for everyone. I highly recommend it. What makes me play this cd every year besides the amazing production, instrumentation and background vocals of the Price sisters, Kelly and Shanrae; and Melonie Daniels is Mariah's rendition of "O Holy Night." It's my all-time favorite Christmas song and Mariah interprets it with such passion, spirit and heart that it overwhelms me every time, humbling me to want to (and often do) fall on my knees as I remember Jesus' humble birth and great Love and sacrifice for me. Every single person named inside this cd or that had Anything at all to do with this album I sincerely thank you with my whole heart. This cd will be with me forever and it is obvious this is a group effort. Bravo to you all!

I love all of the religious songs best on this album: (however, all the songs are great!)
* SILENT NIGHT--perfect opening, with whispy vocals and lots of trills of Mariah that are her trademark to me. No other vocalist has ever impressed me as much as Mariah does with this feature of her singing.
* O HOLY NIGHT--what can I say? Perfect in every way!
* JOY TO THE WORLD--Woo Hoo! THIS IS JOY! ^_^ I believe Heaven and Nature IS singing along with this song! Perfect ad infinitum.
* JESUS BORN ON THIS DAY--backed by a precious children's choir. Splendid keyboards, orchestral programming and digital and synth. It's all these intricate details that make this cd spectacular!
* HARK! THE HERALD ANGELS SINGS/GLORIA (In Excelsis Deo)--What can I say? The highest praise which must be heard and approved of by the Angels on High!
* JESUS, OH WHAT A WONDERFUL CHILD--what a perfect ending! Ties it all together. Leaves me breathless!
I believe this to be her Greatest Musical Effort and I sincerely appreciate and am touched to the core by everyone's spirit and outpouring of their heart's love for God! May MERRY CHRISTMAS encourage and edify you as you remember Christ the King and the love of your family and friends, His gifts to you. May your cup overflow with The Joy that only He gives this Christmas and throughout the New Year. Draw near to Him and He will draw near to you...
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on December 2, 2003
Mariah Carey's "Merry Christmas" album is everything it's cracked up to be! This cd delivers 10 amazing tracks from the living legend. Her voice catapults you into a heavenly soprano stratosphere (i.e. Silent Night) and warms you with her rich alto rendition of O Holy Night.
Mariah penned three songs on this album, two of which have already been covered! "All I Want For Christmas Is You" is already deemed a classic amongst society and will most definately carry on through the years, and her beautiful gospel song "Jesus, Born On This Day" has been covered by Christian Music group Avalon.
You may debate whether to pick this one up or Whitney Houston's "One Wish" but let me tell you. Whitney's cd feels like something's missing to me. While she struggles to hit the notes in some songs (i.e. the ending of her rendition of O Holy Night), Mariah freely soars at the ending, leaving chills down your spine. Not to mention, Mariah worked very hard on this project, producing all 10 songs, writing 3 of them. This cd is more intimate and personal than Whitneys. It wasn't made to accept Mariah back into society, it was made to enjoy the warmth of Christmas.
Sure, Mariah has had her hard times, but her faith in Jesus has pulled her through and get ready for her next album! She has been working really hard and her voice has never sounded as powerful! I know, I've been to a concert recently! Thank you Mariah! You ARE THE DIVA!
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on November 20, 2003
WOW!! I got this last Christmas from "Santa Clause" and I don't care how long ago it came out, it is an excellent album and weather you are a die-hard fan, just a fan, or not a fan, you will enjoy this album and be 100% proud you bought it or put it on your Christmas list!
I love all tracks. She made the traditional songs better than they already are and produced, wrote, and composed 3 tracks! She is a true diva and an icon to the world, and this is a huge example why!
I give this album wayyyyyyy more than 5 stars and would encourage you all to put it on your list, or buy it! This is a classic CD! All songs are 100% & up!!

If you enjoy this classic, you may want to buy "My Kind Of Christmas" by Christina Aguilera. "Now, Thats What I Call Christmas" volumes 1 & 2 by various artists. "Another Rosie Christmas" by various artists. "Sweet Kisses" by Jessica Simpson.

Enjoy and take my advice!!!!!
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on October 3, 2003
This album is one of Mariah's best collection of songs. It's veiled as a Christmas album yet features some of her best vocal performances. This came out in '94 at the heighth of Mariah's career. She was coming off of the "Music Box" album which was the biggest of her career. It consists of classic Christmas carols (Silent Night, O Holy Night, Hark the Herald Angels Sing) and Mariah originals (All I Want For Christmas Is You, Miss You Most, Jesus Born On this Day.) "All I Want For Christmas Is You" is classic Mariah carey. Upbeat, light-hearted, and fun, this is the kinda song you blast. It ranks right up there with "Dreamlover" and "Fantasy." One listen to "O Holy Night" leaves you dumbfounded. Mariah puts so much emotion into the song and I love the high note at the most dramatic part of the song. No one has EVER sang this song better. "Miss You Most" is a beautiful ballad. "Jesus, O what A wonderful Child" will make you feel like you're in a Baptist church. This song proves what an incredible gospel singer Mariah can be.
Strip Mariah of her image, her sexy clothes, and numerous pop/ R&B hits and this album showcases two important things. Mariah can sing like no other and has a strong grasp on her faith. This si the best holiday album money can buy. Whether you like mariah or not, there's no denying this album and all it stands for.
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