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on May 1, 2004
LATE FOR THE SKY, is one of the greatest albums ever made. Jackson Browne, honestly describes so many human emotions, that many people cannot even put into words. The guitar work is absolutely fantastic. You can feel the pain in each chord. No album has ever moved me the way this one does. Its peacefulness and beauty are just the greatest feelings. Wow. I just listened to the album, and I had to write about.
"I got no reason to feel this good!"
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on May 24, 2004
Jackson, Jackson...he was true to his times. A master poet, he -and side man David Lindley, their sweet notes danced to heaven. Can never hear this album without drifting way back, remembering those days of rapturous innocence, intense passion and the will to take on the world.
"There were one or two I know that you would have liked a little more...but they didn't show your spirit quite as clear," -- that lyric, that song (Fountain of Sorrow), precious.
Jackson, time does not quell that magic. Dream time.
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on April 27, 2004
sometimes an artist is so good his demographics shrink because the music and the themes require"too much" interactivity...meaning the art is not the usual escapist faire so available on standard radio play...the art and the artist get dissed(overlooked) by the djs because its...just outside the box...and the cd must find its audience the old fashioned way... earn it...jacksons career has been a constant struggle to get thru that window(mainstream radio play) to enquiring,connosieur like minds... to listeners looking for more...better ideas,themes,storylines...backed up by great guitar riffing,organ and piano chops,and unique vocals...i recommend "for a dancer",to anyone thats looking for a unique nostalgic moment...this cd works and ranks up there with the beatles,joni mitchell,don as art...a thinking mans/womans entree with heart and soul and conviction....hang "Late For The Sky" in your gallery....SEE firsthand for yourself,a living, breathing Van Gogh...A Starry Night...
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on October 23, 2003
"Keep a fire for the human race. Let your prayers go drifting into space. You never know what will be coming down." Just look at that line. You can hold it up and admire it like a diamond. That's just an example of Browne's "Late For The Sky". This is music to listen to in the gloaming - that beautiful moment of twilight just as the sun has set, the sky still glimmers blue from the dieing day and a shadow falls on the earth - much like the cover of the album itself. This is not music to dance to (well, maybe "The Road" gets you going). It's an album of self reflection, beautifully woven emotions articulated as if the heart had a voice. It's just sheer beauty, right from the title track to "Fountain of Sorrow" to the aching punch-in-the-gut of "For a Dancer" ending with "Deluge". You can hold this album up to Dylan's "Blood on the Tracks", and it would be just as painful, cathartic and profound as the Master himself. In fact, both albums bookend pain - they both spill out anger, emotion and guts - yet where Dylan wails, howls and cries (we're right there with him)about lost love, Browne articulates, analyses, debates lost life, lost hope and lost direction with the same intensity. David Lindley's violin defines Jackson Browne's sound. It lifts up the melody and, at times, drifts into space - just as "Dancer" implies. The harmonies make this album. They buoy it like a troubled boat on the water. Make this your first Jackson Browne album. If you already have a JB record - get! But make sure you have a glass of wine and a setting sun to paint you some pictures. It goes well with this music.
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on October 28, 2003
I'll say it straight up: this Cd changed my life. Not the everyday things, like going up and going to work/Uni/whatever, but the way I *perceived* life, they way I listened to songs, the way I viewed relationships. I knew jackson's music pretty well, loving Running on Empty, Hold Out...but then I discovered this Cd and I couldn't believe I had lasted so long without it. I found it difficult to find in Oz, (I originally bought it as a poor student on LP and taped it!!!) and was actually just about to order it, when I came across it in a store today. This is what inspired me to write. I have played it 3 times already tonight and some of the tracks bring a tear to my eye. Its all highlights, but Im especially fond of "The Late Show", "Late for the Sky" and "Fountain of Sorrow"; but its all killer, no filler. As a last note I saw jackson perform live earlier this year at the Sydney Opera House, and it was amazing. You rule Jackson!! Please tour Oz again!!!
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on November 1, 2003
I still have the old LP of this recording that I bought when it first came out - and had the pleasure of seeing Jackson Browne when he toured to support this album back in 1975. There are no throw away tracks here - everything still rings.
Of special note is the incredible work of guitarist/fiddler David Lindley. He has always been a top-drawer musician, but this is some of his best, most sympathetic work. Each solo is a song unto itself, beautifully complementing both the music and lyrics of each tune. Nobody has ever made cheesy pawn-shop lap steels sound better! I spent years as a professional lead guitarist, and Mr. Lindley's work here remains a huge inspiration to this day.
Jackson Browne continues to do good work, but this album will remain his best for some time to come.
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on December 31, 2003
The album that spoke to my heart. Lulling me into deep thoughts, both fond and sorrowful.
THE PRETENDER is one of my favorites amongst Jacksons' albums and another one of his Bests _b u t_ LATE FOR THE SKY *IS* his masterpiece. Becoming a lover of his songs when he first started out changed my perspective on matters concerning the heart. Gone were dreams of a perfect romance replaced with scars of loss and regret...and memories never to be forgotten.
I dare anyone to not learn the lyrics of all the songs then sing them while gently strumming an air guitar imagining your words are moving the emotions of an admiring audience there in your minds eye.
"Go on and make a joyful sound."
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on November 18, 2003
I am not a fan of all of Browne's album's more so a fan of several songs eg Shape of a Heart, The Pretender etc.. However Late for the Sky is an amazing piece of work. Before the Deluge, For a Dancer, Late for the Sky, Fountain of Sorrow I could go on and list them all. This is clearly his shining moment and his masterpiece that he will mostly be remembered for. A great album for long drives along with Darkness on the Edge of Town by Springsteen. Both are essential to any truly serious rock music fan.
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on November 16, 2014
A Jackson Browne classic the remaster version is nice I have both copies this one is best one
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on January 23, 2016
Another great one from JB. This album is like a carbon copy of "For Everyman". Sweet melodic tunes with some rock n' roll beat.
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