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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on April 26, 2010
There seems to be a pressing flaw on side B. The song starts on the initial vinyl groove and skips into the song on the main groove. I just got a replacement from Amazon and side B has the same error on the replacement. I have tried the album on two different players. Is anybody else having this issue?
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on May 25, 2004
This is not only Pantera heaviest and best outing, but it was the first ever heavy metal album to ever debut at No.1 on the billboard charts back in 1994. It's hard to believe but Pantera were the first real heavy band to ever do that .
The hyperspeed opener Strength Beyond Strength is an awesome song packed with lightning fast drums, insane guitar riffs, and Phil Anselmo screaming in absolute rage. Dimebag Darrell also rips out one of his best solos ever in that song. Becoming contains some good double bass work from Vinnie Paul, and some good riffs too. 5 Minutes Alone and I'm Broken continue the non stop heaviness. Good Freinds And A Bottle Of Pills has bassist Rex Brown just ripping up his bass. Hard Lines And Sunken Cheeks is another good song with neat tempo changes and another good solo from Darrell. Slaughtered has the death metal feel, in which Phil growls in. 25 Years, Shedding Skin keep the album in a tight pace, while Use My Third Arm is an all out assault of raging blastbeasts, freinzied riffs and more of Phil's raging vocals. Throes Of Rejection has a good bass intro from Rex, and a good solo from Darrell. After 11 tracks of pure hate, rage, and adrenaline, the boys tuck everybody in with a cover of Black Sabbath's Planet Caravan. As far as this entire album goes, you want heavy, THIS IS HEAVY!
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on May 8, 2004
anyone who says pantera's second album,"vulgar display of power"is better than "far beyond driven" must be a kid rock fan.period.this album was their absolute apex(before phil got into heroine really bad,and dime and vinne decided to try to go mainsteam),and shows why they were far better than both slayer AND metallica as far as meaningful,true lyrics and BOTH fast and slow music tempo.the heavy,grinding parts are unmatched in the songs "I'm broken","5 min alone",and"shedding skin".the faster songs are never over-repitituos and have awesome solos-"strength beyond strength",and"throes of rejection".and "slaughtered" is the song I play whenever I throw a kegger!"planet caravan",the last song that bleeds in after "throes" and is an old sabbath cover off of their "paranoid"'s a total 180 from the rest of the cd and is a perfect closing song for the album-chilled as hell.also,it's funny cause in the album credits phil states"we thought it was a tripped-out song.if you don't like it,don't f---in' listen to it.".anyway,just be glad Pantera put out probably the best EXTREME heavy metal album of all time before losing gas and getting bloated.
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on April 17, 2004
Far Beyond Driven is nearly Pantera's sickest, most disgustingly brutal album. The band's only CD which outdoes it is The Great Southern Trendkill. Far Beyond Driven comes in at a very close second. Thus, this disc is a great place to experience Pantera's crushing wrath.
The guitarwork on tis CD is, obviously, destructively powerful. Dimebag's trademark riffing is present as usual, although his style has developed and matured since Vulgar Display Of Power. The entire band is also much more aggressive sounding, and yet they still keep a hold of their straight-ahead heavy metal feel. Dimebag's solos are viciously powerful, but his true strong point is rhythm guitar work and his creative riff writing. Rex (on bass) also gets a chance to shine on this album more than he did previously. Along with fast thrashing sections, there are also quite a few crunching breakdowns, making the album well rounded and more diverse than Vulgar Display Of Power. As a whole, the disc shows much development - in a more aggressive and a darker direction. Though there are a few weak spots on songs like "Hard Lines, Sunken Cheeks" and "25 Years", these are fairly minor, and the brilliance of the other songs outshines these flaws massively. The disc has a strong sense of personality and emotion instilled in it as well, and you get the feeling that Phil and the band poured all of their effort into creating this work.
As a sort of bonus, the last track on the CD is a cover of Black Sabbath's "Planet Caravan". It is a very well done cover, and does a nice job of finishing off the album with a different, softer, more introspective mood.
The production on Far Beyond Driven could be better, but it's nothing to complain about. In some cases the mix overloads because the songs are so heavy, but that's generally the only problem.
Overall, Far Beyond Driven is a great, brutal, and uncompromising album. Anyone into Pantera's ultra-harsh style on The Great Southern Trendkill will certainly love this release, and those more into Vulgar Display Of Power should also enjoy this CD, since it is the next step up in Pantera's progression. This CD is also a good place to start with the band, because of its "bridging the gap" quality.
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on March 12, 2004
I own four Pantera albums so far, and Far Beyond Driven is by far the worst album I've heard from Pantera. Now that's a pretty harsh thing to say, so let me clarify by saying that I do like this album, but the other three albums I've got by Pantera, I think are much better than Far Beyond Driven. There a few songs on this album that I don't like at all. There is "Becoming," I realize that people think this song is one of Pantera's best, but I just don't like the song that much. Then there is "Good Friends And A Bottle Of Pills", this song should not have even been on the album. It is not really that heavy, it just has awful guitar sounds along with drums, bass, and lyrics that are explicitly disgusting words of lust and sexual behavior with another guy's girl; this song gets a -10 out of 10. "Throes Of Rejection" is better musically as a heavy metal song, but again, the lyrics are too lousy.
On the other hand, "5 Minutes Alone", "I"m Broken", "Slaughtered", and "Shedding Skin" are the best songs on the album. Oh yeah, Pantera's rendition of Black Sabbath's "Planet Caravan" is really awesome, it is a very relaxing, slow ballad. I'm surprised that "Planet Caravan" is on the best of Pantera album.
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on November 11, 2003
Pantera is one of my fav. bands, hands down. To be honest, I never listened to them until 2000. I had Kill Em All, Master of Puppets, and Ride The Lighting, and that was as close to a real metal album I had. Finally, I bought Vulgar, and became an instant fan. Shortly after, I bought this on cassette, and I still have it, and it's still a fav.
I always thought Vulgar was their best album, but I have seen the light with Far Beyond Driven. It's by far their most heaviest, most intense,most angriest, most brutal album they ever made. The first song, "Strength Beyond Strength", is full on thrash. Fast drums, fast guitars, and Phil having a tempter tantrum. Then during the bridge, Dimebag unleashes one of the best solos I ever heard from him. Musically, I thought this was their best record. Vinnie uses the double bass a lot more, Rex is more abundant, and Dimebag solos and licks are his best.
My fav is either "I'm Broken" or "Slaughtered." I remember one time, I was having a really bad day and I put on "I'm Broken" and damn near destroyed everything in the room. Their music is that intense. "Slaughtered" almost reminds me of a death metal track, in that Phil sort of growls in this. Musically, Vinnie shines on here. His double bass movemants an his useage of the sticks is incredible. The last track is a cover of Black Sabbath's "Planet Caravan." It's tied for the best BS cover alongside White Zombie's "Children of the Grave", and Type O Negative's "Black Sabbath." Phil actually sings on here, and he sounds really good.
I have gotten the chance to see Pantera twice. Ozzfest 2000, and the Extreme Steel Tour with Slayer, and both times, they were amazing. Anyways, if you want to start to be a metal fan, I'd start with either this, Reign of Blood, or Master of Puppets.
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on October 10, 2003
Wow, this is pretty dissapointing when compared to their album "Vulgar Display Of Power". I mean for me "Vulgar Display Of Power" was like in my top 5 favourite thrash albums of all time, the lyrics were top notch, the replay value was high, Dimebag Darrel(if thats how you spell it) chucked in great solo's in each song, Phil sang more, the drummer beated his drums with style.
But now look at this album, no more of Dimebag Darrels solo's, no more terrific songwriting e.g "this love", singer basically raps now, drummer just beats the hell out of his drums with no care, low to medium replay value, bad remake of black sabbath song "Planet Caravan".
Although this is Pantera's heaviest album, that certainly doesn't mean it's their best to me its their worst or second worst album. Like Slayer_Dude said which couldn't have been said better the first 4 songs are good however it goes all the way downhill until you reach the last track(planet caravan) which is the worst song on the album and the worst redo ever.
All in all i recomend you get their album "Vulgar Display Of Power" and then get this album last out of all the pantera albums. I don't even know if this deserves 3 stars. Hope this helped.
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on September 12, 2003
Because: PANTERA ARE THE K-I-N-G-S OF HEAVY METAL! Forget KoRn and Limp Bizkit, Pantera's where it's at. Metallica started in 1983 but then Pantera released a record on that same year, so Pantera have been around for awhile. With Far Beyond Driven, they prove that they can go heavier than Cowboys. Cowboys was great, Trendkill was really heavy and this is excellent, but still, Vulgar is best. Now, if I had to pick a favourite, it would be Good Friends & A Bottle Of Pills, followed by Becoming and Strength Beyond Strength. The stumbling blocks for me are, 25 Years, Shedding Skin and Planet Caravan. Also, listen to the live CD, and if you go through the entire of Becoming on there and they'll do the Outro to Throes Of Rejection at the end of Becoming, heading into 5 Minutes Alone, and again in I'm Broken when they do the end of By Demons Be Driven(on Vulgar). Here's the favourites.
Good Friends & A Bottle Of Pills(10 Stars)
Becoming(10 Stars)
Strength Beyond Strength(10 Stars)
I'm Broken(9 Stars)
Slaughtered(8 Stars)
5 Minutes Alone(8 Stars)
Use My Third Arm(7 Stars)
Throes Of Rejection(7 Stars)
Hard Lines, Sunken Cheeks(7 Stars)
Shedding Skin(6 Stars)
25 Years(5 Stars)
Planet Caravan(4 Stars)
1)Strength Beyond Strength: Every Pantera album starts HEAVY! This is NEW Pantera right here people. You wait for Trendkill people, you'll be banging into a coffee table, mark my words, MARK MY WORDS! Every Pantera album starts with a very heavy guitar (except Cowboys and Trendkill whick Cowboys starts with a semi-soft guitar and Trendkill with an ear-splitting scream and guitar, bass and drums). I did enjoy the live version(Official Live: 101 Proof), and I was blown away by it. This is my 3rd favourite. 10/10.
2)Becoming: Now, this is my 2nd fav on this CD. Starts out really thrash, with the opening drums. Then as the song goes on it gets better. This is one of the songs that wouldn't have landed Far Beyond Driven on the no.1 album at it's debut date if it wasn't in. It's very good, but I like the live version better. 10/10
3)5 Minutes Alone: This is the "Walk" of Far Beyond Driven. It's pretty good. I'd say that although there are 5 better songs, it's still an AMAZING song. Well, I've got nothing else much to say about this song. But, it's good. 8/10
4)I'm Broken: I love this song. It starts with an interesting guitar, and the lyrics are outta sight. They performed this song live, and then they ended I'm Broken with the end of By Demons Be Driven, but that's the live version. The studio version's pretty good. I think that this song would've been better if they did the ending they did in the live version. Oh well, still one of the best on the album. 9/10
5)Good Friends & A Bottle Of Pills: My favourite song. Although most people think it's an awful song, I respect that, but I don't think so. Lyrics about Phil's girlfriend and stuff. The chorus is so cool, Phil screaming like a madman and also laughing over it. I just love it. Although it's the shortest, it's the best. 10/10
6)Hard Lines, Sunken Cheeks: Now, this is a song that changes it's tempo very drastically, and it drags on for 7 minutes. Now, Cemetery Gates I don't mind being 7 minutes, but I hardly know this song. It would've been better if it was below 25 Years in length. Well, it gets redeemed thanks to Dimebag with another ripping guitar solo. Not bad. 7/10
7)Slaughtered: Very good opening bass line from Rex and then Vinnie Paul and Dimebag jump into it. A personal favourite of mine. It even outshines 5 Minutes Alone. The entire song is hevy, not one second has even a semi-soft sound. 9/10
8)25 Years: One of the 3 stumbling blocks. I mean, it drags for 6 minutes, and I really don't like the beginning. Basically, the song only gets good when it gets to 4:40 all the way to the end. Still, it's not the worst. 5/10
9)Shedding Skin: Another of the bad ones. Although it's not that bad, it still isn't that good either. Hard to say that it's the worst song, so I won't say it. But there are some highlights of the song. 6/10
10)Use My Third Arm: Without a doubt, the heaviest song. I mean, this has the most insane intro in Far Beyond Driven(Well, except for Strength Beyond Strength and Becoming)and it's just non-stop metal from there. Right in your face. 7/10
11)Throes Of Rejection: This isn't bad at all. It's pretty good actually. The whole song is great. And at the end comes a repetitive guitar tune that just happened to be played at the end of Becoming on the live CD. I'm not displeased, it's worth a listen. 7/10
12)Planet Caravan: Now, this is the worst song on the album. A few reasons. 1. They didn't give us the lyrics, 2. It's too WEAK, and 3. If they were gonna do a Black Sabbath cover, I wish they could've done Paranoid itself, or Iron Man, or even War Pigs. Oh well, at least we actually got a Black Sabbath cover song. It's better than the Black Sabbath version. 4/10
Well. That's FBD for you. Wait 'till Trendkill, you won't regret it. Get that, Cowboys, and Vulger too. Try to get the live CD as well.
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on July 4, 2003
On their first album, 1990's Cowboys From Hell, Pantera, it seemed where trying to find themselves. They were thrashy sounding. Phil Anselmo whailed on some songs the way an 80's hair metal vocalist would. And guitarist Diamond Darrell, as he was called at the time, wrote riffs nearly as complex as early Metallica and Megadeth. I still can't play the main riff to Cowboys From Hell without messing up! Then, with their next release, 1992's Vulgar Display Of Power, they took the formula of their first album and gave it a much needed kick. The singles, "Walk", and "This Love" made it the band's classic ablum, and a very overrated one at that.
But with this, there third release in 1994, they decied to do nothing more than give the most brutal performances they could. And that's just what they did. The then newly-christened Dimebag Darrell has the heaviest tone in all of metal. A life time of cigarettes and booze had taken it's toll on Phil's voice by this point, as heard throughout the entire album. But it was for the better. Bassist Rex Brown just growls like a monster here, and Dime's brother, drummer Vinnie Paul strikes like thunder. He is the king of metal drums. This album is all intensity from beginning to end. One listen will demonstrate why this album debut at #1 on the Billboard charts. Enjoy!
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on March 19, 2003
Now, I'm not really a Pantera fan, I bought this record from some advice from a friend. I do really like metal though, and I like this record too. Upon first listen, the record started off great with the first track "Strength beyond Strength." The song was great to say the least. I basically was really into the first half of a record, then after track 6 "Hard Lines, Sunken Cheeks" I just became somewhat bored with it. I really felt these guys could have done more with the variety in these songs. A lot of them are basic riff after riff with no thrashing solo's or guitar harmonics working together, and no real rhythem either; to not sound like I absolutely hated these songs (because I didn't) I should just say they were... ok songs, nothing I havent really heard before.
Now these guys are capable of writing great songs with lots of solo's and harmonics because some songs on this record(the good ones,mostly first half) have all these elements in them. I'm sure any Pantera fan would love this record and all Pantera's records, I can see why, but my individual style and taste doesnt go that far in terms of this band. I would say if you're paying 15 bucks for this CD then you're really only getting about 8 bucks worth of good music. So if you're just getting into this band, I'd just recommend buying it used like I did.
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