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4.5 out of 5 stars264
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on December 12, 2011
I too have owned this album multiple times. As much as I love this album I always found the sound quality really poor unless being played through a really good sound system. I was waiting for them to reissue this for years but gave up after a while. I was excited to hear about the black box remasters but had no interest in all the recordings. Finally they released the individual albums from those remasters and I have to say I instantly noticed the difference in sound quality. Crisper, louder and less hiss than early CD releases. The rest of the package I could care less about, but the original recording is worth the price. Also Amazon shipped to me in 2 days!! AWESOME!!
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on July 8, 2004
All discussion aside, this is without a doubt the greatest album in metal history. Never since Black Sabbath has any metal band revolutionized rock music so much. Toni Iommi, the god of heavy metal guitar, is in his prime on this album, with some of his fastest and heaviest riffs ever, even with two butchered fingers. Ozzy Osbourne, revered as the Godfather of Modern Metal, is awesome here, seeing as no one could sing songs like these as well as the Ozzman himself did. Bill Ward truly rocks on this album, even having his own drum solo. And last, bust CERTAINLY not least, Geezer Butler, possibly the greatest bassist to ever grace the world of music, proves himself nowhere else better than on Paranoid, the primier heavy metal band's second musical effort.
1) War Pigs - This is Black Sabbath's best song, bar none. Absolutely breathtaking. 11/10
2) Paranoid - One of the rare moments when a filler becomes a band's most popular song ever. Short and sweet, this song never gets old. 10/10
3) Planet Caravan - I used to hate this song, but now i listen to it just as much as the others. A very underrated tune, this bizarre smoothe rocker displays some of Geezer's best work. Try the Pantera cover as well. 8/10
4) Iron Man - One of the heaviest, doomiest, and catchy of any Sabbath tune. Awesome distorted guitar, fast bass playing, clever drumming, vocals, everything on this track is sure to please any metalhead. 10/10
5) Electric Funeral - Starts off as a slow, sludgy, doomsday song, then slowly transitions into a quick and powerful blues/jazz tune. Good stuff. 9/10
6) Hand of Doom - Probably my second favorite Sabbath song. One of the few songs ever in which the bass does a good job at carrying the song, especially for 7 minutes. An incredibly underrated track, this, like many other Black Sabbath songs, is overlooked for either its meaning, length, or some other excuse. Listen closely, this song holds an important message. 11/10
7) Rat Salad - A 2 and a half minute instrumental, 45 seconds being a talented drum solo. Sort of a tribute to John Bonham's Moby Dick on Led Zeppelin II. 8/10
8) Fairies Wear Boots - The album closes with a big bang with the jazz-inspired 'Fairies Wear Boots'. Kind of a funny song about the perils of drug addiction. Awesome song. 9/10
Average - Exactly 9.5/10 (5 stars)
If you do not own this album, you should be ashamed for calling yourself a Black Sabbath fan. This album proves that all good music will stand the test of time. Buy this album. It's that simple. You won't regret it, I promise.
Peace, everyone, and keep rockin'.
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on August 19, 2003
One thing I love about the 1st Black Sabbath album was the fact that it sounds nothing like what they did later on in their career. If anything, it sounded like distorted blues with a few songs having dissonant riffs. Paranoid starts the 'classic' phase of Black Sabbath, and while every song on this is good, there are a few things that bother me.
1)Whoever did the remastering needs to be slapped in the face. The album really needs to be turned up in order to hear it, and the drums are so...distant. It's annoying. The production is almost as bad as Metallica's And Justice For All.
2)Since this is the popular album, I guess I have to talk about Iron Man. I am fine with this song, but it seems that you can't talk about Black Sabbath seriously without some punk middle schooler with a backwards cap and a Limp Bizkit shirt saying "Iron Man! Ozzy rules!" So, that pisses me off.
All problems aside, this isn't a bad album. The lyrics are better than any of the pretensious lyrics off the 1st album. Some songs are about Vietnam, heroin, and hoodlums. Some are just as dumb as the 1st album. However, there is a little more variety. Planet Caravan is a nice acoustic trippy song, and Rat Salad shows off the awesome drumming of Bill Ward.
If you want to start your Black Sabbath collection, than be my guest, get Paranoid. Just don't say it's their best.
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Wow, how many times have I bought Paranoid now? I would guess that this might be my sixth purchase of this album. And, for the record, the four stars are for the reissue, not the album itself. Paranoid is and always will be a five star album.

Liner notes and photos: A+. Awesome job. Lots of cool photos, facts, and figures that I was not previously aware of.

Packaging: C-. I have a 2CD/1DVD Clash set from this series where all three discs are packaged with a plastic tray to hold them in. Not so with Paranoid! Cost cutting may be the reason, but disc 2 slides into a cardboard sleeve while the other two discs have plastic trays.

Remastering: A+. My understanding is that this is a brand new remastering. That would be time #3 for Paranoid. (1996 Castle remasters, Black Box remasters.) Like the Black Box version, this sounds great, very clear, very powerful, very authentic. Can you tell the difference between this version and the Black Box version? Not really!

Bonus material: B+. Maybe it's not anybody's fault, but the bonus material is somewhat dissapointing. Most are alternate takes with different lyrics or no lyrics at all. I guess that's all that was available. Still, it's not something I will listen to often. The DVD in quad is great, but keep in mind you're going to be hearing these songs three times each! The alternate lyrics are interesting to say the least, but when you're so used to hearing these songs a certain way, it is a little jarring.

The DVD is an A. On this DVD, you get the original 1974 quad mix. Collectors rejoice, and people who are hoping for a 5.1 remix are going to have to keep waiting. I love the fact that we're finally getting reissues of classic 1970's quad mixes. Deep Purple have been releasing some as well. Personally I hope to hear some of the old Alice Cooper quad mixes some day, too.

Not a perfect reissue, but it is what it is. The packaging is the one thing that could have been improved easily. The extra material, well, if this is all Sabbath have in the vaults, then so be it!

Four stars.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon November 10, 2007
Black Sabbath for most people is absolute horror while for metalheads they can only be considered as Gods.Lead signer Ozzy Osbourne,guitarist Tony Iomi,bassist Gezer Butler and drummer Bill Wardat the time didn't know that they basicly created Heavy Metal with their second album,1970's "Paranoid" which can be considered as not only the best Sabbath album but the best rock/metal album of all time.Paranoid has got to be the one of the most influential albums ever,and its safe to say that without it,Heavy Metal wouldn't exist.The album has since receved countless credit as the best metal album and most influential album and it fully deserves it.

The band's idea when they started was to make horror music.They tought that if someone would pay to see a horror movie they would do the same with horror music,that was the humble beggening of metal and what would latter be heavy metal and many other genres.The songs do have an horror feel at times and mostly all of them are great.Many of those songs such as "War Pigs","Iron Man" and the title track "Paranoid".The album has a very distinguishable sound that was present in future bands and even today some bands are still influenced by it.There have been several covers of the songs on Paranoid notably Megadeth and Motley Crue's covers of "Paranoid" as well as many tributes.

I could talk about how all the songs or nearly depending on everyone's tastes are all great,but several reviewers have done so already.They're all classics really and Sabbath one great band to discover.I don't have a bad thing to say on that point.It is interresting to note that this album was originally going to be called "War Pigs" but it was changed to Paranoid by the recording company due to the sensitivity about the Vietnam War.

Tought the band would have several lineups over the years they are still best remembered for their work on "Paranoid" and being the fathers of heavy metal.Even Ozzy who had succesfull solo career after being fired of Black Sabbath in 1978 is automaticly associated as a member of Black Sabbath.With Paranoid,Sabbath changed the music world forever and gave millions of listeners something to rejoice.The guitars,vocals and drums were at the time considered "heavy" and without Paranoid metalheads wouldn't be able to enjoy their music,or at least heavy metal would have sounded different.For any rock,metal or heavy metal fans definatly get this,its a great addition to nearly anyone's collection.
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on June 28, 2004
Black Sabbath's Paranoid album is not only the band's finest hour but also one of the best heavy metal albums ever produced. Although there were many great moments on their first five albums, Paranoid is their only release that is fantastic from beginning to end. Also worth noting is that Paranoid, with the exception of AC/DC's Back In Black, is the best metal album ever recorded where the songs are based on heavy memorable riffs.
How great are the tracks here? Three of the greatest heavy metal songs ever, "War Pigs", "Iron Man", and the title track are all present here with the latter two being the band's only Top 100 hits. Lead singer Ozzy Osbourne still performs all of these songs regularly whether it's with his solo band or with Black Sabbath on the Ozzfest tours. "War Pigs" is arguably one of the greatest anti-war tracks recorded, which is astounding since these issues were typically touched on more by singer/songwriters like Bob Dylan and Neil Young than bands of their genre. "Iron Man" is still one of the coolest guitar riffs ever recorded and along with the title track still receives generous airplay on classic rock radio. Amazingly, the rest of the album is very strong as well. The tracks "Electric Funeral" and "Hand Of Doom" both feature slow memorable riffs in the chorus and verses and then go into killer jams during the middle of the track. The instrumental "Rat Salad" is also excellent, carried by Bill Ward's underrated energetic drumming. The heavy shuffle of "Fairies Wear Boots" and the moody "Planet Caravan" are also great tracks. This is also their most influential album as Paranoid encouraged literally thousands of teenagers to pick up a guitar and later form heavy metal bands. You can still hear this influence in many of today's heavy bands like Staind and Disturbed. An essential album for all heavy metal fans. Highly recommended.
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on December 17, 2002
Dear Warner Brothers Records:
Please find out what the word "remaster" means in industry lingo. It's obvious that you have no clue. This CD was released in 1990, for crying out loud. Just get the original master tapes and release a new, better, cleaner Paranoid CD. You can also include a few bonus tracks and extensive liner notes to further entice consumers. It's benefitial for you, because you can get people to buy a CD that they already own, and it's benefitial to music fans because they get much better sound quality and some extras.
Please take a look at Columbia/Legacy's remasters of The Byrds' catalog to see how it should be done. You will make many music fans very happy if you start remastering your artists' catalogs. Especially ZZ Top, but that's a different matter.
I'm waiting patiently for remastered Black Sabbath albums. Don't disappoint me.
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on June 12, 2004
Released in 1970, Black Sabbath's sophmore release "Paranoid" is a must have for any classic rock afficianado. It clearly was one of the heaviest albums of the year (along with Deep Purple's "In Rock" album), practically coining the term "heavy metal". Black Sabbath, known for writing songs that depicted destruction and evil as is best evidenced in songs such as "War Pigs", "Hand Of Doom", and "Iron Man" were thought by sceptics to be "satan worshippers" because of the lyrics of many of their songs as well as the trademark crosses the members wore. Of course we all know this was not the case but was merely Black Sabbath's image and style of music at the time. Fast and screetching guitar licks, thumping bass, solid drumming and frontman Ozzy Osbourne's vocals made Black Sabbath one the seventies most popular rock bands alongside Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Uriah Heep to name just a few. The songs speak for themselves, as the favorite classics here are "Paranoid", "Iron Man" and "War Pigs", but the album produced many other excellent songs such as "Fairies Wear Boots", "Electric Funeral", "Rat Salad" and the eerie but beautiful "Planet Caravan". Black Sabbath would continue to release a number of excellent albums until the later seventies when Osbourne clearly was ready to leave the band and go solo. A classic rock album that sounds as good today as it did thirty four years ago.
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on June 12, 2004
(Actual Rating-4.5)
Released in 1971, Paranoid is Black Sabbath's second album.
Although Black Sabbath(Self-Titled Album) was arguably the album that created Heavy Metal, Paranoid is the album that made it popular. After the minor success of Black Sabbath, upon its release in 1971, Paranoid quickly shot into the Top Ten, reaching as far as Number 8 on the heels of the gloomy singles "Paranoid" and "Iron Man", and eventually sold over 4 million copies, by far Black Sabbath's biggest selling album. Paranoid is the album that made metal popular, and Paranoid secured its place as one, if not the most, influential albums of all-time, creating an entire genre out of one recording. To this day, the radio is constantly playing "War Pigs","Paranoid", and "Iron Man", so Paranoid's legacy has not been forgotten even after 32 years, a feat most albums can't say for themselves. To this day, along with "Smoke On the Water", "Iron Man" has one of the most memorable and well-known riffs of all-time, and if you ask any guitarist what the first songs they learned to play were, it will always be those two. According to most Black Sabbath fans, Paranoid is their best album, so are they right or
wrong? Read on to learn what I think of Paranoid.
Luke's Wall/War Pigs-10/10: Iommi's sludgy guitar riffs and the foreboding siren in the beginning set the stage for the album perfectly. What you are about to hear is an all-out metalfest! Ozzy's vocals take center stage soon after, singing some of the most ingenious lyrics I've ever heard, and they only rival "Iron Man" in terms of complexity. As the song progresses, Iommi and Ozzy duel for center-stage, Iommi breaking out with killer riffs and solos at any time and Ozzy singing about the destruction of the world because of politician's greed with a flair that can only belong to him.
Paranoid-10/10: Even though "Paranoid" clocks in just over 2 and a half minutes, it stands as one of the most memorable tracks on the album! Iommi's riff is unmistakeable, and Ozzy's piercing vocals scream out at you from the stereo with no remorse. One thing though, Iommi's solo was somehow screwed up by the remastering, so it doesn't sound to good.
Planet Caravan-3/10: This song is nothing but indistinct vocals from Ozzy and almost unhearable drumming. I'm only nice and giving it 3 points because of Iommi's bluesy guitar solo, which is unfortuneatly hard to hear but still sounds really good.
Iron Man-15/10-You might have heard Iommi's opening riff, and if you haven't you must be living under a rock! Like on "War Pigs", Iommi and Ozzy share center stage, each taking turns showing their distinctive mastery! Iommi belts out insane solos and sludgy riffs as Ozzy casually sings about the slow insanity of a robot that destroys mankind. I would say this song has the BEST lyrics I've EVER HEARD, and that's from a man who listens to Rush and Metallica! Ward's drumming is to die for on this song!
Electric Funeral-10/10: Unlike the title suggests, this song isn't all that bad! This song seems like it could have easily became a hit, because it's Classic Metal at its very Best! We get an Alice In Chains-y riff from Iommi throughout the song that is completely genious, and Ozzy backs it up perfectly with his vocals about the end of the world(AS USUAL!). About 2:20 in, the song goes in a new direction, giving the song a light edge to it, Iommi discarding his usual sludgy riff for a lighter one, but he soon goes back to it 3 minutes in. Nonetheless, it is an excellent intermission that builds up to the dark riffs later on.
Hand of Doom-7/10-Starts off a little slow, with Ozzy's sarcastic vocals singing about your ascension into hell, but then Iommi's sludgy riff sweeping in and building up to a chorus that is louder than hell itself! The reason I took off 3 points is because for 8 minutes, this song really only does that, with a good solo to break the flow every once in a while. Black Sabbath tries to do many things in this song, but somehow it seems disjointed and not as masterful as the other songs.
Rat Salad-9/10: Why do people call this a filler track? WHY!? It's just as long as "Paranoid", with the exception that it's an instrumental. This song truly gives Iommi and especially Vinny Appice a chance to take the spotlights on themselves for over two minutes. Iommi goes for a less sludgy riff while Bill Ward plays his HEART OUT! SOME OF THE BEST DRUMMING I'VE EVER HEARD, HE BREAKS INTO AN AMAZING MINUTE LONG SOLO!
Fairies Wear Boots/Jack the Stripper-15/10: As the liner notes suggest, this is clearly Black Sabbath's most ambitious song. Iommi's combination sludgy/light guitar riffs and solos perfectly balance the song and make it stand out as one of the most genious songs on this album. As you might suspect, the song is kind of a joke, and Ozzy's vocals might even make you laugh, but not in the bad way! Everything is top-notch here, and this song is tied "Iron Man" as the best on Paranoid. Truly great instrument playing!
Overall, Paranoid is a great album essential to the making of one of the greatest kinds of music ever, Heavy Metal, and we owe it all to the mastery of Iommi, Ozzy, and Bill Ward. DO NOT HATE ON "RAT SALAD"! "Iron Man" and "Fairies Wear Boots" are masterpieces and have to heard by any fan of Rock in general! The reason Paranoid gets 4.5 stars is because of filler track "Planet Caravan" and the slightly disjointed "Hand Of Doom".
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on January 3, 2002
Yes, despite the fact I consider this album to be the second metal album ever made(the first I consider to be Sabbath's self-titled debut), I think this is possibly metal's ultimate masterpiece. I don't understand how some reviewers said that Sabbath's music lacks complexity and craftsmanship. Sabbath introduced a new style of music--heavy metal. Probably _Paranoid_'s only metal rival is another Sabbath great, _Master of Reality_. Every song exhibits amazing creativity, lyrically and musically. Of course the guitar work on "War Pigs," "Paranoid," and "Electric Funeral" is creepy, brilliant, and yet catchy and groovey; the drums on "Iron Man" and "Rat Salad" numb the mind; and "Planet Caravan" and "Fairies Wear Boots" just shows how weird and talented these guys were on here. I think "Rat Salad" and "Fairies Wear Boots" are the only songs that haven't been covered by other bands. Sabbath introduced a morbidity and social commentary and opposition unprecedented in music, with their doomy-yet-aggressive sound and lyrics focusing on subjects the mainstream wished not to talk about--the horrors of war, insanity, and drug addiction. Speaking of drugs, I find it crazy to think these guys recorded this stoned out of their minds and all in one shot over a period of three days. Talk about musical genius! Now, if you don't have this album, get it now, and all their other stuff, too. You won't be sorry.
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