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4.9 out of 5 stars
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on July 29, 2013
The Hip's BEST album as far as I am concerned, although Road Apples was probably their biggest selling album. Up to Here is what really made me pay attention to the Hip. If you can listen to this without tapping your feet and warbling along with Gordon Downie's vocals, maybe you need to drink more coffee. Basically I wore out a cassette [what's a cassette, Daddy?] of this album in high school and my original CD was scratched beyond all repair. I needed a fresh digital source so I bought it again. for me, a top 10 album all time. I think I got it for $5. Spend it.
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on June 6, 2016
My "go to CD" to show off my system. My "tweaking" CD. The first CD I ever bought the day I bought my first CD player in 1988. "Blow At High Dough" is simply amazing sound quality. The drums, bass, buzzing guitars in both speakers...outstanding..Then skip to " New Orleans is Sinking" with the bass line ...I have had pictures fall off the walls. Although I think start to finish " Fully Completely" was a stronger record, those two songs are their very best in my opinion.
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on October 2, 2013
I won't go into the music. Anybody buying this already loves it. The pressing is excellent. It was made from a high quality digital master and if you have heard an original vinyl you might hear a difference but that's not to put down this reissue. Bass and drums thumping. Guitar and Gord's voice ringing out. Excellent wide soundstage with great separation of instruments. Yes it's expensive but a lot cheaper than a mint original.
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on October 12, 2013
This is the best Music On Vinyl release I have Bought. Full range sound Dynamic and nice quiet Vinyl. If you like this album and are thinking of getting it you will love it.
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on January 19, 1999
This quality album is The Hip's second of their current collection of eight and is definately worth listening to over and over again. The album starts off with a great beat in "Blow at High Dough" and continues with "I'll Believe in You". Then comes The Hip's signature song "New Orleans is Sinking" which is probably the most popular Hip song ever. A personal favourite of mine includes "Trickle Down" along with the mellow "Thirty Eight Years Old". Everyone, not just Hip fans should give this album a shot, and be blown away by the Hip!
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on July 15, 1998
Americans who haven't heard The Tragically Hip don't know what they are missing. In Canada, the release of a new Hip album is almost a religious experience - for Henhouse, people lined up at midnight to buy copies. One music store I go to said they sell more copies of a new Hip album than they do of anything else except Pink Floyd - about 450 copies per week. I didn't think much of the Hip until I thought I should give them a listen because they are from my hometown. But from the first words of "Blow at High Dough", I was hooked: They made a movie once / In my hometown / Out at the speedway / Some kind of Elvis (eighties?) thing / Everyone was in it, for miles around / Oh, I ain't no movie star / But I can get behind anything" - blam, amazing guitar sound and they are off. The key to the Hip IMHO is Gord Downie. He is a poet, rocker, mystic in the tradition of Jim Morrison. The Hip's songs just aren't like other rock bands - musically a little maybe! ! but the lyrics are so cool. From New Orleans is Sinking: "I've got my hands in the river, my feet up on the banks, look up at the lord above and say Hey, Man, thanks" In a world of corporate rock and people who still get away with moon-June-spoon lyrics, Gord Downie comes across as a man possessed, a rock 'n roll visionary. I just hope he doesn't have any suicidal tendencies, because the world needs more Hip!
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on June 12, 1998
The American listening audience has not been bitten by the Hip bug as Canada has been. This group can rock! The tracks off this album that were the first signs of greatness, "Blow at High Dough", "Boots or Hearts" and the tune that set this album apart "New Orleans Is Sinking" This album should be every music lovers collection.
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on July 16, 1998
This album is still is one of the best Hip albums around! Compared to some of their later works, such as "Fully Completely" (which is also excellent), "Up to Here" one is a bit more raw and less slick. This is not a criticism but rather a plus because there is no better driving-fast-in-your-car-with-the top-down-on-a-beautiful-summer-day kind of music around! The blues-inspired rock lays to rest the idea that the Canadian sound is just Celine Dion and folk-rock! When Gord Downie sings - and, oh, how this man can sing!!! - you will be inspired to THINK as this man is a true poet that chooses metaphors for much of what he has to say! (But if you are not a Canadian you may miss out on some of the innuendos. Sorry, oh great neighbors to the south!). The Hip is one of the best bands to watch live and this album shows them in their earlier years when they were "just" a regional phenomenon. "New Orleans is Sinking," "Blow at! ! High Dough," and "Trickle Down" are ripe with good guitar licks and driving bass and a snarling Gord Downie, and "38 Years Old" is the story about a famous jail break in Kingston (the band's hometown) and one particular go-boy's story. Get this album if you are a late Hip convert and you haven't already got it in your collection! It's worth it!
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on November 18, 2004
The Tragically Hip are the quintessential Canadian rock band, and this album is the quintessential offering from them. From the hard-driving FM classics "Blow at High Dough" and "New Orleans is Sinking" through the entire album, The Tragically Hip earn their reputation as the definitive Canadain rock and roll band. To all the Americans who have never bought into these Kingston men, they have no idea what they are missing. The live preformances of this band are electric; I have never attended a concert in which the audience was so captivated; the Hip are, in my opinion, the greatest live act in existence. Up to Here is probably their most 'straight-ahead-rock' album; the sound is not as refined as on Fully Completely, but Up to Here still refelcts a band with clear direction and killer sound. Essential for any Canadian music fan, or anyone that loves good old-fashioned rock and roll. LONG LIVE THE HIP!!!
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on March 5, 1999
This is a very good album but listening to The Hip, whether on CD or live (and they do put on excellent live shows) reminds one that they are fairly derivative of REM. Downey has a knock-off Michael Stipe voice, facsimile idiosyncrasies and clever, opaque lyrics. Lead guitarist is Peter Buck knock-off; hot licks, deadpan stage presence. Drummer is Bill-Berry-manic.
Not that The Hip aren't a great band. They're just another example of the derivative nature of Canadian pop culture. Just as Much Music is MTV 10 years after the fact, TSN is ESPN a decade later, "Traders" is "L.A. Law" transposed to an investment bank, etc... The Hip are REM five or six years after the fact. An excellent, if unoriginal, Canadian product. But the album is hot. It's easy to see why US college radio picked up on these guys around '90. And why they can still pack arenas in Canada. Wave those maple leafs!
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