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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on September 26, 2012
Masses have rated this album with five stars. Could I rate it otherwise? Of course not! I was amazed by the mature and committed musical direction of this album, the band's first. Most bands take an album or two to find their voice. Not so, Rammstein. They had it right from the get-go.
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on March 19, 2013
Im a huge Rammstein fan, and i believe that Herzeleid is Rammstein's most aggressive album, and an amazing first album. This album is pure anger, which i absolutely love. The tracks that stand out to me the most are Weisses Fleisch and Du Reicht So Gut, as they are both menacing and in your face. This album was meant for headbanging, and is definitely worth the purchase, but if you are new to Rammstein, i would recommend either Mutter or Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da before this, just to get a taste of where Rammstein really shines.
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on May 3, 2014
Herzeleid from Rammstein,
Very good CD. Very good music. This CD arrived on time and in good shape. Thanks! I appreciate and if you want to listen good heavy music, that's the one. Heavy and precise music.
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on December 1, 2003
I'm a big Rammstein fan; I have all three of their CDs, the "Live Aus Berlin" DVD, and I've also been known to buy soundtracks to get my hands on exclusive Rammstein tracks (I picked up the "Resident Evil" soundtrack just to get my hands on "Hallelujah.")
Of their three CDs, Herzeleid is by far the most angry and intense. It's not going to appeal to all musical taste; if you want some of their more thought-provoking work, "Mutter" is your best bet. "Herzeleid" is designed to go straight for the throat.
This music is designed to illicit a response; whenever I go for a run, I load up "Asche Zu Asche", "Laichzeit" and "Du Reischt so Gut" into my MP3 player. It's somewhat monotonous, but the beat is constant, and the band sounds angry enough to get anybody's heart beating faster.
Be warned, though, Rammstein's lyrics aren't going to appeal to a lot of people. "Laichzeit," for example, means "Spawning Time." I'll let you use your imagination from there on out.
Still, "Herzeleid" is among the best death metal on the market today. If you're new to Rammstein, though, I suggest picking up their second album, "Sehnsucht," first, which was their first album released in the US and has the hit "Du Hast" on it.
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on November 15, 2003
I can't exactly call Rammstein's debut album their best, as all their albums are incomparably different. But I can call it GREAT!
1)Wollt ihr das bett in flammen sehen? (Do you want to see the bed in flames): 10/10- great song, with a rousing chorus at the end and hard guitar rythms.
2)Der Meister (The Master): 9/10-Good song, but the vocals get a little wierd and it sounds a bit too happy. Slightly out of Place.
3)Weisses Fleisch (White Flesh):10/10-A fast song, with cool-sounding lyrics and a nice beat.
4)Asche Zu Asche (Ashes to Ashes):10/10-Great song; goes well with the previous track.
5)Seeman (Seaman):9/10-A slow song, really mournful.
6)Du Riechst so gut (You smell so good):10/10-A cool song, with hard beats and guitars, and cool vocals. Singer Till Lindeman's voice works especially well on this song.
7)Das Alte Leid (The Old Sorrow):10/10-A really hard song, but at a slower tempo. At five minutes long, it provides five minutes of solid metal. Lindemann's true talent comes out in this song, most noteably when the song stops as he yells out "Ich Will Ficken!" (I want to F---).
8)Heirate Mich (Marry Me):10/10-Awesome song, with slightly gothic-sounding vocals at times, and a cool guitar solo.
9)Herzeleid (Heartache):10/10-Another hard song, with only about twenty words spoken syllable by syllable.
10)Laichzeit (Spawning Time): 13/10 (I don't care if it's not possible--it's not possible for anyone else to make this awesome a song)-Starts out a little techno-ish, but quickly moves into a hard rock tune. With a few guitar solos and another bellow by Lindeman, this is the best song on the disc.
11)Rammstein (Rammstein):10/10-the band's title track is one of its best. It starts out kinda like a techno remix of the Jaws theme, and goes into a pounding, ominous guitar melody with the word "Rammstein" coming between phrases. This song is the point in the live show when the singer sets himself on fire as he sings.
Overall score: 11/10
A Great album, in conclusion.
Go the [...] for lyrics, news, and information about the band.
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on October 1, 2003
As a big fan of their album "Mutter" and a fan of their album "Sehnsucht" i thought i would get this to complete my Rammstein studio album collection. Once i listened to this album over 20 times i spotted a big difference in this album to their other albums. I found that this album was their heaviest, rawest, fastest, energetic and most memorable album, and i also noticed that singer Till Lindeman sang less and talked more on this album then his previous albums which i don't know if that is a bad thing or not. Rammsteins genre in my oppinion would be a mix of Heavy Metal, Alternative Metal, Industrial Metal and Progressive Metal and their tones are to me sound Menacing, Ominous, Gloomy, Nihilistic, Malevolent, Thuggish, Aggressive, Brooding, Angry, Hostile.
This album contains many standout tracks like "Du Reichst So Gut" an extremely energetic, catchy song which will have you singing along to it in no time, "Weisses Fleisch" another energetic, catchy song which will have you singing along to it, "Laichzeit" another one of their standout tracks which has some of the keyboardist best work, and again this is another catchy, energetic, fun to sing along to song. The only filler track is "Rammstein" which is just stupidly repetitive and boring, i don't care if it has a great message or its their title track it just plain sucks.
Positives: Extremely high replay value, catchy, extremely unforgettable, perfect for any mood, many standout tracks, only 1 filler track.
Negatives: Till's voice isn't very good when compared to his other albums, 1 filler track.
Album ratings: Mutter: 4.75 Sehnsucht: 4.25 (this album): 4.5/5
Hope this helped.
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on January 17, 2003
When Rammstein debuted, they were quickly scrutizied because they spoke only in German and they were an extremely "heavy metal" band. In America, this sort of ingenuity classifies you as Satanic or something.
This is absolutely not the case with Rammstein, they are a truly great band. No one else can sustain the aggresive, searing guitars and tenacity as Rammstein and actually NOT sound the same and monotonous on every track. They should be known for their metal/industrial style, not as just another heavy metal band.
If you are not convinced, here are some interpretations of the track titles. The album title, "Herzeleid" is Heartache in our native tongue. "Der Meister,"a very good track, translates to The Man. "Weisses Fleisch", another good one, is White Flesh. "Asche Zu Asche" is Ashes to Ashes. The track "Seamann" is as mellow you will ever hear these guys play, it is a ballad titled The Sailor. "Riechst So Gut" is You Smell so Good. "Heirate Mich" was the first song I ever heard by Rammstein (from the movie Lost Highway) and it means Marry Me, though the actual lyrics have very little to do with the title. That's something you should look into on your own time! Those are all the ones I could interpret. It was interesting to actually find out what was being said in these songs.
This turned out to be more of a lecture than a review, I am sorry! None the less, there guys are intense. It doesn't matter what they are brooding about, they will have you banging your head.
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on October 7, 2002
Being a big fan of "Mutter" and "Sehnsucht", I thought I would complete my Rammstein collection with their first album "Herzeleid". I am a great admirer of the band's work as well as the entire industrial genre. I love the aggressiveness of this type of music, and Rammstein in particular. I may not understand their native language but I can sure feel the emotions the band put into their music. It is probably just as well as that the band sang in German 'cause I wasn't really wild about the english version of their hit "Du Hast". As soon as I popped "Herzeleid" into my cd stereo and cranked up the volume, I absolutely went nuts over the music. I love the sheer aggressiveness of the opening track "Wollt Ihr Das Bett In Flammen Sehen". The thunderous drums and searing guitars just collided together to make the perfect song. The aggressiveness of this cd doesn't let up on the second track "Der Meister". What really blew me away was the ballad "Seemann". It was so different to hear Til Linderman croon as opposed to growl. Of all the three studio albums Rammstein has put out, "Herzeleid" has to be the most diverse album I have heard. This is by far my favorite Rammstein album with "Mutter" in second, and "Sehnsucht" in third place.
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on February 10, 2002
This CD is one of my three favorites as far as full length studio CD's by Rammstein go. This is their first, the most angry, the most tribal. Dark techno war-drums and electronic construction sounds pattern after the heavy sounds of the 60's Sir Lord Baltimore 'Oh Come My Kingdom Come' and Bloodrock's 'DOA'. Haven't heard of them? I'll keep it simple then. Herzeleid is the 90's making the 60's sound like the 80's in hard rock meets electronic sound, flesh and metal. Der Meister has a U2 flavor to it. Surely you've heard of U2. Heirate Mich is mass sung in deep German and Rammstein, the last song, takes me to a construction site where people scramble as Black Sabbath's Iron Man passes judgement. Don't tell me you don't know who Black Sabbath was!
This CD comes under two different covers. One has the bandmembers shirtless as the follicles of an orange-red flower that is in full bloom, the other is a portrait photo in blue-white tones in which they look more boys than men.
For any Rammenfan both should be in your collection.
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on January 7, 2002
after i got sehnsucht, i was so blown away by it i went and
picked up this album. herzleid is quite a bit 'crunchier', and
although it's not any heavier than the other albums, it's more
agressive. there's not a whole lot i can say about it, so i guess
i'll describe the songs-
1. wollt ihr das bett in flamen sehen- starts out with a cool
keyboard driven pattern that breaks into the same pattern on
the duel guitars. awesome writing on this song, the way it's put
together. heavy, but not their heaviest. still a good song to
get hooked on rammstein with.
2. der meister- one of the fastest songs rammstein has ever done,
it has an awesome main riff, and the vocals are wicked how the
music stops so he can sing a line then picks up the fast main
riff again. cool all the way through, still not a 'heavy' one.
3. weisses fleisch- opens with a keyboard increasing in speed,
then a drum beat, then till screams "weisses fleisch!". probably
the most morbid lyrics they've ever done. it's about going into
a school yard and raping and killing people. don't look down on
the lyrics, it's a wicked song. one of their heaviest, and
probably one of the best live. AWESOME solo from richard in it.
4. asche zu asche- a sweet little diddy about crucifixion. the
dude gets crucified, then comes back as a god and crucifies the
dude that did it to him. main riff sounds a little like der
meister slowed down. the best part of it is when the last verse
bleeds into the last chorus- "and i stick my finger in your...
ashes! to ashes!" GREAT song.
5. seemann- a ballad about a sailor. most beautiful bass line
ever. the only 'light' 'pretty' song on the record. still wicked.
6. du riechst so gut- "you smell so good". as far as i can tell
it's about a stalker. really cool keyboard. another good one
7. das alte leid- "the old grief". a slow, mesmerizing song.
i don't know how to describe this one, you just gotta hear it.
this one proves they don't have to go "all out" to be brutal.
8. heirate mich- "marry me". catchies, coolest, best written
song on the album, not to mention the one with the sickest
lyrics. i love it. it's about a dude that falls in love with a
chick, she dies, and he digs up her body... the rest is history.
one of the best songs they've ever done.
9. herzeleid- best written song they've ever done. there is
three beats, then a word, then three beats and a word, and so on.
it's actually a very beautiful song. the lyrics go along the
lines of "every minute we spend together is precious, time is
short, my heartache is great". something like that. heavy as
hell, and an instant rammstein-classic. also the best song live.
10. Laichzeit- "spawning time". this song has the best music on
the whole album. it's actually about incest, but you get used to
that. "he liebt de schwester"- he loves his sister...ya know...
the keyboard in this song is amazing. if you download one song,
let this be it. heavy and fast as hell, scathing vocals and
lyrics. another classic.
11. rammstein- another very slow, very brutal song. he says
"rammstein", then says a line of the song. i dunno what to
say except "brutal". got a GREAT solo by richard at the end.
actually written as a tribute to the 90 (or so) people that were
killed at Rammstein airforce base during an air show. the lyrics
are morbid and beautiful at the same time.
all around, this is an amazing album. no matter what you listen
to, pick up this album, there is something for everyone. never
have i seen this much musical talent packed in 1 album. truly
a classic.
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