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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on October 11, 2004
alright, nirvana is my favorite band of all time, the guitaring isn't insane, the lyrics sometimes don't make sence but they still kick a$$. Anyways, Everyone talks about nevermind, like it was the only album that mattered (Don't get me wrong, i love the album) but, in my opinion, In Utero, is there best album. Bleach, wasn't there best, but what could you excpect for 650 bucks. Nevermind, of couse brought nirvana out, so theres no way that i can say it's bad. But then they made there last studio album, In Utero, The album want as popular as nevermind, but it still sold, I found nevermind to repeat a bit. But in Utero had all of it, The meaningful yet simple "Serve the servants" the raw screams of "Scentless Aprentice", It also three of my davorite Nirvana songs, "Rape me", eith it's wierd name, and i'm not sure if it has to do with rape, "Pennyroal tea" witch is'nt thats complicated but is just nice to sit down and listen to, and my all time favorite "Heart shaped box" It's got a sweet guitar lick for an into, its slow, and then's perfect. Another reason i think In utero didn't catch on, was because polaces like Wal MArt and K mart, would not sell the cd originaly, because of the pictures of the unborn babies and plastic bodie parts on the back cover (Witch 6 year old science students see)(And wasn't nevermind a naked baby?) Anyways, In Utero has aeverythign and i recomend it to everyone espesially nivana fans!
RIP Kurt
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on April 6, 2004
This album is pretty much a five star album, but I'm giving it four because there are a couple of weak tracks.
When I first heard this album, I didn't really care for it that much. The songs (with a couple of exceptions) were not ones you could hear and immediately love like those on Nevermind. However, I gave this album more than one shot (because I think a lot of music gets better with repeat listens) and found that many of the songs really grew on me. Some have held up much better over the years than anything on Nevermind.
The album opens with "Serve the Servants" which is a pretty easy listen and an excellent track. It then moves on to "Scentless Apprentice" which upon first listen, seemed awful. There's just something weird about Kurt Cobain's screaming in this track. It doesn't sound like anything else I've heard. Eventually, that became part of this track's charm. "Heart Shaped Box" is the third track, and one of the album's bigger hits. It's easy to see why. One of the poppier tracks on the album, this track would have fit nicely with Nevermind. This is one of Nirvana's best singles. Over the years, I've grown tired of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" but still love this one. "Rape Me" is an anti-rape song, which everyone knows now, but at one point caused contraversy. Great song, the riff is a little too similar to the one in "Teen Spirit" though, but I think that was intentional. "Frances Farmer Shall Have Her Revenge on Seattle" is another excellent tune. I don't think it was a single, but it easily could have been. "Dumb" and "Pennyroyal Tea" are both fine tracks, though not favorites. "Milk It" and "Radio Friendly Unit Shifter" are moreless filler, as is "Very Ape." But the closing number, "All Apologies" is one of the finest songs you'll ever hear. Great lyrics by Cobain, powerful delivery. All in all is all we are.
An important album, one of the most important of the 90's, even if it ultimately never achieved quite the status of Nevemind.
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on November 15, 2003
Cobain is not a genius in any sense of the word. He may have peformed some catchy songs in the studio (Heart-Shaped Box off Utero is the only one I like), but his live playing was horrid, and his live singing was worse than any unfamiliar listeners could ever imagine from someone touted so to be so "visonary". All Nirvana fans like to justify Cobain's nausiatingly-bad voice by saying he's just "exuding" "raw passion" or "pure torment", but the fact is that he was just too lazy to anything more than halfarsed. All he did was contribute mainstream rock to MTV for marketing purposes. That's ALL he did. MTV MADE kids think Nirvana was revolutionary, but what did they ever REALLY do? All they REALLY did was start the stupid trend of whiny twenty-somethings reminissing and whining about how they were snubbed at the junior prom at age 15. Nobody cares anymore, and the singers who sing about that cr@p should realize it and get employed... employed at a place of work they so sorely belong: at their local McDonald's.
Peace Out.
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on March 28, 2004
Out of the ground, into the sky, Kurt Cobain crashes and burns into the dirt. Look! I'm so clever that I can be a poet just like KurDt D. Kobane!
So, Kurt Cobain, a man known more for being a lazyarse heroin fiend than an actual musician, now has a "John Lennon-like mantra"?! And this is coming out just now?! Sorry, but nobody was giving Nirvana or Cobain anything near that kind of praise when this tripe was released eleven years ago. In reality, this wrongful praise is just because Kurt did himself in while his band was THE hot music trend of the year-and-a half. How much more rediculous could these false praises get? If these very-wrong, very-unecessary comparisons continue at this rate, twenty years from now stuffy rock critics will be comparing Cobain to Ghandi, the Dhali Lama, and Mother Theresa combined. Cobain contributed nothing to this world except making milllions dress-alike, act-alike teen followers stupid enough to do what he did. Burn, Kurt Cobain, Burn.
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on June 8, 2006
this album is really far away from earth. I mean nevemind was unbelievable, every song with such great defined melodie, no nirvana songs sound the same. but after writing nevermind writing this is crazy. now i could go on for hours about loving nirvana here are some reasons. nirvana has consistant truly great music. they have a very intereasting story that even makes the songs more powerful. no one has ever written lyrics like kurt. each album is 3d, slow/fast ,fast and slow songs each amazing. but the big reason is, nirvana had something special about them, it's 100% undescribable and unbelievable, it is just magic. so if you think kurt cobain was some rock star druggie you are wrong. there was something special about kurt, people like don't come around often. so please buy nevermind, buy in utero and if you're not into a heavy appriciacion fanatic type liking of a band just listen to the melodic, catchy tunes and you'll love this music -yukon 12 years.
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on August 2, 2014
Amazing album!
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on October 22, 2015
epic album
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on February 19, 2004
I thought this was garbage when it first came out and I still do. Am I the only one that feels this way about Nirvana? I can only attribute their success to the fact that by the early 90's the Rock Music landscape was so desolate that the monotonous noise that came from Nirvana was able to find an audience.
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on March 18, 2004
but if you want one of their cds... buy this instead of their other albums. or if your more open minded DEFINITELY buy the acoustic in new york.
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on January 27, 2015
great album, only concern is its a little embarrassing to say " i listen to nirvana"
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