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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars57
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on February 10, 2003
I really enjoyed this debut album by Tamia. She has a really pretty voice and knows how to use it well. There were only a few tracks on the CD that didn't strike me as great.
1.Imagination (4/5) This was the first real single off the album. It's a cute song with a nice beat.
2. So Into You (5/5) This is my absolute favorite song on the CD. It is such a pretty song and Tamia sings it well.
3. Never Gonna Let You Go (2/5) I didn't really care for this song.
4. Falling For You (3/5) The song is cute, I just don't like the sample.
5. Show Me Love (2/5) I didn't care for this song, either
6. Rain on Me (4/5) This is a song that sets off some emotions
7. Is That You (3/5) This song is okay. JD tries to liven it up some
8. Who Do You Tell (5/5) This is a really pretty song about a newly found love
9. Gotta Move On (4/5) Good song
10. This Time it's Love (4/5) Nice love song similar to #8
11. Loving You Still (4/5) I really enjoyed this song
12. Careless Whsiper (5/5) A remake of George Michael's song, it's incredible
13. You Put a Move on My Heart (5/5) This is my second favorite song
Even though this CD came out over four years ago, it will be a valuable addition to any CD collection.
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on May 16, 2003
This album formed the basis of Tamia's career. Once you have listened to this you can fully comprehend and understand the great walk she has taken to get to where she is today.
This strong foundation is so mellow.. a paradox in itself. But I would advice that those who are looking for an album to play once they've settled in their bath,those who just want to relax, or those who know that silence is too loud should just purchase it.
Well composed and well arranged, in terms of music and track order, I would recommend this to any one, who prefers a little rnb and a bit of soul.Her angelic vocals adjust with every composition to give you that ultimate result. It's fit to be played in the car whilst crusing and in the house whilst chilling or entertaining. Im glad i purchased this album, I have the 2nd album and I will, most definatly buy the new one.
Tamia does not let you down.
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on March 5, 2001
Yeah y'all...this cd's one of the tightest cd's within the r&b category of ALL time. See..i had this cd fo' YEARS, ever since i heard the well known single "SO INTO U" on a local radio station here. I just couldn't believe anyone could have such a Beautiful voice. The lyrics, the voice, the music, the looks...she got it ALL y'all. I love her, i love her voice, i love her music. I wish the best for her in her career and all of thee above. In her music she's got such a beatiful spirit, heart, and soul. This cd is by far thee HOTTEST cd's ever. I can't really express all the feelings you can experience just by listening to this cd, but i can promise y'all this, if u love r&b, have a good heart, and ever plan on making yourself a better person this cd IZ FOR YOU, and that's a PROMISE. The mellowed out lyrics and music to this cd will just LIFT U UP and just cry to God for all the sins we've all commited but it also makes you happy and help u realize life is as good as u make of it but n-e-wayz y'all..if u're feelin whut i'm sayin...BUY IT...if u don't..break out..but just please at the least CONSIDER it.Thanx for listenin.God bless y'all.Peace. i'm OUT!
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on February 13, 2001
Tamia, Tamia, Tamia! What a voice. Like others, I was hooked from the first note I heard her sing on 'You Put a Move ...'. I thought the same thing as when I first heard Toni Braxton on 'Love Shoulda Brought You Home': "WOW, this is the next big star!".
I bought this album the day it came out and have listened to frequently to this day. This is exactly the music I love to listen to the most. This album has everything I like: r&b rhythms, a great soulful voice, and songs worth listening to, the opposite of what is on urban radio in recent years.
With two exceptions, this album is flawless. Flaw 1, the rapper on Imagination -- weak rap, thin voice, too explicit. Flaw 2, the seventh track, 'Is that you?' -- again too explicit, it takes away from the classiness of the other songs.
It is a very well produce album that suits her beautiful voice perfectly. The producers used arrangements that fit the song rather than the 'sound of the day'. From the accoustic guitar that opens 'So Into You', to the rainstorm in 'Rain on Me', to the long fade out on 'You Put a Move...", each song has its own personality but still sounds part of the same album. Her voice is expressive and smooth like Gladys Knight's. Some of these tracks remind me of Ms. Knight's ballads from the early 70's in sound.
The range of her voice and the quality of the arrangement on 'You Put a Move..." still amazes me. On 'Falling For You' she sings the song over the music to the Emotion's "Best of My Love" and it works great.
My favorite tracks are #2 'So Into You' (mid-tempo, crisp production), #8 'Who Do You Tell', #10 'This Time It's Love', and of course, #13, 'You Put a Move on My Heart, 3 ballads.
If soulful, sultry R&B is what you like, this album won't disappoint you.
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on January 5, 2004
After hearing the Tamia single Officially Missing You and hearing her song remixed, I had to dust off my old copy of this album. Everyone knows Tamia has an AMAZING voice. And on this album (unlike her second cd) the material matches the caliber of her voice. These songs are,for lack of a better word, BEAUTIFUL. She belts out the notes and lyrics with pure emotion and sounds like some of the classic singers from the 70's and 80's. There are no stupid 'hip hop' songs that waste her voice. Just beautiful ballads and midtempos. Granted there aren't any 'grooves' on the album but her strength would be in the ballads anyways so that doesn't even matter. One listen to You Put A Move On My Heart will convince you about this album but the other great songs are Never Gonna Let You Go, Loving You Still, Who Do You Tell, So Into You, and Show Me Love. If you are a fan of good modern R&B (not TG4) then this album is definitely a must have. 5 Stars.
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on July 26, 1999
Hey everyone to hasn't bought Tamia's self-titled debut album, check it out. Tamia's debut features the hits, "Imagination," "So Into You," "Loving You Still," and the bonus Grammy nominated smash, "You Put A Move On My Heart." The album was produced by an array of prodeucers including Quincy Jones, Brenda Richie and Tamia herself. Among the songwriters included on this debut are SoSo Def's Jermaine Dupri (Xscape), Manuel Seal (Usher), Bad Boy's Stevie J (Mase), Motown Recording artist Mario Winans (98 Degrees), Ex-Boyz II Men and Ex-Az Yet Marc Nelson, Keith Crouch (Brandy), Christopher Stewart (The Braxtons), Daryl Simmons (Monica), pop/dance singer George Michael, and Ron Temperton. Along with the hits, Tamia's debut also features a remake of, "Careless Whisper (featured on 99's A Night At The Roxbury's.) Well, go out and buy the album. Peace out.
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on August 12, 1998
Tamia's self-titled debut is a smooth collection of soul-pop songs. Musically, the album isn't too different from much of the contemporary R&B flooding the marketplace today, but it is well-crafted and performed. Tamia is an undeniably talented singer. Whether reaching deep into her register on "Rain On Me," or soaring passionately on "You Put A Move On My Heart," her voice never fails to mesmerize. However, like Whitney Houston, Tamia has a tendency toward vocal gymnastics, and sometimes over-embellishes what is better left simple. But since she has such a good voice, this is a minor fault, not a major one. Likewise, though several of the album's songs are mediocre, Quincy Jones' immaculate production and Tamia's stunning vocals usually conceal this weakness from the casual listener. All in all, this album is a solid start to her career.
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on October 9, 1998
Even though this album may not be a Billboard best seller, it is one of the best female solo albums of the year. Even with a variety of producers the production overall remains tight. From uptempo songs like "I'm So Into You" and "Falling For You" to slower ballads like "Never Gonna Let You Go" and the beautiful "Who Do You Tell" Tamia shows her versatility and strength in both styles. The final track is the Quincy Jones produced "You Put A Move On My Heart" which is just as mellow and smooth today as it was when it was first released. If you don't have this album yet, I suggest you get it. It is truly one of this year's best releases. Don't sleep!
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on January 31, 2000
she has a wonderful voice, nice tone, diction and clarity. the production and arrangement of some of the songs is off. vocally, "never gonna let you go" "show me love" and "this time its love", are bright spots, but some other aspect of each of these songs is lacking. really looking forward to her new cd. hope she is singing on par with "you put a move on my heart" the cd was disappointment to me because I was looking for more tunes like "you put a move on my heart". the uptempo tunes are okay, more pop than r&b, which is okay, except pop has now gone in the direction of r&b. she just sounds best on the slower tunes.
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on September 28, 2000
I had this cd since...forever!!! Tamia is absolutely the best artist ever! She's got the most SENSUAL, DELICATE, yet STRONG vocal a singer could ONLY ask for....absolutely BEAUTIFUL... Best past songs include "You put a move on my heart" (my fav.), "Loving you still", "Keep hope alive" from 'The Associate' soundtrack, "Make tonight beautiful", um um um "Slowjams" w/ Babyface and others.... I recommend all to go out and purchase EVERYTHING she'd ever sung!!! Her new word 'WOWEEEEE'...three more words 'just gotta have' Hope ya find Tamia to be the best and not one of the best!!! =)
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