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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on October 23, 2003
These guys are the smoothest hip hop artists I've ever heard. I discovered these guys a few years back watching a snowboarding video, it had the songs "you never knew" and "at the helm" and I got hooked. Now I'm not one to listen to hip hop normally...there are few people I will listen to, but these guys have so much flow it's addictive. I skateboard to this stuff, it really gets you in a rhythm. This whole cd is amazing.
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on September 18, 2001
I was over at a friend's house one day and he decided to pop in an underground cd he'd found to check it out. Well it turned out to Third Eye Vision and I heard some of the best hip-hop that I'd ever heard. I was completely amazed at what I had been missing for the last 5 years or so in all of the individual efforts put forth from various members of the Hiero crew. But this cd really brings it all together: great beats, great lyrics, and excellent flows. It's a shame that relatively many people still have not heard of Hieroglyphics, but if you the reader happen to stumble upon this review, then trust me, this is a must have album. If you're a fan of real hip-hop, then this will be a relief from all the [stuff] that wishes it could hip-hop that you hear today. I would also recommend checking out some titles from Del the Funky Homosapien, Souls of Mischief, Casual, and Pep Love if you find that you like this album.
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on October 24, 2003
Man , this is one of best cds probably every to come out especially in light of many other good cds that have come out in times since. This remains the truest hip-hop cd every to come out by a group execption would be (Wu-Tang's early work) ,but besides that this cd is sick , ill , and lyrically unmatched , truly unmatched by any other group. The engery on this cd is just masterful especially on the freestyles each memeber has. If you don't own this album then damn your missing the proof that hip-hop is still here.
Fav. Songs. - 'The Who' , 'You'll Never Know' , 'At the helm' ,
'No Nutz', 'Oakland Blackouts' , 'After Dark' and all of the other songs.
My only complaint was the production and the new hiero alblum "Full Circle"(10/7/2003) made up for that as far as production. Just masterful , inspiring , and unrivaled.
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on November 8, 2003
This is the best large group I've seen and heard since the Wu-Tang Clan. Every member has their own moment and they all shine on this great collection of tracks. With Domino producing, the beats are unlike anything I've ever heard. I was overwhelmed by their talent when I saw them live in concert a few weeks ago. Del, Pep Love, A-plus, and Opio are my personal favorites but they all have blessed talent. My favorite songs on Third Eye Vision are probably At the Helm, Oakland Blackouts, See Delight, Del, Opio, You Never Knew, After Dark, and why waste my time listing more tracks because they are all musically and lyrically brilliant. If you are sick of mainstream rappers and like underground hip hop, check this CD out. If you love this than get Soul's of Mischief's "93' til infinity", or the new Hieroglyphics album, "Full Circle".
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on February 11, 2003
This is the dopest crew out there. Led by Del the Funky Homosapien and Souls of Mischief, this is a hip hop classic. Five Stars. These are true M.C.'s. While each track on this is great, the one's that stand out are "You never knew," "Oakland Blackouts," and "Miles from the sun." The playful "the who" is a friendly track which these mc's play off each other. These are not your typical West Coast rappers. With Domino producing, these are some of the best beats around, unless of course, your into the mainstream. Be sure to check out Del's, "Both sides of the brain" and "Deltron 3030", and also Souls of Mischief's, "93 til infinity" which is another classic, and also their fourth lp, "trilogy."
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on July 11, 2001
The previous reviewer must have horrible taste in music. The debut cd from the hiero crew is incredibly dope. The production is amazing, not to mention the thought provoking lyrics they spit. I personally reccomend this CD to any hip hop head. If you're a "rap-head" I dont suggest it. It's strictly dope underground hip hop at its greatest. Some other recomendations I have are, anything by the Grouch, The Roots, Scarub, Outkast(except Stankonia), Elusive, Ugly Duckling, De La Soul, Tribe, Guru, CMA, Goodie Mob(Except World Party), The A Team, Abstract Tribe Unique, Sunz of Man, Wu, Proz and Conz, Five Fingers of Funk, Eligh, Common, J5(only the EP), Dead Prez, Pharcyde, Zion I, and Oldominion. If you like dope hip hop, check this cats out. Peace and one love.
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on May 14, 2004
Hiero has been in the game since the early 90's. And I have loved del since "I wish my brother george was here" .
When I heard he was teaming up with Souls Of Mischief and Casual
I knew a classic album was in the making.
3rd eye vison is hip-hop in it's purest form. Just a bunch of guys
spitting lyrics. This is what hip-hop was like before
it was bottled up and manufactured for a mass audience.
Since I don't think we will ever get back to a point where they will play good hip-hop on Tv again. Thank God for independent labels like Hiero - Imperium.
I like every song on this album.
Especially One life one love and oakland blackouts.
This album is classic material. Go see these guys live if you can.
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on January 23, 2003
This is what hip hop is supposed to sound like! Del and his Hiero crew work the mic better than any hip hop group ever! Their flows and rhymes are so dope and fit the production perfectly. Every single track on this album is tight unlike so many records today. Play it from start to finish and youll be begging for more. It's perfect for anywhere, chillin with friends, cruising, and partying. Plus each mc has their own down time on the album. Especially dope tracks are At the Helm, You never knew, after dark, and oakland blackouts. This album really turned me on to underground hip hop and music in general. I've been listening to it for years now and its still my fave. I gaurantee you will LOVE this album!!
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on August 16, 2001
this cd is dope...the beats have a funky old school feel to them and the rymes have substance (they arent wack emcees talking about im the best blazay blazay blazay...that gets old, im disapointed cuz i just bought defari's album and thats all he talkes about basically). Every single song on this cd is fave would have to be dune muthane (i like the funky beat and the lyrics...dee dee da da dee dee day i just keep on doing my thang (dune muthane)...oakland black outs has a nice beat...and that song-"all things aint what they seem, youll get washed even if your way to clean" ...i like the messege, cuz its true. buy this cd you will love it :) Quality rythems and lyrics for real...
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on November 13, 2002
"Cash Money" and "No Limit Soldiors" should really take some classes from Hieroglyphics. This is the way a group should handle the mic. MC's work together and take turns spewing there thoughts into rhymes. The cooperation in this CD between the MC's is marvelous. Not one MC dominates the other, there voices flow great with the assigned beat and of course, Del, who is by far the most underrated raper out there, flows perfectly on "At the Helm" which is my favorite track on this CD.
"After Dark" "Mics of the Roundtable" "One Life One Love" are also killer tracks. Believe me, this is they way group hip-hop SHOULD be.
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