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4.0 out of 5 stars Nice celebration of an indie classic
If you like Kevin Smith, you like Clerks. I realize that every rule has millions of exceptions, but Smiths low budget indie feature from 1994 reveals everything great (and not so great) about this director/writer/actor (if you call Silent Bob acting).

Clerks came out during an early 90's time-period when culture was taking a step sideways instead of forward. A...
Published on Aug. 4 2006 by Wade Tomlin

3.0 out of 5 stars What? What do you want?
Getting this movie caused a lot of arguments. In the UK, we tend to pronounce it with an 'a' - so Clarks! But I'm being American, so I pronounce it Clerks, which sounds right to me, but wrong to everyone else. So I still say "clerks" but then correct myself afterwards. (Hey, I'm easily confused, they say "clerks" in the damn movie!)
If you've ever...
Published on July 11 2004 by Meesha

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4.0 out of 5 stars Nice celebration of an indie classic, Aug. 4 2006
Wade Tomlin (Toronto, Ontario) - See all my reviews
If you like Kevin Smith, you like Clerks. I realize that every rule has millions of exceptions, but Smiths low budget indie feature from 1994 reveals everything great (and not so great) about this director/writer/actor (if you call Silent Bob acting).

Clerks came out during an early 90's time-period when culture was taking a step sideways instead of forward. A generation brought up with 80's hair metal, Eddie Murphy movies and The Cosby Show wanted something different. Instead of moving forward, our culture wanted smarter versions of the established entertainment, music fans embraced Nirvana and Pearl Jam, television watchers tuned into Seinfeld and film embraced new visions from the likes of Quentin Tarantino. Enter Kevin Smith into this time with his no budget masterpiece that probably wouldn't have been seen if it were made five years later.

What made Clerks stand out was its revelation that a great script is all you need to make a great movie. You didn't enjoy Clerks because of its A- list actors, big budget action sequences or filmmaking tricks that director's greatly over hype; you liked Clerks because it was funny and relatable. Smith's writing captured the everyday feel of his early 20's life as his main characters Dante and Randal's shift at the Quick Stop and RST Video becomes an unexpectedly crazy journey. Dante's struggle with his inability to resolve the issues in his life is what lies at the heart of every great Kevin Smith film. Right up to Clerks II he is a master at writing a realistic interpretation of male insecurity. Dante and Randal both remain believable male characters even while revealing feelings that many males may never actually talk about. Randal becomes the voice of the audience watching the shenanigans of Dante's life unfold trying to make Dante realize his life is ultimately up to him, while cracking the comments and flipping the bird to his work commitments that both the audience and Dante envy.

The 10th Anniversary DVD holds up surprisingly well as the makers realized that most followers of Smith's had seen this film dozens of time (if not more). Instead of simply providing a nicer looking version of the original, the package contains two must haves for collectors. The first is the original version of Clerks that appeared at New York's Independent Feature Film Market, which started the ball rolling on Clerk's eventually being picked up by Miramax. The original version reveals the dark tone that Smith was originally going for an ending that reveals Dante's struggles to be very small in life's grand scheme (if you see it you'll understand). The other added element is The Snowball Effect, a documentary about the making of Clerks that takes you from Smith's humble beginnings in New Jersey to his the joy of his $27,000 flick being picked up. The documentary is as addictive as the original Clerks as the sheer audacity and long shot reality of Smith's venture, a young man mortgaging his future on a small flick, is an amazing feat to revisit.

With the release of Clerks II there might be more of an audience for Smith's original. If you wish to indulge in this deluxe package it is worth it, unless of course you are one of the million of exceptions to the originally stated rule.
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5.0 out of 5 stars My favorite comedy, July 19 2004
This review is from: Clerks: Collector's Series (DVD)
This has to be my all time favorite comedy and one of my all time favorites overall. About three years ago a friend of mine came to school one day raving about the funniest movie he had seen on late night. He talked about this black and white low budget movie about two blue collar losers who talked endlessly about sex. From that description I wasn't anticipating a masterpiece but I decided to rent it anyway. It was probably the best surprise I have ever had. I was laughing the entire time, so much so that I nearly woke up everyone in my house. For months afterwards my friend and I would endlessly talk about and quote this incredible film. Everyone I have recommended it to has loved it and I can easily see why. I know that some people attack the movie as being vulgar and excessive. The way I see it it is being true to life (I'm sure that when you have 10 hours to kill you'll talk about the average pay of a gizz mopper). In short I absolutely love this film and it gets better and better with every viewing. Rent this film as soon as possible if you haven't already.
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3.0 out of 5 stars What? What do you want?, July 11 2004
This review is from: Clerks: Collector's Series (DVD)
Getting this movie caused a lot of arguments. In the UK, we tend to pronounce it with an 'a' - so Clarks! But I'm being American, so I pronounce it Clerks, which sounds right to me, but wrong to everyone else. So I still say "clerks" but then correct myself afterwards. (Hey, I'm easily confused, they say "clerks" in the damn movie!)
If you've ever worked as a 'clerk', then you'll really identify with this film. I'm currently working as a waitress, so I didn't identify so much with Dante (although I do get a lot of stupid questions), but I did see a lot of a guy I know, who works in a video store, in Randal, the video store clerk! Much of his lines resulted in me laughing out loud, and saying that they were exactly the same! (Or I imagine them to be the same). My favourite line has to be where Dante says to Randal that he has a customer, and he turns round, with this expression on his face, and says "What? What do you want?"
This was one of the first outings for Jay & Silent Bob, who are both legends. I already have Chasing Amy, Dogma, and now this on DVD, and am now after Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back (I've seen it, just don't have it), and Mallrats. Both of which are proving very hard to get hold of, particularly Mallrats. I officially love Silent Bob (played by Kevin Smith), and despite him speaking in nearly every film in which he plays Silent Bob, I still get a shock when he does speak!
This film is very low budget, and filmed entirely in black & white - which really annoyed me, as I thought my DVD player had gone wrong! (I've actually watched a whole film in black & white - 8 Mile - thinking it was actually in black & white, but my DVD player had decided to be stupid) The entire production costs for this film were $26,800. Combined, the cost of Clerks production and soundtrack was $50,000. This is approximately the cost per second of making Titanic! Also, there are not a lot of sets, and there are a lot of the same actors included. It's very much a film involving two main characters, who talk back & forth. It can get quite tedious, between funny lines, and Jay dancing and singing (yeh!) yet again!
There's an alternate ending on the DVD, but I have to say I preferred the original ending. There are also a lot of deleted scenes, with introductions from Kevin Smith. I tend to skip most of these, as boy, does this guy like the sound of his own voice!
There are some terrific and extremely quotable lines (if only I could remember them, to quote to people!) in this! Some of the best are:
Dante Hicks: Are there any balls down there?
Jay: About the biggest pair you ever seen, dingleberry!
Randal Graves: You know who I could do without? I could do without the people in the video store.
Dante Hicks: Which ones?
Randal Graves: All of them.
[A series of clips]
Bed Wetting Dad: What would you get for a six-year-old who chronically wets his bed?
Video Confusion Customer: So, do you have any new releases in?
[Zoom out to see a huge sign that says "NEW RELEASES" directly above her]
Low I.Q. Video Customer: Do you have that one with that guy who was in the movie that was out last year?
Randal Graves: They never rent quality flicks. They always pick the most intellectually devoid movies on the rack.
Low I.Q. Video Customer: OOOOH! NAVY SEALS!
Randal Graves: It's like in order to join, they have to have an I.Q. that's less than their shoe size.
Dante Hicks: You think you get stupid questions? You should hear the barrage of stupid questions I get.
[More clips]
Cold Coffee Lover: What do mean there's no ice? You mean I gotta drink this coffee hot?
Candy Confusion Customer: So how much is this thing anyway?
[Zoom out to see a huge "EVERYTHING ONLY 99¢" sign behind her]
Hubcap Searching Customer: Do you sell hubcaps for a '72 Pinto hatchback? Ooh, Mini-Trucker Magazine!
Jay: Noinch, Noinch, Noinch, Schmokin Weed, Schmokin' Weed, Doin' Coke, Drinkin' Beers...
There's a few more, but I suppose it depends on your sense of humour.
Despite being a little slow, this is a good film, although not as good as Dogma (my fave Jay & Silent Bob flick). Just prepare yourself for some tedious dialogue, including lots of s*x and Star Wars talk!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Can't wait!!!, July 6 2004
Michael Minutaglio (Staten Island, NY) - See all my reviews
Here's a current list of what's slated to be on the three disc "Clerks X" box set...
The 93 minute "Clerks" Theatrical cut- All new HiDef transfer from 16mm IP supervised by Dave Klein with all-new 5.1 Skywalker Sound remix supervised by Scott Mosier, includes original commentary track from laser disc/initial DVD release (Disc One)

The 103 minute "Clerks" IFFM First Cut, includes all-new audio/video commentary track with Kevin, Scott, Jeff Anderson, Brian O'Halloran and Jason Mewes. (Disc Two)

The 95 minute "The Snowball Effect: The Story of Clerks" Brand Spanking New Documentary that inteviews almost everybody who ever had something to do with "Clerks" (Disc Three)

The MTV Jay and Silent Bob shorts that everyone's been crying for us to put on a DVD for years now

The Arclight 10th Anniversary Q&A with Brian, Jeff, Marilyn, Scott, Dave, Mewes, and me

Lots of new video intros
"The Flying Car" short from the Tonight Show (re-telecined in HiDef)
The Original theatrical trailer
"Can't Even Tell" Music Video

The original Jeff, Brian, and Marilyn and Ernie O'Donnell audition tapes
The brand new, seven minute animated "Lost Scene" short
Expansive Still Photo Gallery
'Clerks' Trivia track
Original 168-page original first draft screenplay
Kevin's 'Clerks' Journal
Kevin's 'Sundance' Journal
Peter Broderick's 1992 article "The ABC's of No-Budget Filmmaking" that inspired the budget for 'Clerks'
Peter Broderick's followup article "Learning from Low-Budgets" a year later that does the same treatment on 'Clerks'
Amy Taubin's Village Voice article on the 1991 IFFM and 'Slacker' that inspired Kevin to take 'Clerks' to the IFFM
Amy Taubin's Village Voice article on the 1993 IFFM about 'Clerks' being the gem of the festival
Janet Maslin's 1994 New York Times review of 'Clerks' entitled "At a Convenience Store, Coolness To Go"
The entire John Pierson 'The Odd Couple: Sundance 1994" Chapter from 'Spike Mike Reloaded' book
The original Kevin-penned IFFM program note
The original Bob Hawk-penned 1994 Sundance Film Festival program note
"Mae Day" - Kevin and Scott's Vancouver Film School documentary short
This looks like an AWESOME set, and well deserved as CLERKS is one of if no the best film ever!!! I am looking forward to this!!!
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5.0 out of 5 stars A Very Realistic Movie!, June 28 2004
This review is from: Clerks: Collector's Series (DVD)
"Clerks" is a movie written and directed by Kevin Smith. I have almost seen all of Smiths works. He has made six movies in total. The ones I have seen are "Clerks," "Mallrats," "Chasing Amy," "Dogma," and "Jersey Girl." The one I didn't see was "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back" but I plan on seeing that. I have already rewarded "Dogma" with five stars, and this is probably the second best movie that he has made. The difference is that this movie is probably more realistic. The entire movie is just conversations between these characters except for one scene one the roof with a hockey match. The entire film is shot in black and white and the movie works better with the black and white. The color could describe the lives of the characters. There lives aren't so great to have everything in color, and the black and white shows how everything is the same. Every day for these characters is the same. "Clerks" is hilarious, fun, and provides some very insightful dialouge. Interesting dialouge is things about "Star Wars", the customers, and just everyday things. It is very interesting to hear what these people have to say. They are saying things that me and you would say.
The movie is a day in the life of two grocery store clerks. Dante and Randall. Dante has to get up every mourning, clean the grafitti off the side of the store, and have to deal with various customers. Some make him angry, and some of the them aren't a problem at all. Randall is the wise cracking and insightful guy who works right next door at the video store. The only thing is, he works in the video store, but he is always hanging out with Dante at the grocery store with the name Quick Stop. Throughout the movie, we get a look at the character's personal lives. Dante is dating Veronica Loughran, but he really wants to go out with Caitlin Bree, who he has liked since high school. As the day goes on, Dante and Randall have encounters with a hocket game that Dante has to go play, a funeral, and Jay and Silent Bob, who are two drug addicts. Jay, who is always talking and using profanity in his dialouge, while Silent Bob never talks. Every now and then he'll say one word or so, but mostly he just stands there and smokes with Jay. Dante knows that the day will end soon, but it's getting there that'll be hard.
"Clerks" was a great movie. It was one of the most entertaining movies that I have ever seen, and at a 90 minute running time, it felt that it was very fast. Some of the conversations were very interesting, my favorite being the one about Star Wars, and which movie is better. "The Empire Strikes Back," or "Return of the Jedi." It is very interesting to hear what Dante and Randall have to say about each movie. "Clerks" has been around for about ten years now, and a Ten Year Anniversary DVD is coming this year. Be sure to check it out once it comes out. The movie was originally going to be NC-17 only because of the dialouge, but an appeal brought it down to an R. I didn't think that the dialouge was that bad or explicit, but in 1994 it was a different time, and this movie is very different from others.
Rated R on appeal for extensive use of extremely explicit sex-related dialogue.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Clerks X Specs..., June 28 2004
Prymal (Middle Earth) - See all my reviews
Being a *huge* Kevin Smith fan, I felt the need to list the specs of this highly anticipitated special edition...
Disc One: The 93-minute theatrical cut in anamorphic widescreen (from a new HD transfer of the 16mm interpositive, supervised by DP Dave Klein), all-new DD5.1 remix (supervised by producer Scott Mosier and completed at Skywalker Sound), original commentary track from the previous Clerks release.
Disc Two: The 103-minute initial cut (from a video source) screened at the IFFM, all-new audio/video commentary track (with Kevin Smith, Scott, Jeff Anderson, Brian O'Halloran and Jason Mewes).
Disc Three: "The Snowball Effect: The Story of Clerks" 95-minute documentary, newly-animated "Lost Scene" short, new video intros, audition tapes, Clerks trivia track, "Mae Day: The Crumbling of a Documentary" student film project, Arclight Cinemas 10th anniversary Q&A, MTV's Jay and Silent Bob shorts (!), "The Flying Car" short from The Tonight Show, extensive still gallery, theatrical trailer, "Can't Even Tell" music video, 168-page original first draft screenplay, Kevin's 'Clerks' Journal, Kevin's 'Sundance' Journal, original IFFM program note, original 1994 Sundance Film Festival program note, lots of print articles (Peter Broderick's "The ABC's of No-Budget Filmmaking" that inspired Kevin, Peter Broderick's "Learning from Low-Budgets" which cited Clerks a year later, Amy Taubin's 1991 Village Voice article on the IFFM and Slacker, Amy Taubin's 1993 Village Voice article on the IFFM and Clerks, Janet Maslin's 1994 New York Times Clerks review, "The Odd Couple: Sundance 1994" chapter from John Pierson's Spike Mike Reloaded) and a very cool booklet.
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4.0 out of 5 stars One of the best from Kevin Smith, June 20 2004
J. Hayes (AL, United States) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Clerks: Collector's Series (DVD)
Clerks was a low-budget movie, lacks any special effects and was shot in black and white. That all works perfectly in this case though. Clever dialogue between the main characters and the wide variety of customers they encounter while at work make this movie very worthwhile seeing. No, there is no real plot but it surrounds Dante and Randall at work one day. Dante runs the convenience store on a day when he is supposed to be off, since his boss left town. Randall runs the crappy video store next door, but rarely stays there. He is usually in the store offending customers and it is just hilarious. For anyone who has ever had a job dealing with customers like that, you know how tempting it is to say what you want to the customers. Many humorous things go on in the store such as Randall selling cigarettes to a 5 year old, Dante and Randall attending a funeral only to knock over the casket within 5 minutes, and Dante closing the store to play hockey on the roof. There are so many classic lines in the movie such as the one we all know, "I'm not even supposed to be here today." When the two have a conversation about Star Wars with a customer, more like a serious discussion I was cracked up. So you have an everyday situation with believable things that happen between the workers and the customers, witty dialogue with many memorable lines ("This job would be great if it weren't for the f****** customers"), and to top it off a few great scenes with Jay and Silent Bob. This movie is not centered on those two, but Dante and Randall and the everyday battle with customers that will crack you up for sure. This is just an ordinary low-budget movie made great by the dialogue, but at the same time it is what a movie should be---entertaining. Kevin Smith has made some great movies, but this one is my favorite. It is an amazing movie considering Smith worked with so little money to make this great film. So you should watch this no matter what at least once. If you work in a store like Dante or a video store like Randall, I'm sure you will appreciate the humor in their way with saying what they want to customers even if it is offensive. It is a normal and believable situation that doesn't fail to entertain, and has everything you want to say to a customer but can't.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Customer Service Rocks, June 1 2004
This review is from: Clerks: Collector's Series (DVD)
Title: Clerks
Director: Kevin Smith
Cast: Brian O'Halloran ... Dante Hicks
Jeff Anderson ... Randal Graves
Marilyn Ghigliotti ... Veronica Loughran
Lisa Spoonhauer ... Caitlin Bree
Jason Mewes ... Jay
Kevin Smith ... Silent Bob
Tagline: "Just because they serve you...doesn't mean they like you."
Plot Summary: Two guys spend a day at work in adjacent stores, and a lot of weird things happen.
Review and Comments: Like that summary? Very concise. The problem with writing a review of this movie is that what happens is an overview of a day at work for these two characters, and anything I say can and will ruin the jokes that make this film worth seeing. I'll attempt to apply my vast amounts of reviewing skill to this review in order to convince you why this movie is worth seeing WITHOUT giving away every single thing that happens.
So. Has anyone here ever worked a crappy, low-paying service job that required immense amounts of patience and customer service skills not to wring the necks of everyone that came into the place asking stupid questions? This movie is for you. Here lies a collection of anecdotes about all the things that can happen throughout the years working at a convenience store (and a video rental place) all set in the timeframe of one incredible day at work. The customers that ask stupid questions, the things that break and must be fixed, everything that can and will go wrong at once, it's all here. To give away the little things that happen would be to rob the viewer of the enjoyment of watching it happen, so I'll say no more. There are several exaggerated things that happen, comedic moments that we hope are fictional, but at its core what works about the comedy is that there are recognizable hilarious moments that we recognize if we've worked these kinds of jobs before.
Holding this film together, there is a relationship between the main character, Dante, (played by Brian O'Halloran) and his girlfriend Marilyn, (played by Veronica Loughran). Their relationship has lasted awhile, and they're hitting some rough spots in trying to see whether it should continue or end immediately. Most relationships hit such a spot, and the revelations they make to each other and the reactions that occur should be recognizable to anyone who's ever had a relationship that hit some rough spots ("I can't believe you never told me that..." "You're overreacting..."). Again, I'm not going to give anything away, but suffice it to say that much of the dialogue here is funny because it's true.
So throughout the day, strange things happen, the main characters react, and the relationship problems are discussed. The problems get worse, the tension mounts, and at the end, everything is resolved in such a way that the characters may or may not have learned something. The plot follows the standard film school outline, but the twist is that the whole story occurs in the midst of vignettes that follow the quirky things that can happen throughout a day at a customer service job (with a few fantastical, exaggerated situations) and the little stories are interwoven with the main character's dilemma in a way that I found highly entertaining.
The grainy, black and white style of this movie (slightly above surveillance camera joke) belies the small budget, but I found it effective. It may annoy a lot of people, though, so be forewarned. This movie doesn't look slick and polished. This movie is full of "inappropriate" language. Don't let your four-year-old watch this movie unless you want him to get kicked out or preschool for repeating the dialogue. Lots of people don't like this movie (or any of Smith's movies, come to think of it) because they complain that it has no plot and it's not funny-it's annoying. Keep that in mind. If you don't like the comedy, you won't like the movie.
The Bottom Line: I loved it.
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5.0 out of 5 stars CLERKS!, March 9 2004
Jason (Ontario, California) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Clerks: Collector's Series (DVD)
The highly talked about movie "Clerks" was an independent film that Kevin Smith funded with ten credit cards, by selling his comic book collection, money from an insurance claim, money from his friends, and from paychecks working at Quick Stop. I expected the film to be comedic, mostly because anything with Jay and Silent Bob is hilarious. Clerks started out at the IFFM (Independent Feature Film Market) where it was viewed and liked by Bob Hawk, a member of the Sundance Advisory Committee. It was then shown at Sundance in 1994 where Miramax Films picked it up. From there they did advertising.
The movie is a comedy and has a relationship story with the main character caught between two girls. His old high school sweetheart and his current girlfriend. The movie is basically about Dante who is somewhat of a loser by society's standards. He works at a local Quick Stop and comes across several characters including Jay and Silent Bob. The love story is what holds the movie together and gives it some body. Without it the movie would have been a disaster. The movie gives you relaxed vibes and has a chilled out atmosphere about it, which is helped by the great soundtrack.
The main characters are Dante, Randal, Veronica, Caitlin and Silent Bob. Jay (Jason Mewes) dances around like an idiot and sells drugs; Silent Bob (Kevin Smith), of course, just stands there. Dante (Brian O' Halloran) thinks he is really something special and that his job needs him. He thinks he's the only man for the job and things will fall apart without him. Randal (Jeff Anderson) recognizes that anyone can do their job and that they are just two losers working at a video and local liquor store. The acting isn't super but I think its meets the standards for an independent flick.
This of course was Kevin Smith's first movie. He is also known for his other works titled, "Chasing Amy" and "Mallrats". The film does get somewhat slow during some parts, such as the love scenes but I think its somewhat unavoidable when it comes to those things. The film was all black and white with settings in the Video Store, the Quick Stop along with the roof, outside the Quick Stop and at Dante's House. Technical camera angles weren't really in effect due to the fact that it was an Independent film and released back in 1994.
All in all I enjoyed the film. The good points had to be the classic petty arguments and wide range of vocabulary used in Kevin Smith films and Jay's crazy antics. The only bad point for me was the black and white. Some people might like it but I'm a man of the color age. If your into comedy and you enjoy any of the other Kevin Smith films this movie is a must see!
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5.0 out of 5 stars BEST freaking movie i've seen in a long time, March 5 2004
{HB}SharkMan (the ocean of Oblivion) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Clerks: Collector's Series (DVD)
I really enjoyed this movie the first time i saw it... which happened to be this year. The only reason i saw it so late was because no one would give me a straight answer as to what it was about. Finally a co-worker who is also one of "the best f-ing cash-man's that ever lived" told me what it was about and coerced me to buy the movie. I freaking watched it that night, even though i had final in my social-psych class the next day. I tryed to study for a while, but the movie took me in, and reminded me so much of how work was for me. I hate customers, but what am i going to do about it. The thing Randal says about working would be great if there were no customers is soo true. Another thing this movie points out is how many things can happen in one day, its amazoning; i've never seen such a sequential movie like this before.
One thing i'm glad he left out was that alternate ending, it would have made the movie so bleak, and alot less likely for people to get into. It would have really dragged the movie down if he kept it in.
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