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4.2 out of 5 stars21
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on January 21, 2003
In this installment of Thomas and Friends, Alec Baldwin takes viewers on yet another set of Thomas adventures. My son is a huge fan of Thomas, and we watch his videos almost every day. This tape in particular has become one of his favorites. The first story especially grabs his attention due to the dam breaking during the flood, Toby floating helplessly past the sign that says "Beware the Waterfall", which my son has memorized by now, and the heroic rescue by Harold the helicopter. He also enjoys the story of the Lorries; three spunky little trucks which are supposed to replace the engines, but in the end its the Lorries who can't perform their work.
As with other Thomas videos, this is just the right lenght to hold my son's interest without him becoming distracted. The stories are bright and cheerful, and Alec Baldwin makes an excellent narrator. I highly recommend the Thomas video series. Buy one or several of this series and enjoy them with your children. You might even learn something along the way!!
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on February 13, 2004
I've critized Alec Baldwin again and again but i'm sorry he's ruining great characters such as Percy and James. In my Thomas listmania I called Percy a whiner. Well I think he know is. In this one and then in Percy's Chocalte Crunch he whines about hard work. I mean some of them complain but he whines. That's just plain annoying. The best episode one this tape was probably the Lorry one and i'd like to point out the fact that Butch does not have a face. Bye George was just plain stupid. Oliver was good in his episode and I wish he'd have more of those. This tape is ok and it would be good for Thomas fans to have. Before you buy this one take a look at some of George Carlin's works first belive me their better.
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on December 27, 2000
Not the subtle emphasis on attitudes and work ethics found in "Thomas and his Friends Help Out." Also scarier for smaller children. In "Friends .." a train gets stuck on a hill, or gets his fire put out by rising water. In "Races .." people actually come close to dying gruesome deaths -- smothered by an avalanche, or plumetting down a waterfall. Maybe older kids can take the potential disasters better (which don't come to pass in the end.) This video is about events and circumstances, while "Friends .." is about people (trains) and their interactions.
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on February 27, 2001
A Thomas fan once, a Thomas Fan for life--or that is how I feel about my son's favorite character. This collection of Thomas stories is great. A direct interpretation from the original stories, it brings the characters from the book alive. My son loves it.
On a separate note, the live animation and lack of a lot of special effects is a refreshing change from a lot of the other kids movies out there. It lets kids' imagination to develop and that is why I think that my son watches this tape over and over and over....
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on December 6, 2000
This is a sort of "Best Thomas Trainwrecks" collection. It is a series of five minute stories, each involving trains that derail, crash into one another, drive into water or get covered by dirt. It is great fun. My two year old, who is a Thomas addict, loves this video and just laughs with glee with every wreck.
Alec Baldwin's narration is excellent. This is a must have video for your Thomas collection!
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on December 13, 2001
We have several Thomas videos, and this is our favorite. Even my seven month old watches it with rapt attention!The crashes are exciting, but the video is overall not as scary as Spills and Chills (too many ghosts in that one!). My son watches this one over and over again. Alec Baldwin does an excellent job narrating, he really makes each engine its own personality. This is a must have for your collection.
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on February 3, 2000
Thomas, Percy, Toby, Henry, Oliver, Toad, and their friends get some Races, Rescues, and Runaways. First, help Toby with a nasty flood. Then, help Percy save the new Quarry with some runaway Trucks. Then, help the engines get away from Lorries 1, 2, and 3. Then, escape from George the Steam Roller. Then, help Oliver find somthing. Last, get some sneakpeeks from Spills and Chills in the Music Video.
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on April 6, 2003
This Thomas video is one of the best. My favorite story was Horrid Lorry becasue at the end of the story you get to see some funny scenes. I'm still wondering why people say its scary for kids when it really isn't. I thought Percy was brave when the mine was collsasping and when Toby was floating down the river.
This is a must have for your collection. You are going to like it!
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on April 9, 2003
Thomas & his friends like to race to the rescue when in trouble.
In this release, Thomas & his friends teach some horrid lorries a lesson, say bye bye to George the steamroller, & get to see Henry in trouble. But it was really the driver's folt Henry had a accident. Sir Topham hatt should blame it on them! I say this DVD for all ages!
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on November 9, 1999
"Races, Rescues and Runaways" is a great video. The animation is more realistic than previous Thomas videos, it introduces new characters and Alec Baldwin's narration is much improved over the 1998 effort, "Thomas the Tank Engine: Cranky Bugs." More important, the kids love it, which makes it worth every penny!
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