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4.4 out of 5 stars
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on June 23, 2004
After catching-- and, to my surprise, enjoying-- "Freddy vs. Jason" at a friend's place a while back, I decided to delve into the titular combatants' previous cinematic outings. I started with the original "Nightmare", and was shocked. I wasn't really shocked by how scary & bloody it was, but by how scary & bloody it wasn't. Having seen a handful of horror flicks done in a similar vein as this, I found the scary parts rather predictable and a lot less gory than I'd expected them to be. Of course, when you're a fan of the over-the-top violence that the likes of Paul Verhoeven, Quentin Tarantino and John McTiernan put in their films, it's kinda hard to be too shocked by the relatively toned-down blood and guts moments depicted in other cinematic fare...
On the upside, I got a vicarious thrill outta seein' a few glamorous and popular teenagers get taken out in such grisly manners. Ain't nothin' like a nice puree of Johnny Depp to have me makin' like the pathetic still-bitter-over-bein'-picked-on-in-high-school loser that I am! Yeah, that's what'cha get for makin' fun of me and my fellow geeks, you hunky, buff, and painstakingly-moussed slabs o' beefcake! AH-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA-HAAAAHH!!!
Also included with this DVD is the obligatory theatrical trailer, and a secondary commentary track featuring director Wes Craven, star Heather Langenkamp, and John Saxon (Heather Langenkamp's "dad" in the movie). As you'd expect, this trio gives the viewer the usual mix of amusing on-set anecdotes and technical info as the movie plays on. Well, at least I THINK that's what they were talkin' about; I sorta zoned 'em out about halfway through the feature, paying more attention to the English subtitles I'd turned on...
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on June 13, 2004
This is the best of them all.. -And.. -Very interesting
to watch.. -Director.. -Wes Craven..? -Know's what horror
is.. -And he doe's it with a punch..! -Hole..! -In are
reality.. -A Nightmare

On Elm Street..! -1984.. -Gave me; -"Nightmare's.."!
about a week when I spotted this on a video shelf..?
The movie gave me the creeps..? -I've do remember seeing
this.. -And it was so frightening..? -I cooed not sleep
for a week..! -Craven know's the art of his mind.. -And
paint's it on the screen with his own witt..? -I did
not recongize; -Robert Englund..? -At the time..! -Until
I saw his name in; -V: -The Final Battle.. -I did
remember him as the good alien, -in; -V -The Original
Mini Series.. -Then I forgotten he was; -in; -A Nightmare
on Elm Street..! -At the time when this was on video..
I love the special effects..!
And; -the dream sequence made history..? -Heather
Langenkamp did o.k for her buck..? -But was superb
hole threw the film..! -Robert Englund; -did a great
job two..! -After his triumph in; -A Nightmare on Elm
Street 2: -Freddy's Revenge.. -1985..!
The script may be a week concept..! -But it is a movie
that is a joy two watch; -over; -and; -over; -again..? -the
music, -by; -Charles Bernstein is; -magnificint..! -It will
get chill's down your spine..? -And it is for that great
hardcore fan out their..? -But no hardcore fan out their
like me.. -This movie shooed thrill you like..! -Alfred
Hitchcock's; -Psycho..? -Which; -Craven; -put's in his
film's.. -And this one two..!
The movie begins with; -Tina Gray..! -Running from Freddy
as she confronts him in the boiler..? -She wakes up and
fines her clothes ripp.. -As her mom comes and tells
her two stop that kind of dreaming..! -Then it's the
next the kid's go two school.. -Tina is feeling uneasy
and alway's thinking of the bad dream she had the
night before.. -Then she stay's over..! -For a
party..? -The Kid's sleep..! -Then she meets the
Boogeyman..! -Out in the backyard and is viciously attack
by; -Freddy.. -Later..! -Nancy's friends begin two die
off one by one.. -Rodd.. -Corrie.. -Hang's him self in the jail cell..?
Glenn Lantz.. -Actor; -Johnny Depp.. -Is butchard in
his bedroom in a bloody field fest..! -At the end of
the movie.. -Nancy confront's Freddy and beat's him..?
I even enjoyed the part where she is at the dream
clinic..! -Which I like very much..! -It is
so Hitchcokian..! -The film has full of
suspense.. -Humor.. -A bit of nudity in
some places of the movie..?
I totally recconmand this two any horror buff ho
had not catch this eye brow horror movie..?
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on August 19, 2003
I really like this movie.
It's about a girl, Nancy who starts having nightmares of a hideously burned man with a charred fedora, green and red striped shirt and a deadly, knife-tipped gauntlet.
After her friend gets horribly killed by the fiend, everyone assumes it was her boyfriend, who was in the locked bedroom with her when she died. He soon gets arrested, but Nancy has a strange dream during school, in which she bruned her arm, and when she woke up, the burn was on her arm.
She later goes to the police station, but sees through a back window, the bruned man go into her friend's cell, but this was all a dream right? Nothing happened to him. Wrong. He's found dead shortly after Nancy wakes up.
Nancy presses on, desperately searcing for the answer. And then her mother tells her. Many years, all the parents of Elm Street took the law into their own hands and burned a child murderer to death. This murderer was Nancy's nightmare man, Freddy Krueger.
Nancy tells her boyfriend {Johnny Depp} not to go to sleep, and does the same herself. But then Depp goes nap nap, and gets brutally murdered in his bedroom.
Nancy instructs her father to wake her up in twenty minutes and goes to slepp, a plan in her head, to pull Krueger out of her dream, and into the real world.
She succeeds but not until he kills her mother. Nancy confronts him and sends his vile spirit straight back to hell.
But this was all a dream, happy days, until it comes to a very strange ending.
Robert Englund did a fantastic job at playing the despicable monster Freddy, and he also managed to reprise the role in the sequels. THe strange ending had a very bad effect in there, and that forced my rating down to four, instead of the fantastic five I was planning to give it.
I really want to see the others soon.
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on March 31, 2001
I do not know how this film became one of the most famous horror films of all time. I watched it for the first time yesterday, and though I'm told I should judge films by the codes and conventions of the context within which they were made, my opinion is that some films you can watch regardless of when they were made, and some date like nobody's business. A Nightmare on Elm Street fits into the latter category - it is so dated it's scary. Which, I'm sorry to say, is the only scary thing about it. As a kid I avoided this film like the plague because of how terrifying it was meant to be; well, if in the 80's that passed as scary, then I was definitely the bravest kid on the block.
The script is, quite frankly, laughable. The lines are so terrible that you find yourself frowning at the screen as if to say: 'What!?! Did someone really think that sounded good?' And then there's the acting. Whoever gave Heather Langenkamp the starring role (obviously without ever seeing her act) needs firing. And the cheesy art direction: Ghostbusters is an 80's film that is watchable today, but the cringe-worthy 80's-ness of Nightmare, culminating in Johnny Depp's short football-shirt and raging quiff, makes it impossible to take any of it seriously. The special effects are dire ("I'm your boyfriend now", big waggling plastic tongue), and Freddy Krueger is perhaps the least scary 'monster' I've ever seen; if such a little girl as Langencamp can put up a halfway decent fight against him, then he's not all that. And the ending - ooh, a Freddy car, complete with Dennis the Menace sweater roof and a screaming mannequin. Man, I was missing a lot by avoiding this one.
Maybe this is an important film, in that it allowed Wes Craven to make his name and make an actually quite scary horror movie (Scream) many years later, but don't watch it, under any circumstances. The original version of The Haunting was made in the 60's and that's terrifying, but this, along with other cheesy 80's horror films, is just laughably bad. Maybe I should judge them in context, but the moment that lovely 80's soundtrack introduces you to the story, context flies firmly out of the window. The most terrifying thing about A Nightmare on Elm Street? The amount of money it made.
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on September 11, 2015
Good movie of all time
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on September 21, 2003
Oh!!! I hated it not a good or scary movie at all. Wes Craven makes the most terrible movies ever. I regreat for wanting to see it WHAT WAS I THINKING. This isn't scary It's just sick thank goodness freddy's dead. The most terrible thing about it that freddy has a good scense of hummer he's suppose to be evil and he lookes fake to.
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on October 31, 2003
i rented out nightmare coz i woz told that it woz a masterpiece.
The blood looked like apple juice, freddy got out smarted which does not usally happen as i have seen sequels 3,4,5. The ending is retarded, the music retro which is rubbishly old. If u r thinking of renting or buying the disasterpiece DONT!
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on November 10, 2000
This movie was not the least bit scary. The effects where lame and the story line was weak. The ending also made no sense whatsoever. That is why it desearves 1 star
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on November 1, 2008
I love this movie so much that I dressed up as Freddy Krueger for Halloween
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on June 27, 2004
Ok, let me get this straight right now. I am 15 years old. While I do know that the film had a small budget, and I tell you I was impressed with a lot of the special effects (Especially for the time it was made and budget) the acting just ruined it for me. It was not scary to me at all. The gimmick of Freddy killing people in their dreams was pretty cool. Sadly, it just fell apart. The dreams were really not that, well, dreamy. The end just fell apart as well. This was an ok film. Maybe it was because I bought this with Texas Chainsaw Massacre. But I think the movie was ruined because of one reason.
Everybody started to like Freddy. Can you really be afraid of a figure that appears as a friend?
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