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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on June 2, 2016
Good service and great dvd.
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on March 9, 2016
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on December 2, 2015
The one I have is from England and cannot be played in Canada. wrote to Amazon and they never bothered to respond.
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on May 30, 2013
My friend asked me to order this for her as she's a fan of the book & the movie.

She said the DVD works well, there were no issues. Overall she told me to give it a 4/5.
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on July 19, 2004
The film was dissected by most critics, but I have always enjoyed it. The stars; Christopher Atkins and Brooke Shields shine in their youthful beauty and performances. The movie was banned in Oslo when it opened in 1980, but it played to full houses in the provinces. The docu on this DVD is good, but the sound is not on par with the movie.
I think the critics at the time was embaressed by its sensual frankness and therefor tried to "kill it". It was a huge hit though and still is a film you should see with your loved-one:-)
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on July 19, 2004
I remember that it was banned in Oslo when it came in 1980, but we saw it out of town hehehe. The DVD is perfect. The cinematgraphy and music as good as it gets. The film was dissected by critics, but I think at the time it was strong stuff to see sexual frankness from a major Hollywood studio. Christopher Atkins and Brooke Shields are both at their best in this film. It is the perfect film for two people in the beginning of their love-affair.
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on March 9, 2004
What if a man is not influenced by any thoughts of others and stays totally isolate of all human hypocrisy? What if a man has only nature around him and nothing else to prejudice his sense of right and wrong? This is exactly what this movie is all about.
Two children, stranded in an island, form their own set of ethics and they have to with no adults around. Their lives, as the Director wishes to convey, are a voyage of discovery. They discover the best food to survive on, they discover the places they should not visit, they discover adoloscence, they discover the rebellion of the teenage, they discover love, they discover passion, they discover the joys of family and finally, the irony of life. They have nothing to influence their discovery and that, in itself makes the movie an adventure and enchanting.
This is one movie that's a must in all collections.
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on March 7, 2004
I had seen this movie in theater on its day of release..June 20 1980..In matter of fact at the very first showing..I was then a month away from 14..And like every boy my age i was captivated by this young teen beauty..Still as captivating today as it was then..To say this film is beautifully filmed is a massive understatement..And the DvD only heightens the exsperiance..I still wish they would release the original i believe from the 1940s..It is said that this is somewhat based on a true story of 2 children a boy and a girl who become stranded on a island..And grow up there together..When they hit teenage years they fall in love..There was much scandel about this being their age..But what these so called critics failed to mention in all that hoopla is that they grew up on the island..And didn't know how to deal with things such as puberty & sex..So they depended on their God given instincts..The movie is well acted by both Brooke and Christopher..And is a 1980s must if you are a collector of 80s movies..But sad to say there is some drawbacks on dvd *none of which are the movie itself..The movie is more then 5 stars*..And the scene of Brooke's Midnight Hour Swim in the Moonlight is erotic and i remember just heightened how much i was into her back in 1980..This scene is more then pure Magic and Mystical..
Pure Fantasy at its finest..As Brooke swims laser lights dance with her in the water..Now that is what you call Paradise a Oasis..And listen to Brooke's commentary for more secrets about that ever CLASSIC scene..
They are involved with the extras..The "Original Featurette" is in very pitiful terrible shape..And worse yet when it plays it stays on the "title" fuction so you can't even check into the running time of the featurette..The featurette is soooo hard to watch coz of the poor quality i never got more then 3 minutes into it..It looks like the footage is 100 years old..Shame on them for calling this a featurette..This great movie deserves soooo much better then this..The same with the "Theatrical Trailor" even though that did bring back memories of seeing that same trailor back in 1980 and it then made us know about the movie and the following weekend went to see it..And it is one of those double sided dvds which i find to be a real pain..They are hard to take care of ect ect ect..But don't let this all stop you from seeing this great film..
But there is some great extras too..There are 2 different commentaries that you can listen to while viewing the film..1 is with Christopher and the other one is with Brooke..Wish they would have had them together instead of separate..Both comm are very fun to listen to..And the memories they share are priceless as well..They try to make you feel like you were there with them..Listen to both mostly the Brooke one *which of course is my fav*..
I wish they would rerelease this in the theater coz to see it again on the big silver screen would be the ultimate..1980 was a year of 2 movies like that "Windwalker" and this movie..Filmwork at its finest..Get this dvd and relive the Magic..If you never seen it get it and be introduced to a 1980s movie that set the decade..And meet Brooke at Midnight In The Oasis..I Know I WiLL..
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on March 4, 2004
I was like 10 when I first watch this movie. I rememeber I loved it so much. now ten years later, I watch the movie again. I must admit the acting isn't exactly perfect but for newcomers, they tried their best. I still love. The love scene seems a bit forceful though. I guess its because it is an old movie. I would still recommend to those who haven't seen this movie to go out and buy or rent it. you won't regret it. two beautiful teenagers stranded on a beautifu deserted island, what more can you ask for.
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on February 16, 2004
I saw this movie several years ago when I was a lot younger. I remember I liked it quite a bit but was sad in the end when I thought they had eaten the poisonous berries and died. Now I guess according to some reviewers they were not really dead?--Well I hope that's the case but I guess it really doesn't matter either way. Brooke Shields is absolutely beautiful in this movie and does a wonderful job in this role played opposite Christopher Atkins (who is not too bad himself.)It's basically about 2 kids (a boy and a girl)that accidentally get left behind on an Island and end up growing up there together. Since they hadn't learned much about sexuality prior to their being stranded there they have to discover it for themselves. And before too much longer there is a baby!---Much to their surprise! The neat thing about the movie besides the beatiful Brooke and the beautiful secenery is that it is about the innocence of two young children and how they have to make it on their own on a deserted island. We get to see some of the things they go through (some of their "growing up"). It makes for an intersting movie that is somewhat stimulating if I may say so. It's a neat story with some great footage. Everyone should see it at least once. I have just ordered a copy so I can watch it again. And again...and again..... You really should see this one for yourself.
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