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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on October 28, 2003
But "Bricolage" bares a review from me! I heard Amon Tobin's Bridges on the AstoBar CD from Water Music Records and was like, "HMMM"...but it didn't impress me enough to go out and by any of his stuff. It was not until my utter boredom with today's so-called electronica and my sudden revelation that my compilation CDs really aren't all that great, that forced me to sample other "alternatives" of music. Amon Tobin was the first person to come to mind. After sampling only :30 of his stuff online and at my favorite record store (really not enough time to get a true feel for a CD--Amazon, you guys should extend samples to at least a minute--but, I digress!), I was like "Oh, No! Cheerleader music!" Taking a dare, I went ahead and got "Bricolage" and I haven't stopped listening to it since its purchase. I was shocked to realize that Amon Tobin wasn't a bunch of recycled, mainstream crap that you hear on teen movie soundtracks and video games, but instead a cacophony of utter brilliance from every music genre out there! The man utilizes so many styles of music together that it makes your head spin! Why didn't I get hip to this guy sooner?!?!! I'll go down the list of what I think of each song, bare with me:

1. Stoney Street- an amazing jazz selection!
2. Easy Muffin- takes you on a journey into trip-hop!
3. Yasawas- an ambient groove that Tobin masters very well!
4. Creatures- OK, this song is creepy, but in a good way!
5. Chomp Samba- this song is creepy, too, and full of octane!
6. The New York Editor- cute lil' stroll along number! Love it!
7. Defocus- inspired weirdness!
8. The Nasty- is just that..."nasty!"
9. Bitter & Twisted- OMIGOD!!! THE BEST SONG ON HERE!!!! Dig the bass line!
10. Wires & Snakes- OMIGOD!!! THE 2ND BEST SONG ON HERE!!
11. One Day In My Garden- Is that Bossa Nova I hear, mixed with D&B?
12. Dream Sequence- They're baaaaaaaaaaack!!!!!!!!!!!!!
13. One Small Step- experimental genius!
14. Mission- High Voltage finale!!!
I don't think there's a song on "Bricolage" that I skip, because I usually can "feel" them all! Amon Tobin is a genius, right up there with the likes of Matthew Herbert, Boards of Canada and Mr. Scruff as far as mastering styles of music as if he was the originator. I also bought "Supermodified", and heard "Permutation" and his most recent release is pretty good--both of which I shall get, no doubt! I'm glad I got hip to Tobin--the guy is really the SHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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on January 14, 2001
First off, while my introduction to Ninja Tune was courtest of "Cold Krush Cuts," this is the first Ninja Tune disc that I picked up. And yes, this is what started my love affair with that label. The first time I heard "Stoney Street," (this CD's first track) I had to own a copy. As on his other albums, Tobin creates a surreal, teeth-grinding headtrip of dicey syncopation, unconventional rhythmic strategies, and creepy-crawly melodies, constructing unpredictable songs from both an eclectic batch of samples (both musical and vocal) and clever programming. Defying the easy pigeon-holing of genre, this CD is at times like jazz ("The New York Editor"), at times like drum-n-bass ("One Small Step"), at times IDM'ish ("Bitter & Twisted"), at times a happy whateveryouwanttocallit ("One Day In My Garden"), and at times refreshingly, comfortingly unfamiliar ("Wires & Snakes") -- and meanwhile, it's none of these things. (And to think, I bought it for "Stoney Street"...) Unpretensiously sophisticated and morbidly comic, this album is a real gem -- a truly lasting find and while you may not listen to it everyday, it'll become difficult to go long without it. In terms of mood, you can certainly dance to it, but you'll feel equally comfortable popping it into your stereo and letting run its own ambient course while you have a drink with friends and discuss the quote by Levi Strauss included in the linder notes.
So, if you're looking for a CD that pulls off a fusion of jazz and/or samba rhythms with EDM *or* already enjoy the sphere of (say...) intelligent DNB (such as Photek), this may very well be the perfect CD for you.
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on April 29, 1999
Rarely does an album come along that breaks new boundries and pushes the envelope. The first time I heard this album I was for lack of a better word I was speachless. Truely beatiful textures and tones are only complimented by the hard breaks and inovative drum work. In reading some interviews I learned that all this album was made with Qbase on an old mac and a sampler. The planing and time this must of took blows my mind. So many time in the recently developed and some what pretensious DJ scene, one must listen to album after album to find any thing original and fresh. I was quite inspired to hear Amon Tobins album. Bricolage is evedince that music will still continue to evolve and progress as an artform. The technology and talent equation sometime is often subtracted by hype and divided by ego. I am glad to see that a few individuals are still able to equate technology+talent to = music.
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on February 27, 2001
supermodified was one of the best albums i ever baught and when i found this one at the local record store i picked it up instantly and popped it into the cd player in my car on the ride home. The first song really impressed me. Tobin seemed to have given up his typical drill style. "Stoney Street" is a excillent well peoduced acid jazz track. "Easy Muffin" is a masterpiece. but then the CD took an unuasal turn and the songs became so intense and fast that I was a little trown aback. Many artists today make good drill and base music (Squarepusher, Clifford Gilberto et all) and i love them for it. But here I feel Tobin got slightly more carried away then he needed to. Hadrcore tobin fans will thrive on this one but first timers should be slightly aware this is not is best work..most optimisticly i can state its avrage.
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on August 21, 2000
If you've perchance stumbled across this page and haven't heard this CD, its actually much more of an improvement for the world than sliced bread.....
Amon Tobin and his Ninja Tune labelmates have reinvigorated not just the electronic scence/sound, but are pushing ahead jazz-- which is a move that no one would think could happen. Tobin samples from among the widest spectrum of sources that any compositional artist has, and then combines this with occasionally pounding but occasionally subtle backbeats that results in a music that is both human and non-human, live and contrived....
Just do yourself a favor and buy this CD-- and all of his others (including Adventures in Foam-- recorded under the name Cujo). Honestly, I wonder if anyone has ever listened to Tobin and not thought him brilliant?
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on June 16, 2001
I was in a coffee house a while back listening to all this mind blowing music in the background. There were so many variations from one tune to the next. One song was like a haunted, latin drum and bass carnival (chomp samba, my fav)while another tune was so smooth and minimal. I finally had to ask the the guy behind the counter if he was playing a compilation from his personal collection. When he told me it was Amon Tobin I had to get it. I took this cd on a road trip and played it practically nonstop while driving. It was excellent! There are so many styles and influences - all relative on one cd by one artist. Jazz, acid jazz, bossa nova, drum n' bass. This guy is talented. #14 (mission) has got to be one of the most innovative tunes I have heard in a long time (hideouskinky!). Check it out.
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on July 10, 2000
Amon Tobin, to me, sticks out as one of those electronic artists who has such a unique sound that you can tell it is him instantly. Bricolage does and will forever stand as the quintessential Tobin album (although I do find the new supermodified to be just as good if not better). I knew how good "Bricolage" was since most artists put the best songs as track #1,2, maybe 5. Thus as I heard this album for the first time, I remember running upon "wires and snakes" and "one day in my garden." Never had two songs so wonderfully meshed together to form utter darkness, then transform into euphoric pleasure for the ears. Like I continually say, Amon Tobin is about the only that can come close to challenging Tom Jenkinson to Drum and bAss supremecy, this album shows why.
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on August 1, 2001
I had first heard of my now favorite artist from a movie that i saw. It was Menikmati, a skateboarding movie from eS, and i had to know about the music tracks. I looked them up, and two of them were "Sultan Drops" (from Permutation) and "Slowly" (from Supermodified). I immediately ran out to the store and bought whatever of his i could find, and was not disappointed! he is absolutely the most talented artist I've ever heard of, mostly because every track is different. On Bricolage, "Stoney Street" and "The New York Editor" are jazz, "Easy Muffin" and "Yasawas" are smooth mellow techno, "Chomp Samba" is drum 'n' bass, and there are many more styles i can't think of.
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on March 30, 2003
I bought Bricolage and Supermodified together, after downloading a few of Amon Tobin's songs. They both have extremely similar track layouts, that is, they start out with about 4 really solid songs, then they become generously more abstract, and then turn slightly more solid again. Personally, I adore the first four tracks on both, but that's not to say that the rest of the album isn't good. I'd compare Amon Tobin's more abstract songs with something like Nobukazu Takemura or Melodie, though maybe not THAT abstract...
If you've heard Supermodified but not Bricolage, Bricolage is similar but with darker undertones. Both are stunning works, resulting in my now considering Amon Tobin one of my favourite techno artists of all time.
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on July 19, 2000
Bricolage molds together great samples of old jazz records and drums in interesting ways to make a sort of electronic/jazz fusion. The first song is a great one for the opening, it gets right into his unique style, lots of subtle drum programming and subsonic bass with a sparse melodic line. Songs also get into the drum and bass realm often, and sometimes into brazilian and latin flavors. I find this album hard to listen to though, after 5 tracks it starts becoming a bit more of a chore than a pleasure to listen to it, most likely due to the very repetetive feel. The songs sound pretty different but it's all got a very...Amon feel to it. Some people will probably dig on that more than I though.
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