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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on June 1, 2016
Perfect, and a great cd for my best friends birthday he loves it he plays alot if you are a die hard fan of Iron Maiden and you dont have this album go buy itys essenation to your iron maiden collection.
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on November 28, 2002
This is the all time classic Maiden Album. Even the artwork is my favourite out of all their albums. The full spectrum of music from driving metal to entrancing harmonies create an incedible listening atmosphere. The entire band's performance is 5 star with the MVP being shared by Bruce and Nicko.
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on May 8, 2013
Gathering together all 8 or the released picture disc vinyl commemorating the 2013 UK tour. Now I can finally have a completed collection of these fabulous pieces of art work on both the large album covers and the printed art on the vinyl itself. Great item for any Iron Maiden fan. Unfortunately I do not have a record player to play these at this time and enjoy their original sound as was intended at this time.

This album and Somewhere In Time were some of their last great works with such amazing artwork that went with it. I like their older stuff as well but I have to admit these were two of my favorite albums they did.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon December 1, 2007
After experimenting with synthetizers on 1986's "Somewhere In Time" a progressive album,Iron Maiden releases the last of their classic albums with "Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son" and goes even further in the progressive sound with this release.They were influenced by Rush on this one borrowing much of the progressive rock sound,and they fused it witth Heavy Metal beautifully.SSOASS is also a concept album based on Orson Scott Card's "Seventh Son" book,wich was released in 1987 since then the book has gotten many sequels and it takes much of the same story as the book and put them into their song lyrics and this is definatly an intellectual album,Steve Harris really chose a great story and made converted it into an album that can now be considered as some of his best work.Each song on the album tells a part of the story about a child born with clairvoyant powers and if you can understand what happens in each song you will be able to enjoy this album better.This is sadly the last of the classic lineup's 4 albums,four incredible albums that you have to get.

The songs on the album are generally great and some of them really stand out here is the songs and the story behind them that might not know about.First up is the incredible opener "Moonchild" is about the devil plaguing the seventh son's mother its a song with a chorus that will get stuck in your head and a fast tempo.Next is "Infinite Dreams" is about dreams and imagination that the father of the seventh son has,its slower nearly ballad song filled with tempo changes,a song that i didn't like at first but i have growned to love so much that its one of my favourite song on the album.Track three,"Can I Play With Madness",about once again the father of the seventh son,this time being angry at some prophet for not telling him his future,it was the comercial song on the album and was their hit at the time,but its actually the song that i consider to be the worst on the album!Its good but i beleve its not as great as the rest and i just don't like it much."The Evil That Men Do" is a gem,its about the making of the son and in my opinion Bruce really shines on vocals here,a simple chorus and a great strong structure."Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son" is about the birth of the seventh son and his already written future,the title track of the album is a long epic song that is one of Maiden's most impressive songs and technically amazing."The Prophecy" is about the seventh son predicting a disaster to a nearby village that refuses to beleve him,now that the bad is done he can laugh at them."The Clairvoyant" is about the visions of the seventh son as they destroy his life,one of my personnal favourite Maiden songs and my favourite song on SSOASS.The closer "Only The Good Die Young" is about the seventh son commiting suicide as he can't take it anymore,underrated but good.

Overral its a very deep,dark and absolutely terrific album.Its my favourite Iron Maiden album and one that i would recommend to everyone even a newbie.Still if you are new to the band i would recommend you get either "The Number Of The Beast" or "Piece Of Mind",otherwise go ahed and get this album its extremely good and i just love it.Being a concept album some fans were against it,but Maiden made it work to their advantage to create one of their best albums.Its a brilliant piece of work in the history of rock and there have not been any album of its genre since,at least i think,the album itself is unerrated.This album has it all: a great story,terrific songs,talented musicians,intellectual lyrics and it gets the highest rating i can give 5 stars,i can't give it more unfortunaly...
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on July 26, 2004
Iron Maiden's first and only one true concept album. Every song is there for a reason and the album couldn't stand the loss of one of them. It's just one piece from the very beginning until the very end.
1-Moonchild : Great intro with keyboards. It just prepares you for the excellence. 10/10
2-Infinite dreams : In the same vein as Revelations. Brilliant. 10/10
3-Can I play with madness : The commercial song of the album. But still has its place on a "serious" album. Catchy, very 80's sounding but is still good today. 9/10
4-The evil that men do : A great rocker and a great chorus. 9/10
5-7th son of a 7th son : A 10 minute long epic that sums all of the best things in this album (and in Maiden). A masterpiece very close to Rime of the ancient mariner, great instrumental break. 10/10
6-The prophecy : A very heavy and dark chorus with great voices by Bruce and a beautiful acoustic outro. 9/10
7-The clairvoyant : The other "commercial" song of the album. Great guitar work during the verses. Catchy. 9/10
8-Only the good die young : Closes the album in a great way, as good as Moonchild did open it. 9/10
Individually not the strongest album. But you have to look at the ensemble to see how genius this is. The ultimate Iron Maiden album. The ultimate heavy metal album. The ultimate album. This is the one I would like to be buried with.
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on June 12, 2004
This was their best album overall when it was released, the most complete and also the best individuall songs.
The singer Bruce Dickinson have never been better than here, singing totally perfect through every song.
Maiden is a group so Dickinson isnt the whole music, but its true that hes voice lifts up the songs.. they would not be the same without him.
"Somewhere In Time" may have better guitar solos or "Powerslave" may have better riffs but this album is totally their most perfect work together with the newer "Brave New World".
Now you understand why I choosed the title "Maiden reach their limit for the First time".. they have done it again with "Brave New World" from 2000, but this was the first time they played so good that it couldnt be better.
Moonchild starts the album with some cool synths and the tempo is high and the atmosphere is great, and a great underrated guitar solo too.
The second song is "Infinite Dreams" which have the best beginning ive ever heard from Maiden.. im talking about the first verses and the chorus which is the best part of the album.
I dont like the instrumental middle part soo much but its okay.. the song would be better if they made one more chorus, its only two choruses, one in the beginning and one in the end.
"Can I Play With Madness" have a great chorus but its the verses is not good.
"The Evil That Men Do" is another song with a great atmosphere and the solo is good but too short..
The title track is almost 10minute with verses the first half and an instrumental part the second half.
"The Prophecy" is underrated and one of my absolute favourite songs with I.M
The album ends with "Clairvoyant" and "Only the good die young", fantastic atmospheres in the verses but not so extremly good guitar solos.
The sound on the album is dark, darker than all other Maiden albums, except Can I Play With Madness which is more a "happy" sound.. and with great (you guessed it) atmosphere in all songs
I cant get tired of this album
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One of my favorite Iron Maiden albums, grew up listening to this. I am always wary of picture vinyl LP's as they can sometimes introduce artifacts into the surface that make it sound old (pops and clicks). This one at the first track 'Moonchild' had a lot of imperfections which caused it to have pops and clicks, but they stopped about a 3rd into the first song. Picture LP's are awesome, but you have to expect issues sometimes. I have many versions of these, these are the best so far.
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on May 11, 2005
Not alot to say but a must for any iron maiden fan or any metal fan for that matter. Probably the most underrated cd maiden has released. It's title track is epic. One of my favorite songs ever and probably maidens most underrated song. The instrumental part at the end can't have been better. "The Evil That Men Do" is also a good song and has very interesting not very maiden lyrics. "Can I Play With Madness" is definitly the rocker of the bunch and probably the only song a regular maiden would've heard of on this cd.
DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THE LACK OF HITS. Though it might not be the most popular album it is right up there with number of the beast which I might add is also definitly worth looking at.
A good buy.
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on October 5, 2014
Good as picture discs go. quality - not so much. if you plan on listening to these at all. dont get the picture discs, get the 180g black. the difference in quality is like a bad VHS recording compared to a mint blu ray. IMO not even listen enable to on picture disc. mind you i only had this and 2 others. all the same issues.

i like the artwork and picture disc. i just don't know why they make the quality so terrible. i have a boston picture disc that sounds awesome. so no reason it cant be done. and for this price. 8 songs.. not at all worth it . charge 15 max 20 each and then maybe as is. overpriced and i wont be getting another maiden picture disc
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on May 30, 2004
There was a bit of doubt in my mind when buying this, but seeming as though I'm a huge Maiden fan, I bought it over a Morbid Angel cd I was looking at on the same day. The band needs no introduction, but the musicianship on this cd really stands out above the other cds of the same era. Guitarwise, this is easily the most creative thing that Maiden has ever done, including Powerslave. Dave and Adrian play quite fast, the solos are fantastic and the riffs are leaning to a progressive side of things. They really excelled themselves with this release. The bass is, as always fantastic, but the bass is one of the instruments that really cane past efforts, Steve Harris is just awesome here, he plays extremely fast for a bassist. He also arranged the keyboard pieces for this album and did it quite nicely, they are not too evident, yet they create a nice backdrop for the guitar melodies. Vocally, Bruce is great, lyrically, he's amazing, writing a concept album about the powers of a child associated with the numbers 777 through being the seventh son of a seventh son. His voice is very good here as well. I can't remember too well, but I'm pretty sure it as Nicko on the drums here, they are excellent as well, very precise and impressive.
Songwise, the standout tracks would have to extend to the whole album, each and every track has something different and pleasing to offer, the more well known ones being Can I Play With Madness and Clairevoyance. Most of the songs are very epic, such as Infinite dreams and Seventh Son of a Seventh Son. Others are faster and riff based, such as The Evil That Men Do and Moonchild. I'm just so happy with this album. I listen to this at least once a week and I've had it for several years, I'm pretty sure it was Formulas Fatal to the Flesh that I had to put down for this cd. Lucky, FFttF was a big dissapointment.
Easily a 10/10, the seventh (is that a coincidence?) release from Iron Maiden, the original gods of metal. Very Highly recommended, this should be on the top of your list.
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