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4.1 out of 5 stars213
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on April 12, 2004
This pantera album is the heaviest out of all the pantera albums I have. This album is very brutal and awesome. Every song is great, not one bad song; not to mention the cover is pretty hardcore itself. Here's my ranking of each song from 1 to 10 (10 being great and 1 being awful)
1. Hellbound--9/10-awesome openner; it is deafening and rowdy
2. Godda** Electric--8/10-my least favorite, however that does not mean I don't like this song; it is a very good song. Really raw and heavy.
3. Yesterday Don't Mean S***--9/10-fast, heavy, aggressive, all the qualities that a good heavy metal song should have.
4. You've Got To Belong To It--10/10-incredible song, it really kicks your @$$.
5. Revolution Is My Name--10/10-one of my favorite songs. amazing drum rhythms.
6. Death Rattle--10/10-another favorite, this song is extremely fast and extremely brutal.
7. We'll Gring That Axe For A Long Time--9/10-killer song!!
8. Uplift--9/10-another killer kick-@$$ song!
9. It Makes Them Disappear--9/10-another brutal song, very gutteral.
10. I'll Cast A Shadow--9.5/10-fantastic closer, fun to headbang to.
I don't know why a few people put this album down, this is a tremendous metal album!!
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on January 28, 2004
My only gripe with STEEL is the lackluster lyrical content, (mostly drug-related nonsense) but other than that, this record kicks major ass as only these Dallas Cowboys from Hell can! The production is crystal clear, Vinnie's drums are bigger than Texas, Dime's guitars are heavier than molten iron, Rex's bass sounds like a bass and rhythm guitar playing at the same time (AMAZING!), and Drill Sergeant Phil lays down the law in this heavy metal boot camp!
Ten tracks with blast beats that remind you of salvo after salvo of enemy machine gun fire, guitar solos that shred your
soul into a billion trillion fragments, grinding riffs from the
deepest chasms of Gehenna, punch-you-in-the-jaw-and-
break-all-your-teeth vocal delivery, a sonic and athletic performance that Metalli-crap and the rest couldn't match to save their life (I dare say, not even Slayer/Death Metal)... but only the lyrics don't do me justice. But
that's okay because STEEL, like all true masterpieces, have at least one flaw that actually gives the work its beauty, no matter how twisted that may sound.
We all found out the ugly truth about Metallica even as far
back as '91: they are only in it for the money. Pantera came
as the "messiah" of all that is good and pure about heavy
metal. And, (gasp) believe it or not, these guys actually
appreciate their fans! (well at least Vinnie and Dime do)
It's too bad these guys had to break up. It wasn't Phil's
fault or anyone else's fault. It was drugs. Vinnie and Dime
know the truth about drugs but Phil is enslaved by heroin
and thinks anyone who does not use is less than human. That's
bulls*** bigger than Texas. (hell, even the whole damn
South!) But Pantera made the best damn heavy metal in all of
God's green earth and NOTHING can take that away.
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on January 4, 2004
Pantera didn't miss a beat when they made Reinventing The Steel. I got this record for Christmas and I knew that I would not be disappointed when I put this record in my stereo. This record made me a Pantera fan. Reinventing The Steel was my first Pantera cd. This Record is fast, and brutal. All around, this record is amazing. Songs like "Death Radel" "Revolution Is My Name" and "God damn Electric" are great songs that make this album a classic. If you are a Pantera fan or you are discovering Pantera. I suggest you go down to your local record store, or any electronic store that sells cd's and pick up Pantera's Reinventing The Steel. You won't be disappointed with this record. If this is the very last cd Pantera will ever make. We'll I say that they did an amazing job on this record. Dimebags solos are amazing, Phil's energy on the record is excellent, Vinnie goes crazy on the drums, and Rex is kicking some butt like always on bass. Pick up Reinventing The Steel. You won't be disappointed. I can gurantee you that.
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on January 3, 2004
At first listen Reinventing The Steel somehow sounds different than their other albums. I would rank it up there with Vulgar Display of Power. "Hellbound" starts the album out with a grinding riff and not over the course of its ten songs does it ever let up. "G*damn Electric" mentions trust in Black Sabbath and Slayer, "Yesterday Don't Mean Sh**" and "You've Got To Belong To It" are bad to the bone thrashers. "Revolution Is My Name" is an excellent hit with some great lyrics by Phil. "We'll Grind That Axe For A Long Time" is a good and "It Makes Them Disappear" is my favorite song on the album. It is strange that this is Pantera's last album. Lately they have not been getting along. Phil left with Rex to do other projects in the band Down and Superjoint Ritual. While Dimebag and Vinnie Paul have teamed up to form Damage Plan. It isn't official that this will be the last Pantera album, but if Reinventing The Steel is their last, its a damn good way to bow out.
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on June 3, 2003
In response to that corny Evildead reviewer. The CRUNCH of guitar riffs are what annoy me. I'm not talking about the strange Black Sabbath-esque squealing noises. I think it takes a lot of talent to play those sounds. But it doesn't matter to me how much talent it takes to play them. I was hoping to hear music that would appeal to me, not what does not appeal to me.
If you seriously think that these weird guitar sqealings and how much talent for playing instruments Pantera has is going to increase my enjoying the music, There is something wrong with you. Also, why are you saying that I should TRY to play these noises? You need to understand the talent for playing intruments any given band maintains is not going to help me rate music. The only talent I bring into the mix is "talent for making good music" (I've given Trust Company 5 stars, and Pantera has a lot more instrumental talent then them). I do not find these squealing noises terribly interesting, therefore preventing me from having any interest to try and play them.
Also, the only band that has ever been the least bit consistant by staying sticking to formula is Slayer (not that I'm a huge fan). Pantera doesn't even come close.
Don't even bother with this. awful stuff
overall rating 1.1 (rounded to 1)
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on May 2, 2003
Here is the deal
If you liked pantera albums that came out after the vulgar album, then you should like this. However if you stopped listening to them for a few years and picked them up at this point, I could see where you might be expecting something else. Hello! Pantera has had a many good albums since vulgar, and they have been forever changing their style. This is a good thing! People are stupid sometimes when it comes to rock bands, if the band changes their style too much, they are labeled a sell out, or people just complain in general about the change, if the band doesn't change their style, people complain they sound the same and are washed up. That's a lose/lose situation. I think it would be better to change and fail at that then labeled washed up. I once seen a guy at a pantera concert tell me they haven't had a good album since vulgar. Heck, one of my favorite songs from them is "becoming" and its not on vulgar!
Anyway, I will admit this album is not their best, It did take me a couple listening, but I most say this is a pretty good album, and their last. Some people mentioned problems with the lyrics, all I have to say to them is you try putting out as many albums Phil (including superjoint, and down) and still try to remain fresh, the lyrics aren't that bad, and very catchy!
In reference to someone who talked about Darrel's guitar being aggravating: JUST TRY AND PLAY IT BUDDY! dime does a lot of weird sounds and things some people consider noise. I think these things are what keeps his playing original, he still stands out in a guitar crowd! when I said play it, I mean it, some of you should sit down with a guitar and try and duplicate some of the things he does, till then you will never appreciate him!
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on April 13, 2003
Before I begin, I would like to mention that I am burnt out with Pantera these days. "Vulgar Display Of Power" was a great album at first, but the music got REALLY old. Their concert CD had quite a negitive impact on my stance with Pantera in general. Filled with yelling interludes about trends and how they are kings of metal and all that nonsense coming from the annoying voice of Phil Anselmo, I immedietely lost all my respect for the band.
Simply put, this album would be more appropriate if it were just a really bad autobiography of the band. "Yesterday..." is a track condemning everyone initially turned off by their music. In particular, the lyrics tell that the genesis of Pantera (glam rock band without a trace of the style used by them now) is irrelevant to the fact that they are still "brutal metal music", and that the people that say they are fakes or posers due to their past, should forget about it and see what they are now as opposed to before. The song could've given an accurate and completely defensive message to those to only pay attention to their history and backround and not their music. Unfortunetely, due to Phil Anselmo's arrogance and fixed pursuit of being hardcore and tough (even though he was only in 2 of the albums made during their glam era, before turning it around), it remains a blatant attempt to try and keep people from questioning his masculinity. Besides, I've heard that they beat down fans or interviewers who ask about their glam period, proving that they have not yet gotten over their involvement with it. You could argue that they abuse these people in order to try and snap them out of their questions of the past and to make them look at the present, but the way I see it, they have remember that the past doesn't mean anything.
"Goddamn Electric" has references to Black Sabbath and Slayer, and is just a track basically telling you to be laid back and to enjoy life.
I've only commented lyrics up to this point in my review, and there is good reason for it. The music here serves no real purpose but to just fill up the backround. If there is a track telling you to be laid-back and to enjoy life, then perhaps the "intense and brutal" guitar riffs are woefully out of place. For good measure, writing a song addressed to fans telling them who they are and to accept them for who they are and what they do is fine. But putting these loud guitar-noises in the backround to it, and even screaming is just over-reacting.
Lyrics aside, the music is a mixture of Far Beyond Driven and Cowboys From Hell. Dimebag's guitar-riffs are grating and annoying. In "Vulgar Display Of Power", they were smooth, but not incredibly heavy, but this just sounds awful. I can't help but compare them to earlier Slipknot's guitar riffs. Guitar solos are nothing special. Vinnie Paul was always a great drummer, so I don't find his work here to be too shabby at all. But Phil Anselmo sounds just the same as always with his unskilled, throaty screaming, and awful singing.
The songs here are just pitiful. Lyrical emphasis is good for rap music, but it certainly isn't here. If you want anything from Pantera, I would suggest you stick with Cowboys From Hell and Vulgar Display Of Power. Hell, maybe even Far Beyond Driven. My perspnal recommendation to you is to stear clear of Pantera. Hypocritical, worn-out, and boring are keywords describing them. Not untalented by any stretch of imagination, but just annoying.
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on November 17, 2002
The first time I heard this CD, I enjoyed listening to it. Now its been years since I sold it. It continues Pantera's legacy with nothing new or spectacular. If you can't get enough of CDs like Vulgar Display of Power and Cowboys from Hell, you'll probably like this one. But you will probably find this one a dissapointment as I did.
If you think its too loud even though you really like heavy music, try melodic stuff like In Flames, Entombed, and Dark Tranquillity (can't go wrong with Sweden!).
If you think Reinventing the Steel wasn't too loud but it needed a new twist, try The Haunted or the new thrash movement led by Meshuggah ("Ebony Tears - Evil as Hell" & "Dog Faced Gods - Random Chaos Theory in Action" are good). Or for a nice nuMetal twist try American Head Charge or Ill Niño.
If you like Metallica better than Pantera, but want something new, Iced Earth might strike your fancy.
If your just reading this to find new ways to complain, try Britney Spears or the new Justin Timber-fied CD.
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on May 6, 2002
After the lackluster, profanity-laced Far Beyond Driven and the utter noise-fest of Trendkill, Pantera had bitten the hand that feeds. They had attempted to make each album successively heavier than the last, so they wouldn't sell out. Unfortunately, the albums escalated into 50-minute cacophonies. When 101% Live Proof came out, their fate was sealed, with softer tracks like Hollow and Cemetery Gates being butchered by the singing being replaced with Phil's recent being-beaten-to-death screaming habit. Or so some thought...
What people passed over were the two studio tracks included. They showed focus, catchiness, and POWER, all last seen on Vulgar Display. Did Pantera discover the secret?
Oh, Yeah!
Reinventing the Steel's title is misleading. Pantera are back doing the same old thing over again, except, they found a new way to become heavier. Already established as one of the leading thrash/grind metal bands on the scene, they discovered new ways to deepen the bruising nature of their music without sounding like they were tossing their respective instruments out onto a highway and recording the trucks run them over. RIS isn't able to light a flame to VDOP, their masterpiece, and CFH, their influential classic--but it is a good return. It isn't blasphemous like Slayer's newest, Pantera haven't sold out like Metallica, broken up like Megadeth, or faded away in disppointment like Sepultura. This album begins with a bang("Hellbound"), and Phil screams the chorus like a demon(he couldn't break the habit). Other awesome tracks are "Revolution Is My Name," which has an addictive main riff, "Death Rattle," with a death metal part at the end, and "Uplift," an all-around good song. The other tracks are also worth a listen. All deep-fried 100% 10-Ton Texas METAL!!! Purchase if you dare...
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on January 12, 2002
Revinventing the Steele is an above average album that slams with brutal guitar riffis, screaming vocals, and pounding double bass. What is wrong, is that this is all that can be said about the album. Pantera, alone, kept metal alive during the grunge era and put on one of the most intense shows known to mankind. It is unfortanety that they have been in decline, and I feel the end is coming. Reinventing rocks, but it has many flaws. Instead of creating great songs, Reinventing sounds like riffs that have been spliced together and turned into songs. It sounds that Dimebag recorded a bunch of riffs on a four track over the years and then pieced together the parts in a week. Dime's playing has not improved and almost sounds like a bad parody of himself in some points. If he can't figure out what to do with a riff, he puts in a crazy squeal or slide. This formula worked well on Far Beyond, but does not pull off well on this album. It sounds unfocused. Phil needs to start SINGING again. Now that everybody is ripping off Pantera, it is hard for them to seperate themselves from the rest. They need to focus, and work on writing good songs, as on Vulger, not just riffs and yelling. I do not think they are focusing though. When Pantera first put out Cowboys and Vulger, Phil was so animated and excited about the band. Now he can barely string two sentances together. Over the last three or so years, Pantera have been doing too many warm up ozzfest type shows. The last couple of times I saw them, they were almost too drunk to play. This is not the mighty machine is saw in 92 and 94. I love Pantera, but they need to take a short break, get some sleep, and need to put out an album, soon. Four years was way too long for this album
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