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3.8 out of 5 stars
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Whitney Houston has suddenly passed away at the tender age of 48. She has led a tumultuous life, with drug abuse, resulting in the ultimate sacrifice: the loss of her golden voice and her life. According to Tommy Mottola, the boss at Sony, he rightly said that Whitney Houston's voice at the beginning of her career was considered the golden standard, to be imitated by other singers that follow. Now that she is forever gone from us, if you are looking for one set of songs by Whitney Houston that best represented her input, this is the set.

This is a 2 CD set, released in 2000 under her original label Arista, has 18 songs in disc 1 and 18 songs in disc 2. The songs in disc 1 are the original studio versions of her greatest hits, while disc 2 contains many special remix, plus two rare treats: One Moment In Time and The Star Spangled Banner. The audio is well remastered. You can hear clearly all the different octaves in her singing...very fulfilling indeed.

During the late 80s and early 90s, Whitney Houston with angelic voice was simply unstoppable, as demonstrated by the following song listing in this set and their achievements:

You Give Good Love (#3/1985)
Saving All My Love For You (#1/1985)
Greatest Love Of All (#1 (3 weeks)/1986)
Didn't We Almost Have It All (#1 (2 weeks)/1987)
Where Do Broken Hearts Go (#1 (2 weeks)/1988)
All The Man That I Need (#1 (2 weeks)/1990)
Run To You (#31/1993)
I Have Nothing (#4/1993)
I Will Always Love You (#1 (14 weeks)/1992)
Exhale (Shoop Shoop)(#1 (1 week)/1995)
Why Does It Hurt So Bad (#26/1996)
I Believe In You And Me (#4/1996)
Heartbreak Hotel (#2/1998) featuring Faith Evans & Kelly Price
My Love Is Your Love (#4/1999)
Same Script, Different Cast (#70/2000) duet with Deborah Cox
Could I have This Kiss Forever (#52/2000) duet with Enrique Iglesias
One Moment In Time (#5/1988) used in NBC TV for the 1988 Summer Olympics
The Star Spangled Banner (#6/2001) recorded at Super Bowl XXV
I'm Every Woman (remix)(#4/1993)
Step By Step (remix)(#15/1997)
Queen Of The Night (remix)(#36/1993)
Love Will Save The Day (remix)(#9/1988)
I'm Your Baby Tonight (remix)(#1 (1 week)/1990)
So Emotional (remix)(#1 (1 week)/1987)
I Wanna Dance With Somebody (remix)(#1 (2 weeks)/1987)
How Will I Know (remix)(#1 (2 weeks)/1985)

I am sure that her label Arista will release a new package of her greatest hits (hopefully more complete with original studio versions only, including such omissions as Hold Me (with Teddy Pendergrass) and When You Believe (with Mariah Carey). Whitney Houston has a total of 41 charted hits on Billboard Hot 100. To have a complete Whitney Houston Singles Collection with both a and b-sides will require a box set, which will come eventually, when the record company wants to squeeze every last drop of $ from us. Until then, if you do not want to buy individual albums on CDs, this Greatest Hits set is the most complete so far. All these songs will bring us back to the height of her career, when her voice was simply heavenly and unstoppable. Highly recommended.


One week after Whitney's passing, the above disc has re-entered the Billboard 200 Album Chart at #6, while her previous chart-topper I Will Always Love You re-entered the Billboard Hot 100 at #7! In The Catalog Album Chart, Whitney's Greatest Hits reigned supreme, re-entering at Number 1, while her first album, Whitney, re-entered at Number 5 and The Bodyguard Soundtrack at Number 7. Amazing feat! I hope the above review is helpful to you.
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on May 6, 2004
Whitney Houston has been one of my favorites ever since I was 2 years old. I can't believe that I've been a fan of hers for the past 17 years. I remember how I used to play Whitney's ALL AT ONCE, which I had on the 45, constantly and I still have not yet gotten tired of it. This double disc album is beyond incredible and you all should add it to your collections.
From the album WHITNEY HOUSTON (1985). Not a favorite.
From the album WHITNEY HOUSTON (1985). I remember that this was the B-side to the ALL AT ONCE single. This song was also released as it's own single. This has been one of my favorites ever since I owned this one as the B-side to ALL AT ONCE.
From the album WHITNEY HOUSTON (1985). Definitely one of the best songs from Whitney and it will never die.
From the album WHITNEY HOUSTON (1985). As I said earlier, when I was two years old (this being in 1987), I owned this single on the original 45 and I used to play it on my kiddy record player constantly. It has always been a favorite of mine and it will never stop being a favorite of mine. Every time I hear this one, it takes me back to those days when I would play the 45 and mom and I would sing along with. Those memories will stay with me forever.
IF YOU SAY MY EYES ARE BEAUTIFUL (duet with Jermaine Jackson)
From the album WHITNEY (1987). Beautiful.
From the album WHITNEY (1987). One of Whit's best.
From the album I'M YOUR BABY TONIGHT (1990). Okay.
From the original motion picture soundtrack THE BODYGUARD (1992). One of the themes to Whitney's first major film role THE BODYGUARD. Outstandingly beautiful.
From the original motion picture soundtrack THE BODYGUARD (1992). This was the another one of THE BODYGUARD themes. Another beautiful song.
From the original motion picture soundtrack THE BODYGUARD (1992). This was the main theme for THE BODYGUARD. DOLLY PARTON originally did this classic ballad, but Whitney's version is the definitive killing machine version. Although some of us are sick of it, we all can't deny that this is a classic that is impossible to kill. The part I love the most is at the end when she hits that high note.
From the original motion picture soundtrack WAITING TO EXHALE (1995). I started to become less interested when Whitney got into the R&B stage.
From the original motion picture soundtrack WAITING TO EXHALE (1995). Okay.
From the original motion picture soundtrack THE PREACHER'S WIFE (1996). Great remake of the FOUR SEASONS' hit.
HEARTBREAK HOTEL (featuring Faith Evans & Kelly Price)
From the album MY LOVE IS YOUR LOVE (1998). At first, I never liked this one, but as the years went by, it really grew on me.
From the album MY LOVE IS YOUR LOVE (1998). Not great.
SAME SCRIPT, DIFFERENT CAST (featuring Deborah Cox)
Not good, but not bad.
COULD I HAVE THIS KISS FOREVER (METRO MIX) (featuring Enrique Iglesias)
From Enrique Iglesias' album ENRIQUE (2000). Not bad.
New song. Bad.
IF I TOLD YOU THAT (featuring George Michael)
New song. Great song. GEORGE MICHAEL is definitely my second favorite, behind MADONNA. Whitney decided to let George continue with his R&B experiments by joining her for this great song.
Original version from the album MY LOVE IS YOUR LOVE (1998). This version is much better than the album version. Great club remix.
Original version from the album MY LOVE IS YOUR LOVE (1998). Better than the album version.
HEARTBREAK HOTEL (HEX HECTOR MIX) (featuring Faith Evans & Kelly Price)
Original version from the album MY LOVE IS YOUR LOVE (1998). Not bad.
Original version from the original motion picture soundtrack THE BODYGUARD (1992). This song was originally recorded by the infamous CHAKA KHAN. Whitney brought it back for THE BODYGUARD and here's the remix of Whit's rendition. Not bad.
Original version from the original motion picture soundtrack THE BODYGUARD (1992). Not bad.
Original version from the original motion picture soundtrack THE BODYGUARD (1992). Do not remix a classic.
Original version from the album WHITNEY (1987). Okay.
Original version from the album I'M YOUR BABY TONIGHT (1990). Like I said, do not remix a classic.
Original version from the album WHITNEY (1987). Okay.
Original version from the album WHITNEY (1987). Okay.

Original version from the album WHITNEY HOUSTON (1985). The original is much better.

Original version from the album WHITNEY HOUSTON (1985). The original is much better.
From the 1988 Winter Olympics Games Album (1998). This is a heartbreaking song for me because it's another dedication to my late grandfather, who loved the song like you wouldn't believe. I cry my eyes out whenever I hear this.
performed live at SUPER BOWL XXV on 1/27/91. Beautiful.
Take my advice: just buy this incredible album and enjoy it.
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on January 20, 2004
I give the first disc 5 stars - all her great ballads, which is what she is truly famous for. I give the second disc 2 stars - the new material is nice, some of the mixes are nice, but ultimately a waste of time. The second disc should have been a remix album released seperately from this package. Instead the second disc should have been the original versions of these uptempo songs. Why buy a Greatest Hits album to get remixes? We want the originals, not other versions of the songs. Arista should have supplimented a remix album for the techno heads, but otherwise, the second disc gets little to no airplay in my stereo. The first disc is fabulous, all her big ballads, some great new songs. If the second disc was her normal uptempo hits, this would be a flawless collection. Instead, it's incredibly unbalanced. Listen to disc one, forget about disc two.
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on May 1, 2009
I'm not sure who came up with the track-listing for this collection (it could have been Whitney, Clive or anyone else at Arista) but this is a huge disservice to Whitney's fans in North America. The decision to not even include the original versions of her biggest up-tempo hits, and to instead to put remixes is just ridiculous and nothing more than an attempt to get people to go and buy her studio albums in addition to this collection.

The following hits are NOT in there regular form and instead, are remixed:

-It's Not Right But It's Okay
-I Learned From the Best
-Step by Step
-I'm Every Woman
-Queen of the Night
-Love Will Save the Day
-I'm Your Baby Tonight
-I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)
-How Will I Know
-So Emotional

How could they call this a greatest hits collection when the hit versions of these songs are not even on here? "It's Not Right but It's Okay" is an exception because the Thunderpuss remix did eclipse the original version. And the mix of "Love Will Save The Day" isn't dramatically different from the album version and it's actually better. It would be great if they had a third disc that was dedicated to the remixes (which don't get me wrong, are for the most part decent) and then still had the second disc keeping the songs in their original form.

I recommend getting the European version of this collection (Greatest Hits). It's a little pricey but it contains all of the original versions of the aforementioned hits (sans "Queen of the night", which is still in remix mode) and also contains 4 of the remixes ("It's Not Right, But It's Okay", "I Will Always Love You?, "Greatest Love Of All" and "I'm Your Baby Tonight"). That is how it should have been in every continent.

I gave this CD 2 stars because besides the MASSIVE omissions, it still showcases Whitney, who in my opinion is the greatest singer in pop history. Her voice is breathtaking and certainly in a league of it's own. She really can sing anything and tailor her amazing voice to basically any genre. She may have endured a lot of personal struggles but we shouldn't forget all of the great work she has done over the years.
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on June 29, 2004
From Cover to songs, her company has obtained and released a very good compilation. All the songs are timeless classic of Whitney. There are rare songs and I am glad that she didn't want to repeatedly release the songs again and again. It is a great way to consumers specially her fans, why would you buy a CD/2CD if they are exactly the same songs released in her old albums?
If you buy this CD and then you can truly tell people that you have "all" whitney songs. If you bought this and then tell people you don't like Whitney's songs then you have never liked her. If you bought this CD and then tell people you don't like what whitney does now, then you are a liar because how can you like her and now don't? as most songs are exactly from the previous albums.
The remixes are just a bonus. She doesnt have to give you that and you should appreciate it if you buy it. If you don't appreciate what she is doing, then please go ahead listen to something else. She didn't force you to buy her albums, you know!
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on April 4, 2004
[Original Review September 6, 2000] - Long dismissing Whitney's muzak as watered down R&B for mass appeal, her pre-hits collection 'My Love Is Your Love' burst like kinetic energy - voice full, grooves in abundance and at-the-core-emotion, plus, unusual for a Houston album, songs you actually want to remember [even, shockingly, Diane Warren's!] - she owed us the soul we've craved for years and finally delivered it. It was her first and only totally listenable collection. The problem we find with the 'Greatest Hits' collection is it's generally soporific first disc. Sub-titled 'Cool Down', it's slathered with much of the mucky, wan balladry she's [in]famous for. With only occasional glimpses of brilliance [e.g. 'Exhale', 'My Love Is Your Love'], sleep your way through disc one, and prepare for the boogie. Disc two ['Throw Down'] employs today's hottest mixers/producers [e.g. Hex Hector] and squeezes life back into the artistically dead [e.g. Junior Vasquez], resurrecting Whitney's hidden dance diva muse. One major misstep on disc two is the pretentious, overblown 'Star Spangled Banner' from Super Bowl XXI, a dirge that should have been banished to disc one, and it remains the squalor that keeps disc two from the A- it almost deserves. My grade: Cool Down: C; Throw Down: B+; Overall: B
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on February 3, 2004
Greetings from beautiful downtown Poughkeepsie!
My people! WHY are so many of you so hard on the 'Throw Down' CD? First of all, lets get the first one out of the way. Whitney's ballads, we know them, we love them, its a no brainer. Onto the 2nd CD...OK, for the purist, this would be a disappointment. And, OK - a few of the songs are a little lame. Overall though, these songs are fun! "Fine" is a nice funky melody. "Its not right, but its OK" is great! Whitney belting out "You were making a FOOOOL of MEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAOOOOH" in the middle of the building beat is worth the price of the CD alone. "My love is your love" - great driving beat!
"Step by Step", "I wanna dance with somebody", "so emotional"..all excellent remixes. Basically, most of the songs are great remixes that would sound great at any dance club, I found myself less interested in the songs that were not (or were barely) remixed (Love will save the day). And the truth is, although the melodies are somewhat different, the singing parts haven't been changed much from the originals so you can still sing along should you want to. You even get every "eh" that Whitney likes to throw in after her words. Now go the gym or go out for a walk, plug the 'throw down' cd into your walkman and enjoy!!
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on December 31, 2003
Whitney Houston has put together a "Greatest Hits" album that satisfies the ballad fan and the dance fan. With a two disc compillation-one called "Cool Down"-the ballads and the other "Throw Down"-the dance tunes, Whitney thinks she has reached her fans with their favorite Whitney classics but really she gives a low blow by pumping out the ballads and fizziling out on the dance tracks by making most of her dance classics into horrible remixes.
Whitney Houston has a powerful voice and it has carried her through the 80's and 90's into to today. Today, she's more in the court room with thug hubby singer, Bobby Brown than in the recording studio making more timeless classics but this CD sheds a bright light on Whitney's shining moments. More a ballad queen than anything, the CD does included some must haves such as the HUGE "I Will Always Love You" from her 1st film, "The Bodyguard" as well as lush "Run To You" and forceful "I Have Nothin'" from the same movie. Her first hit the sweet and gentle, "You Give Good Love", the slutry "Saving All My Love" (my fave Whitney ballad), the inspriational "Greatest Love Of All" and Jeffery Osbourne penned, "All At Once" all from her classic debut. Other 80's hits include, "Where Do Broken Hearts Go" and "Didn't We Almost Have It All" from her 2nd release. From "I'm Your Baby Tonight", "All The Man That I Need" and also her 2nd movie "Waiting To Exhale" the tunes, "Why Does It Hurt So Bad" and the Babyface penned, "Exhale (Shoop, Shoop)" (another fave of mine). More soundtrack tunes like "The Preacher's Wife" stuff, and then her "My Love Is Your Love" ballads, her comeback urbanized hit, "Heartbreak Hotel" and the reggagish, "My Love Is Your Love"...Whitney didn't miss with the ballads except that she seemed to over look, "Miracle" from "I'm Your Baby Tonight" and the beautiful "When You Beleive" with Mariah Carey.
The hit becomes a miss with the throw downs, Whitney serves up the second disc with unreleased, funky, "Fine" and the George Micheal duet, "If I Told You That" is grand and the better than original remix of "It's Not Right But It's Okay" but after that it's a trash load of remixes, even to some ballads. The best remixes would have to be "I've Learned From The Best", "I'm Every Woman", "Step By Step" and "Queen Of The Night", the rest have got to go. Messing with classic pop tunes like "How Will I Know" and "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" is a crime, why can't we have the originals, Whit? Not everybody has your original albums! And to make matters worse, the people who remixed them (good DJs by the way) totally screwed them up, not even paying homage to the classic version of the song! This was the only dissapointment off of this album.
Don't get me wrong, it's a good buy, especially to have her awesome ballads on one disc. My advice to Whitney is to keep her dance classics as they were, good! Spare the remixes for a Remix album like rival Mariah Carey! If you want some more Whitney fun, invest in her debut, Whitney and I'm Your Baby Tonight, you won't be dissapointed!! The voice of an angel is Whitney Houston!
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on December 30, 2003
I find it unbelievable that nobody can compile a good greatest hits cd!!! I mean its so simple, take your hits, re-master them for better sound quality and then release them on a cd!!! Whitney not only excluded 4 top 10 singles, but she remixed the originals into techno garbage that nobody wants to hear!!
I want the original versions of "How Will I Know", "I Wanna Dance With Somebody", "Its Not Right, But its Ok", "I'm Your Baby 2nite" & "Step by Step". Also she remixed "I Learned from the Best" which was one of my favorite ballads she has and never put the original on here!!
She excluded "Miracle", "Count on Me" (with CeCe Winas), "When You Believe" (with Mariah Carey), "My Name is Not Susan" and then to add to the misery she made "One Moment in Time" & "The Star Spangled Banner" (two of her rather large hits) bonus tracks, but yet through on "Queen of the Night" ?!!?!?!
If Whitney re-releases all the original versions of her hits (and I mean ALL of her hits not just some) in order they impacted the charts then I would be very please.
Also I would want to have "Try it On my Own" included for it is my favorite Whitney.
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on October 29, 2003
I love this C.D. It captures Whitney at her best. I was Just pissed that the regular versions of "I wanna dance with somebody", "How will I know", "So emotional", and "I'm your baby tonight" wasnt on here. I also wanted to hear the regular version of "It's not right but it's O.K" on here to. I guess I should've checked the songs out here before I bought the C.D because That's the reson why I bought the C.D: FOR THOSE SONGS!!!
But I'm not totally pissed because I love all of these songs also. The only Whitney Houston C.D we had in our house was The Bodyguard Soundtrack because my grandmother loved the movie. I couldnt wait to get this C.D. (Most notably for the songs I wished were on here). The rest of the songs make up for my being let down.
Whitney's vocals really shine out on the ballads. It's to bad though she didnt make more songs we can some-what dance to. WHITNEY, YOU GO GIRL!!!! YOU'VE MADE YOUR MARK IN THE INDUSTRY!!!! Just loose the damn remixes.
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