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3.2 out of 5 stars
3.2 out of 5 stars
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on August 12, 2000
Only Kid Rocks knows why...he released this unnecessary needed set of tracks from his career leading up to (but not including) the awesome breakthrough that was "Devil Without A Cause". The songs are very basic rap, rock and country. The best track is the new one called "American Bad Ass" that rocks hard and includes a Metallica like guitar sound. Almost like an essential metal track with a lot more edge and intelligence. Others aren't so lucky. "Prodigal Son" is okay rock but with a dull chorus, it becomes lame at times. "Abortion" is a sensitive alt rock track that falls flat with an old blues moaning. "Early Morning' Stoned Pimp" isn't interesting at all with it's attempt at Motown soul. And the hip hop of "I Wanna Go Back" isn't much more amusing. At combo of hip and rock is just really uneven. It tires to hard at each one rather than just happening like the tracks in "Devil..." did. What is this whole album about? It feels like you are suppose to feel that these experiments are a gradual evolution to his current sound, but you think that this sound is so weak and that his current blend of near brilliant sounds just happened. The samples are just to much to take "F That" is cool, because its produced with a lot of thought. The rhymes are rap and the music is pure rock. Perfect combo. One example is the rhyming and music of "3 Sheets In the Wind" but for lovers of eighties rap, its essential and works at times.
I think that its good that at least Rock warns you that this is his baby of the music that he would love to do now and he feels that this is the best of his work. Keep this CD on the shelf unless you're a hard core fan. If you're just slightly interested in Rock, get "Devil..." and wait for its follow up. Sometimes there are reasons that it takes people years to make it big.
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on July 21, 2000
Kid Rock is a retard. Enough said, but I would like to bash him some more. What does anyone see in him at all? Not only is he a gross and nasty sight to see, he has ABSOLUTELY NO TALENT WHATSOEVER. If you call what he does music, you are as nuts as he is. He has the nerve to make fun of "boy bands"? At least they can do a little thing called singing that has been all but forgotten in today's disgusting music market. Just because big- boobed women are commissioned to hang all over Kid Rock (even though I am sure they are disgusted by him). Oh yeah, and I guess the new trend is to march a 30 year old midget around on stage with you and make them your new pet. What a great idea Kid Rock! Just because something is played on MTV, that does not mean it is good. This isn't even bad. It's HIDEOUS. Get that through your heads, HIDEOUS. Just looking at him makes me not want to eat for a year. He is that nasty. He should have stayed in the slums of Detroit and hung out with Eminem, yeah Eminem, the guy who doesn't seem to realize that he is white. Somebody please make him look in a mirror...anyway back to Kid Rock. The Metallica cover is ridiculous because Metallica are GOOD and Kid Rock is HORRIBLE. He is not good enough for Metallica. They sued Napster for illegally copyrighting songs, they should sue Kid Rock for just being a nasty little trailer trash dude who stole their song. Every song is the same, "Yeah I'm so cool, I'm a pimp, and I'm better than everyone, yaddah yaddah". Here's some advice, Kid Rock, wear some deoderant and take a bath, and to everyone out there, don't buy this trash! Keep real music alive.
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on July 17, 2000
Yes it is different in style to DWAC, it is a lot more rock than DWAC. The songs all sound different too. The lyrics are deeper than the DWAC lyrics.I like "American Badass" myself but, some people think it is just a copy of his other songs with an ode to classic rock mixed in. Here is what I think the best songs are.
Prodigal Sun- the usual "I left home and worked my way up" song. Rap chorus rock hook.
Dark & Gray- sounds "I am the Bullgod".
Abortion- Fans of "Only God Knows Why" will like this. I'm not sure, but I think he is talking to the baby he said he and his girlfriend aborted in "Black Chic, White Guy" on DWAC. He appears apologetic and suicidal, far from his usual I'm drunk and ready to fight songs.
I wanna go back- a story about his getting a start in Detroit
Born 2 Be a Hick- It's Kid Rock singing Rockabilly. For the last year he has made his image as someone "straight out the Trailer." Well, this song was recorded in 1992 and is basically Redneck jokes put to music.
My Oedipus Complex- it is about Kid Rock's hate for his dad. Half of it is "Only God Knows Why" style, and the other half is "Bawitabaw" style. Fans of Eminem's "Kim" will like this.
If you grew up on Lynyrd Skynyrd and NWA get this
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on June 4, 2000
Kid Rock's latest lp "History of Rock" features songs off of Kid's prior/extremely WACK cd's-Polyfuze Method(1993) and Early Morning Stoned Pimp(1996). All of the songs have been re-recored and/or re-mixed to give them more of a Twisted Brown Trucker feel, and to sell his fans on the idea that he was a neglected master back in the day-whatever. This cd also features a couple new cuts such as "Abortion" and "American Bad Ass". I have 2 words to best describe this album-It [AWFUL]! Songs #3 and #14 are a couple of the better songs on HISTORY, but that's not saying a lot. Joe C appears on track #5 but is unable to save it from the garbage bin. Track #12(F*ck you Blind) is one of the worse songs I have ever heard, and probably took all of 5 minutes to record. On the insert of the cd, Kid proclaims that a follow up to "Devil" will be out in 2001. That's ok, I think I'll pass. Also on the insert is a track listing that features all the supposed 'original recording dates'-which are mostly false. However, KID's most outlandish claim on HISTORY OF ROCK would have to be the cd's "INTRO", which he claims was recorded in 1985-yea right! For one, the record that's being scratched is sampled from his cd POLYFUZE METHOD/TRACK#8/where KID says "f*** off" at the end. On top of that, listen to the guy that does all the talking(Wes Chill). He's talking about 'new' and 'old' skool hip hop. Well, being a hip hop junky, I can tell you that nobody classified hip hop as new or old skool at that time. And oh yea, that's not to mention there's about 12 tracks of music flying off what KID claims was a Porta 4-track. In other words, the Kid is lying through his teeth. This cd succeeds in one aspect-It proves that Kid Rocks past is just as much a front as his present. Instead of wasting your $ on this garbage, go check out some BEASTIE BOYS instead. peace, END
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on June 2, 2000
if i had one word to describe kid rock? it would beaccess...everything he does is! at first i was not going to buy it cuz he kinda got me riled with all his bragging, but i went ahead and bought it anyway because ya gotta love the attitude...Now i was not looking for a devil without a cause repeat or since it is before the Devil without a cause then that would make Devil the repeat...oh well never mind...well i was surprised to find a different was great...if you like old school which alot of tracks sounded like...American bad ass is one kick ass song and him sampling cool is that? the best of two worlds combined...then the album evolved showing great growth and became somewhat of what he is now...The boy had it then souding on some tracks like beastie boyish type rap...So no i was not disappointed people expecting more of the devilish type music will be..for those of us that truly wanna know the history of rock which i think should be the evolution of rock will not be disappointed...that is why there are four stars other then all his bragging but that is what he is about the "all up in your face will not get out of your way or change my lifestyle to fit your molded profile of what he should be" guy. Take it or leave it but get the ... outta the way.
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on June 1, 2000
It's pretty sad when you get a so-called "best of" from an artist like this one, and the songs on it are worse than what would be considered filler on albums by real bands.
American Badass is nothing but a big laugh. How long did it take to write that song? Five minutes? Let's see he samples a riff (Metallica's Sad But True, because the guitarists in the "band" aren't creative enough to come up with their own riffs), has some drums on it, no other guitar or bass (except for the little part at the end), and most of the lyrrics are either cliches, lies (saying he likes AC/DC, ZZ Top, etc.), or rehashings of his old songs (Only God Knows Why, etc.). You know you are far gone when you have to [borrow from] your own songs.
The other songs are, of course, no better. Particularly his early tracks on here. You think DWAC was awful? Man, you haven't heard this stuff! ....He pretends to be either heavy metal or rap, of which he is neither. Sometimes, when people won't buy that, fans of this "band" say that it is "rap-metal", that is an oxymoron people! Besides, he does it in such a way that neither fans of metal or rap will like his music, it is just appalling. For the love of God avoid [stuff] like this that is littering up the musical landscape and go out and buy some real music...!
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on May 31, 2000
This CD is fine, if you know what you are getting. Packing list should read:
1 absoulutely killer new song (American Badass)
1 fairly lousy new song
The rest of the Cd is made up of a mix of re-recorded or re-mixed Kid Rock "classics". Most of the songs are very listenable, if a little derivative. They all sound better than the orignal versions available only on the out-of-print CD's.
You also get a few un-refurbished tracks straight from old albums which sound pretty dated production-wise. There are also a couple of unreleased songs which are ok, but unessential.
All this adds up to a decent Cd. I bought it for "American Badass", and fully expected the rest of it to be horrible... but, it's really not so bad. I do take issue with Kid Rock and his record company for deliberately presenting this as a "new" album... i.e. the sequel to "Devil Without a Cause". The only way you'd know what it really contains is by reading a review or reading the CD booklet (which obviously means buying the CD.
The cd does go some way toward illustrating that Kid Rock was not an overnight sensation... or, was an "overnight" sensation 10 years in the making. All of the ideas that made "devil" a killer album and a hit were kicking around in Kid's warped brain for a decade... they just came together the best on "Devil".
So, in closing, if "Devil" was like U2's "Joshua Tree" (i.e. a breakout album than attracted millions of fans) then "History" is "Rattle Hum" (a thrown together mish-mash designed to buy time and make money while the artist works on the proper follow up). Buyer Beware.
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on May 30, 2000
This is a great album. I would caution people who loved "Devil" that this is nothing like it. This is an album of old material--Being from Detroit I already own all his old albums, and this is good because he added some things and re-recorded others. I hope people don't view this as a follow-up to Devil-- U may be dissapointed. This gives fans an opportunity to hear the tunes that made him a local legend. The album shifts from rap to rock and all things in between. This is a strange record because most artists don't give you a prelude to a successful album. this is the work that eventually led to Devil. Is it as good as Devil? I don't know Devil was so fresh and these are old songs. I hope people will listen to it for what it is a young kid making demos trying to understand himself and what he wants to say as an artist. EMSP, Prodigal Son, and I wanna go back are my personal favorites. For those who have heard the original work--I must say the original Oedipus is a lot better then the version on this album as is paid and 3 sheets to the wind. That being said--I believe it's an album worth buying and cranking to the fullest. I want a NEW album soon, though.
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on July 2, 2000
What absolute trash. I was subjected to this album for three hours in a trip to Atlanta, and I was drooling by the end because I had lost all sensory function in my body. I mean, seriously, his lyrics are just stupid and self centered. Oooh, wow, you went platinum seven times. Then why do you still dress like you live in a minivan? I won't even dignify his band's instrumentals with a comment. He tries to party like Led Zeppelin, but he just can't. He thinks that he is bad because he had a number one album. I got news for you, Devo, Bananarama, Winger, and Spice Girls all had number one albums. Kinda put's things in perspective, Mr. Rock. And what's with that stupid midget? I can't believe that people listen to this vomitus. God bless MTV for their marketing machine that can turn any bit of trailer trash into a number one artist. I hope Amazon doesn't think that this review is too vehement to post, cause htis is just a public service announcement to save people money.
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on July 7, 2002
I received this album as birthday gift and I was wondering whether I'd like it or not! I later thanked my friend who said he had passed this on to me! Anyways , The album begins with the amazing INTRO , then Comes the most amazing track KIDROCK has done... "Paid" is yet another track with nice beats and good lyrics. I think the major tracks in the album are spread all over! Theres not one track which I regret listening to except YA KEEP ON! The best song in the album is Easily "ABORTION" ! the lyrics left me speechless it goes like
"MY VEINS ARE POPPING FRM THIS LOVE INSIDE, I just cant let it out , these pipes and these needles are my only ..., they got me on the run around now , what is my life ABOUT? living in the shadows of a man ive never seen! (lyrics of Abortion)"
All together the album has a lot of variety and to me it is better than the 1st album ! Kid Rock really sings his heart out in most of the songs and thats why he's what he is!
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