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4.6 out of 5 stars
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on September 12, 2003
I thought that this CD was really good. I love all the songs but here is my view of them
1. The Power of One ~ Donna Summer: I love the message of this song! It's a great song and beautifully sung.
2. Dreams ~ Alysha: This has to be one of my favorites on this CD. Another great message in this song.
3. They Don't Understand ~ Dream Street: I found this song funny, since it really did show that parents just don't get the concept of Pokemon (my little bro has tried to explain it to my mom... didn't work)
4. Wonderland ~ Angela Via: Another one of my favorites. I loved her song on the first CD and this one is just as good. It is really fun to sing along with.
5. With All Your Heart ~ Plus ONE: A really good song, but not on my top songs for this CD..
6. The Extra Mile ~ Laura Pausini: I love this song! Really good lyrics and a great message.
7. Flying Without Wings ~ Westlife: This is my absolute #1 song on this CD. It is an awesome song with a great message. (I was really upset how Ruben on American Idol sang this song. He did an okay job, but this version is better!)
8. Pokemon World ~ Nobody's Angel and Youngstown: A really great song. This is definatly better than the original and, in my opinion, the best version of the Pokemon theme.
9. Blah Blah Blah ~ Devotion 2 Music: I thought this song was funny. It really showed how kids really want to play instead of sitting there listening to the teacher talk about the subject.
10. Polkamon ~ Weird Al Yankovic: This is the funniest song on the CD! I loved it! I'm a Weird Al fan, so right off the bat I loved this song. Another song that's fun to sing along with, even if you have trouble getting the words right (Think Poke Rap)
11. The Chosen One ~ The B-52's: Ah! Another favorite on this CD. Love the Message, love the lyrics, love the song.
12. One Heart ~ O-Town: Another favorite. Againg, love the message, love the lyrics, love the song. Plus a really great beat.
13. One ~ Denissa Lara: A slow song, not really my favorite, but a good song.
14. Comin to the Rescue ~ O-Town: I love this song! Its funny when you see it in the movie (It plays during the Pikachu Rescue Adventure). I love the lyrics.
15. Dance of the Bellossom ~ From Pikachu's Rescue Adventure Score: not a great song, but still fun to play the different pokemon sound, expecially when you with a bunch of kids.
16. The Legend Comes to Life ~ From the Power of One Score: The is my #2 favorite on this CD. I love this score! Its really moving and I just love it. It leaves you with a happy feeling inside (I know... kindof mushy but still good.)
Overall this is a great CD with awesome songs that are fun to sing along with.
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on June 20, 2002
A friend of mine borrowed this from the library and lent it to me (naughty, I know), so I immediately saved the songs up to my computer with RealOne Player. Most people who listen to this head-spinning assortment of songs will probably be kids like me, so here's what an eleven-year-old animé fan thought of it...
Donna Summer: The Power of One
A beautiful, fairly moving song that starts off with the Song of Lugia theme. Kids who just like the fast moving pop songs will get annoyed by this though.
Alysha: Dreams
Hard to believe the singer of this great song's just a year older than I am! Has an incredibly meaningful chorus, but moves fast, so it'll satisfy most music fans.
DreamStreet: They Don't Understand
Has an AWESOME beat that will have your foot tapping, moves fast, pop-esque, and sings out a topic most Poké-crazed kids identify with.
Angela Via: Wonderland
Cool song, nice voice, although how this is related to Pokémon 2000 I really don't know. The new world in Pikachu's Rescue Adventure perhaps?
"Weird Al" Yankovic: Polkamon
Freaked out version of the Poké Rap. This doesn't even deserve a "Bleh", and that's one of the lowest marks I give.
Devotion 2 Music: Blah, Blah, Blah
Bleeeeeeeeeesh. Absolutely no relation to Pokémon that I can see, they spelt Bla wrong, and it's an awful song! Seriously... "Bla bla bla..."
plus ONE: With All Your Heart
Pretty. Again has a meaningful chorus, and good vocals too.
Westlife: Flying Without Wings
Now for some strange reason, they always have a love song on the soundtracks. (The First Movie had We're a Miracle, Christina Aguilera.) This is an OKay song, although if you play it with non Poké fans around, you'll be likely to get comments such as, "Um, what the hell is Westlife doing on a Pokémon CD?"
Youngstown and Nobody's Angel: Pokémon World
Probably my least favourite TV theme reincarnation, but it's quite amusing to watch Youngstown and Nobody's Angel bouncing around singing it on the Sountrack Live! part of the DVD.
O-Town: One Heart
More special meanings, good vocals, pretty beat. In my opinion, Pokémon 2000 takes the prize for "Pokémon Movie With The Second Most Happy Sappy Stuff In It". (First prize goes to Pokémon 3.)
Denisse Lara: One
Even though I'd never heard of Denisse before this, I was absolutely blown away by her powerful voice and the ESPECIALLY! meaningful lyrics. I tend to start singing this at strange moments...
O-Town: Coming to the Rescue
Great beat, this pop-ish song will also have your foot tapping.
Who Knows: Dance of the Bellossum
Can I say, Cute? Little kids will like this, but most kids 8 and up will be tired of this by the third time they see the movie.
Who Knows: The Legend Comes to Life
In other words, the REAL Song of Lugia. It's that song that plays near the end while Melody's playing her ocarina. Very pretty, an absolute essential for the die hard 2000 fans.
Who Knows: Score
I think this is a data track, in any case I didn't save it, so I don't really know what it sounds like.
All in all, I give this CD a 9.5 out of 10, despite another lack of lyric sheets, this soundtrack bounces back with some great songs and lyrics that ring true to your heart.
- ...
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on September 23, 2000
Ok, ill just rate all the songs form to 5 like everyone else is doing ^_^ 1. Power Of One : 5/5 LOVE IT! it was really really good! 2. Dreams : 4/5 Pretty good, not one of my favs. 3. They Don't Understand : 5/5 THIS IS MY FAV! Dunno why everyone else hates it... 4. Wonderland 2/5 AHHH! AHHH! TURN IT OFF TURN IT OFF! Not as bad as one coming up though... 5. With All your Heart 3/5 Didn't listen to it much. A little slow i guess. (im a Rock n Roll fan) 6. The Extra Mile 4/5 Again, I'm not a big fan of slow songs, but this one was pretty good. 7. Flying Without Wings 3/5 Hmm...boring. The lyrics were kind of neat though. 8. Pokemon World 5/5 EVERYONE ELSE HATES IT! AND I DONT CARE! ITS ONE OF MY FAVS! I think it was real good 9. Blah Blah Blah 3/5 It wasn't THAT bad...BUT ITS STUCK IN MY HEAD! AHH! AHH! GET IT OUT GET IT OUT! 10. Polkamon 5/5 GOTA LOVE IT! WEIRD AL ROCKS! 11. The Chosen one 4/5 neat song but MAN that man's voice creeps me out! 12. One Heart 3/5 Good, but...too slow =( 13. One 0/5 Huh? I didn't listen to this! HUH? WHY AM I SO FAR OUT OF THE LOOP? 14. Comin To The Rescue 5/5 GOTTA LOVE IT! I DO! YOU MUST! AND YOU! 15. Dance Of The Bellossom 0/5 AHHHHHHH...! TUURRRNNN IIITTT OFFFF! CAANNT TAKKKKEE ITTT ANNYMMOREE! AHHHHHHHH! 16. The Legend comes to life 478562858/5 Oh peaceful...**drifts off to sleep** THERES MY OPINION!
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on September 21, 2000
Although this album doesn't have much "famous" groups/singers, it still a great CD! The songs on the album I liked most would have to be:
1. Donna Summer "The Power Of One" which has a great sound and matches the feel of Lugia and his legend!
2. Alysha "Dreams" which sounds very much like the other female teen singers but very catchy!
8. Youngstown featuring Nobody's Angel "Pokémon World" is a great re-make of the theme song for the Orange Islands episode of Pokémon. Has a techno/dance feel to it! Very cool!
10. "Weird Al" Yankovic "Polkamon" is a very funny song. It would be a great song for kids or if you just want a laugh!
15. Pikachu's Rescue Adventure (Score) "Dance of the Bellossom" is a very cute score. My friend and I think it's great!
16. The Power of One (Score) "The Legend Comes To Life" is very much like the Donna Summer song, very peaceful and matches the feel to Lugia's legend!
These are the songs that appealed to me the most, but the others were still great songs! This one is much better than the first one!
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on August 10, 2000
I love this cd! It has a great selection of songs on it and it's really cool. Now it's time for my rating of the songs. I may be copying off of some people but hey, it's a living.
1. The Power of One ~ Donna Summer (5/5)
I thought this song was great. It really delivered the theme of the movie.
2. Dreams ~ Alysha (5/5)
This song was also really cool. It starts off slow but then has a fast beat to it. So this was a good song.
3. They Don't Understand ~ Dream Street (3/5)
Pretty good beat, but I just didn't really get into this song.
4. Wonderland ~ Angela Via (5/5)
I loved this song! I don't see why some people hated it. It had good lyrics and was just as good as her song on the first pokemon movie cd. (Her song on that cd is Catch Me if You Can)
5. With All Your Heart ~ Plus ONE (4/5)
This song is slow, but it is still very good.
6. The Extra Mile ~ Laura Pausini (5/5)
This song was really, really good! It may be slow, but it has great lyrics and a nice slow beat.
7. Flying Without Wings ~ Westlife (4/5)
Kind of good, not all that great, but it does have good lyrics.
8. Pokemon World ~ Nobody's Angel and Youngstown (5/5)
One of the best songs on the cd! It's much better than the original Pokemon World song. It has a great beat and of course cool lyrics.
9. Blah Blah Blah ~ Devotion 2 Music (3/5)
This song was kind of dumb. I think they could have done better on it.
10. Polkamon ~ Weird Al Yankovic (5/5)
This song is so funny! I love it! It's one of my favorites.
11. The Chosen One ~ The B-52's (5/5)
Another one of my favorite songs. It has an awesome beat and it's really cool
12. One Heart ~ O-Town (4/5)
This song is pretty good. It has good lyrics and a good beat.
13. One ~ Denissa Lara (4/5)
This was a good song too. It was slow, but it has good lyrics and a good beat.
14. Comin to the Rescue ~ O-Town (5/5)
This song has an awesome beat and the tune is really catchy.
15. Dance of the Bellossom ~ From Pikachu's Rescue Adventure Score(2/5)
This song was stupid and it's probably my least favorite songs.
16. The Legend Comes to Life ~ From the Power of One Score (5/5)
This is one of the best songs on the cd! It's great! The score for the whole movie is awesome! I hope they make a seperate cd with the origanal motion picture score on it.
Overall, this is one of my favorite cd's. And go see the movie too! Try to find the songs on the soundtrack that are in the movie. I did!
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on August 8, 2000
Well, this was an ok CD. When i heard it the first time i thought the first was much better than this one. But when i heard it more and more times it was ok. There are 4 songs that i dont like. Some i think dont even hav a meaning to it. Song number three was horrible singing but the beat and stuff were right. Theres also a weird Al song in the CD which i thought was really ridiculous. But when i heard it more and more times it was pretty funny. So if u like Weird Al than u will probably like this CD! But overall it was a OK CD. Here are my ratings!
1. Donna Summer (The Power of One) (4/5)
It was pretty good because it was smooth and slow.
2. Alysha (Dreams) (5/5)
It was really good. It had pop and R&B to it.
3. Dream Street (They Don't Understand) (2/5)
Like I said the singing was horrible! But the beat and everything was right.
4. Angela Via (Wonderland) (3/5)
It was ok singing and beat was pretty good. But the lyrics was stupid.
5. plus ONE (With All Your Heart) (4/5)
It was good and excellent! It was kind of slow but good.
6. Laura Pausini (The Extra Mile) (4/5)
It was also good but slow as well. But the beats was very calm and stuff.
7. Westlife (Flying Without Wings) (5/5)
It was excellent. And because i love Westlife! It was slow and great.
8. Youngstown featuring Nobody's Angel (Pokemon World) (4/5)
It was great and awsome. In some parts there is this weird singing. But it was cool.
9. Devotion 2 Music (Blah, Blah, Blah)(1/5)
This was definetly not one of my favorites. The singing and beat was horrible.
10. Weird Al Yankovic (Polkamon) (2/5)
This wasn't one of my favorites either. Like I said it was funny but dumb.
11. The B-52's (The Chosen One) (2/5)
This wasn't one of my favorites either. It was good in the beginning. But when the singing began it turned really bad. But thats how they try to sing like in the 50's.
12. O-town (One Heart) (5/5)
This was a really good song. It had great beat, singing, and lyrics.
13. Denissa Lara (One) (4/5)
This was a good song too. It was slow but good.
14.O-Town (Comin To The Rescue) (4/5)
This was one of my favorites! It was fun and a great beat.
15. From Pikachu's Rescue Adventure Score (Dance of The Bellossom) (3/5)
This was really funny and made me wanna dance and it was also dumb.
16. From The Power Of One Score ( The Legend Comes To Life) (5/5)
This is my favoritest one in here. It was realaxed and calm and sounded beautiful.
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on July 29, 2000
Maybe little kids would not like it as the first, but for me a 19 year old (yep, and I like Pokemon), it's a really nice CD.There's only one song which wasn't written specially for this movie, unlike the first Pokemon Soundtrack. Well here are my ratings:
The Power of One: Absolutedly one of my two favorite songs from this CD. I would like this one to be the single to be played on our local radio stations in my country, but guess "Dreams" will be alright, because it's consider to be more likable as a pop song.
Dreams: A very good job for a 12 year old or not. I consider it just a very nice song.
They don't understand: I like it, though I'm getting used to it:)About the parents comment, my father likes Pokemon, my mother doesn't dislike it nor really cares, my friends only say "Pikachu is soo cute!", but about other persons...I could identify myself with the song, but "That's the Way it is..." oop! that's from Celine.
Wonderland: I liked more "Catch me if you can".
With all your heart: Nice but like we say here "X", a.k.a. I don't really care.
The Extra Mile: My other favorite song! I really liked Laura Pausini since long ago fron her previous 3 CDs. I was really glad to listen to her in this one. I felt that this song had the same intention Misty's Song did, but this one is way better! But maybe is just me;)
Flying without Wings: "X", but nice too.
Pokemon World: I don't really like this new OP (I preffer japanese Rival! song), but anyway is better than the TV version.
Blah, blah, blah: Nice and fun song.
Polkamon: When I started listening to this one I could not help it and start to laugh. Kinda Pokerap in Polka, but I like this better.But I've to say its very difficult song to follow for someone who's not a first English language speaker!^_^
The chosen One: Mmm, there are a lot of song with the word "One" on'em. I like the song.
One Heart: Another inspiring one.
One: (see what I say...) Another nice one.
Coming to the Recue: Another "X"
Dance of the Bellosum: I'm not seeing the American version of the movie untill august 4th, so I haven't seen it with graphics. Instead I've seen Pikachus Rescue Adventures in Japanese (there's not much to miss about the dialogues, guess why)and I'm sorry to say I really miss the "Kireihana Dance" music from the japanese one.
Legend Comes to life: This would be another of my favorites. Thank's for putting at least this one from the score.
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on July 25, 2000
I'm very pleased with this CD; unlike The First Movie soundtrack,
which was uninspiring and unrelated to Pokemon, the producers of this
CD have actually sat down and thought about the contents of this
CD. The result: amazing! Meaningful tracks, with numerous references
to Pokemon. The "Pokemon World" remix by Youngstown is superb, as good
as the original. Weird Al Yankovic's contribution, "Polkamon", is
quite disturbing but nonetheless amusing.
Being seventeen, I get a
lot of stick from friends and family about liking Pokemon, and the
tracks "They Don't Understand" and "Blah, Blah, Blah" help show
this. It's quite reassuring to know that I'm not alone! These tracks
are really good, despite being a bit thin on content.
The title
track, "The Power of One", leads the way for this CD. This is one of
my favourite tracks. Donna Summer has come up with a really inspiring
title theme, in perfect context for the movie. The final track on the
CD, "The Legend Comes To Life" from the original movie score, ends the
CD as strongly as it began. This is a moving instrumental track,
starting out with haunting pipe music, building up for a powerful 4
minute fanfare, and then fading off into the pipes again at the
end. Wonderful!
This CD is, by far, the best English Pokemon
soundtrack released so far. I was a little disappointed that there was
only one Original Score track on the CD (The Legend Comes To Life),
and I would have liked to see the same kind of music as used on the
Japanese CD. Hopefully the Score will be released seperately in the
future. Overall, a marvellous CD, one definately worth buying.
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on July 24, 2000
This was a good, if not great, CD. The music is enjoyable (the rythms work especially well) and I've tried to provide a brief idea of how I felt about each song. In general, I liked the first soundtrack better, but that's not to say this one isn't good.
1. The Power of One--Good song and uplifting lyrics, if not a mite loud at spots.
2. Dreams--This was probably one of the best on the CD, I'd never have guessed the singer was only 12.
3. They Don't Understand--What can I say? I hated this one. The music itself wasn't too great, and all the lyrics do is reinforce the gap between kids and parents (and I do know some parents who enjoy Pokemon).
4. Wonderland--While not quite on par with Catch Me if You Can from the first soundtrack, this is still a good song.
5. With All Your Heart--Carries the message heard throughout many of the songs that one person can make a lot of difference.
6. The Extra Mile--This was another one of the best songs on the CD, wonderful lyrics and good sound to boot.
7. Flying Without Wings--Not too bad, hard to say things too specific about all the different songs;)
8. Pokemon World--Okay, it's not the best rendition of the new Pokemon World theme song, but it's wasn't THAT bad (and the I loved the weird little electronic sound replacing the words "Master of them all").
9. Blah, Blah, Blah--This song's saving grace might have been its music, but the lyrics ripped that all down: even worse than number three, this song is offending in promoting the idea that Pokemon is more important than everything else one could be doing, and parents/teachers are just nagging. And I'm a Pokemon fanatic, so don't think I'm just providing a biased review, either.
10. Polkamon--Unlike number nine, above, this was probably my absolute favorite of all the songs on this CD. Yankovic's weird but enrapturing style strikes again, urging everybody to "Polka, mon!" Sidesplitting, what more can be said to describe it?
11. The Chosen One--An interesting way of setting the prophecy proclaiming Ash the world's savior to music. Oddly enticing.
12. One Heart--Much like many of the other titles involving the power of One, they tend to become generic (not to say each one can't be good in its own right, but there isn't as much to say about each individual song).
13. One--See above:p
14. Comin' to the Rescue--Well done, fast-paced.
15. Dance of the Bellossom--A good beat, but rather disconcerting that only the Pokemon are providing lyrics (and it worked better with the visuals in the movie). A fun song, at any rate.
16. The Legend Comes to Life--This was an incredible instrumental piece from the movie's score. I loved it in the movie and it works just as well on the soundtrack; my second favorite (no, it can't beat Polkamon--but it's a close second).
All-in-all, this CD is worth getting, but, as stated, not quite as good as the first one.
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on July 22, 2000
While I enjoyed the first Pokemon soundtrack '2 B A Master', as the songs had something /to do/ with the series, the movie soundtracks leave much to be desired. The only reason I picked this cd up was due to Weird Al's song being featured. (And it turns out to be the only tune worth listening to on this CD) The rest of the tracks were by artists who in my opinion have delusions of inadequacy at best. The bubble gum hip-pop tracks have next to nothing to do with the film's storyline. I find the new opening 'Pokemon World' a shabby replacement for the uplifting tune, 'Rivals!' Even the musical scores were lackluster to me, particularly after I have been listening to the original soundtrack for the last six months or so. Perhaps I am being harsh on the hard working artists that took part on this recording, but in comparison to the original Japanese soundtrack, this is far below subpar. I think I will stay away from what the American companies deem as music suitable for the Pokemon storyline and cling to my Japanese CD's.
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