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3.2 out of 5 stars
3.2 out of 5 stars
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on March 9, 2016
Its a well known fact this album was created for reed to exit his record contract.end of story. He made an unlistenable mess of a record to escape his label bosses and it worked. But as a connoisseur of noise music myself does it actually rank when compared to merzbow or even early industrial like throbbing gristle and their kin which predate this record? The answer is no,this was not created as art. And it doesn't sound like it either. When the intention is not to create art the result is not art. This is misguided intentional irritating noise created to finish out a record contract. Now if he had created this,shopped it around and did hey guys I think this is worthy of being listened to that's one thing. But nope. This is garbage.pure and simple. No thought was put into it other than screw m label. And as such it fails on all counts since the label actually said,hey thanks Lou were releasing this. So it backfired to hysterical results. Skip this trash and support people who put thought into the chaotic noise static they generate.
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on October 27, 2013
Reed "....summed it up quite pointedly in an interview in which he said, 'Well, anyone who gets to side four is dumber than I am.' "
He wrote some amazing music.
This is not any of it.
RIP Mr. Reed.
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on February 13, 2009
Let me just say that I love this album. One of my favorites. It takes music, not just rock'n'roll, to a noisy limit. If you like experimentation and loud music, you got to have this one. But let me just say, it's not for everyone. You must be ready for something weird. I think the people that know hard techno or contemporary classical are going to understand that album. For those who liked "Transformer" and want another Lou Reed album, this might not be the one.
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on November 1, 2005
...and there aren't any.
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on July 19, 2004
If you listen to the samples and read the reviews, you should be wise enough not to buy this horrible baboonshine of an album. However, here comes my two main reasons why you should never even consider to buy it:
1. It has no substance. The painting by Jackson Pollock and music by John Cage most definately has a substance to it. MMM hasn't, for one simple reason: Lou Reed is a songwriter, not a composer. He never had the skill to carry out a project as this.
2. The CD format. As the music has no substance, the nature of the double vinyl album was of essential importance. As one small, convenient compact disc, the album simply isn't the same, as a lot of its conceptual value is lost.
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on May 19, 2004
The only reason Lou Reed made this record was to give smack heads something to listen to while they were "feeling like jesus son". If you look at the heroin references Lou draws on in the liner notes he points out that it was not a record for parties and that at the very least he had now something to listen to. MMM has to be the ultimate smack record. What else can you do with it but use it as a soundtrack for a head rush. At least Lou can say that nobody else in the entire music business who had already achieved his level of critical acclaim had the balls to make a record like this.
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on May 15, 2004
This album is going to attract many people as it will repel. You're not going to find anything that will have people praising highly or those spitting venomous bile.
Whether or not you can call this art, I don't know but at least and those who call it a joke are not too far off the mark. It's Lou Reed's idea of fun. And fun it may be for him but it takes a masochist to enjoy this. Listen to whatever side you want or even the full album if needs must.
But surprisingly this album actually has proved an inspiration for a generation of artists. You listen to Throbbing Gristle, SPK, Einsturzende Neubauten in their early years and you'll find pieces of MMM in their music ( or noise if you prefer to call it that way ). If you listen to Sonic Youth's Bad Moon Rising there's a part in the album where they play a 5 second snippet forwards and backwards. And of course there is the prima Japanese artists such as Merzbow who is much more harsher than this. If you Metal Machine Music is noise, just listen to Merzbow - THAT'S NOISE. I can only stomach one CD of Merzbow and that's similar in style to this one
Oh and by the way - if you've listened to the samples on Amazon it's pretty much like that all the way. Like it and want the album? Go ahead and buy it if you want. Feel the urge to kill Lou after hearing those samples? Try Coney Island Girl, that'll be more normal I reckon
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on April 28, 2004
I don't know if the entire music-listening world is completely uneducated, utterly oblivious, or simply that much dumber than me, but how can anyone give this record less than a perfect score? For those fans of Brian Wilson and the lost (and now found) Beach Boys' masterpiece "SMiLE," you should be salivating over "MMM Part 2," which has harmonies obviously rivaling the Brian/Carl ones, as well as a bass line that could kick Mike Love's behind any day.
For fans of jam-based rock outfits like the Grateful Dead, Phish, or the String Cheese Incident, check out "MMM Part 4." For all the noodling Trey Anastasio does, he never quite gets to the point like Uncle Lou does, and the crescendo is phenomenal. Besides that, "MMMP4" makes Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber from the Dave Matthews Band sound like a Barbara Streisand/Kathy Lee Gifford duet.
Anyone who digs punk rock a la the Ramones or the Sex Pistols (or possibly even the Damned) should check out "MMM Part 3." It's got that catchy riff, one that Iggy Pop would've died for back in the early '70s, and even throws a bit of Bowie-esque glam in for good measure.
Finally, "MMM Part 1," perhaps the most ambitious piece on the whole record, is also quite easily the best. Uncle Lou draws on some of the great soul singers of the '60s and '70s--Otis Redding, Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin--but creates a sound all his own. Pete Townshend would've given his little whirlybird thing that he does up just to be able to put this much soul into ANY of his songs (remember, Pete's the one who coined the phrase "Maximum R&B."
What's the matter? Can't hear the stuff I'm talking about? Oh, I understand. See, you need to turn the volume up. Louder. Louder! Now sit back and enjoy.
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on April 19, 2004
I own half of this original double album on vinyl. Thankfully I got it for free, because I might have otherwise bought it, being a big Lou Reed fan.
A lot of Lou Reed fans probably do buy this, especially since it was re-issued on CD. I mean, you plunk down your hard-earned money for an album released by a major label, by an artist you admire, and you expect to get your money's worth. Or at least an attempt to give you your money's worth. If you want to buy it, at least try to find a store which will let you listen to it, before you pay your money.
If you have to have it anyway, to complete the collection, or if you really must insist it is brilliant, at least you will know what you are getting. If you can't listen to it anywhere before you purchase it, tune your FM radio between stations. That is basically it. A double album of noise. Honest. A large enough number of reviewers here are saying it is just noise, that you should at least give us the benefit of the doubt, and try to find out for yourself before you spend your money. Consider, it's far easier to imagine people trying to be clever by praising noise, than it is for so many people to randomly choose this one album to unfairly attack. Isn't it?
My personal opinion is, whether it was bold and inspiring for Lou to release something as unexpected as a double album of noise or not, this is not something you need to pay for. Truly original noise can be heard on your FM radio dial any time you want, for free. If you like what you hear, you can record it yourself.
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on February 13, 2004
I love part 1 and 3. Part 2 seems a little formulated and part 4 is so sappy that I feel like I am listening to the Carpenters. I guess if you like that stuff you will probably really dig that section. So for me it is well worth the price for 1 & 3. Much better than the new B. Spears release :)))
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