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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on March 4, 2004
This is the best album that Nas has ever released, but certainly not one of the best hip hop albums ever as touted by the reviewers found here. I can see why this album is ranked so high by listeners that compare it to the albums released by the likes of Jay-Z, Tupac, Notorious B.I.G., or any of the commercial rap that can be heard on MTV or the radio these days. However, anybody that is truly interested in "real" hip hop needs to open their mind to more than what any of the artists mentioned above have to offer. I recommend that you start with these record labels:
Quannum, Hieroglyphics, Definitive Jux, Project Blowed, Rawkus, Rhymesayers, and Anticon.
Many have also claimed that this album is great considering that nothing compared to it when it was originally released in 1994. Those who make this claim, must not know that A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Common, Souls of Mischief, and The Roots, all had superior albums that came out before or around the time of Illmatic.
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on June 19, 2004
But it's still boring. I equate this to Tribe Called Quest. Everyone praises them for being good lyricists but there are no good hard beats to their songs. Same here, the lyrics might be second to none, but I can't listen to it just to hear the words. Maybe I'm not a "true" fan but when i listen to Hip-Hop I listen for good beats first and lyrics second. I wanna hear albums made a little later like Outkast, Aquemini. Almost all the beats on that album are hard and catchy and never get boring. Maybe it's because i don't like the early 90's stuff, or that I'm not a true fan but i thought it was really boring.
On a side note, if you wanna hear good beats from the early 90's look for Mobb Deep's first album. Those are some hard street beats.
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on September 27, 2001
it aint nothing spectacular.
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on March 3, 2004
Yes Nas' lyricsm on the album is very thought provoking and advanced for 94 but the production just flat out sucks. This album is overhyped. Most of the people who gave it 5 stars on here never heard of Illmatic until Stilmatic came out. The album is too short and the produciton is terrible. There are about 5 solid songs on it but the rest is just garbage. Black Moon-Enta Da Stage is a much better album for the time. Go buy that before you get Illmatic. Illmatic is a pretty good album but it doesnt deserve the five that it got in the Source. Its generally just overhyped. On NAs' part the Album is a 5 but the production is a 2.
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on July 14, 2004
No way in hell is the CD the best ever made. I am so upset I finally bought this album and it disappointed me so bad. I love premo but this whole cd sounds like it is biting off 36 chambers sound and they didn't even do that well. Everyone was talking about the lyrics. They weren't that great. If you want a classic cd get GZA's liquid swords. GZA smokes NAZ on lyrical ability. I don't even want to mention my man Pharaohe Monch. Don't by the CD it is way to hyped up. Save your Money.
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on July 14, 2004
I can't belive people think that this is the best album of all time. I love premo but this whole CD is biting Wu-Tang's enter the 36 chambers sound. I kept hearing that the lyrics were so ill. They were ok. I am just very disappointed with the cd because I read the hype and it really let me down. This cd is nothing compared to GZA's liquid swords. GZA smokes NAZ. I feel even Biggie is better than NAZ. Pharaohe Monch would eat NAZ for lunch. Save your money and download this cd.
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on January 25, 2004
I found out about Nas when I played Tony Hawk's Underground, when I heard his "World is Yours" song. A week later I bought Illmatic, it was a great album. I had always liked fitty but he couldn't match Nas at all, he blew me away.
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on December 24, 1998
What was the source thinking calling this the most under rated cd ever? Its under rated because of the trashy lyrics over the supreme beats of Gangstarr's Premier. This joint belongs nowhere in the same category as Mobb Deep's Infamous or Raekwons Built Strictly for Cuban Links. Buyer Beware! Nas' flow is choppy and raw. With It Was Written producing two decent cuts that were both radio, Nas on his first album talks about all that back to Africa fake hard core rap. This album is just about as bad as his acting in Belly.
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on April 30, 2004
this album sux because its nas
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on April 23, 2004
BEFORE I START MY REVIEW --- the majority of ppl that are going to read this are those d&ckheads who have reviewed this will most likely get many negative results...but after u read this u will realise that anyone who rates this album a 5star hip hop classic one of the finest, is not a rap fan... ON TO THE REVIEW..........
if you think that this album is one of the finest in rap/hip-hop (if not the best) then dont call yourself a rap fan. this cd is not too bad, however, there are far better than the majority of u idiots havent heard of before, and your saying that this album is better. for example, the best underground rapper is ESHAM, along with his group, NATAS. check out there high rating albums on amazon (closed casket, kkkill the fetus, boomin words from hell, dead flowerz, bruce wayne, multikillionaire, wicket world wide, AND DOUBELIEVENGOD - which has been rated in the top 3 cds OFF ALL TIME OF ANY KIND NOT JUST RAP). have a listen a some of these and im sure your opinion will change about this album being one of the greatest hip hop albums ever. ESHAM and NATAS albums are better than all of 2pac and biggie's any other mainstream rapper that everyone rates high. there are far more underground rap classics especially from detroit, that most of these reviewers wouldnt have heard of before because they are mainstream listers. CHECK OUT THE UNDERGROUND. SUPPORT THE UNDERGROUND AND KILL THE MAINSTREAM. check out these ESHAM / NATAS classics before you call this album one of the best.
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