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3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on February 24, 2001
When I seen this compilation of great songs I was apprehensive about buying it because I was afraid the music was going to be a disappointment to me. I noticed in my CD collection that I have most of the maxi-singles of the tracks that are on this album, but the remixes on the maxi-singles can not compete with any of the remixes on this album.
Track Listing:
1.) DJ Skribble >> Intro = This intro is a little cheap intro that has clips to the songs featured on the album.
2.) Sweet Female Attitude >> Flowers = This is a great song and after listening to it, I am convinced to purchase the maxi single. This song is a really sweet love song with a fierce beat, I think you'll be feelin' this track.
3.) Bob Marley vs Funkstar de Luxe >> Sun Is Shining (radio deluxe edit) = Not to hate on Bob Marley, but I am not feelin' this track. To me this track doesn't have potential but you may like it.
4.) DJ Spiller >> Groovejet = I was really disappointed with this track because I have the maxi-single to this track and it actually has lyrics. This version of the song is completely deprived of the lyric that I love so much.
5.) Michael Moog >> That Sound (Extended Vocal Mix) = I have never heard this song in my life and for a first I am actually feelin' this song. This song is pretty good and catchy.
6.) Cher >> Believe (Almighty Definitive Mix) = I liked the original version of this song and this remix totally lives up to this. I heard this exact remix on the radio a few weeks before I purchased this album and was surprised to find on this compilation.
7.) Ultra Nate >> Desire (Club Mix) = This is a great song with a great beat and after hearing this song for the first time on this Album it has convinced me into purchasing the maxi-single.
8.) Amber >> Sexual (Li Da Di) (Thunderpuss 2000 club mix) = This song is one of my all time favorite's and this is a great remix. This is not the Thunderpuss remix that is featured on Ambers Remix Album.
9.) Paula Cole >> I Believe In Love (Jonathan Peter's Edit) = This song features great vocals and lyrics, and at the beginning of the track the beat sounds somewhat oriental.
10.) Olive >> I'm Not In Love = This song and remix is the best! I heard this remix on the radio and searched for it everywhere and I couldn't find it, I even bought the maxi-single and it had every remix but this one.
11.) Filter >> Take A Picture (Club 69 future mix) = I purchased Filter's maxi-single and was extremely disappointed with the remixes, but this one totally makes up for them.
12.) La Rissa >> I Do Both Jay and Jane (Rave Radio Edit) = People have recommended this song to me in the past but I never bothered to listen to it until I got this album and boy was I surprised. I love this song and I must say the meaning of the song is really creative.
13.) Moby >> Bodyrock (Dean Honer Remix) = I have dozens of Moby tracks, I guess I can't get enough of them, another one is always great.
14.) Zombie Nation >> Kernkraft 400 (radio edit) = You have probably heard this song a dozen times like I have and would have never thought it would have been called Kernkraft 400.
15.) ATB >> 9 pm (till I come) (Sequential One 1999 remix) = this remix is great but its missing the vocals or at least the ones I remember.
16.) Vengaboys >> Kiss (When the sun don't shine) (airscape remix) = I have never heard this song before, so I don't know if its supposed to be instrumental, but great beat.
17.) William Orbit >> Barber's Adagio for strings (Ferry Corsten remix) = I have never heard this song before or of this artist, but this track is all good. I just love these instrumental tracks.
18.) Fragma >> Toca's Miracle (Club Mix) = I love this song, but this remix isn't anything you couldn't have found on the maxi-single.
19.) DJ Jurgen >> Higher & Higher (DJ Skribble and Anthony acid remix) = I love this song but after buying the maxi-single and being disappointed with the remixes I thought this song was not remixable. I not only love this song but I think this is one of the best remixes I have ever heard and the best track on this album.
So peeps, if you own or heard of half of this material before than this is a perfect compilation for you, I know it was just perfect for me. Go out and buy this album because it lives up to its title.
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on December 27, 2000
I'm so surprised that everyone is dogging DJ Skribble's new CD. It's too bad that everyone in dance circles today is concerned with status and being better than everyone else. That's probably the logic behind not liking this CD. I bet a bunch of people had it in their hands until they saw Cher on the tracklist and said "No way, I don't want a Cher record." Well anyone who thinks they're too good for this CD is really missing out on the best (BEST) dance mix compilation from the United States this year. It has unreleased stuff like that Paula Cole remix and "Flowers" by Sweet Female Attitude, some more underground stuff like Ultra Nate and DJ Spiller, plus the usual from Amber and Zombie Nation. But it's really good. I also like the inclusion of the unreleased "Higher and Higher" remix.
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on April 26, 2001
I've gotten so many people asking me where I got this CD from, asking me to burn it for them. Everyone seems to think it's the sweetest. I can listen to this Cd over and over again, and probably won't get sick of it... actually I do since everyone at work keeps on requesting it ;) I do recommend this Cd to anyone who loves Dance... the first couple tracks are okay... but once the Cd keeps going.. you will.....
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on July 9, 2002
This cd has got all the hits. If you like dance music buy this pop album. ALthough it starts off with a few mid tempo songs, do not let it decieve you. Once it gets started it does not stop. My favorite is the instrumental version of kiss by the Vengaboys. Although there are no words that song is trancy and dancy. Get this album for dance lovers.
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on April 15, 2001
I love dance music and now this is one of my FAVORITE Cd's!!! I listen to it all the time! And now I want to get the Essential DJ Skribble Spring Break CD! YAY! Well thats about it! JUST BUY IT! ITS GREAT!
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on November 15, 2001
I love this CD. I listen to it all of the time. It has a fast beat and moves well from one song to the next. I strongly recommend it to anyone who likes music that pumps you up!
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on December 26, 2000
ok, the first 6 songs are kinda awful, but the rest are the bomb. don't diss skribble, he is the master. the songs are hot, and he is kickin it with the beats. this album is sweet
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on September 23, 2000
I bought this CD the day it came out, and I play it every day!These are the best tracks ever! Quality mixing! dj Icey is good, but skribble is the best!
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on February 22, 2004
Essential Dance 2000 has an amount of my fav tracks including KERNKRAFT 400,9 PM,and Higher and Higher.
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on September 24, 2000
dj skribble is the man - i cant wait for mdma volume 3!!!!
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