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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on October 5, 2003
One of my all time favorites. A gore filled masterpiece has some of the grossest and funnist moments i've ever seen my favorite being the part where the aliens head is twisted off and kicked through the window like a soccerball or when Derek chainsaws right through the alien and says "i'm born again!" that was the sh*t. There is plenty of gore in this one too. Sledgehammers bashing heads in, heads popped off, shootings, chainsaw fun, brains getting blown out, one alien eating the brains of his friend with a spoon right after and more. I liek this one WAY more then dead alive. This one has much better charaters my favorite being Derek the nutty scientist/leader who is played by Mr Jackson himself, who falls off of a cliff and loses his mind while fighting one of those bastards, the body count in this is pretty high it must be in the 90+ region. After this Peter Jackson went on to make Meet the Feebles a puppet parody, then did Braindead (Dead alive). The story is like this a bunch of aliens have made a small town into hamburger meat and its up the A.I.D.S to stop them. For a low budget movie this one is done extremely well (Better then Andreas Shanss can ever do) and the acting isn't that bad either. SO in conclusion if you want an over the top gorefest buy this limited edition before its gone.......
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on August 18, 2003
Back in 1988 I read an review in a magazine called Gorezone(a brother magazine to Fangoria that called it quits after only a few issues) of a film called Bad Taste and there were a few teaser pictures. It certainly looked unique. I rented it right when it came out and was totally in awe when I watched it. I had never seen anything quite like it. "Monty Python Meets Re-Animator" is how it was described in the magazine. Not totally accurate, but not far off. I illegally dubbed the film and watched it numerous times, showed it to everyone I knew. Sure, it looks like it was made for about thirty bucks, but Jackson managed to get the most out of a budget this small. But I can tell you folks, back in 1988 I could never, ever have guessed that the guy who made this film would make the Lord Of The Rings movies. I thought Jackson would be nothing more than a minor cult figure. None of his films are like LOTR which makes me wonder how he got the job. I'm sure Hollywood execs aren't big on Bad Taste's and Dead Alive's. But this is where it all began, and in my opinion will always be the best film Jackson ever made. If you enjoy wacky humor with your gore, you'd best get your behind down to your local dvd retailer, pronto! Or if you've seen Dead Alive and loved it, and would like to see a more toned down(but just as funny) flipside, then do not hesitate.
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on April 7, 2003
I love Dead Alive (released as Brain Dead is Aus), am a big fan of the Evil Dead series and am generally much in favour of tasteless, gory comedic horror movies that would sicken most normal people, but I just can't classify this movie as anything other than total rubbish. I was just at the point of placing an order for this DVD becasue of recommendations on this site and comparisons to Evil Dead, Dead Alive etc but luckily I rented a copy from my local video store before parting with my cash.
How can I describe whats wrong with this movie? Well its full of senseless over the top gore, and I know that sounds like a good thing, but wheras the gore in Dead Alive, and Evil Dead 2 caused me to laugh uproariously Bad Taste just left me feeling slightly grossed out and completely unsatisfied, sort of like Id just eaten some expired shrimp. Its not that its overly realistic, and you can tell its meant to be funny but somehow it just doesnt come off. The level of the movie is set from the moment we are introduced to the character Derek (Peter jackson elevating overacting to an art form) with a gigantic trail of drool haning down his chin, and it doesnt get much better as the movie progresses. If that kind of stuff amuses you then you may love Bad Taste but its not my cup of tea.
I didnt even remotely feel like laughing for the first half of this movie, and the few laughs I did get towards the end from some very average jokes were shocked out of me because in contrast with the awfulness of the rest of the "humour" in the movie, at that point they actually seemed funny.
I could talk about the acting, special effects, music and plot here as well but I seeing as this is a low budget film and one of the directors first projects it can be pretty much assumed that they are all routinely awful and cheesy (and they are). This can even be part of the appeal of this type of movie but its absolutely essential that the humour work for the movie to be entertaining and in this case it just doesnt. In fact this movie has very little going for it apart from the various sickening special effects featured throughout, but as I already mentioned theres a very good chance you might not find these scenes as amusing as you think you might - because I sure didnt.
I found myself amazed while I was actualy watching the movie that it actually got distributed, and I was even more amazed by all of the glowing review for the movie that covered the box (one reviewer calling it "the best movie of the year" - must have been a very bad year for movie goers). I had to actually double check the tape in the VCR to be sure that the video store hadnt accidently switched it with some school kids bad home movie.
Do yourself a favour and stay away from this, watch Evil Dead 2 or Dead Alive instead, but if you feel you must have it at least try and rent it first. Peter Jackson has directed some great movies but this ain't one of them.
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on October 20, 2002
Bad Taste is a masterful, almost poetic peice of 80's horror cinema. It has, over the years, achieved cult status and given Peter Jackson a well deserved spot in the hearts of horror fans the world over. The movie itself should be used as a reference to every individual who has ever dreamed of making a low budget movie as a hobby or just for fun. "Bad Taste" is a classic, 'nuff said, and as a movie, it deserves the coveted ***** rating. So why a four star rating? Well, I, for one, do not personally believe this movie has recieved the treatment it deserves. In fact, bieng the fan that I am, I gladly shelled out thirty bucks for the "limited edition" only to realize to my horror that virtually every aspect of the DVD was wrong!!! Now, there were exeptions...the picture quality was stunning, and the menus were just fine (I especially loved the song) The sound was terrific, but the Dolby 5.1 and, more importantly, the DTS 6.1 soundtracks were overkill. Bad Taste is not about reference quality audio and sound, it was shot in 16mm, and the sound was originally dubbed in! I wanted extras, and lots of 'em! And the only meaty bonus I got was a 25 minute documentary that appeared to be about 10 years old!(although it was entertaining and informative) On an ANCHOR BAY DOUBLE DISK LIMITED EDITION DVD, I expected a lot more (commentary, at least) not to mention the packaging, which would have been cool, except for the amaturish gluing job that nearly caused me to rip apart the cardboard panels.
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on October 7, 2002
With Peter Jackson's newfound fame as Director of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, maybe a new audience will discover this minor masterpiece, about an intergalactic fast-food chain's ("Crumb's Crunchy Delights") efforts to make human flesh the new snack craze. After the space-going gourmands decimate a small town, a four-man team of Government agents, (Kind of a New Zealand Men In Black, only scruffier..)come to town to stop the aliens. Let the fun begin....
I can't remember the last time I had as much fun watching a movie. Bad Taste is just a BLAST! The effects are top-notch, and they're even more impressive when you consider the low-budget the filmmakers had to work with. The plot is incredibly inventive, and there's even a catchy theme-song I've been humming for the last two days. The DVD is kinda sparse with the extras: A text Bio on Peter Jackson (Which is pretty interesting), and a trailer. There's a two-disc version available, but I just couldn't see spending Twenty more bucks for a "Making-of" featurette.
Bad Taste left a good taste in my mouth! HIGHLY recommended for people with a good sense of humor and a strong stomach.....
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on September 27, 2002
Peter Jackson has become a household name due to his perfect movie "The Fellowship of the Ring", and his fame will only grow with it's two sure-to-be-perfect sequels. But few know of the genius Mr. Jackson demonstrated in his first feature film, "Bad Taste". At first no company would fund his movie. He and his friends paid for it themselves and filmed it on weekends over the course of four years. Later in filming, when studios saw how good it was going to be, funding was provided to finish it. Because of the tight budget, the friends were forced to work in front of AND behind the camera, filming and producing as well as acting. Peter Jackson even plays two main characters, because he "ran out of friends"! Watching the movie, one could never guess that a group of friends got together and just made it by themselves. The effects, acting, and end product are just as good as the work of fully funded professionals. The movie got Jackson a start, and he is now on track to become a legend. "Bad Taste" is, however, not for everyone. Aliens eat brains, vomit is drunk in a bizarre ceremony, and dozens of aliens are slaughtered by guns, knives, and even a chainsaw. If you like or can even get past over-the-top gore, you will love this movie. "The Boys", a group af men trying to save the world, are classic. They display the zaniness of Monty Python and pack more weapons than James Bond, but still remain the average guy you see on the street every day. Most producers work their whole lives without making something this good. Most people have never heard of the movie, which is sad. It deserves to reside among the classics, like "Young Frankenstein" and "Monty Python and the Holy Grail". It is every bit as good as them. Every fan of comedy and/or science fiction must see this movie. You should see it even if you're not.
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on September 16, 2002
Bad Taste is a tour de splat, an epic gorefest of the low budget kind. It is also hilarious. Peter Jackson (of Lord of the Rings fame) wrote, directed, and starred in it with a bunch of his mates who got together to film it on weekends over the course of three years. The plot is fairly simple: A group of aliens is taking samples of human flesh to bring home to their corporate headquarters, which is considering adding a new dish to their fast food franchise's menu. A group of agents attached to the New Zealand government's office of extraterrestrial affairs has to stop them. This involves lots of incredibly gory action scenes with lots of dark humor.
The DVD transfer is very good and the extras are fascinating. A young, beardless, and thinner Peter Jackson explains his lifelong obsession with making movies and special effects and you get a real appreciation of his genius for special effects work and directing. It's easy to see why New Line was willing to allow him to take on the biggest, riskiest project in film history. He has a talent for doing things on a shoestring and making them look as if they were expensive.
I recommend this film to anyone with an appreciation for dark comedy, splatter flicks and horror movies.
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on June 22, 2002
Bad Taste is probably one of the most violent films you will ever see. Brains go flying, limbs all over the place, constant blood and a lot more fun treats. But what makes Bad Taste so tasty is the fact that all this is used for the pure sake of comedy.
The film starts out with four guys investigating some strange happenings in a town called Kaihoro (which translates to 'eat hungirly'). When strange people start showing up in blue shirts and attack them, they get a little suspicious. When they follow one of them to a mansion, they discover just what is going on and why everyone in Kaihoro is gone. Now, it's up to them to shoot them all up. I won't give away anymore than that.
While the violence is fun and makes me laugh most of the time, the bulk of the film is spent on gun play. I must say, this film does to a good job at it and it's not what you would expect in a gun fight. Also, it should be noted that the director, Peter Jackson, plays to major roles in the film. See if you can spot him yourself.
The DVD does even more justice to Bad Taste. You can listen to it in Dolby 2.0, 5.1 and DTS. The extras even hold up well too, offering the original trailer and a bio on Peter Jackson with filmography. Plus, the insert in the package has 20 facts on the show. These were really fun to read. You can even find the ingredients to the 'alien puke'.
Overall, Bad Taste is one fun film that has a lot of replay value and instantly become a hit with many people. Who ever knew something so gross could become something so funny.
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on June 4, 2002
While Director Peter Jackson may have gained international recognition as the director of LORD OF THE RINGS, many horror fans knew him first from this highly entertaining 1987 splatter comedy. This film is a real testament towards Peter Jackson's talent and love for the genre... the movie was filmed on a shoestring budget on weekends for four years. Reminiscent of other successful horror comedies like RE-ANIMATOR and BASKET CASE, BAD TASTE is a truly eccentric film that has gone on to become a cult hit.
The film has something to do with an alien army that takes over a secluded town in New Zealand. The government has no other choice but to send in "The Boys" to stop those pesky extraterrestrials from turning mankind into the next ingredient on their fast food menu. Led by the evil Lord Crumb, the aliens wage a no-holds barred war against "The Boys" that culminates in an outrageously extended attack on a house that's reminiscent of the climactic showdown in DEAD ALIVE.
BAD TASTE is simply one of the most entertaining horror films that I've ever seen. The action sequences are surprisingly well staged (considering the limited budget) and the graphic violence is presented in such an exaggerated and goofy manner that you can't possibly take it seriously. The film is filled with so many hilariously sick jokes and sight gags that you won't possibly believe that what you're seeing on the screen is actually happening. Peter Jackson handles all the action wonderfully, with a particularly impressive scene filmed on the side of a cliff standing out as the most remarkable (reportedly, this scene was very dangerous to shoot).
While Peter Jackson would top himself a few years later with the release of his over-the-top zombie masterpiece DEAD ALIVE, BAD TASTE first showed genre fans that the New Zealand director could deliver the goods in both the gore and the comedy departments. BAD TASTE is an unforgettable film that comes highly recommended to cult film fanatics. Anchor Bay Entertainment's new release on video and DVD features the quote "From the Director of LORD OF THE RINGS." It's really funny to think how many unsuspecting viewers will sit down to view this bizarre flick on the basis of that quote alone... I envy their ignorance.
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on April 13, 2002
Peter Jackson is a genius. I cannot say enough about that. This may be "Bad Taste" but it's just too good to pass it up. Peter KNOWS how to get people's attention. Just look at the movie cover. An alien flipping you off with an AK-47 and the title "Bad Taste" ? GENIUS!!! As many people in the past, they had to rely on the old Magnum Video version with the cheesy Movie rating system on the back. The sound was no so good, and the picture was a little dark and blury at times. Now that Anchor Bay (Those guys rule!) have re-released it along with many other cult classics not to mention Eurohorror movies all in DVD format in their glorius letter-boxed UNCUT versions. Another thing that amazed me were the special effects and how he used them. Chainsaw dismemberments, machetes though the neck, sledgehammers bashing people's brains out, ripping off various limbs...It just doesn't stop. And all of this is done for the comedy effect. The guy who keeps holding his brains in with a belt, the rocket missle accidently hitting and exploding the cute-looking sheep, and then there's that weird blue vehicle that has a cardboard-like figures of The Beatles from the cover of "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart Club". I'm not going to ask what THAT was all about, but it was just funny. People, this is a classic. Pick it up and become a devoted Peter Jackson fan such as myself.
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