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3.9 out of 5 stars
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on June 25, 2004
And the visuals are astounding. The camera and the director breathe in and revel in every shot, their attention is totally unwavering and they have an eye for the beauty in the scenes, actors, and in the horror as well. Frankly, I couldnt take my eyes off it if I tried, it demands your attention.
Find me any film let alone a horror film from 1983 that looks so crystal clear, so well framed, and so well filmed, its impossible. This film is timeless in that respect, if you told someone this was a 1980's period piece that was filmed in the late 1990's they'd believe you.
Like all Italian horror of the time, the emphasis wasnt put on the script, which is being generous to some of the scenes.
The visuals rule the day though and win out, the quality of all these elements puts you in a forgiving mood for the lesser qualities of the film.
Haunting in a good way.
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on October 26, 2011
oh where to start, i guess with the good, the movie delivers what most people expect, lots of goey gore. each death is not short and the director loves to focus on the slow mutilation of the victims, spiders slowwwwwly eat a person, acid erodes a face, someones crucified and at least one eyeball is gouged out. all is done in plain site for the viewer so get to see all the goodness. This is basically all i got from this movie though, even though there is so much death and gore it still somehow felt slow, we're waiting for what we all know is coming to happen and it takes the whole movie to do it and then when it does its not quite the climax i was waiting for. you know i really had this movie hyped up in my mind because of all the attention it gets in the horror world but for me its one that falls short of its reputation, unfortunatly. However because of the good attention to gore i wont be so quick to dismiss mr. fulci quite yet as i have ordered 'zombie' off ebay and am once again in eager anticipation.
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on March 25, 2004
The story is about some girl that inherits a motel that is near one of the portals of hell. The story doesn't keep you interested. Very incoherent, leaving you not kowing what the hell these people are talking. What will keep you interested in the film is the many ways people get killed in freak accidents. There's some guy that gets whipped and gets acid thrown at him; apainter that falls off a ladder; a plumber that gets his eye popped out by a mysterious hand from nowhere; a dog that bites a blind lady (she was a ghost or something) in the neck, creating a waterfall of blood; a guy that gets his face eaten by fake looking yet cool spiders; acid pooring on some guy's face and changing colors. Then there's the final zombie takeover where a couple heads get blown off. This is Fulci's most epic accomplishment because of the creepy atmosphere and graphic violence. Any true horror fan probably has seen this or atleast knows about this film.Don't try to hard to understand the story because there really is no substance to the film. You might get bored if you try and sit through the whoel story, paying attention to every muttered word. Just mindless creative violence that makes good eye candy is what you get. Really makes you appeciate low budget films on a new level.
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on October 17, 2012
"The Beyond" is a fascinating horror fantasy thriller to watch. It's got a lot of atmosphere but the premise makes very little sense. Still, the late director Lucio Fulci (City of the Living Dead, The House by the Cemetary, Zombie) gives it a lot of style to make up for a very thin story. In one way, "The Beyond" is about great fantastic, horrific set-pieces. Which most of them are great expect for the face eating-tarantulas sequence, which it is gory but unintentional hilarious moment. There is a few moments of unintentional funny scenes as well and it seems that some of the actors have a tough time keeping a straight face! It is extremely well shot, some imaginative moments and make-up effects are excellent.

The two-disc set from Arrow Video is very good. The movie is region free expect for the bonus disc on DVD, which it is region 2. Blu-ray has an sharp anamorphic Widescreen (2.35:1) 1080P transfer and an digitally remastered DTS 5.1 HD Sound (Also included in the original English Mono sound and Italian Dub track). Blu-ray also includes two interviews actresses featurettes with Cinzia Morreale (She is credited as Sarah Keller in the movie) and Catriona MacColl and two commentary tracks. Commentary one is by actress:MacColl and the late actor:David Warbeck, which it is a total hoot. Commentary track two is new, which it is by film journalist Calum Waddell and Antonella Lulci. It is an informative commentary track, a must for the fans as well. Antonella is the director's daughter. Disc 2 has additional special features, it is on DVD but it is region 0, it will work on a region free DVD Player, on certain computers and even possibly on XBOX. I played my region 0 DVD, i never had trouble playing region 0 on my XBOX. The disc 2 special features are great, it includes more featurettes from the cast & crew including an fascinating featurette with U.S. Distributor is one of the highlights. Also the alternative color pre-credit sequences and the original theatrical trailer. The collector's bookelt is also great and the blu-rau cover has four different reversible sleeve cover. I am quite surprise with the quality that Arrow Video puts out. I am looking forward to get more Blu-rays from them in the future. I do have "Deep Red" from Arrow Video as well.

"The Beyond" is a pretty good movie, it is very flawed at times. But Fulci has style, his style is much different than Dario Argento. "The Beyond" is a great looking picture. The third act is the best thing about the film with some of the most memorable horrific images with an eerie conclusion. Techniscope. Grade:B+ for the movie. Grade:A- for the picture quality and sound.
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on May 15, 2004
No matter what your feelings may be regarding the quality of "The Beyond" as a movie, this DVD is worth the price of purchase for the commentary by the film's hapless stars David Warbeck and Catriona MacColl. If you're sick to death of narcoleptic commentaries by tedious filmmakers describing camera set-ups or Hollywood stars blowing smoke up each other's arses, this is the commentary for you. Fresh from a boozy lunch, Mr Warbeck and Ms MacColl affectionately recall the horrors of working in the Italian film industry, (...) about their co-stars and create an extraordinary portrait of director Lucio Fulci all the while name-dropping furiously and trying to outdo each other in admiring their own performances. Warbeck is especially endearing as he reels off a string of off-colour jokes at the film's expense and MacColl is very entertaining particularly when her ladylike reserve is upset during the gore scenes which she obviously has trouble watching. All of this is delivered by two chums clearly delighted to be sitting down together having a good old chat after all this time. It's DVD commentary as it should be: entertaining. Highly recommended.
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on April 23, 2004
Liza (Catriona MacColl) has just moved into her new hotel in Louisiana. She has no idea that it was built on one of the seven gates to hell. If that weren't bad enough, a guy named Sweik was crucified there (in room 36) back in 1927, and buried in the basement. Liza hires Joe the plumber to fix a leak in the basement that is now more like a small lake. Joe finds the source of the leak, tears down a wall, and gets his eyes popped out by an extremely gross-looking Sweik zombie! One day, Liza almost runs over a beautiful blind woman and her dog. It's immediately clear that this woman is privy to things about the hotel that Liza knows nothing about. Is she a blessing or a curse to Liza? It's hard to tell. Many strange, ultra-gruesome deaths begin happening. Anyone / everyone associated with the hotel is murdered in some grizzly, supernatural way. Liza slowly sinks into the horror she's inherited. A growing army of zombies are on the march! Liza is helped by a doctor (David Warbeck). Together, they face the shambling, rotting minions. As in all Fulci dead-fests, no one is safe and anyone could perish at any time. The gore-factor is high, but the story held my interest throughout. A real skin-crawler! Grab it and let it grab you...
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on April 13, 2004
Although The Beyond was nowhere near as well done as Fulci's horror masterpiece Zombie, with its vague plot intermixed with some grossly cheesy scenes, (the blonde blind girl, whom I assume was a ghost, playing that creepy tune on the piano whenever the main character had an epiphany, and the literal tearing apart of the face of a man by a gang of tarantulas, although well executed with much pus and blood, was a bit difficult to suspend my disbelief for)it was still highly enjoyable to watch, if only for the gore. And gore there was. Punctured eyeballs, nails driven through the back of skulls, crucified artists with deliciously large amounts of blood squirting from hammered wrists, a blood drenched, face mutilating, blood gushing mauling by a german shepard,stigmata,bullets from a revolver being blasted through the foreheads of bloodthirsting zombies,acid turning faces into bubbling bloody liquid, and more punctured eyeballs made for a gorehound holiday. In fact, this movie should be watched if only for the classic scene in which a little girl gets the entire top of her skull blown entirely off, creating one of the most shocking and expertly simulated deaths in the history of horror cinema. Yes, that vision will be with me for quite a long time.
If you are a horror fan of the likes which stand disgusted before the cinematic sycophantic Blockbuster jokes risibly attempting to pass themselves off as "horror," that has been vomited out by Hollywood in this modern day of artistic degeneracy, then you will no doubt appreciate the uncensored, boundary breaking audacity of Lucio Fulci's "piece de resistance."
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on April 3, 2004
The Beyond is sure the best of Fulci.This is a gory movie.If you like gory movies this is probably in the "must see" category.In the 50's 60's Fulci directed(or writed)a lot of Comedies,but in the 70's he took to us 'The Lizard in The Woman's Skin",and "Dont Turture the Duckling" that are thrillers if i know right.The people of Italy liked the style of Fulci and they liked Dawn of the dead too,so Fulci made a sequel titled as Zombie(AKA Zombie 2 in Italy),thats a big success again.Fulci made other horror movies like:Manhattan Baby and The Gates of Hell(City of the living dead),and Beyond.
In Beyond,Fulci made new heights on the "apocalypse feeling".
The Beyond's Story:
A painter in the hotel opens one of the 7 doors of HELL(not death!),but the basement(where it is)is walled up.60 years later,Lisa a young girl inherit the hotel,and the gate opens again!
This film has very graphic,and gory effects(spider scene)but if your a fan of this type of a movie,YOU MUST SEE THE BEYOND!
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on March 8, 2004
Thats basically what happens when you watch a Feluci film. You laugh. Ocular-trauma is funny. Random Taranchulas devouring a man are funny. Zombies being killed by a stab wound to the kidney is not. Its shamefull. Any ways, it can't possably be that good of a movie if its cut and edited "Beyond" incoherency and released under a different title. If you want zombie movies with plot, watch and play Resident Evil, if you want zombie movies because of zombies, thats deffinently Romero's "Holy Trilogy". thats zombie movies with human behavior and the "what if" or "what would you do?" theme.
Feluci movies should be more like Baseball, Feluci is the starting pitcher and someone else should close the game/end the movie. His films are like most Japanese horror films, great endings that make no sense:
Zombie: how did the zombies make it to the main land?
City of the dead: what did they see? who cares
Zombie 3: did you even make it to the end of that movie?
the Beyond: i've erased that movie from my memory as i did with house by the cemetery
1. night of the living dead
2. dawn of the dead
3. dawn of the dead (2004) and its not even out yet
after that who cares, Day has to be in there somewhere, comon'! its a Savini masterpiece!
go watch your movies now.
R.I.P. Joe the plummer, he was a pimp
"i,ve built a path.....for Joe"
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on February 27, 2004
"I can't see why people would badmouth this movie."I said to my self as I scrolled over the liner notes on the back of the Anchor bay copy of The Beyond.Although I did not spend much time doing this,on account of the fact that I wasted almost no time to get myself up to my room $ pop it into my tv/vcr combonation.I found the picture to be pretty damn good! & I would like to thank Anchor Bay & Grindhouse Releasing for distributing it.I strongly suggest you pick up a copy ( vhs or dvd ).The Trailer makes for a pretty good video.And even if your not a hardcore Fulci fan, you should be able to respect this horror classic.And to all the fulci fans out there, keep fighting the good fight against censorship,I have been fighting that very same fight ever scince I became a Fulci fan when I saw his imortal classic Zombie. & to all you only new horror disciples, in the great words of another reveiwer on this site "Stop badmouthing movies you no nothing about, go to blockbuster, rent Freddy.vs.Jason & leave us the hell alone!"
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