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4.8 out of 5 stars
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on November 5, 2002
This would be one of the greater examples of how film music not only sets the mood for the audience, but adds to it and is an integral part of the mood and the action.
James Newton Howard's score for Unbreakable is just that, unbreakable, in its masterful working on the themes in the film. Newton Howard has produced a score that fits the film so amazingly you'd think that he wrote the film script as well.
One of the most delightful aspects of this CD, for me, was the expert manipulation of the soft, malevolent theme present in many of the tracks, particuarly "Unbreakable" and "The Orange Man". This musical development reflects the action in the film well and gives the audience an aural image so powerful, that I can still picture the movie in my head after only seeing it once in the cinema.
Although I go in a movie with a desire to see what the soundtrack is like, as well as the rest of the movie, I'm sure that anyone, after coming out, seeing this movie for the first time, couldn't say that the music didn't make an impact.
I must say, it is heartening to see the huge growing trade that soundtrack music has become and we are getting treats such as this CD.
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on April 16, 2002
Imagine the most realistic Issue #1 comic book movie. A film in the same vein as Batman and Superman but done in a very realistic way. Remember, it still is a comic book movie, just on the surface it doesn't quite seem that way even with this Elijah character constantly referring to comic books and superheroes. My friends, I give you Unbreakable. It is THE best superhero film since 1992's Batman Returns. The film has suspense,mystery,drama, and good old fashioned good vs. evil. It is too bad that this film wasn't nominated at least for it's stellar score. The film and score was underrated in my opinion but now that it is on DVD you shouldn't miss out on this gem!
The score acted as "clothing" for the film. It enhanced and beautified the film even further. It added romance(2nd Date), sadness(Wreck), suspense(Visions), and heroism(Orange Man). The filmscore is quiet but I don't mind. In fact the sometimes quiet score allow us to watch the film without being distracted by the score. It is still there but it is in the background. The score and film were both underrated. I give the score 5 stars!
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on January 20, 2002
Next to "Memento" and "Fight Club", "Unbreakable" is one of my favorite movies. One of the main reasons why I loved the movie so much was because of the eerie and haunting music score. It was very hard to find, but I have finally purchased the soundtrack, and I don't regret it one bit.
Very much like the "Memento" soundtrack, I have listened to this CD many times. I really enjoy listening to it; and I usually don't care about music scores on movies. This is one of those really unique soundtracks that really allows you to relive the movie as you listen to each haunting track. The best one is the theme of the movie, which also happens to be the one where Bruce Willis is at the train station. There are no songs by actual bands, just the music composed by James Newton Howard, who proves to be an excellent composer.
If you love the music to the movie, get this soundtrack as soon as possible! It's very hard to find, so chances are that you'll have to order it from somewhere. Next to "Memento," this is one of the best soundtracks to a movie ever made. Get it while you still can, and relive "Unbreakable" through its eerie and beautiful music. A must-have if you love the movie.
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on February 17, 2001
I received this CD two days ago, and much to the annoyance of my roommates, I have not been able to stop listening to it. Quite often I'll get stuck on a particular CD I have just purchased (Moby's "Play," David Gray's "White Ladder," and Radiohead's "Kid A" come to mind) and end up listening to it constantly for days and weeks to come--but rarely is my choice for repeated listenings ever a musical score. Now, I like to think of myself as an amateur collector of scores, but rarely do I ever listen to them with my roommates--usually my scores are reserved for either homework, relaxing or when they're out around campus. However, Howard's score for "Unbreakable" is amazing. It has so many different elements; the big-beat infused "Visions"--the rousing and recurring theme found later throughout the score (which is worth the money alone, in my opinion), the orchestra-driven theme surrounding Elijah and his fragility, and David's growing understanding and acceptance of his abilities--namely during "The Orange Man" and "Carrying Audrey". Bring these elements together, and you have Howard's best work to date. I used to think "Snow Falling On Cedars" was his best (although they are extremely different, both are poignantly emotional), and even "Dinosaur" and his first effort with M. Night Shyamalan bare mention. But it is for this score that I feel Howard deserves the most kudos. It takes a powerful effort--especially when it's a score--to overcome my preferrences for more mainstream music. "Unbreakable" is addictive, and I only look forward with even more anticipation for the video release of the exceptional film--don't let the comic-book inspired plot deter you from viewing Shyamalan's sophomore effort. At least then you'll be able to listen to Howard's gorgeous accompanying score.
[Note to buyers: Listening to this score will require you to turn up your volume on your stereo, for the quieter tracks are pretty low, but this makes "Visions" and "Unbreakable" all the more powerful. I know this probably isn't all that interesting--or all that essential, for that matter--but it might be something to take into consideration.]
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on November 30, 2000
James Newton Howard's score to "The Sixth Sense" was definitely remarkable (and it fit perfectly with the film). Since the inevitable comparison has been made between the two Night Shyamalan films, what about Newton Howard's scores?
"Unbreakable" sports more of a raw down-to-earth sound than his pervious effort, a sound that everyone can enjoy. It's soft at times, but prominently loud at others signifying the important points in the film itself. Above all, however, Newton Howard employs a healthy range of themes that firmly establish each character, setting, and occurence. Fantastically composed themes, at that: A heroic theme representing David Dunne's hidden abilities is, at the same time, reserved and muted to show David's character as being frightened and not ready to face the truths about himself.
James Newton Howard's score to "Unbreakable" tells the tale of the film by itself, and that is truly the mark of a great score.
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on July 9, 2001
"Unbreakable" had three good things going for it: the return of M. Night Shyamalan to the big screen with another suspensefully intriguing film, the stellar acting of Bruce Willis, and the magnificent score of returning composer James Newton Howard, whose "Sixth Sense" score is one of his very best. In that score, Newton balances the underlying suspense with moments of touching emotion, whereas in his score for "Unbreakable," his undertones and hidden themes are, like the film, a bit darker and more serious. Scenes that come to mind are the brilliantly scored train station sequence, which is heavy on slow bass beats, while the score cut to the film's surprise ending and entrance to the credits is just as invigorating as any of his previous work to date. Through Howard's music, "Unbreakable" takes on more emotion and feeling.
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on March 13, 2001
M. Night Shyamalan did pretty good choice. He asked James Newton Howard again and Howard composed his revolutionary masterpiece. What was in The Sixth Sense only depicted, that is in Unbreakable draged to perfection. The superbness of Howard's score is very well obvious in conjunction with Shyamalan's movie. For example 12th track The Orange Man brings up to orgastic elevations. Mostly is the music silent and mysterious without strong motifs, but the score bores niether a while. Next pillars of this piece are two strong motifs. First is something new in film music (track Visions, Unbreakable): synthetisators, percussions and orchestra are packed in a very mysterious cover. Second motif is heroic, full of courage (etc track The Orange Man, The Wreck). I recommend you to see a movie, because only then gets Howard's music fifth dimension.
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on May 23, 2002
If you like somber, but powerful and dramatic music please buy this. Lots of darkness (low strings, french horn, "music box" type piano). It'll bring chills to your spine at each crescendo build. At first listen, you'll want to fast forward to certain themes, such as the part in the movie where Willis is seeing visions of what to come in the train station (track 1), or the scene with the Orange Man (track 12). You'll find that these same themes are throughout the entire soundtrack in each song. As a whole, the music perfectly backgrounds the movie, the two fit hand in hand. In my opinion, this is a really intelligent movie soundtrack to own. It does really good as study music, and music to play when you're just in your room alone. One of the most beautiful soundtracks you could possibly ever own in your collection.
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on September 4, 2001
James Newton Howard has really made it this time.This is one of the most thrilling soundtracks i have ever heard.
I loved the movie,espeically because of it's score.
The best tracks in this cd are:
1)track 1-"visions"-great track that takes you back to the amazing scene at the train station.
2)track 8-"The wreck"-wonderful music that elevates the thrill.
3)track 12-"The orange man"-this is without a doubt the best track in the cd,and one of the bset tracks i have ever heard in my life.
4)track 13-"carrying audrey"-A quiet touching track that works best at night..
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on April 12, 2002
This is one of the best original soundtracks made for a movie ever! so many great songs in this album, much better than M.Nights previous film the sixth sense, he has much influence in the music created for his movies, and this one was great, its not only about who makes the music or how many people makes it , its about the sound, and I feel this has some of the best music ever for a movie, listen to some of the clips and you will agree this is great and if you saw the movie you should love this soundtrack. Its hard to find in stores so you might as well buy it here.
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