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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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Ever since I started listening to Enya many years ago, I always watch for her new releases and re-release of her previous music. I had moved and lost this cd so I was glad that carried this and thnat I could order it.
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A Day Without Rain by Enya is also the fourth cd in my husband’s collection that I greatly enjoy as well. I personally know that my spouse has had this cd since at least Japan because he played A Day Without Rain by Enya a lot during our first months of meeting and knowing each other in Japan. A Day Without Rain by Enya has multiple gorgeous and beautiful songs within this collection such as A Day Without Rain, Wild Child, Only Time (which was also featured in the Sweet November movie starring Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron). Anyhow, A Day Without Rain is perfect for those who enjoy music fusions of new age, chillout, and classical music genres.
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on June 8, 2004
The latest from Enya builds from all the basic themes of her almost 15 years of solo albums. (Hard to believe that long a time has passed!) And like all those albums before, or at least from "Watermark" on, the formula stays the same. Highly polished dreamscapes meant to evoke moods, mostly of the relaxed and contented variety. As "Only Time" proved in the aftermath of 9/11, music that aims to calm can still bring beauty to a tragic situation, and peace to troubled hearts.
The opening three songs of "A Day Without Rain" could easily be the best ten minutes of music Enya has ever performed. And I, for one, will not moan over the disc's brevity. Better to have a half hour of near perfect artwork than to have it marred by extraneous filler. (Example, the wretched "radio mix" of "Only Time" that crowbarred a hip-hop rhythm track in a ploy to make it airwave friendly.) It takes Enya up to five years to craft her records, and almost to a T, they come out fully formed, seamless whole pieces. If I want more, I always have well worn copies of her other CD's to slip into the disc player.
"A Day Without Rain" does contain one jarring surprise, the dark "Tempus Vernum." It will surprise many who view Enya as little more than the empress of bland, as the breif latin chant breaks the surface calm of the album with something a little more stirring. It caught me off gaurd enough that it has become one of my favorite moments on the album, and one of the few times on an Enya album where she breaks the formula. It still makes me hungry for more albums, but I guess I still will have to wait another five years!
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on March 20, 2004
Although I don't actually own this album, I have listened to it in it's entirety before. I own Enya's 'Only Time' box set and most of my favorite songs from that are on this album.
Enya's soothing voice and the music that backs her fit perfectly, like two puzzle pieces. I think it is an amazing feat that she writes all the music, plays all the synths, and dubs all the voices herself. That is probably why her CD releases are so few and far between.
There are so many good songs on here, like 'Only Time', which was used for the September 11 coverage. It's beauty and simplicity soothed a wounded nation after that tragic day. I also love 'Wild Child'. The song reminds us to stop and take time to enjoy our surroundings, to stop and smell the roses. 'Tempus Vernom' is quite different from the rest of the album, and works wonderfully here to give some more upbeatness to the album.
The reason I gave this 4 stars instead of 5, which it most definitely deserves, is because of the short length. It seemed to me that as soon as the album started, it was over.
All Enya fans need this album, in my humble opinion, her best yet.
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on February 22, 2004
When Enya became a singer on her own, it was a great idea. I'm not saying Clannad has bad music (I love their music), but they do well on their own and Enya has such great music, all of her albums are worth adding to your collection.
At first when I heard Enya, it was always in the car - my dad plaid it. I always thought Enya was a band or something - I didn't even know the name that well. Then I was given this CD for my birthday, and I loved it. I then started listening to all of Enya's music more and more.
Though this CD is only about a half hour long, it's worth it to buy it. The songs are all great.
1. A Day Without Rain; Is instrumental. But it's very pretty.
2. Wild Child; "Ever take the time, ever stop and listen, ever feel alive, and you've nothing missing. You don't need a reason, let the day go on and on".
3. Only Time; Who can tell, only time. This is a great song.
4. Tempus Vernum; I'm not sure what language this is in, but it sounds very neat and dark.
5. Deora Ar Mo Chroi; is in Spanish, and is beautiful.
6. Flora's Secret; is a song about love, and one of the best on the track.
7. Fallen Embers; is a pretty, slow, song.
8. Silver Inches; is instrumental, but the way it 'bounces' makes it such a fun song to listen to again and again.
9. Pilgrim; is a pretty song, but it is slow and can seem boring.
10. One By One; is another song about love, and is a pretty and fun song.
11. Lazy Days; doesn't everybody want to go back to their lazy days? This sun is so fun, it's great.
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on February 15, 2004
I always enjoyed Enya because of her fresh sounds and harmonies. One could feel as if they live in a fantasy world, just listening to a full CD. This CD is no exception to her heavenly voice. All the voices you hear are hers, (she dubs her voice so that she is like singing with herself) Because of this, you get the sense that one angelic body is singing, yet have the chorus type feel.
I give this CD four stars not because she lacks as a singer, but because two others reasons. 1.) As others have stated, the CD is very short. 2.) The songs that are available on the CD seem to be one, alike. Only a few of the songs "stick out" to be unique. I enjoy Enya because of her uniqueness among others. Still, this is a great CD to have among any CD collections. I felt longing for more, but I didn't become satisfied, because there wasn't any more. This CD runs to be about 30-40 minutes long.
Other recommended buys:
Adiemus: Songs of Sanctuary
Enya: Watermark
Enya: The Celts
Enya: Memory of Trees
Enya: Shepherd Moon
If you all ready have any of these, and like them, chances are you will enjoy, "A Day Without Rain" as well.
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on January 8, 2004
I've grown up listening to Enya. When I was but a wee thing, strapped in the carseat of my dad's van, he'd pop in her older album "Shepherd Moons", and my infant brain heard, processed, and retained.
Fourteen years later her music has grown to be a part of me, and this album really keeps it going.
I agree with the fact that it is far too short--I want more! But really, there isn't a single track I don't enjoy. Quality over quantity, I suppose, though more of a good thing could actually be better here.
As for highlights, my favorites include "Wild Child", "Flora's Secret", "Silver Inches", and "One by One".
"Wild Child" is nostalgia for me, almost symbolic to my growing up with Enya's music. Playful and innocent, like the mind of a child, running and playing without a care in the world.
Being a helpless romantic, "Flora's Secret" is upbeat and happy--describing the amazing, indescribable feeling of love. Simply beautiful.
"Silver Inches" is a short, dreamlike instrumental, with synthed strings, I believe. It never ceases to give me a vivid image of flying on the back of some mythical beast over a beautiful green land (so I have strange fantasies).
Finally, my favorite of the album--"One by One". I listened to this song for about three hours straight, on repeat, as I read the Seventh Tower series (shameless plug: check that out, too). A rather sad yet hopeful song about the end of a romantic relationship, yet love still goes on in different forms.
All in all, a wonderful album worth buying for any Enya fan. *heart heart heart*
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on December 27, 2003
A Day Without Rain is brilliant. Enya has an incredible power to heal my soul from the first time I've listened to her with "The Cetls Album". The career of this genious artist will last forever. I am always anxious to get the next album.
The first track is named with the album title. As it sugests, Ireland has a very changeable weather, but Enya has the power to settle down the "storms". If you have the opportunity to see the videos based on her songs, you will see that whenever you do it, you have a new sensation of peace and comfort. She is the metaphore of the eternal youth. See, for instance, "Wild Child" video. "Only Time" was used on the film "Sweet November", with Charlize Theron and Keenu Reeves. Imagine yourself on a road and have Enya as a guide. "Tempus Vernum", in latim, as "Cursum Perficio" and "Pax Deorum", on previous albums, lead us to a mystical environment, echoes from the past, memories of the celtic civilization. "Pilgrim" shows us that each of us are pigrims in our journey on earth. "Lazy Days" is brilliant. For me there are two moments on the song: the days we are resting and the days we are working hard.
It's quite impossible to describle each of the songs. Each of them has its particularity.
After also buying "The Lord of The Rings" soundtrack, in which Enya performs "Aníron" and "May it be", I am searching for "Enya Video Collection" everywhere. Enya, in a nutshell, is a Fairy Tale.
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on December 24, 2003
Enya brings us once again the haunting music that is her trademark, written in multiple languages.
The CD kicks off with the mellow instrumental "A Day without Rain." A piano provides the principal musical instrument with Enya humming in harmony. The music evokes nature at peace; woods with a light breeze on a cool day, light clouds dotting a peaceful sky. You could readily sleep to this music. The instrumental leads into "Wild Child," a faster paced song that stays within the musical theme of the peaceful outdoors, but now the music has the theme of the wild, yet innocent child, frolicking in the benign environment. Enya's vocals are as much instrument as the instruments themselves. This song is beautiful in its conception and execution.
"Only Time" follows. Enya proves once again that she has the ability to create beautiful musical poetry. The deceptively light lyrics can pull the listener into a deep contemplation of love and life and the roads that we choose, and that we must have patience because only time will allow all to be revealed in fullness.
Enya then switches themes and styles as she moves into a Latin song with heavy bass backing. The literal translation of "Tempus Vernum" is "Spring Time." The lyrics appear to be a series of words that might be considered to be opposites, such as east and west, earth and star, and autumn and spring. Thus in one sense Roma Ryan's lyrics appear to be exploring the Yin and Yang of some Asian philosophies, the contrast of opposites. The serious ponderous tone of the music is heavily contemplative, deep philosophical evaluation of a subject; beautiful in the selection of words and the musical match.
The musical tone changes again to a Gaelic lament, "Deora ar mo chroi," or "Tears on My Heart." The gentle, sad music belies the actual translation of the Gaelic, which is full of beauty and happiness. The effect is more in the poetry of the Gaelic and how well the music is matched to it rather than the actual meaning of the words. The execution is very artistic and poignant.
Enya then lightens the music with "Flora's Secret," which has a faster pace than the previous two selections. This love song is musical poetry is beautiful and full, a musical wine. You may either interpret the song from an aspect of nature, or of two lovers. In either case, this song is an experience.
"Fallen Embers" is a dream, a memory of a former love. Mellow, slow, but sufficiently ethereal to keep from being ponderous. Enya's beautiful voice is the centerpiece of the song. The instruments add fullness, but her voice alone could have carried this song.
"Silver Embers" is another instrumental with a moderate pace. Short and, as always, beautiful, leading into "Pilgrim," which is another lament. I personally enjoy this song because the theme is that there are many roads to choose in life, some of which lead to nowhere, and yet we have no clue as to which is which, and which is the best. We are all pilgrims in life, and this song is our song.
Sometimes I have difficulty in interpreting Roma Ryan's lyrics. Such is the case with "One by One." I understand that this song is about love, but some of the lyrics imply there is a constraint between him and her, and she is longing to be free of those constraints. Yet the final stanza implies that love binds them and will never die. A bit confusing for my poor brain.
The quicker-paced "Lazy Days" finished off the CD. Given the general theme of nature and love this song appears to tidily wrap up the CD with the promise of things yet to come.
Enya has once again created another sumptuously beautiful work of music that you can listen to time after time just to begin to appreciate the complexity and poetry of this music. This music is unique and nearly stands in its own category. It is artistically and technically flawless. However, I find one flaw with this CD. It is way too short. The CD is just a bit over 34 minutes long. I could argue that for the beauty and quality of the music at 34 minutes is a great length, but it seems to me that a bit more quantity would have made this CD absolutely phenomenal. As it is, it begs to be combined with another short work to create a full CD's worth of music; admittedly a minor flaw, but one that needs to be pointed out.
The perfect music and vocals make this CD a must have for anyone who loves beautiful music, and certainly for Enya fans.
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on July 30, 2003
OK, so it took another five years after the soundscape of The Memory Of Trees to do another followup. From the album cover, can we say Enya's entering her Green Period?
The instrumental piano and dreamy soundscape synth title track is on the lines of "The Memory Of Trees." I always look forward to those, like an introduction, an opening chapter, or even prologue to one of her albums.
The rhythmic canter of "Wild Child" encourages those to give in to nature and enjoy it, let the rains fall down, and to "take the time from the helter skelter" of everyday drudgery, because "Every day you find, everything's in kilter/you don't need a reason, let the day go on and on." What a day, what a day to take to...
The enchanting mystical "Only Time" with its pizzicato-like rhythm, asks a lot of questions, running awash with her usual soundscape. "Who can say why your heart sighs as your love flies", "Who can say why your heart cries as your love lies". Answer: only time. Enya must really be a romantic, as she always looks to the future and is mystical about things.
The Latin incantation "Tempus Vernum" or "Spring Time", is a grim number like "Pax Deorum" from Memory Of Trees. There's a lot of opposites and concepts that come out. "occidens et orientis" being "west and east", "autumnus et tempus vernum" being "autumn and spring time" It's like a storm, and it segues into "Deora Ar Mo Chroi", or "Tears On My Heart", which sounds like the quiet after the storm. She also sings the Gaelic adaptation, which has different meaning from the English lyrics.
Strong strings underline "Flora's Secret" which is a close cousin to "Caribbean Blue" from Shepherd's Moon and celebrates the blessings and gifts and the enchanting aura that the trees and flowers have.
With Enya's echoing vocals on "Fallen Embers", she has topped herself in vocal splendour and perfection. This details a past love that's now gone: "Once, all dreams were worth keeping/I was with you." So sad, but a standout on this album.
The instrumental "Silver Inches" has the same strong strings as "Flora's Secret". The sage advice song here is "Pilgrim". Whatever road we choose, we have to decide "which of these is true/the road that leads to nowhere, [or] the road that leads to you." The refrain foretells a long journey: "Pilgrim, it's a long way to find out who you are." It's so strange that only the most introspective of us really stop to ask ourselves, "Will you find the answer in all you say or do?/Will you find the answer in you?" I really hope so--that's what I'm counting on, an answer that is. Another standout track.
"One By One" uses the analogy of trees' leaves falling one by one as a comparison of why many couples say goodbye. "One by one my leaves fall/One by one my tales are told", and when that happens, when our souls are too bare, the other may learn more than we want to about us and "say Adios, says Adios, Goodbye." Another strong strings sound.
"Lazy Days" is a dreamer's delight: "lazy old day/rolling away/dreaming the day away/don't want to go/now that I'm in flow/crazy amazing day." That's what I really like about Enya, that dreaming romantic nature of hers. Is there anywhere I can order those days in bulk, because I'll corner the market?
If it takes five years to make yet another winning spellbinding album, let her take five years. I can wait. So who can say when Enya will come out with the followup? Only time. And who can say if she will put in more Gaelic songs in it? Only time.
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