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on July 15, 2001
Nosferatu is a great classic, silent movie. It was an unlicensed movie version of Stoker's Dracula. He simply changed the character names. This is not the only movie where Murnau borrowed a story without permission, but it might be the only one that still exists. He also did a Jekyll & Hyde movie with Conrad Veidt I believe.
Here, the Count is not a handsome gentleman. He is an image of fear. In fact, Max Schrek's last name means "terror." His Count Orlock has rat teeth instead of fangs. Minor changes were made to the make-up so Orlock gradually became more scary. You've seen this same basic make-up design in other vampire stories like Salem's Lot and... I hate to admit I even know this, but the space vampire in an episode of Buck Rodgers in the 25th Century also borrowed from Nosferatu's appearance.
I am not a major Type O Negative fan, but some of the music is enjoyable. Personally, I don't care for music with lyrics when I'm trying to read titles. The lyrics tend to distract me while I'm reading. If you are already familiar with the songs, you might have an easier time with this. The songs do fit the movie. They are not out of place.
The box says "Digitally Remastered," but I'm not sure what was remastered. The image is typical for a low-cost videotape of a silent movie so it can't be the image. I don't think the music is old enough to require it to be remastered.
I also find it interesting that NONE of the movie's cast is listed or even mentioned on the box. No images from the movie either. It names the director though. All of the other credits involve this edition like David Carradine, Type O Negative, and the models on the front of the box. I've had the tape for over a year so I don't know if the package has been redone.
Although I don't recall seeing David Carradine in any horror movies, he does seem like a good choice for doing the intro material. He just strikes me as an unusual choice. I'm guessing he was chosen because of his father, John Carradine, whom I have seen in some horror films.
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on June 12, 2003
I found this DVD to be wonderful *because* of the music. I always wanted to see the Nosferatu movie, but once I heard the original music when I finally caught the movie on TV, I couldn't stomach watching because the music was so distracting. On a lark, I got this DVD because the soundtrack was new, and lo-n-behold, I loved it. The music was a wonderful, delightful enhancement that (as far as I am concerned) made the movie more than just watch-able, but thoroughly enjoyable.
The music was set to the mood of the scenes, making emotion tangible and helping draw you into the plot of this wonderful classic.
All in all, it's one of my favorite DVD's now and I watch it periodically just for the joy of it.
If you have any doubts, rent it first, then buy it if you like it. I wouldn't want my collection to be without it. :)
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on December 25, 2003
This is one of my all time favorite movies. Type O Negative is one of my favorite bands. But the way this combo was put together is an absolute train wreck. There was so much potential in putting the music of Type O Negative to this movie, but it was horribly done. It's as if no thought went into the production at all. They just ran the movie and randomly picked out bits and pieces of songs and stuck them in anywhere with no thought whatsoever. Avoid this version and stick with the original.
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